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One of Horror's Best

Author: kwaryn from NJ
18 October 2004

I bought 13 Seconds on DVD based only on a recommendation from a member of Fangoria's message boards, and an interest in expanding my Independent Horror Library. And let me tell you, after watching 13 Seconds, not only do I think it is the best Independent Horror movie I have ever seen, I'd rank it up at the top of all Horror movies I've ever seen, big budget or no budget. And I've seen a lot of them.

This movie was so well done. The scares are genuine. There is a good mix of both cerebral horror and gore. The story is original and the ending twist is awesome. From banging doors, shadows moving in the background, reflections on door knobs, the imagery keeps you on your toes, never quite sure if you saw what you thought you saw.

While the acting ranges from decent to awful, the story, direction, creepy monsters, and overall atmosphere makes you forget about the limitations of the actors.

Whatever you do, make sure you see this movie. It's that good.

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DVDemonic Fun

Author: rochelle tallaway (squirmshine) from ny, ny
10 December 2003

What I thought would be another lapse into sub-par American grade-Z independent horror quickly became one of the biggest surprises of a recent indie film fest. Typically, I look forward to festival screenings to catch the latest and most cutting edge dramas, but rarely ever horror, for those I can wait for home video. However, I was intrigued by the press materials for this film. The poster, the quotes, and most importantly for me, the awards "13 Seconds" has received caught my attention. Although, at first, I must admit I was somewhat skeptical. The movie unfolds at a decent enough pace that makes sparing use of dialogue, but the acting is stilted (more on that later). Not that this necessarily detracts from the overall story, because here is where the real strength of the film is. At what first appears to be a mindless action orientated narrative that piles one set piece upon set piece (you have to love and admire the cell phone and ghoul under the sheet scenes), quietly and very subtlety transforms into something much deeper. Not that the movie grinds any gears. In fact, it is in this movement from violent gore and death to surreal psychological scares that "13 Seconds" reveals its true motive that has always been staring the audience right in the face along. Here is where the twist ending manifests, and what a surprise it is. The best mysteries work when the ending is a logical conclusion that the audience does not grasp onto immediately. And

this movie does just that while staying true to its narrative form, structure, and characters. And now more about that. Clearly, the under acting method is employed as an integral part of the story telling process-to varying degrees of success. Because once the conclusion is reached, every method evoked makes perfect sense, just getting there was somewhat questionable since every motive is not crystal clear. Still, solid scares and jolts are provided and the set pieces are original and always entertaining. Originally when I walked into this screening, I really wanted to tear this movie apart. But I must admit that I became caught up in the story and I played right into the movie's gimmicks (special praise to the artist that created the disturbing paintings). But again, what really makes "13 Seconds" is the final act where all the pieces fit perfectly together into a powerful and satisfying finale.

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13 Seconds DVD

Author: firstcyclonelady from United States
16 May 2005

This is one hell of a good movie. I was just browsing in Hollywood video and I decided to rent it, and which turned out to be an excellent choice. I made the mistake of watching the movie alone, and now I am terrified of what may be under my bed. This will defiantly be a class horror movie in the future, one that's like not other. I see that people are saying it's a low budge film, but remember that's how star wars stared; all good things have to start somewhere, any one who likes good classic horror needs to be sure to pick up a copy of 13 Seconds. I hope to see new movies written and directed by Jeff Thomas. You deserve every award you won for this film

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Horrific acting

Author: shadejford ( from Richmond, Virginia
22 November 2005

Most of the acting in this flick is flat and boring. And some of the dialog is rather derivative. What kept me watching the whole film were the interesting performances from Robert Miller(Sidetrack) and Daniel Rowe(Adramalech). Demonologists should know who "Adramalech" really is. It's too bad you don't see Rowe appear until the movie's last half hour. My interest was perked whenever Miller and Rowe appeared on screen. Otherwise, the other actors and actresses' performances caused my interest to decrease rapidly. I wish Rowe had more screen time in this flick. At least the makeup was decent. Finally, kudos should go to artists who created the film's paintings.

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Horrible acting, good scary images

Author: itmustbkitty from chicago
26 October 2004

We rented this terrible movie, and when I looked it up on the net I was shocked to see that the director was also the main character! Although Jeff Thomas was the strongest actor, he still could have taken some acting lessons. The rest of the cast, particularly Cole, Scott, and Corbin, were just terrible. Many times they showed no emotion whatsoever, while normal people would have been freaking out. Lines were delivered quietly, sleepily, and flatly. It is impossible to feel for them since they are unconvincing in their roles. Who selected this cast??

