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Without doubt one of the scariest, creepiest, gut-churningly unsettling pictures to come along in ages.
A tour-de-force thriller that deftly transforms its low-budget limitations into spectacular assets.
It offers genuine scares and chills without the self-aware, packaged feel of many horror/thriller films.
Chicago Tribune
A slow drip, but one all the more intense for its Gothic minimalism and its underlying parable of naturalistic determinism: It's no fun to fool with Mother Nature.
Film Threat
Every hour that ticks by your stomach drops a little more as the outlook becomes more bleak.
Dallas Observer
It's moderately compelling drama, but also fairly static stuff, image-wise.
The New York Times
The sharks are scary, and the ocean is vast and indifferent, but the most effective parts of Open Water, which is ultimately too modest to be very memorable, evoke a deeper terror, one that can chill even those viewers who would never dream of putting on a wet suit and jumping off a boat.
The A.V. Club
Writer-director Chris Kentis has dreamed up an ingenious premise, but he botches its execution. Every once in a while, the film stumbles upon a twist that ratchets up the tension, but then haphazardly discards it.
L.A. Weekly
Open Water is just one tedious scene stretched out to feature length. It's terrifying all right, but only for what it says about the extents to which a couple of hungry actors and a bullish director will go to turn themselves into overnight celebrities.
Village Voice
Open Water is simply a stunt--hopelessly literal-minded and cheap in every sense.

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