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Shallow Water: Sandy Collora Returns with Creature Feature

Sandy Collora first made a name for himself when his fan film Batman: Dead End was released way back in 2003. Since then, Collora has worked mostly on his own, self-producing impressive independent genre fare including the sci-fi film Hunter Prey and now the creature feature Shallow Water. Shallow Water clocks in at a whopping 18 minutes, which seems to fly in the face of the popular sentiment that shorter is always better for films distributed online. While I'm not sure the content supports the lengthy run time, I do recommend saving this one to play on a big screen when you have the time to spare as it features some stunning jungle cinematography and practical effects work that will please fans of classic monster fare...

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‘Batman: Dead End’ Director Sandy Collora Launches Kickstarter for Creature Feature ‘Shallow Water’

‘Batman: Dead End’ Director Sandy Collora Launches Kickstarter for Creature Feature ‘Shallow Water’
Sandy Collora is a longtime special effects artist who helped create some of the more renowned and revered creatures in modern cinema. He produced and directed the fan film Batman: Dead End, hailed by filmmaker Kevin Smith as “possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made”. Collora has announced his long-awaited return behind the camera with an […]
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9 incredible fan films that put Hollywood to shame: What would happen if Batman battled a Predator?

9 incredible fan films that put Hollywood to shame: What would happen if Batman battled a Predator?
Forget your $250 million budgets and A-list megastars, sometimes all you need to make a good film is a bit of creative thinking and passion for your characters (intellectual property rights optional).

With feature-length fan film Star Trek: Renegades setting fandom abuzz, here's a host of unauthorised movies that put Hollywood to shame.

1. Batman battles Predator

Back in the Dark Knight's movie wilderness years (thanks for that, George Clooney!), short Batman: Dead End made waves online thanks to a mega-twist that saw the Caped Crusader in a rain-soaked showdown against a Predator. If it bleeds, Batman can kill it.

2. A Judge gets back in the saddle

A tepid box office showing from 2012's Dredd means a sequel is probably never going to happen. However, hardcore fans had their thirst quenched by the moody Judge Minty, about an ageing Mega City One Judge striding through the Cursed Earth. Think of this as
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Unmasking “Batman: Dead End” Director Sandy Collora

Unmasking “Batman: Dead End” Director Sandy Collora
Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, Christopher Nolan, and Zack Snyder have all done what most superhero junkies could only dream of doing: direct a Batman movie. But there was one other filmmaker privileged enough to have suited up the masked manhunter for cinema, achieving almost overnight success in 2003 and a cult classic amongst Batman fans—without the “superpowers” of a million dollar budget or the tyranny of studio executives. The director: Sandy Collora. The film: Batman: Dead End.

Behind The Mask”, a 90-minute documentary on the life and career of Sandy Collora, was shown recently at Monsterpalooza in Burbank, CA, telling the story of the indie filmmaker’s refusal to “sell out” to major studios and finding satisfaction in directing his own films.

For those unfamiliar with the super-hero/horror movie, Batman: Dead End (available for free online) is an 8-minute fan film made by director and creature creator Sandy Collora
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Kevin Smith Says The New Batsuit In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Uses Cloth

During the latest Fat Man on Batman, Kevin Smith described the new Batsuit that will be featured in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (once again). While most of the description was filled with bits fans noticed from the released picture, Smith did drop another new detail about the suit. "They're doing that one for the next movie.", Said Smith as he pointed to a statue from The Dark Knight Returns: Hunt For The Dark Knight (below), "Like he looks like that.". When Neal Adams brought up the fan film Batman: Dead End (video below), Smith said, "I'm telling you, that’s what they're doing in this new movie Batman movie. It's him in material. None of this body armor shit.". This new bit is something that some fans have speculated since the release of the image, as wrinkles in the "cloth" are visible in the suit. During the podcast,
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Marvelous Da7e #27: Don’t Be Labeouf’d

Welcome to Issue 27 of ‘The Marvelous Da7e!’