Also, the script could use a lot of work, most of the lines were boring and unnecessary, but that could also have been because of their delivery.

On the other hand, there were many disturbing scenes, and the imagery was creative. While obvious this was a low budget film, Thomas shows promise in his inventive side. The gory images depicted were creepy and original.

All in all, besides the acting, which was just painful to watch, this film isn't bad. It could have been really great with a whole new cast.

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If I can convince just one person to not see this movie, it will be worth it

Author: Adam O'Donnell from Atlanta, GA
29 October 2004

I enjoy "stupid horror" movies, but this one is the worst movie I have ever seen. And I've seen some pretty terrible horror movies - Ankle Biters comes to mind.

First, there is not one scene with a face completely in the light. Did the art student who made this movie just learn that trick?

Second, the sound must be the most difficult part of the movie to pull off - lighting I guess would be second - because there was no film score and the voices could barely be heard. Although, with stellar dialog like this, it's probably a blessing.

Last, I believe the plot was about a band... but I don't see any instruments, hear anyone singing or hear any music at all.

I'm all for someone getting to create their own movie, and I applaud the effort to get it completed. However, for anyone not involved in this movie to enjoy it is just not possible.

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Author: mark_sbog
7 December 2003

It was so boring that I fell asleep and it didn't make sense. I thought it was very silly and not scary at all and the guy who kept eating somebody else's tooth was disgusting and I don't think there was a reason for him to do that except it looked cool to somebody who doesn't know much about movies. I don't think even little kids would be scared by this. I should have left it on the shelf but too late now!

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Absolute crap

Author: Lasseman from Sweden
24 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't believe me and my friend just picked this movie up from a local Blockbuster. I feel so insanely ripped off.. I'd might as well have given some random guy four dollars, asked him to run around with the camera in a dark hallway, scream, smear ketchup on his face and in general just be the most horrid actor you could ever, ever, ever imagine.

Then again.. after this I would myself have to grow incurably insane and loose all ability to even remotely edit the DV tape and go completely haywire in some mediocre video editing Windows Movie Maker and manage edit this guys awful, incoherent, bottomless worthless acting and dialog into an even more brutally piece of complete waste of space.

Am I even beginning to paint a picture here for you? This is the worst movie I have EVER EVER EVER seen, it's not even a movie! A movie should basic things like actors and a plot - this does not! I could do with a bad horror movie, but this really isn't. It's not like a fun B horror movie, this is just something to kill off 90 minutes of your life. DO NOT SEE IT, you'll spend the 4 bucks (or any amount of money) better putting them to flame to keep you warm.

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Don't quit your day job.

Author: wanted378
3 December 2004

In chatspeak parlance, OMFG. Who's trust fund got raided to produce this drek? I've scraped better things off the bottom of my shoe. Everything about this film is so bad, describing it would be like an ER doctor looking at a high speed motorcycle accident victim. Better to just pull the sheet over the body. What a waste.

Okay it seems my review wasn't long enough so here goes - bad acting, I mean really bad acting. High school drama club acting. Put a mirror under their noses to see if they're breathing acting. Poor, out of sync, sound. Choppy, confusing editing. Miserable dialogue. Did I mention bad acting? Blood that looked like chocolate syrup. Extensive cutaway shots to empty corridors. Is that enough? Other than that it was a fine film.

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A true winner

Author: Tressa Graves ( from Tampa, FL
19 May 2005

I would like to say that 13 Seconds was a winner. I think this is one of a kind and is a horror movie that will go down as an all time true classic. The negative reviews about 13 Seconds are from certain indivduals that I personally know and should be ignored. I know for a fact that the movie has been won over by teens and adults. The movie has been watched by young and old and all have liked what they have seen. The Texas Chainsaw masacre was a low budget film and has become a classic but the difference between the two films is the outstanding special features that this movie has to offer. Do not go by negative feedback this is a true Roller-Coaster ride all in self just be warned it is very intense and will have you on the edge of your seat.Keep up the great work Jeff and remember those who fail in life only live to cut down the successful,your friend

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