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Breath taking and suspenseful

Author: Tressa Graves ( from Tampa, FL
29 November 2003

I Saw the premier at scream fest 2003; I was blown away! Jeff Tomas really knows his horror; he brings out the fear in his script writing. The theater was packed with lots of moviegoers thrilled with by the suspense he brings to the screen. Being a horror writer myself I know what it takes to actually pull off such compelling fear. The movie was action packed and had you on the edge of your seat, you didn't know what to expect next. The story line was skillfully portrayed and well written. I have spoken to the press who also enjoyed the film and were very anxious for the movie to be available for DVD. Which I might add will be a top seller in my opinion. Not only do I give praise to the film but also to Jeff Tomas who was by far one of the most talented guest at Scream fest 2003. I give four thumbs up, mine and yours!

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Incredible Indie Horror Film From Director And Actor Jeff Thomas!

Author: callanvass
21 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This an incredible indie horror film from director and actor Jeff Thomas!, that's extremely creepy and scary!. It's extremely stylish, and all the characters were damn cool, however a lot of the dialog, was laughable, and some of the acting was atrocious, however the ending is a huge shocker, that will leave you breathless, and trust me you won't see it coming!. The effects were awesome, and the film had constant creepy images, plus, the score was damn creepy, and it wisely, does not show us the people until late in the film!. I was expecting great things from this film, and i wasn't disappointed what so ever!.The only problem i had with this was, it had a few dull moments, (especially in the middle section. The Direction is fantastic!. Jeff Thomas does a fantastic job here, creating tons of spooky and scary atmosphere,great blotches of red, i also loved the homages to other horror movies.There was also some great POV shots, and lots of cool images,plus he kept the film at a very fast pace!(except for parts of the middle), fantastic job. There is plenty of blood and gore. We get fingers inserted into flesh,TONS and tons of blood, on paintings walls hands, etc etc,Slit throat,person gets ripped apart,hand through the chest(very bloody),nails in hand,stabbing, impaling,blood splashes,gory crucification ,guts are ripped out and wrapped around someone'e neck,sliced open stomach,bloody corpses, and lots more! . The Acting is so so they all had to spurt out bad dialog. Jeff Thomas was very good for the most part,loved his intense stares ,he was also likable,and really got into his role!. Sarah Corbin was hot, but didn't have to do much, but looked shocked, she did her job adequately though. Esa Scott does okay but looked sort of bored,and also didn't have much to do. Robert Miller was okay here, he was rather creepy at times, but over did it as well. rest do okay. Overall this is the best indie horror film i have seen and YOU must see this film immediately don't wait any longer, don't listen to the bad reviews!, just ignore the bad acting. ***** out of 5

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13 Seconds Review

Author: G4Mac from Miami, FL
16 May 2005

Okay I have great news, I read all the negative reviews about this movie 13 Seconds, and I had to see for my self exactly how horrible everyone made it out to be. Not true, this movie wasn't terrible at all, I watch a lot of independent films, and by far this is one of the best ones I've seen this year. The screen play is remarkable, the violence is dazzling, the special effect are great, to clear up some of the negative reviews, don't take anyone's word for it on here, if this is your first time on IMDb, and you've heard about 13 Seconds and your doing a little consumer background before you rent or buy, rent first and if your not amazed then you wouldn't have lost anything, try to keep an open mind about it at least, unlike some of the childish behavior we've seen on here already, I hope more then anything these people aren't adults. That would be sad! and my cheap $30 Wal-Mart DVD play loved playing it as must as I loved watching it.

G4Mac - Review 13 Seconds -

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13 Seconds is the most terrifying Independent Film I've seen in ages

Author: Matt Caldwell (cannibalferox000) from Canada
15 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

13 Seconds- 9/10

Genre: Horror

Year: 2003

Rating: US Unrated/ Can R for Lots of Gruesome Gore Effects and Disturbing Imagery.

Director: Jeff Thomas


Jeff Thomas

Robert Miller

April Cole

Sarah Corbin


A group of musicians set to record their third album in an abandoned "turn of the century academy". Soon after they arrive they begin to see strange things, devilish things. It seems that all the events are somehow connected to fear and the paintings in the house.

My Thoughts:

Just watched this movie again and it's even better the second time. It makes much more sense and the visuals are much more scary.

When you don't have the budget of a huge Hollywood film, certain liberties must be taken by the director. Jeff Thomas deserves all the credit for this movie (well and special effects company Malefactor Studios FX). It's hard to make a horror film scary when you don't have the best cameras, actors and sets. Although the sets here are nothing to complain about, I can just imagine what Jeff would have done had he had a higher budget. Even though the film is weakened by the acting, Thomas delivers all the gory goods.

13 Seconds has that distinct feeling that someone is watching you in a darkened room. Although you know there's no one really there, the fact that something could be there scares the s**t out of you. 13 Seconds is that type of movie. It worked in films like The Shining and A Nightmare on Elm Street and it works very well here too.

With an ending that screams originality, 13 Seconds moves along at a nice pace the whole time bringing depth to the storyline. I was curious as to why the lead was such an asshole to all the other characters (played by Jeff Thomas) but time tells all...

