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Geoffrey Sax, a British television director making his theatrical debut, lavishes enough craft on the paranormal thriller to send more than a few chills down the spine.
Dallas Observer
There's nothing at all scary about White Noise, which goes bump in the night so often it's easy to mistake it for clumsy.
Beneath its regrettably banal surface, White Noise raises the creepy question of whether intimidating, even malign forces may be lurking in those fancy gadgets that fill our living rooms and offices.
Has a low-key tone that works in its favor for a time.
Entertainment Weekly
What might have been a rote horror exercise becomes instead a twitchy, mannered, often amusing rote horror exercise.
Chicago Tribune
In White Noise, Hollywood and Michael Keaton try to make a decent thriller out of ghosts in the machine but come up with lousy reception and static.
A film worthy neither of Mr. Keaton's talents nor even a desperate horror fan's attention.
The movie straitjackets Keaton into a humorless, table-pounding role.
It is a grim and monotonous affair despite the overkill of bad guys -- a trio of evil spirits plus a bonus serial killer -- mixed with a few cheap shocks futilely intended to make the audience jump.
L.A. Weekly
No, this isn't an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s great 1985 novel, but a muddled talking-ghosts movie.

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