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Worse Movie Ever!!!!! Honestly!

Author: movies0022 from United States
17 July 2008

I'm a big fan of horror movies especially zombie or vampire movies. So I've seen a lot of horror movies and non-horror movies, too. Out of all the movies I have seen in my lifetime, this movie by far is the worse movie I have ever seen. It is so bad in every aspect you could ever imagine. How this movie even got into a blockbuster I will never know.

I've seen some really bad zombie or vampire movies in my time, but this movie ousted those movies by far. Don't get the wrong impression this is not a zombie or vampire movie. It's some dumb plot of a dumb band going to an abandoned art gallery to shoot a video or something!!??? Like come on why???? I mean sure horror movies does have some weird or stupid plot lines but come on this was just retarded.

The camera shots are so awful. Every time someone talked it zoomed into the person's face so the whole movie you see the camera on someones face as they talk no clever camera angles. The actors honestly could have shot the movie anywhere. All they had to do is look directly into a camera a read their lines and an editor just cut and splices their lines to make a conversation. The lighting of the movie is horrible. Like i said all you see the whole movie is the actors faces but majority of the time you only see half their face because the other half is just black or dark. If Jeff Thomas thought that was a cool thing to do he's just a retarded nerd. There are some scenes where its just all black and you really can't make out anything. Bad shots and lighting doesn't even compare to how bad the acting is. You could pick random people off the street and get better acting. These people in this film aren't just normal or bad actors. They're like super anti-acting sucking. Honestly, you couldn't even act to act as bad as these actors were. Their tones are monotone the whole movie and the script is so unnatural and awkardward (yeah it's misspelled this horrible movie must have killed my brain cells).

Although I do come on this site a lot to check things out I never ever registered for an account, but after watching this movie I made an account just so that I could post this comment. If I can get just one person to read my comment and save them from watching this movie, I can know that I truly made this world a better place. Honestly, DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! SAVE YOURSELF!!! YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!! If there was a movie out there that could make people commit suicide, this would be the movie. I never actually said this before in my life and truly meant it but, Jeff Thomas should be shot if he makes another movie and there should be laws enacted to prevent this guy from making movies especially if he decides to be the main character. What's worse Jeff Thomas's movies or his acting????? By now you actually might want to see the movie just from curiosity of how really bad could it be, but DON'T!. Worse movie ever. Some things are better left unknown don't let curiosity overcome you. STAY AWAY.

This movie should be the worse rated movie on IMDb, but it seems like jeff thomas and his friends came on here made random accounts and posted up fake comments and ratings for this movie so people could be mislead to watch this horrible movie. There are comments who gave this movie ten stars!!!!! get the $%#@ out of here. Those are fake. Any comment with more then 2 stars is definitely a fake comment to trick people and boost it's ratings up so it wouldn't be the worst rated movie on IMDb.

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What r you guys talking about

Author: Brandor5000 from United States
27 December 2007

OK so i go over a friends house and he says "dude check out this movie its the best" so i say OK. i don't know what you guys are talking about this is the funniest movie I've ever seen in my life. the acting is to cheesy to even be real and don't get me started on the cheesy special effects. overall this was the best comedy i have ever seen in my life. i didn't honestly understand one thing in the movie except the drug part. so on my list this gets a five star.................oh wait this is a horror?............. THIS MOVIE SUCKED I HOPE YOU DON"T BLOW the 3.99 on this disgrace of a Frisbee. in all honesty my friends history project movie was better than this movie whoever directed this movie had better not be in Hollywood but in a cave in somalia.

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A movie with a decent story, sucky acting, and confusing times

Author: dawnmsweeney from United States
27 May 2007

My father in law bought some kind of stock in this movie. (I think he made a bad investment.) That is how I came across it. At first, the story is confusing and you are wondering what in the world is going on. They do not explain anything at all in the beginning. On several occasions, I was about to shut this movie off but do not. The story only gets better with time. More secrets are revealed Later in the movie. They movie is choppy with the scenes and is very hard to follow. The acting killed the movie. It was the worst acting I have ever seen. The characters talk in the same tone even when someone is ripped open right in front of them. This is definitely a low budget film. The only good things are the surprises and the gore. It could have been a good movie with decent acting and a bigger budget.

Grades: Acting: D- (This would be an F but Jeff Thomas does a decent job as the lead) Suspense: C- Sometimes this movie was too slow sometimes it was too fast Gore: B- This was the best part Story: C It sucked at first but revealed a lot in the end Characters: D You had no clue who was a main character or if they were dead Overall: C- had the potential to be good but nothing was explained well Do not buy this movie! If you see it on a shelf at blockbuster, rent it along with some other horror flicks you never heard of and compare them. This movie is not worth five bucks to own. The acting is one reason to see this movie. ( IT is so horrible it is worth more than the movie itself.

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I wish i read the reviews before wasting money on this crap!

Author: reeves2002 from Canada
6 March 2007

I rented this horrible B movie last night before checking out people's comments first.I will never make that mistake again.I couldn't even get a credit for another DVD after asking for a one at the video store because it's just their stupid policy not too because it's a renter beware thing or something.I thought the opening scene was a bit funny but knew from there it was no horror and could not get into it because it dragged on and was boring as hell.It was filmed in the same cheap same format as a daytime soap opera.I trusted the stupid cover art when it said nothing but good things about this movie.Even Fangoria gave it praise.I'm not sure I wanna read Fangoria anymore after being mislead.I don't understand how it could win anything.The idiot who made this film has no taste and it never should have even found distribution. Don't waste your time or money on this!

