Open Water (2003) Poster


Plot Keywords

boat shark
scuba diving diving
left behind water
jellyfish ocean
time hotel
ship sting
dehydration search
stranded shark attack
helicopter nude girl
nude no panties
scantily clad female cleavage
having picture taken frenzy
nature underwater
goggles instructor
boating tropical fish
vagina breasts
sunset photography
coconut tourist resort
airliner corpse
despair seaplane
daybreak thunderstorm
panic shark bite
anger underwear
poison male full frontal nudity
kissing boxer shorts
bed bare breasts
topless female nudity female pubic hair
pubic hair female full frontal nudity
hairy chest bare chested male
nipples nude with glasses
gloves reference to john malkovich
reference to nick nolte reference to katharine hepburn
air bubble worrying
pelican children
movie game dive magazine
buoy oil tanker
suicide of wife lightning
dove tropical island
beach cell phone
telephone call laptop computer
computer machete
lizard bird
eating food
resort sleeping
insect alarm clock
diving shop paranoia
leg cramp loneliness
island fate
death at sea illness
watching tv disaster at sea
dancing dancer
photographer darkness
swimming pool fish
blood knife
face mask diving instructor
air tank deep sea diving
suntan lotion brushing teeth
lighthouse airplane
suitcase swim fins
floating urination
bitten hunger
abandonment sunglasses
swimming fear
boat crew swimsuit
wet suit love
tour guide tourist
drinking drink
suntan sunburn
kiss sex
female frontal nudity character says i love you
minimal cast lost
camera missing person
scene during end credits first part
low budget film husband wife relationship
death of husband psycho thriller
man against nature lost at sea
trapped in the sea vomit
vacation underwater scene
nudity hotel room
female nudity diving equipment
death argument
survival isolation
based on true story independent film
actor shares first name with character

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