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Why all the bashing of 13 Seconds?

Author: mistressofsource from United States
28 May 2005

I normally wound not give a high rating to a badly acted film, but this is an exception. With limited budget, Jeff Thomas shows exceptional talent in writing and direction. The effects and storyline were original and I loved the twist ending. and that is what Indie film-making is all about. Do the best with what is available and get your story out there. Look at the cult classic 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things.' Its an atrocity of acting and a beloved film by many including myself. I am going to keep an eye on Thomas and see what else this young man brings us. With a larger budget I expect larger and bigger things. Meanwhile, buy this film and introduce yourself to a new direction of horror.

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THe only thing Scary About this movie is...

Author: Ramirez13-1 from United States
5 February 2005

The fact I managed to sit through more than 5 minutes of it. This movie was given to me by a friend who said I would love it based on the fact I have a serious soft pot for horrible B-movies. Unfortunately this is worse than any 50s camp horror, it isn't even horror. You want to do a rock and roll horror flick? give me the driller killer any day, not this shot on video low budget crap that for some reason people raved about. This may be the worst film ever made. It is worse than Titanic or Meet Joe Black, actually its not even in that league, at least those two steaming waste of time had some production value.

I consider myself a fan of all things campy, but this is not even watchable. Avoid it at all cost, cut out your eyes if that is what it takes, this is not the movie for you. Unless your more of a masochist than I will ever be. This is a movie for those who hate movies and hate themselves enough to endure it, I don't think anyone has ever made it to the ending, I could not see how, if so I pity them as that I personally feel cheated (even though it was free) out of the few minutes of my life the film crew stole from me... the only excuse I could see for something like this (if there could be one) is if it was done by 6th graders. but somehow I doubt that..

Run, Run away.. just run

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Very good film.

Author: Anticap from United Kingdom
14 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film, in my opinion was superb. Not for the quality of the acting (Which in fairness is poor) But for the storyline. Yes, the storyline was one of the best I've seen in a long time. The basic plot is that a music group have gone to an old house to make their next album. While inside however the band members start to be killed one by one. Slowly they begin to turn on each other until only one of them is left. The story reminded me a lot of Silent Hill 2 (The Video game). There was the main character, who would be James Sunderland. Then you have his friend, who would be Metatron and the house itself which would be Samael.

At the end of the film you discover the entire thing has gone on inside the main characters mind, created by himself, then warped by Satan (Who would be Samael). This storyline is VERY much like that of Silent Hill 2 and I would be rather surprised if I found out that the game has had no influence on it at all.

The bad acting in this film is forgivable by having such a great story line. And like Silent Hill, I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be quite a cult film.

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a must see genuinely frightening film

Author: Cindy Ellison (argentofan87) from US
31 August 2003

I had the opportunity to see this film at the Palms in Las Vegas and I must say that this is one truly scary film. Whereas most independent, and for that matter big budgeted, horror films tend to lean towards campy, tongue-in-cheek or hip/trendy dialogue and situations, "13 Seconds" played it completely straight. At times it seemed that this movie would never let up as it continually assaulted the viewer with an endless barrage of horrific images, intense action, and genuinely frightening jolts. Often times horror films tie everything up on a lame note or entirely cheat the audience with an open door ending that only serves the purpose to establish a sequel. "13 Seconds" is not that type of movie. The ending is a genuine shocker, but a logical one. It was also nice to see a recent horror film that did not degenerate into sleaze and that did not focus around superfluous nudity. Scary, intelligent, and shocking, "13 Seconds" is not to be missed.

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Original, Entertaining, INSPIRING!

Author: janmarc-1 from Lutz FL
25 July 2005

You have got to check this out! I'd suggest skipping the rental and purchasing this film! If your as big of indi horror fan as I am, you will with out a doubt not be disappointed. I've heard so many great things about this film-story, special effects, directing, and vision to this film. A friend of my said you have to watch it twice because there is so much going on in this film. I suggest the same. I pulled a lot from the first viewing but was able to fully appreciate all this film gives the viewer a second time around.

My hats off to you the film maker's of 13 Seconds! It uniqueness is astounding and original. I cant tell you of a recent film that has inspired me as much as this film did, and its a horror film.

Has horror taken on a new direction? I predict that and Mr Jeffery Thomas will lead the way!

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Is 13 SECONDS long enough to save your Soul!?