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total failure-skip right over it!

Author: liveingdeadgrl from United States
14 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie aside from being completely horribly made. Lacked any real plot,one minute there supposed to be making a video. The next they're playing f***ing Scooby Doo. It lacks all meaning and the horrible scene where the characters do heroine is... Well there are no words to describe the apparent acted reaction of the actors. Not only that, but there is a scene in the movie where the characters attempt to nail a door shut, that opens in the other direction... The audio and visual of this trash fest was both poor and horrible. One of the characters spent the whole movie chewing on someone else's tooth. I wouldn't even suggest watching 13 seconds of it. The poorly edited pictures that were supposed to give hints as to what would happen next, where done in two different mediums and did not make any sense.

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I barely made it 13 seconds into the film before turning it off.

Author: Arlis ( from KY- United States
13 October 2006

So this is another one of those crappy low budget horror movies, that tries to make you think. I have news for you, when it comes to low budget we want slashers, zombies or something with blood. If you're gonna make us set through GOD-AWFUL acting then at least give us something to keep us umm i dunno - a damn story perhaps.

I love low budget horror movies, but they cant take 20 grand and try to make The Sixth Sense or something out of it. So many people go on and on about giving them some credit because it is AFTER ALL...A low budget movie - BULLS**T -- OK I am as lenient as can be for that fact, but thats no excuse for the bad acting and poor direction and most of all the story... Why do these people even attempt to make a movie for, because they have a camera and no job which leaves them with lots of time and they try to throw some crappy effects in and make a movie. Bad idea.

I'm glad that someone liked it, but it was just lazy in my opinion.

The only good thing about this one was that people were dying and there was blood. It started off so good, then they got to the house altogether and man did the suck start flying. The acting killed this movie... I admit I only watched like 45 minutes to an hour of it.. it sucks that bad

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Very B movie

Author: alrightguy1728 from United States
31 January 2006

I bought 13 seconds from my local BlockBuster straight outta the old previously viewed section. The cover art looked good and I thought I'd give it a try.

From the very beginning of the movie due to the way this film was shot you can tell it's a B movie. (Not always a bad thing) Have you ever called in sick from work and been forced to watch daytime T.V. or If you've ever been forced to watch some of the acting on the daytime soaps.... That was better acting than in this movie. ( Over Acting all the way) The story had a small cleverness to it but not enough for me to waste my time again. The effects were B grade. Where the movie really went bad for me was right from the start. In the beginning for no real reason to progress the story the main character shoots up. For me I thought we were suppost to root for the main character. This did two things, First, I'm not gonna root for a junkie not to be killed. Second, through the rest of the movie I found myself wondering if either the main character was just high or if he had died with that needle in his arm. Personally I feel it would have been the smart move to kill off the main character when he shot up. The movie would have been much more enjoyable.

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This movie is garbage

Author: the__endless from Canada
5 September 2005

I'd just like to say that this movie sucks . . . I rented it tonight at my local video store and was very disappointed in what I watched . . it was terrible . . it looked like it was made by wannabe filmmakers who had no idea what they were doing . . the acting was horrible . . it was dubbed from the looks of it very poorly . . the camera angles were bad . . the scripting was bad . . it was just a lame pile of garbage . . don't even waste your time . . I don't know how Alliance had enough faith in this to distribute it . . I was suckered in by the cool artwork on the cover . . . I guess thats where the majority of the budget went

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13 seconds to long

Author: tjhaley from Canada
30 October 2005

The gore in this film was good. Thats about all the good I can say about this film. I see others saying the acting was good when I read other reviews on this film and I only have to say one thing about that.. What are you people taking? This was the worst acting I have ever seen and I have seen some really bad acting, and the story??? ooh very bad. There where to many hole in the script writing. And everybody is raving about a surprise ending. um mm people......Most film today are going into that direction of weird twisty endings. It's being overdone. All's I have to say about this film that 13 seconds is 13 seconds to long to watch it.

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A horrible, unholy excuse for a film, that spits in the face of all things horror, by daring to consider it's self a film let alone a horror film.

Author: dave_andres ( from Monroe, Michigan
5 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film was shown in my home town, the same town that the director was born and raised in(Monroe, Michigan), this fact shames me greatly. The plot was jumpy and flowed about as smoothly as a pinto that just got rear ended, and I think it's safe to say that the driver of the flaming pinto suffered far less than an audience member at a viewing of this film. The acting was similar to that of the robotic band members at one Cheesy rat's pizza playground. The one thing that really sticks in my head about this film is the ear wrenching scream used over and over through out the movie for just about every demon, and or monster that appeared. So much of the plot went unexplained and unjustified that the little bit of satisfaction expected at the end of any movie, no matter how bad it may be, was missing as you stood and began to walk out. The writing was unoriginal, and far beneath your average high school student. The only reason I'd suggest watching this film, would be if you plan on making a film of your own, because it instills feelings of "Man what ever I do, can't be as bad as this", so it's a bit of a confidence booster. It's an insult to all Independent filmmakers out there.

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