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The Honeymooners is a where is the humor?
SlaveHolder25 June 2005
Even a very funny man who brings so much to every project he does,like Cedric the Entertainer can't save this poorly written film. I've seen funnier funerals than this. There were only a handful of people in the theater where I saw this film. By the time it was over I was all alone, everyone else had the good sense to get up and leave. This film is headed straight for IMDb's worst films list. Where it belongs. The very thin set up of Ralph and Ed wanting money to buy houses for Trixie and Alice, and move from the "hood" grew old very quickly. There was no secondary plot, and the set ups for ways to get money were childish and stupid, not funny.
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archerjoe15 June 2005
I have higher expectations for a movie than a bottom-of-the-barrel sitcom episode. I didn't want to go but the group voted for this one. I'll be reminding those who voted to see this movie about their poor taste when we vote for the next movies to see.

The producers, writers, director, movie executives, etc. should hang their heads in shame. They knew it wasn't funny when they released it. The test audiences, if there were any, must have been ignored.

Why does Hollywood release this kind of junk and then wonder why movie attendance is down? Why do actors sign up even after reading the script and knowing this will be a second-rate movie, at best?
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cwcavalry15 June 2005
You cannot improve on perfection. Most authorities consider the original TV series to be one of the all-time great sitcoms ever made. Its keys were its appropriateness to its era, and the brilliant cast.

While I certainly appreciate Cedric the Entertainer's considerable talents, with all due respect to him, he is NOT Jackie Gleason, and the other members of this cast cannot hold a candle to the likes of Art Carney and Audrey Meadows.

Here's a tip to Hollywood:

Instead of trying to make every TV show into a movie, why not show some creativity and actually come up with something NEW? If you need a reminder, remember Tom Arnold's horrific remake of McHale's Navy.....or the God-awful remake of Sergeant Bilko of a few years back. You can't do better than the original, now or ever.

If I could give this no stars, I would.
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How dare they call this piece of crap The Honeymooners
corarosecatering12 June 2005
The movie needs a new title. Thanks Hollywood you have just destroyed the concept of a TV Show that was one of my favorites. On the way of out of the theater people were bitching and asking if they could get their money back.

Idea....rename the movie it has nothing to do with the TV series.

Where is the feeling that you use to get after watching the honeymooners.

What happened to creating a movie that depicts the era that the original was filmed in.

What happened to casting? The characters in the new movie are nothing like the TV series.

This remake should be renamed or removed. Its a load of crap!
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Not worth it
missjr27 June 2005
This movie has all of the charm of a 2nd grader playing around with a video camera and just as much plot. The story begins with a charming love story that has no root in reality and does not improve after that. At least the film is consistent. The movie tries hard enough to make the audience laugh but the end result is a series of jokes that are extremely predictable. I think its safe to say that just about every line in this film was a plaid out cliché. Its hard to believe that people were actually paid to create this movie. I guess it stands as proof that if the paycheck is big enough, someone will be willing to do it. I had actually never seen a film in the IMDb bottom 100 before, so at the very least I can now say that I have.
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A poor way to honor a classic TV show...
indigol8 June 2005
Take a handful of talented people and instead of being creative upon the original TV concept, one decided to re-make the concept into a very different and un-creative way.

Sorry, but not even close to capturing the magic that the Honeymooners had....

The cast is great in their reading lines and playing their parts, but the film itself wasn't depicting the 1950s that made the original Honeymooners such a successful offering of the times.

This film did take some of the better known lines made into a cultural awareness from the original TV series but perverted them into something that wasn't close to the heart of the flavor of the TV show.
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What the pluck?
dr_icu7 December 2005
More Ghettoized garbage!

The idiots that stole the The Honeymooners title should be shot and pi**ed on for releasing this trash!

Can we sue these morons for this? I think my dog could have created a better movie!

What next with these racial equality dim wits?

Archie Bunker being played by Chris Rock? Malcolm X played by John Goodman George Jefferson played by Woody Harrelson?

