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Sex & Nudity

  • TV-MA for intense sequences of graphic brutal war violence and carnage, grisly images, strong language, sexual content and nudity
  • 7/10
  • E01: There appears to be a severed penis stuffed into a severed head's mouth. [26:49-59]
  • E02: A man is shown on a makeshift toilet - no nudity.
  • E03: Lots of kissing in this episode. A man is shown touching a woman's clothed backside [15:13-17]. A man is shown looking down a woman's cleavage [15:39-55]. A man makes a reference when talking about making babies. A woman comes to a man at night in a robe and takes it off (we see her buttocks). They then proceed to get under the sheets and have sex with thrusting, moaning and bare breasts (its dark and kind of hard to see) [25:22-28:00; in bed but no nudity until 29:00]. A man and a woman are shown having sex with clothes on with thrusting and moaning [31:25-55]. An officer makes a crude reference when waking soldiers. A man takes a woman into a hotel room and they sit on the bed and begin kissing and he unbuttons her blouse (sex is implied) [48:53-49:44].
  • E04: A crude reference is made. A man is shown naked preparing for a bath but then commits suicide; penis is seen [26:04-36 intermittent].
  • E05: A man and a woman are shown having rough sex with lots of thrusting, moaning and skin but sensitive areas not shown [3:51-4:09]. Men are shown naked from behind trying to shower during a rainstorm [14:02-15]. A man says he "slept with a woman."
  • E06: None
  • E07: A man goes into a cave to relieve himself and is chased out by Japanese. Bare buttocks are seen. Men are seen swimming nude; bare buttocks are seen from a distance.
  • E08: During an awkward dinner in a fancy hotel room (17:04-19:25), a woman confronts her date, assuming he is going to ask about "exploring the bed sheets together," brings up various "starlets" she has seen him escorting, then leaves (total 2 minutes 21 seconds). After playing on the beach, a man and woman kiss (30:56-31:07). At the end of a wedding (35:22-35:32), a man and woman kiss. At 36:15-40:35, a man chases his new bride into their honeymoon cottage then they kiss passionately. She tells him to take his clothes off; he removes his shirt and she takes off his belt and pants. They begin kissing and fondling (no nudity). In the next scene they are lying on a bed naked (presumably after sex). She sits up and we see her breasts and the side of his buttocks.
  • E09: A man asks for a photo of another mans wife and says he needs "something to jerk off to" and proceeds to make suggestive gestures. A man grabs another mans photo and starts passing it around making suggestive comments. A pile of naked bodies shows mens buttocks. A dead womans breast is seen next to a crying baby.
  • E10: A man asks a woman to "show me your caboose." A man talks about getting blowjobs. A man remarks how his brother went through an entire war and retained his virginity.

Violence & Gore

  • 8/10
  • This is a show about World War 2 in the Pacific.
  • It is very bloody as men are killed by guns, mortars and other military weapons.
  • Dead bodies are seen throughout, some have body parts missing ( very graphic and disturbing )
  • Characters try to kill each other.
  • Characters are blown up, limbs are shown clearly cut off.


  • 8/10
  • 246 uses of "fuck" and its derivatives. All other cuss words uttered many times as well.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 3/10
  • Characters are shown drinking in some scenes.
  • Characters are smoking throughout the whole show.
  • A character who clearly says he is not a smoker starts to smoke.
  • Smoking is shown in a way that it relieves the emotional and psychological pressures of war.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 9/10
  • 'The Pacific' is a 10-part mini-series by the creators of 'Band of Brothers'. It is based on the grueling war experiences of some American Marines who fought in the Pacific against the Japanese, during World War Two. Each part begins with the survivors relating their experiences followed by the enactment.
  • The mini-series is contains graphic violence, gore and sexual scenes. Violence consist of intense battle scenes, resulting in several deaths and body dismemberments through gunshots, physical combat and explosions. In most of these sequences, the injury is detailed with blood spurting and gory images. For example, some inexperienced soldiers are seen desperately shoving the exposed intestines back into an open wound of a soldier. There are also scenes involving sexual activity where men are seen thrusting some women. Profanity includes coarse language such as 'f**k' and one instance of 'halle-f**king-lujah'.
  • Characters are killed, blown up in different ways.
  • Characters try to take out gold teeth as souvenirs.
  • Dead and mutilated bodies are seen throughout.
  • One character commits suicide.
  • Very tragic scenes throughout.
  • War scenes/sequences are extremely intense and realistic
  • Very emotional series
  • 35/50
  • Recommended for mature 14 year olds and up

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