Real quick mission statement: this column is for discussion of superhero movie news and superhero movies…Or Is It?

This week: A bad comic fan film is in the news for blatant theft. Let’s not let that tarnish fan films.

This Shia Labeouf thing is getting weird.

Mr. Labeouf, for those who don’t know, released a short film that ended up being a word-for-word visual version of Daniel Clowes’ 2007 comic, “Justin M. Damiano”, just with names and a few props changed. No where in the film is Clowes acknowledged and the artist and his editor are super-pissed at the plagiarism at hand.

This is all a little surreal, because I had seen this comic pop up on Tumblr during Cannes when Shia Labeouf’s short had premiered. Someone had blogged it with a caption like: ust saw a live action version of this.
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Why Entertainment Companies Should Embrace Fan Films

Over the past few months, we witnessed amazing fan-generated content rack up millions of views and get national attention. From the recent Wonder Woman fan film to the latest episode of Super Hero Beat Down, creators are spending large amounts of time and money working on intellectual property that they cannot monetize. And that fan-driven content has always done incredibly well on YouTube. One of the first big hits of the genre on the platform was Batman: Dead End, released in 2003. One of the next was Kevin Tancharoen’s Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, which Warner Bros. and Machinima then turned into a official web series. Mk:r is actually one of the few examples of fan-created content that made the transition into an officially approved and financed series. That trajectory has seldom been repeated. Content created by fans with the use of intellectual property they don't own generally has a very limited shelf life on YouTube.
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Marvelous Da7e #17: Leagues of Extraordinary Justice

Welcome to Issue 17 of ‘The Marvelous Da7e!’

This weekend is New York Comic Con, and I don’t think I’ll be as present on the floor as I was last year and the year before. There just aren’t a ton of movies representing themselves and as much as I want a plush Rocket Raccoon, I made a pledge to myself earlier this year to stop putting large chunks of my finances into the various collections of toys I have at home and the office.

So, unlike Nycc’s San Diego counterpart, we’re not expecting a ton of news on the superhero movie front. That means I’m not expecting anything groundbreaking out of the Con. Well, not officially. El Mayimbe usually does some worth-while partying that becomes fruitful. Little mustache-clad me will be supporting the industry by catching up on the half-dozen Marvel crossover events currently running.
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San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Neca Unveils its Albino Predator

Between this and the recently released Pacific Rim footage, we're all hot and bothered around here. Speaking of heat, get ready for your wallet to start burning once you feast your eyes upon what Neca is unleashing at this year's San Diego Comic-Con!

Below you'll find your first look at the Albino Predator courtesy of Action Figure Insider. Seen briefly at the end of the brilliant short film from Sandy Collora known as Batman: Dead End, the Albino Predator features over 25 points of articulation including ball jointed hips and double knee joints. He has brand new shoulder armor and unique Albino deco along with tribal markings/tattoos.

No word yet on the exact scale of the figure, but really... just wow.

Visit The Evilshop @ Amazon!

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Kickstart This: 'Batman: Dead End' Fan Film 10 Year Retrospective Doc

Welcome back to another edition of Kickstart This, FirstShowing's weekly column dedicated to spreading the word about cool indie projects that need your help to become a reality. If you've been following the film blog community for a long time, you've probably come across a link to Sandy Collora's iconic fan film Batman: Dead End, which debuted at Comic-Con back in 2003. Now Collora and his team are putting together a documentary about the making of that project for its ten year anniversary, so take a look at their pitch video below and don't forget to toss these filmmakers a few extra bucks if you can. Check this one out! If you were at Comic-Con ten years ago, you probably remember hearing crazy buzz about a fan film that combined Batman, Predator & Aliens all in the same universe. For reference, watch Batman: Dead End: Pretty impressive stuff. Clerks director
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Batman: Dead End Director Auctions Original Batman Production Sketch

