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In the 2nd season, 22 episodes were made but only 14 episodes got to air.
Adam Goldberg, who plays Michael's father, Jimmy, also guest starred in a few episodes of Friends (1994) as Chandler's new roommate after Joey left.
After the show was canceled, the set was obtained by Mecklenburg EMS Agency, the paramedic service for Charlotte, NC. It is used in training simulations for EMTs and Paramedics. Cameras record their performance on simulated patient encounters so they can be reviewed.
Kevin Bright is the only one of the three creators that have moved on to work on "Joey." Marta Kauffman and David Crane have not continued to work on "Joey" though they still receive credit for creating the character of Joey.
Jennifer Coolidge, who plays Joey's agent Bobbie in the series, guest starred on Friends (1994) playing a different character, Amanda Buffamonteezi, an old friend of Monica and Phoebe's - she lived in the building before Chandler moved in Friends: The One with Ross's Tan (2003).
All episode titles begin with the words "Joey and the..." except for the pilot.
Ashley Scott was let go in June 2004 when her character, Allison, a potential love interest for Matt LeBlanc's Joey, tested very poorly at the pilot screening in May 2004. Producers have decided to develop a new love interest.
In every episode, Joey's Magna Doodle has something different drawn on it:- . Joey: Pilot (2004) - a bird; looks like a phoenix rising from the fire/ashes. . Joey: Joey and the Party (2004) - a goat eating out of a garbage can, in front of the Hollywood sign. . Joey: Joey and the Party (2004) - a hula dancer. . Joey: Joey and the Perfect Storm (2004) - a snail saying, "Weee" as it rides on a turtle's back. . Joey: Joey and the Nemesis (2004) - a scene from Aesop's Fable, "The Fox and the Grapes." (The fox, snapping at the grapes, just out of reach). . Joey: Joey and the Husband (2004) - a dragon. . Joey: Joey and the Dream Girl: Part 1 (2004) - a cowboy riding a bomb through the air (scene from Dr. Strangelove). . Joey: Joey and the Dream Girl: Part 2 (2004) - in the first scene it was the same cowboy riding a bomb that was used in the previous episode. After that, it was a killer whale jumping over someone in the water... who looked a lot like Gumby. . Joey: Joey and the Big Audition (2004) - a stunt rider on a motorcycle. . Joey: Joey and the Roadtrip (2004) - lilies and a hummingbird. . Joey: Joey and the Plot Twist (2004) - a dog peeing on a frightened snowman, instead of on the nearby fire-hydrant. . Joey: Joey and the Taste Test (2005) - logo for Fox Motocross Gear. . Joey: Joey and the Premiere (2005) - a family walking beneath the night sky. . Joey: Joey and the Assistant (2005) - BMX biker on a half-pipe. . Joey: Joey and the Tonight Show (2005) - a guy in a hospital bed; a dog sitting nearby; the number 428. . Joey: Joey and the Valentine's Date (2005) - a bulldog sitting on a chair.
Joey is filmed on the same sound stage on which Friends (1994) was filmed. Soundstage 24 at Warner Brothers studios in Burbank, CA.
Matt LeBlanc and Andrea Anders began dating after the show ended, ending their relationship in 2015.
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Alex's full name is Alexis Julia Garrett. Joey's full name is Joseph Francis Tribbiani.
English actor Jamie Dodd has been called in six times to audition for a role on the show. They wanted him, but could not find the right character for him.
Bobbie says Joey's name the same way his first Agent Estelle used to say it, with the emphasis on JO-ey.
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Drea de Matteo plays the mother to Paulo Costanzo (Michael), while in fact she's only 7 years older than him.
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Matt LeBlanc and Lucy Liu share the screen again as a couple for the second time in Joey (2004). The first time they shared the screen together was in Charlie's Angels (2000) and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003) where Le Blanc also plays an actor like Joey.
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