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This was the first movie starring Nicole Kidman, that was seen by Kidman's two youngest daughters, Sunday and Faith. However, due to their young age, the two girls believed their mother was able to perform magic tricks, and were left confused and disappointed when they realized the truth.
The Bewitched (1964) theme that we hear about halfway through the film, complete with lyrics, sounds like Frank Sinatra but it was actually a 1964 recording done by Steve Lawrence who was known for his uncanny impersonation of Sinatra.
Kristin Chenoweth's part was written specifically for her, because Nicole Kidman very much enjoyed her performance as Glinda in the Broadway musical "Wicked."
After Isabel tells Jack that she's a witch, he asks, "Am I gonna get pregnant? Because I cannot get pregnant right now!" Endora cast a spell causing Darrin to feel the same pregnancy symptoms that Samantha was feeling in an early episode of the original series, Bewitched (1964).
The part of Nigel Bigelow was written specifically for Michael Caine.
When they play "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" at the party, the roses on the table are Judy Garland roses.
When Aunt Clara's bag drops from the chimney, a whole bunch of doorknobs fall out of it. This is in reference to the original series in which Aunt Clara collected doorknobs.
Broomsticks were sent out to movie theaters as promotional items for the film.
The house that Isabel rents was chosen by director Nora Ephron because it had belonged to friends of her parents and she visited it many times as a child. By pure coincidence, those friends were Larry Berns and his wife, Sandra Gould, who played the second, better-known Gladys Kravitz. Alice Pearce, the first Gladys Kravitz, died after the second season and was replaced with Gould. Ephron claims in the DVD commentary that she didn't realize this until after the movie was made.
Hanging on a mirror in Isabel Bigelow's dressing room is a picture of the late Elizabeth Montgomery - the original Samantha Stevens from the Bewitched (1964) TV series.
While the old Columbia lot house from the television show was not used in the movie, the house exterior on the sound stage was labeled 1164. The normally accepted address for the Stephens' was 1164 Morning Glory Circle, Westport, Connecticut.
For the Latin American Spanish version, in the scenes where appear inserts of the original TV series, the sound you hear is form the original Spanish dubbing that was done in Mexico during the seventies.
Nicole Kidman was told not to twitch her nose in public until after the film was released, but did after much pestering from Jonathan Ross on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (2001).
Jim Carrey was approached to play Jack Wyatt/Darrin Stephens, but had to decline because of other commitments.
Mike Myers was the producer's top choice for the role of Darrin Stephens.
The original TV series on which is based, Bewitched (1964) premiered on the ABC television network on 17 September 1964 and ended on 25 March 1972.
When Penny Marshall was attached to direct in 1993, her cast was to include Meryl Streep as Samantha Stephens, Barry Humphries in his Dame Edna Everage persona as Endora, Robin Williams as Uncle Arthur, Shelley Winters as Gladys Kravitz and Jerry Seinfeld and Billy Crystal alternating scenes as Darrin Stephens, in a nod to the role being recast midway through the original series' run.
When Uncle Arthur (in the form of his actual character from the show, materialized briefly in the real world) wants to drive Jack somewhere, Jack brings up an episode where Uncle Arthur was a bad driver. Uncle Arthur replies that it really wasn't him, that he's a good driver. Uncle Arthur was originally played by Paul Lynde, and before Uncle Arthur was a character on the show, Paul Lynde guest starred as a driving instructor with anxiety problems. Therefore, it wasn't Uncle Arthur he referred to but another character played by Paul Lynde.
This is the second time Nicole Kidman has played a witch. The first time was Practical Magic (1998).
Joan Plowright was originally cast as Aunt Clara, but had to pull out. By Kristin Chenoweth's recommendation, the role was given to Carole Shelley; the two had costarred in the Broadway production of "Wicked". Shelley took a week off appearing in the show to film her scenes.
In one scene, Jack Wyatt (Will Ferrell) is on Inside the Actors Studio (1994), being interviewed by James Lipton. Ferrell is known for doing an imitation of James Lipton and parodying Inside the Actors Studio on Saturday Night Live (1975).
The feature film was originally planned as a traditional TV-to-film remake directed by actor/director Ted Bessell (Donald on That Girl (1966)). The film property was in pre-production with producer/director Penny Marshall's team at Paramount in the mid-1990s. Marshall first hired former Laverne & Shirley (1976) staff writer Monica Johnson to come up with a script. Eventually, Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)) took a crack at the story, as did Broadway playwright Douglas Carter Beane. His 1996 stage reading cast Melanie Griffith as Samantha, and was supposed to be a vehicle to revive Griffith's career. After the sudden and unexpected death of Mr. Bessell from an aortic aneurysm on October 6, 1996, all Bewitched feature film plans were halted, until Penny Marshall later teamed with producers Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick's Red Wagon Entertainment at Sony/Columbia Pictures.
Darrin invites everyone to his house for a party (1h:15m into the movie). This same house can be found on a YouTube video of Will Ferrell (as Ron Burgandy) interviewing Jim Caviezel (as Jesus).
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Some deleted and alternate footage appears in the movie's trailer:
  • In Bed Bath & Beyond there's an exchange between Nigel and Isabel in which he says, "But you're a witch." To which she replies, "I know, but I'm not gonna be one anymore."

  • Footage of Jack in an arctic movie is displayed full screen not within a TV set like in the film.

  • Footage of the new animated "Bewitched" opening credits are shown on a TV set, not full screen like in the film.

  • The dialog between Jack and Isabel outside of the café is different.

Jack: "Just come and show everybody what you look like when you..." Isabel: "What?" Jack: "...wiggle your nose." In the film Jack says "Just come and show everybody what you look like when you do it" without an interruption by Isabel.
  • There's some extra shots during the Bed Bath & Beyond checkout scene: Isabel's hand in her shopping cart, then a close-up of the credit card swiping machine while the cashier pushes a button on the cash register in the background to bring up the total displayed on the machine.

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The Spanish translation for Elizabeth is Isobel, very close to Isabel, the character playing Samantha. Elizabeth Montgomery played the original character.
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Jenny McCarthy was considered for the role of Samantha.
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Similar to the French version of the original series, Darrin is renamed "Jean-Pierre" to bear some continuity among French European and Quebec fans.
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Jack's Spanish segment under Isabel's spell is "Está mi perro. Mi perro is mi favorito. Mi perro es mi corazón. Muchos taquitos. Buena suerte," and translated means "It's my dog. My dog is my favorite. My dog is my heart. Many (little) tacos. Good luck." Though incoherent, his Spanish is grammatically correct except the first sentence, which should have been "Es mi perro" using the verb ser, not estar.
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Jennifer Love Hewitt was considered for the role of Samantha.
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Aunt Clara offers Isabel a Lorne Doone. Marion Lorne, the TV show's Aunt Clara, did commercials for Lorne Doones 5and also Oxydol).
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

During the scene where Samantha drops the lighting rig on Jack's ex-wife, her legs stick out the edge. Her shoes, briefly seen, were red, in a homage to the wizard of oz.
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In a similar circumstance in which 3 of the main characters (Isabel, Nigel and Iris) are witches and 1 (Darren) is not, 3 members of the main cast (Nicole Kidman, Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine) are Academy Award winning actors while the other (Will Ferrell) is not.
During the party scene, when Isabel is trying to convince Jack that she's a real witch, he asks if she has "some kind of Daniel Day-Lewis thing going on". Day-Lewis is well-known for his method acting and getting lost in his roles.
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