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It's funny, easily the funniest and least self-conscious movie that director Nora Ephron has made.
It's one of those movies where you smile and laugh and are reasonably entertained, but you get no sense of a mighty enterprise sweeping you along with its comedic force. There is not a movie here. Just scenes in search of one.
As endearing as Ferrell and Kidman are on their own, there's just no chemistry between them onscreen.
Charlotte Observer
Puts a fun, frothy spin on the 1960s TV show before sinking back into the mundane.
Entertainment Weekly
The Ephron sisters, sophisticates entrusted with a simple TV situation comedy, lose the magic of the com as they mess with the sit.
Bewitched does have a few laughs, thanks to Ferrell's antics. And some of the wittiest contemporary comedians are on board, notably "The Office's" Steve Carell and "The Daily Show's" Stephen Colbert, but they are underused.
Philadelphia Inquirer
One thing Kidman is not is a clown. She thinks fizzy and dizzy and klutzy are funny. She is mistaken. To be a clown requires a kind of witchcraft.
The Hollywood Reporter
Despite the labors of leads Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell, there's no screen magic being made here.
Chicago Tribune
An uninspired misfire of a TV-series knockoff that, despite its great cast and smart filmmakers, never manages to scare up much magic.
New York Daily News
The result, at best, is a sweet failure.
Wall Street Journal
Why is the movie such a mess? Will Ferrell plays a washed-up actor who's supposed to be a hopeless mess, but even his character makes little sense. Is it all supposed to be postmodern? No, it's post-postmortem, the dead spirit of a dearly departed show.

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