I think the biggest compliment I can give this movie is that you can see where the film wants to go and you can tell Jeff Thomas has a vision. To quote Lisa Simpson, "you have to listen to the notes she's not playing", in this case it's a "he" and I'm referring to Jeff. A good horror director can deliver a fun and gory film that is enjoyable. A great director, like Jeff Thomas, can take a simple premise, buckets of blood and gore and make it into a scary movie. Even if he doesn't have all the required components (likable characters, talented actors, solid dialogue) he still brings a sense of sheer terror to his film and I really loved it.

All those looking for an interesting, well-written and truly scary film, give this shock-fest a watch.

Don't listen to the bad review that was just posted, it makes no sense to the actual film, it seems like the jealous rant of someone who can't get their own film off the ground. This movie really is as good as the hype suggests but it is low budget so you have to remember that these filmmakers didn't have the resources to do much of the stuff that Hollywood does. That's not a bad thing, it's just different for many mainstream viewers.

Acting- NR

The acting is a little bit of a let down. It's not terrible it's just really unemotional. There's no real depth to the acting but that was probably the point. Jeff Thomas as the lead character had his moments and was the strongest of the whole lot but the rest weren't strong enough.

Directing- 10/10

Here's the talent, plain and simple. Thomas deserves a much bigger budget to showcase his creative ideas. I really hope to see more from this undeniably talented director.

Gore- 9.5/10

Fingers jammed into arm, intestines ripped out and wrapped around neck, hand bursting through gut, nails in hand, blood EVERYWHERE (spewing from walls, paintings, hands, etc.), a lot of axe fun, blood vomiting, chopped up corpse and lots more!

Nudity- 0/10

No nudity at all but having nudity would have taken us out of the creepy tone of the film.

Copyrighted Material

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Startling, Frightening, Twisted, and Outstanding

Author: bill33844 from Haines City, Florida
13 November 2003

"13 Seconds" is one mind blowing, scary experience that deserves to be seen twice! I had the privilege of catching this new film at Screamfest and I must say that for 90 minutes nobody could remove their eyes from the screen. The story moves furiously, never letting any one relax as the film races from death scene to death scene! The special effects were incredible for an independent film. The scene of the band member being clawed and forced under the bed had this gore fan grinning. I even jumped at some of the jolts-and I rarely ever do that. Some of the acting lacked star quality-but what independent film is not guilty of that? However, ten minutes into this film and you will be hooked by the visuals, scares, and story that leads to an ending that will unexpectedly blow you away.

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Excellent Movie (13 Seconds)

Author: jbllesta from United States
16 May 2005

Rented 13 Seconds from BB, I thought it was a great movie, the people on here obviously don't have anything better to do then to bash this movie, all I have to say is I thought it was great. I mean you can tell it's a low budget movie, but the scenes, where it took place, the script, the whole outcome of the movie was outstanding. I'm not a writer or movie producer, but I can tell a lot went into producing 13 Seconds. I loved it and I have no complaints, the acting was okay, the audio is bearable, the lighting was fine, this is my opinion. 10 Stars its a DVD that should be in every horror fans home, does anyone know if they have a website, I would like to check it out.

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Bad acting, good horror

Author: dorotka24 from United States
3 November 2008

It must be tough to catch a break in the film industry these days. How much originality can one bring to the table particularly in the genre of horror, and on a very limited budget? And then how good can one really expect to make a film when you can't afford to hire even amateur actors? It wasn't difficult to decide early on in this one that the acting and dialog were atrocious. In checking the bios of each actor, it appears this is their only experience, and it shows. The story wasn't bad, but the characters make so many dumb moves throughout, particularly after they witness unusual or supernatural shennanigans. You know the drill - let's split up and search the joint even though we've witnessed some really crazy stuff. And let's stick around even after an apparent murder or two goes down. The editing is such that it is just too tight or makes the story progression confusing.

The saving grace of sorts for "13 Seconds" was that it served up a hefty dose of horror imagery and some impressive scares with consideration to the budget. We get tossed into the mix very early and are assaulted with a barrage of terror tricks, from gore to unnerving sounds. The gore was well done and sufficiently disturbing. The bad acting was in a way appropriate within the context of the film, producing a surreal atmosphere of sorts. Tension was also built up very well in a number of scenes. The director also uses various camera angles to add to the ambiance. Lastly, the ending was a twist that rubbed my horror nerve just right.

In all 13 seconds was a worthwhile experience. If you can stomach the dialog and acting, then maybe you'll get some pleasure off of the experience as well.

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My thoughts...

Author: Bannik99 from LA, CA
2 February 2005

Alright, I just finished watching this, and although I usually like waiting a day or so to sort out how I felt about something, this just isn't one of those cases. I've read all the other comments on this movie and wanted to write my own.

