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Entertainment Weekly
The wry filmmaker has created an urbane society of family and friends as ridiculously pretentious and hypocritical as they are cultured, accomplished, and posh.
An engrossing new drama from France.
A marvelous, uncommonly observant, and unexpectedly rousing group portrait.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Brilliant, blistering account of the many ways fame deforms a star, his family and his fans.
New York Daily News
This audience-pleaser is smart and acerbic. Jaoui has an uncanny ear - as director, co-writer and part of the inspired ensemble cast - for human foibles, self-deception, celebrity worship and female body issues.
The thing about a movie like this is, the characters may be French, but they're more like people I know than they could ever be in the Hollywood remake.
This bonbon spiked with malice is a triumph for Jaoui, who takes witty and wounding measure of the small betrayals that leave bruises on us all.
Chicago Tribune
A witty and psychologically perceptive look at the Parisian literary scene.
Miami Herald
With a light, sometimes hilarious touch, Look at Me deflates the pretensions and self-obsessed nature of a group of wealthy Parisian literati, but its observations about the effects of fame and success and our natural desire to fan them as high as they can go, apply to anyone within range of reality-TV culture.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
In lesser hands, all this might border on misanthropy. But Jaoui's direction, plus the note-perfect cast, manage two redeeming feats:
Wall Street Journal
The latest in a series of stiletto-sharp social comedies by the French filmmakers Jean-Pierre Bacri and Agnès Jaoui.

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