Author: mrlobo ( from Sacramento, California
11 June 2005

My name is Mr. Lobo and I host a nationally Syndicated Horror And Cult film program called "Cinema Insomnia". I get hundreds of tapes sent to me from all over the country and I was very impressed with "13 SECONDS" and it's director/ writer Jeff Thomas. First off, I was pleased to find it 92 minutes an 47 seconds longer than I expected. In a land of silly self aware splatter films, the serious and disturbing tone is maintained throughout. Even though the actors aren't terribly Hollywood, everyone seemed to be very committed to the material and acted with much more skill than young actors in movies with this kind of gore typically have. Although, Daniel Rain kind of reminded me of a young Emilo Estevez for some reason. I thought the premise was compelling and I loved the homages to Rod Serling. My only complaint is that there should have been wall to wall Death Rock--even though I don't particularly like that kind of music, I think it would have made sense considering they were all pierced leather clad rockers trying to make their video. Despite this one flaw--I would recommend "13 Seconds" to fans of gore and the supernatural and it just might put the fear of Bejeezus in ya!

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suspenseful & gory despite some technical problems.

Author: willywants
12 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A sprawling turn of the century academy, a billboard charts band fueled by deceit, and an art gallery that comes to life with graphic paintings revealing each character dying a horrible death that begins to hint at the real terror lurking behind every one of us. I rented "13 seconds" after being told by a reliable source that it was 'A unique, gory, immensely satisfying and refreshing horror film'. I was satisfied. Sure the fact that it was shot on video (Giving it an unprofessional sheen) made it somewhat unwatchable at times and the acting was among the most wooden I've ever seen but hey I liked it. There's lots of suspense, loads of excellent gore and for a no-budget film some of the make-up effects were pretty cool. It gets better as it goes along, after a really awful first half hour, hang in there and the ending is quite nice and thought provoking (Think "Jacob's Ladder") and leaves some questions open to interpretation. 6.5/10. Oh, one other question--who was responsible for that pretentious piano music?

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What is all the hype

Author: scott-581 from New Orleans, La.
17 September 2004

First, I have say, congratulations on anyone finishing a film of their vision. Be it, it may not be all the vision due to budget constraints. The hype and reviews this film has received makes me wonder if anyone if any of the critics have seen a good movie period, much less a horror movie. Yes, this a good FIRST movie and with the budget, my hats off to Jeff Thomas. Now before any of you jump my case, I have been in the film business 25 years, worked no bugets, multi-million dollar bugets and every crew position. Starved for 4 years acting in LA. And yes I got some major roles. My point is I speak from experience. Having Produced, written and directed over 10 feature films (that have done well) of various bugets, it is very hard to put down anyone that has been through the process, but at the same time it is infuriating to see what passes as great film-making. I saw 13 Seconds at a festival in LA. as I had one there too, but in a different category. The Theatre was about half full when it started, and four people left when it ended. and the only reason I didn't leave was that the director was sitting behind me.

Like I said, my hats off to Jeff Thomas, I hope he stays with it. I would like to make a comment to all filmmakers, It seems in the Horror genre, filmmakers look to make a quick buck and make trash because of the Cult horror following. If you surround yourself with B-movies you will always make B-movies. If you are a filmmaker, regardless of budget, you are competing with Spielberg and Lucas and others for Viewers and don't kid yourself into thinking that your not.

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13 seconds is a must-see feature!!!!

Author: Rob A. from Canada
28 June 2005

The critics of the New York Independent International Film Festival, the fantastic festival of film in the UK, the Detroit International Horror Film Festival and the Barebones International Film Festival weren't kidding when they announced this film as a winner. What Jeff Thomas presents with this feature is magical. A story well written, executed with fantastic special effects, culminating in a cinematic climax of gigantic proportions is what 13 seconds is all about. Jeff Thomas doesn't like to kid around with this film as he sends an up and coming band into an abandoned school building that is reminiscent of the old snowy hotel in Stanley Kubricks' "The Shining" to record a new album. Shortly after the bands arrival, things happen... unnatural things. Fear, pain, shock and disbelief are just a few of the many emotions that our visitors experience on what appears to be a trip into pure hell... Leaving the viewer in a state of constant wonder, Jeff Thomas directs his actors and himself through an emotional roller-coaster filled with enough scares and gore to give a iron man contestant a heart attack. The special effects are some of the finest work I have witnessed in an independent feature of this size and budget and this one particular bedroom scene was just incredibly well done! The look of the film is very clean and crisp and shot with some beautiful angles and lighting, ultimately giving it a more professional look. This movie doesn't let you rest and throws twist after twist at the viewer leaving the audience in the unknown until the very end. What might seem weird and overly exaggerated at first glance when watching 13 seconds makes perfect sense by the time the credits roll around. 13 seconds is a film made to reflect upon after the end, giving the viewer this "Ah, yeah, now this makes sense!" feel. In my humble opinion, 13 seconds presents itself as a challenging, and very entertaining film. By combining the afore mentioned excellent screen writing with the fine handywork of special effects company MaleFactor Studios FX, Jeff Thomas created an unforgettable feature, dividing the horror community in those that like it and those that don't. I for one would like to consider myself part of the first group as this movie scared and surprised me alike, something I haven't felt in a long time when watching a Horror film.

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