Unless your a retard this movie sucked donkey balls and is an insult to the original TV show.
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Once again, stick with the original
Greg Eichelberger7 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
One of the few shows that originated on the old DuMont network to reach pop culture classic status, "The Honeymooners," starring late great actor/comedians Jackie Gleason and Art Carney, was the epitome of smart, sophisticated 1950s television, and one of the first true situation comedies. Now, some 50 years later, it is in for a remake I wouldn't wish for my worst enemy. Brooklyn bus driver Ralph Kramden, played by "Be Cool's" Cedric The Entertainer, and his bumbling sidekick and neighbor, sewer worker Ed Norton (Mike Epps), engage in a series of goofy get-rich-quick schemes, including a Y2K survival kit, a valuer fanny pack and a pet cactus, among other things. They also purchase an old Pullman train car (found in the sewer) and try to train a greyhound mutt they found in a dumpster to compete in a big race in New Jersey. The trouble here is that these situation are not funny. And the acting is well below par, even for this kind of film. Sure, Cedric huffs and puffs and does his best exasperated Gleason, and Epps tries to emulate Art Carney's giddy, nervous energy, but it's all a poor imitation of more beloved and better defined characters. I'd say fewer than five percent of the preview audience had ever heard of, let alone seen, the original TV series, so there were some laughs (just not from me or any real fans of the program). Alice (Gabrielle Union, "Bad Boys II") and Trixie (Regina Hall, "King's Ransom") were no help, either, and their subplot dealing with a sleazy developer (Eric Stoltz) was really lame. In fact, John Leguizamo (as the crazed dog trainer, Scout), is the only even remotely interesting person in the picture.
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Missed Opportunity...Wait!
KidRalph19 June 2005
With every other mildly successful TV show or movie from the past being revamped, remade, or reimagined, it's not a big surprise that "The Honeymooners" would get a 21st century update.

Now, having said that, I believe this was a huge waste of an excellent opportunity. Now, I really don't care that the four main characters were reimagined as African-Americans. Hey, if it's a good movie, James Bond could be Black for all I care. This movie, however, given the script, was not worth making.

In fact, let's all just agree to erase this film from our collective memories. The REAL "Honeymooners" movie needs to wait about five to seven years for JOSH PECK from the Nickelodeon Show "Drake & Josh" to get old enough to step into Jackie Gleason's shoes. If you have never seen Peck before, watch the show. He oozes Gleason's influence (he is even an accomplished pool player as seen in one episode).

Of course, this is all my opinion which is probably not worth the time it took you to read this, but thanks anyway.
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petkot199015 November 2005
I wasn't expecting a good movie, and yet I was still disappointed. This movie featured almost every actor that has ever been in a crappy Black Comedy. John Leguizamo who plays the street hustler was the best part of this movie. Another display of the "not so important" parts and actors dominating over unjustly proclaimed "stars" such as Cedric the Entertainer which is the biggest misnomer ever. Mike Epps delivered his usually character that he plays in every movie he's ever in, and is still more entertaining than Cedric's character. The only way this movie would have been worse is if they put Snoop Dogg in it for no apparent reason like every movie he is in except The Wash. Bottom Line- Don't watch even if you have nothing better to do...
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absolute garbage
Furiousarhat12 June 2005
I may be a little biased in my opinion mainly for the fact that I never cared for the old T.V. show, but this movie looked bad from the first time they began advertising it. I was forced to watch this crap by some friends, who after the movie, had to walk home. This movie doesn't really deserve a rating at all, maybe a .000001 out of 10. If you are going to do a movie based on an old show (which is apparently Hollywoods next big thing; Honeymooners, Dukes of Hazard, Bewitched) at least use actors that resemble the old T.V players. They turned a redneck T.V. show into a Ghetto Thugs ream. That's like the KKK and the Black Panthers going to a rally together, it just doesn't work out. All I'm saying is don't remake T.V. shows into movies, because its plain and simply one of the worst movie ideas ever. That's why they were T.V. shows to begin with.
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This was an insult and a joke...
Zaptharo24 April 2008
Cedric the Entertainer may be a cool guy to meet up with, but starring in a below average comedy film is simply ridiculous. I may be far from the era of "The Honeymooners", but to put it this way, this movie insults that good, genuine sitcom in every single way. This wasn't even a mediocre film, it's a piece of crap that just somehow made it into movie theaters all across America.

I could blab about everything that was bad in this film, but taking the same name of a classic sitcom and making it into a "modernized" garbage flick is insulting. This is just an example of how Hollywood has made countless remakes and rehashes of older material in the past few years by making them worse. There is no talent to be found here, and none of the actors are something to get all excited about. Another problem was that the cast was all black. I am not being racist, but during "The Honeymooners" era, there were hardly any black people who were in show business, and this cast is nothing compared to the old cast.

The least Hollywood could of done was make it into a "Pleasantville" type setting. Even though it's nowhere near a favorite movie of mine, it depicted the same era that "The Honeymooners" was cast in and it revealed a whole new experience of what it was like to live in that time. But, this movie was nothing special, nothing original, and nothing exciting. Just a rehash that Hollywood made up because they are too greedy to convince themselves to think of something new.

Consider yourself warned if you happen to see this. Don't even watch this for Cedric. Put this into your trash bin and watch the classics instead.

