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By removing elements of magic and operatic excess from the story, the brothers Scott focus on what is, underneath, a story as tragic (and less contrived) as the one cited in the ads, "Romeo and Juliet."
There's something beautiful about a well-made tragic love story. It may not be as uplifting as one with a happy ending, but it's more cathartic.
Tristan & Isolde isn't a ground-breaking film in any way, but even though the story is familiar and even if you don't like romances, good casting, an able director, and notable cinematography draw you in to the fairy tale feeling of long ago and far away. Pass the popcorn.
Entertainment Weekly
Working with an explanatory script by Dean Georgaris, Reynolds is much more confident in scenes of realistic battle, or even muddy marketplace dailiness, than he is with scenes of desire.
James Franco is a gorgeous, smoldering lover in Tristan & Isolde, but you can't help being reminded of Ben Stiller's "Zoolander" character.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Franco, the hollow-cheeked, pouty-lipped actor best known as Spider-Man's nemesis Harry Osborn, plays Tristan like a biker boy with a broadsword.
Miami Herald
Deadly serious, straightforward and surprisingly entertaining tragedy.
Director Kevin Reynolds isn't so much inspired as determined to tell it with period accuracy, without bothering to be historically accurate.
New York Daily News
It's that rare movie that had me wishing I was at the opera.
The Hollywood Reporter
A feeble medieval epic with a lackluster romance at its center.
Everything connected with the lovers, who are the point of the movie, is either ordinary or unwittingly funny, and the laughs come early.

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