I picked this up in my local video store due mainly to the reviews and awards it had printed on the cover, and was extremely excited to turn out the lights, sit on the couch and get nice and scared. In literally the first five seconds, upon finding that it was a dv film (not even 24p at that), I felt betrayed by both the corporate entity known as Blockbuster and the seemingly deceiving DVD cover. I almost turned it off at that moment, but decided to find out what these guys were able to do with the dv format. Here's what I found: The acting is the worst I have seen... EVER. Truly. Which lent greatly to my confusion about what the heck was actually going on. Good acting helps illuminate the story, bad acting loses the story. This was beyond bad, and became painful - I honestly developed a scratching tick each time one of these people spoke. I strongly disagree with any choice that makes characters/actor's dull - if the characters aren't dynamic, then there's no reason to tell their story. You want the audience to identify with them not fall asleep by them. And all the lines were dubbed which made it seem like an Asian film whose characters might've known English and were eager to try out their new talent. The rest of the sound, although having some cool and sketchy moments, didn't seem full. Only dub if you lose a line, Jeff. The score didn't lend to this piece at all. Not one bit. It was missing in places that needed it and apparent in others that didn't. Even when it did come on, it was subdued, didn't aid the scene, and sounded like halloween musak. All of a film's pieces must support the whole, and I feel that a bunch of things were severely overlooked and hastily done. Moving along... With the pain I had going through it, it was something I had to endure to find out what the ending could possibly be. Now, I'm a filmmaker, so am pretty much determined to sit through every movie I watch, but I don't blame anyone from the general audience for walking out or turning it off for the very reasons stated above. Yet I came to the end... and found that the story was actually quite interesting and something that would be worth filming. Unfortunately, for the reasons stated above, and for a number of the strange edits, I was left in the dark. The editing itself was not bad, and I wonder if some of the places that didn't work were done due to lack of material filmed. I needed more info from the story as to why/how certain things occurred or didn't occur, and where the heck they actually were at any given moment - things that were tied up unceremoniously in the end yet would've intrinsically heightened the tension throughout the movie. Now directing and cinematography I feel are the most closely related. As far as directing the actors (which is similar to acting), I found it atrocious. Sorry. Again, not a good choice making all of the actors one level. Lighting each scene for this was a tough proposition given dv's inherent drawbacks, but I think it was done to the best of their abilities and looked fine. Shot selection and their content is where this movie shows signs of life. I actually did jump a number of times (and would've stayed scared had it not been for the acting/sound), and felt that there were more than a few very scary moments (sometimes dv aided this!). The set, costume, make-up, etc. did a fine job in this piece, as well. I wouldn't have guessed that this was a first-time project, and was happily surprised to read about that fact on here. Despite the debilitating drawbacks I feel this film has, I also feel that Jeff and Zach deserve a budget, better actors and 35mm film to work with, and would greatly love to see what they do with it! Maybe even re-shoot this one...

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Don't believe the hype.

Author: bioniczombiebaboon from Canada
4 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After reading such positive buzz about this one I just had to check it out. Now, I realize some slack has to be given to these indie horror flicks but my generosity was stretched beyond reason here. First, are there not enough starving performers out there that we couldn't find even one that could act? I mean holy sh**balls(!) these are some of the most stunningly awful performances I've seen this side of an elementary school talent show. The story was pure Jacob's-Ladder on-a-budget complete with the straight-jacket-clad dudes with spinning heads (though the effects team couldn't figure out how to make the head spin like in "Jacob's" so we get the actors shaking their heads ala "no-no-no" with some skin slapping sound effects over top. As for gore, yes, there is some decent bloodshed but it feels like a ploy to distract us from how awful everything else is. Ultimately, I'm less floored by the "oooooh he's actually dead"-style ending than I am by the amount of praise this turd has received.

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They got what it takes!

Author: danielle-92 ( from United States
20 May 2005

I had read a lot about this movie all over different web sites. This movie has picked up some big awards all over the country! They have had some of the best reviews and quotes I've ever seen for an indie film. People like Douglas Preston (best selling author of The Relic), Toney Timpone (Fangoria Magizine), Tom Sullivan (Evil Dead), Joe Bob Briggs (UPI Drive-In), and R.A Mihailoff, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw MassacreIII! Since these indie movies tend to be limited in terms of budget, it's not likely to be successful in all areas of making a movie. Somewhere something falls short, weather it's the special effects, the acting, cinematography, the script, etc. "13 Seconds" does a pretty amazing job at pulling off a polished film considering the budget restraints. The script was the best i had ever seen for an indie horror feature length film. Better than some of the bigger budgeted holly wood films I've seen. When I had thought I had figured out what was happening, the film took me in a different direction that I would have never of saw coming! It just goes to show that talent truly lies in those who got what it takes with all thing considered. Jeff Thomas not only directed this film, but also acted and wrote the script! His talent has payed off. Now you can find "13 Seconds" on every shelf of Block Buster and Hollywood Video across the United States and Canada! I meet the producer and Jeff Thomas @ the Bare Bones International Film Festival. They picked up "Best Picture" and "Best Script" out of five-hundred films, including my film among the mix. They were the coolest people in offering some suggestions in getting our film recognized. I have no doubt in my mind these people are going all the way! Jeff was very gracious in getting me on track. These people deserve everything good they got coming to them! Thanks for your time Jeff in responding to my e-mails!

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