Batman fans will remember Sandy Collora's fantastic mini-epic Batman: Dead End.  Sandy is auctioning off a production sketch from Dead End to help a friend's child that has brain cancer.  Time to step-up Bat-Fans.  My friend and fellow diver's son Monty, is fighting for his life against brain cancer. He's 5 years old and I'm auctioning this original Batman sketch from "Batman Dead End", to raise funds for Monty, to get him an ipad and some other things that will bring him some happiness and put a smile on his little face. Bidding starts at 200 dollars. Highest bid by the end of the weekend wins, and the money will be sent directly to a Paypal account set up for the little guy.   To bid on the auction, check out Sandy's facebook page. You can read more about Monty here;
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Sr Pick [Video]: Batman Dead End

Batman: Dead End

The clock tower strikes midnight in a rainy, cold, and dreary Gotham City. The Joker has just escaped from Arkham Asylum once again. The bat signal has been illuminated and Batman is on the case. He tracks his arch nemesis to a dead end alley. The Joker is no match for the Bat, but what else lurks in the dark shadows of the alley, very well might be…

Until the first Christopher Nolan Batman films came along, many Batman fans considered this short film made by Sandy Collora the truest-to-comic-book movie incarnation of The Dark Knight. This premiered at the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con (before movie studios and celebrities invaded) and was a monster hit with fans. It was created by Sandy Collora for around $30,000 – and fans went crazy when they saw it at the time. Unfortunately, nothing ...

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Who Needs Big Money To Amaze? Thn’s Top 5 Fan-Made Shorts!

These days, technology is everywhere, encroaching on every facet of our lives. Such advancements have tunred almost every device imaginable into a camera, thus fooling every Tom, Dick or Harry into thinking, ‘Who needs a ton of cash to make a movie’?

The truth is they’re right… well sort of.

For every Tom with an idea of making it big in the movie world, there’s a thousand Dick’s posting their time-wasting exploits on any social network for the hell of it.

But it’s those passionate Harrys Thn wants to focus on. Those fans with the determination and conviction to realise their potential, or at least have fun with their idea. Those who draw inspiration from Spielberg, Jackson or Abrams’ early Super 8 movies, and who, along with the help of friends and/or family members, want to tell a story with the limited resources at their disposal.
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Top Five Batman Moments

So, The Dark Knight Rises is finally here. I know we’re excited – are you? Just to help get you in the mood, Thn have put together our favourite five Batman moments from the Caped Crusader’s various adventures throughout the years.

5. “Robin, pass me my Shark Repellent Bat Spray!”

Who could forget that classic tension building sequence from Batman: The Movie, in which Adam West has a rubber shark attached to his leg and punching it just won’t do, so Robin must leave the helicopter on auto-pilot and scale the ladder to pass him (upside down) his shark repellent bat spray… and to think they thought that might never come in handy when Batgirl picked it up in the D.I.Y store. This was Jaws’ first comedic appearance on the big screen, a pure must-see moment.

4. “I’ll break you in two”

Return Of The Joker remains
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Opinion Poll: The Greatest Fan Films Of All Time

It's the weekend Cbm community and you know what that means! It's time to kick back, relax, and have a little fun as we bring you ideas and content from outside the box. Previously,we had a ton of fun looking at all the superhero cartoon openings of the '90s. I wasn't surprised by the winner but I was surprised by the winning margin. Batman: The Animated Series was a runaway winner, taking out strong contenders such as X-Men and Spider-Man. Now we'll take a look at fan films, some of which have a cult following bigger than you can probably imagine. Films such as Grayson, World's Finest, Batman: Dead End, and Troops show that you don't necessarily need a big budget and costly SFX to make a film that will appeal to the nerd enthusiasts of the world. Some fan film productions go on
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Batman: The Last Laugh Fan Film: Walter Garcia

Batman: The Last Laugh Fan Film. Walter Garcia‘s Batman: The Last Laugh Fan Film is “a high intensity, action packed fan film that was created in the partnership of Enso Productions and Gotham City FX. See how The Joker and Batman go head to head in this fan film like no other.”

