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A non-celebrity roastee, unfunny roasters...what could go wrong?
AlrightGuy7 June 2008
I give this a 2 because there was one actually funny bit: the Tara Reid impersonator doing the best drunk act I've ever seen while Jimmy Kimmel solemnly read the speech he had written for Daly and Reid's wedding. When she came within an inch of vomiting all over Daly I just about wet myself. I will never forget the look on Carson's face as he told Kimmel, "You are SO f***ing WRONG!" The rest of the show was just dreadful. Comedians generally don't sing and almost never rap, unless they have a talent for it. Singers and rappers should return the courtesy and only attempt to tell jokes if they are actually funny. A blessing to us all that this is one show MTV will not re-run a hundred thousand times.
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Rip-Off of "Friar's Roast Club"!!!
Angel_and_Demon26 July 2003
need I say more? A bunch of people insult a special guest, with remindings of their past workings.

Terrible. Carson Daly SUCKS.

Obviously, this is a device to make MTV look cooler and try to be funny. Sorry, but it's dumb and unoriginal from you. Like Eminem does to ICP and Twiztid, it's ripping off good ideas from other places.

Grade: F-
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MTV Rips Off Comedy Central
chwillard24 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers

Although I detest everything that MTV puts out, I am a sucker for comedy. And while the premise of it is stolen from Comedy Central's Friar Club Roasts, I had to say that it was very entertaining. What started out as a roast for TRL's Carson Daly turned into a "hit Jennifer Love Hewitt below the belt contest." But that was okay with me. I have to admit that I laughed hysterically at Jeffery Ross' opening remarks and Sarah Silverman's jokes the loudest. Maybe next time MTV will "bash" itself for all of it's horrible show ideas.
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