Much like Batman: Dead End and The Rat, we have a fan’s take on Batman, Batman-lore and segments of Batman’s past and future. Batman: The Last Laugh takes The Joker and Batman from Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight and runs with it. Since it is produced by a stunt team, the choreography and fight scenes are far more high-end than you would normally see in a fan film.

Watch the Batman: The Last Laugh fan film below and leave your thoughts on it in the comments section. For more short films, check out our Short Film Page.
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Hunter Prey and Man's Last Stand: A Movie Review

*Full disclosure: a DVD screener of this film was provided by Maya Entertainment and Mprm.

**Here be some spoilers.

Director/writer: Sandy Collora.

First off, this reviewer freely admits that the science fiction genre is a real blind spot in this writer's expertise. After listening to director Sandy Collora's ("Batman: Dead End") commentary on Hunter Prey, there are some comparable anchoring points. Collora pulled some of his influences from the '70s Buck Rogers, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars and others for this December, 2010 release. Collora is also influenced by westerns, but Hunter Prey feels like an extended version of Star Trek's 1967 "Arena."

In this feature, a captive escapes from a downed spacecraft, known as the Prometheus. A three man military trained crew moves in to chase, while initially pinned down by accurate plasma fire. Did this reviewer just say "plasma fire?" Anyways, a cat and
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Simply the best of the rest 2010: films the critics forgot to mention

The likes of Inception and Toy Story 3 got all the acclaim last year, but which movies will you really watch again and again?

Wading through the endless lists of best and worst films of 2010 it quickly became obvious that all you needed to compile them was a pair of rubber stamps; Inception, Toy Story 3, Winter's Bone, etc for the best, The Last Airbender, Jonah Hex, Sex and the City 2, etc for the worst. All well and good, but these consensus selections give a distorted view of the year in film. There are hundreds of films that don't get a mention in such binary best/worst selections, films that are ignored for committing the crimes of not being either bold statements that approach "perfection" or for being so bad they're virtually unwatchable. These films in the critical no man's land are often the ones that become favourites, the sort
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This Week on DVD: Inception, Shrek Forever After, Hunter Prey

There's no question that the biggest DVD and Blu-ray release this week is Christopher Nolan's Inception (with Shrek Forever After also likely to sell a ton of copies), but if you're looking to get some last-minute Christmas gift ideas, you might find a few other odds and ends hitting stores this week as well. Sandy Collora, director of popular fan films Batman: Dead End and World's Finest, has his first feature film Hunter Prey finally out on DVD today, plus the indie comedy Barry Munday starring Patrick Wilson and The Year of Getting to Know Us starring Jimmy Fallon. Some interesting non-fiction releases include Restrepo, Big River Man and Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel, plus the first volume of the Espn 30 for 30 series. All this plus Criterion Bd releases for Cronos and Videodrome, and for Reed Farrington, it's Trek Stars Go West! What will you be buying or renting this week?
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DVD and Bluray releases for Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Got some great first run releases hitting DVD and bluray today as well as a few genre classics hitting Bluray for the first time, so without any more preamble let's just dive right in.

First up we have Inception, Chris Nolan's dream-hoping, mind-bending, psuedo scifi romp that blew the roof off the box office to, I think, many people's surprise. Hell, when a mainstream movie with Leo Dicaprio impresses even quietearth, you know you've got something different on your hands. Is it perfect? No. I personally think Nolan's brick and mortar obsession with keeping a "reality" aesthetic hurt the film. I mean, it's about dreams. Let loose a little! But there is so much to love about this film that I would rate it a must-buy release.

Next up we have Sandy Collora's first original scifi feature Hunter Prey (trailer). In case you forgot, Collora's the dude who made the fan film,
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