1 out of 10.
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The Worst Movie Ever Made
Puritan776 April 2006
When I say this is the worst movie ever made, I seriously mean it! I'm not going to waste my time on this review, so I'll make it short. The Honeymooners is was my favorite show growing up, and it was ruined. Cedric the Entertainer as Raulph! I still think it's a nightmare. First of all, Jackie Gleason is dead. So the perfect ode to his remembrance was to make a film with an all black cast? Okay, not to sound racist, because I am not, but that show deserved a white cast. Why? Because THAT'S WHAT IT WAS WHEN IT WAS MADE!

Here's an idea, remake the movie Boyz in the Hood ... but give the lead role to Larry the Cable Guy co-starring Jeff Foxworthy and Ben Stiller. Get the picture?

All in all, The Honeymooners was the most terrible movie I've ever seen, thanks again, Hollywood, for ruining my favorite program.
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I want my money back
dau22224 July 2005
Honeymooners, how about the Stupidmooners. This is about the worst film ever made. When will Hollywood learn that you can't just put stupid faces, bad jokes, and want to be actors in a sequel. Just because you name it after a great show, movie or actor does not make it good. The sequel needs to be at least as good or better then the original and this one is not even close. It was a total waste of money and I really wish that movies had a money back guarantee so that I could have gotten my money back. Yea, they'll say it was not a remake of the Honeymooners and that is why it is not true to the original. If this is true then it should not have had the Honeymooners name on it. Just another stupid movie named after a great program to get you're money by trying to make you think it is as good as the original.
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about the movie.
pantera667811215 July 2005
This movies really bites. The Honeymooner did not listen to hip hop. Wrong cast. Wrong atmosphere. Jackie Gleeson is probably turning in his grave. So thats my opinion on this movie. I give 2 thumbs, 8 fingers, and 10 toes down. I don't know why they even thought of making this movie. They should of got John Goodman or anyone else but Cedric the Boringator to play that part. What is Hollywoood thinking of doing something like this. My dog could play it better and he got 4 legs and a tail. So please Hollywood don't make another mistake please let this one be the last. Remember we are the one who pays to see this junk so no more junk.
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I don't understand
tstrike200023 June 2005
I'm not opposed to black people taking over certain roles, but I just don't understand why the Honeymooner's was one of those taken over with a black cast. I know a lot of old TV shows are being made into relatively stupid/funny movies, but I almost see it as an insult to Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, and Joyce Randolph to cast a movie based on the TV show with these people. The movie was not funny and should've been canned from the get go. It's too bad too as Cedric the Entertainer could be funny, but Jackie Gleason is rolling in his grave watching the fruits of his labor turned into a ridiculous movie. A big thumbs down to this movie.
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Certainly not as bad as everyone's making it out to be...
Kyle_Richards22 June 2005
All right, I know very well why people hated this movie. Its because its called "The Honeymooners". The movie itself is quite entertaining and Cedric, Mike Epps, and John Leguizamo gave very funny and likable performances. The chicks were all right too and the plot was overall interesting. I mean, you knew the outcome the whole way through, but the fun part of this movie is not knowing how they'll reach the end result. It's a light hearted comedy that delivers good jokes and good spirits. I found it to be a lot better than Cedric's last movie, Johnson Family Vacation, which was really not funny at all. Its a shame that he when he actually puts out a good comedy performance he is shunned. However, its easy to see why.

The biggest mistakes the makers of this movie made were naming it "The Honeymooners" and naming the characters the same names as characters from the classic series. The movie is very reminiscent of the show, but its NOT the show. Its nothing like the show.... But it is a good movie in its own respect. Granted its not the best movie you'll ever see, but it IS an enjoyable comedy that many can enjoy, that is, unless you look at it as what its not, "The Honeymooners". This movie accomplishes everything a good comedy should- genuine performances, good casting, fun and comical storyline, and a slew of good jokes. This is not a bad movie, its just a bad remake for a show that really didn't need to be remade.

The only problem with this film is something thats wrong with many films, trying to be something else. I don't like remakes for that reason, but I still manage to find enjoyment in them by looking at them as their own films. This movie would have been far better off as its own movie. It would have worked just as well and wouldn't have received all the criticism. Its a shame that this movie is so ill-fated to already be in the bottom 100 on this site, as there are FAR worse films.

How does it compare to other remade films in theatres now? Well, its better than Herbie, but not as good as the Longest Yard. Overall, its a good time and I don't regret seeing it. Just don't expect The Honeymooners, because its not.
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Not even close to the original!
SelenaQP25 June 2005
I have to say that this movie was really disappointing to watch. I saw the sketch of it and was hoping it would be funny. WRONG! When I went to watch it today, it was so boring and WASN'T really that funny. I feel like now I wasted my money on this! The movie didn't stay true to the original as it should be...instead they turn it into this ghetto version. The Diary of A Mad Black Woman was much more interesting and funnier than this movie. Especially Madea...hee hee. :( And Ralph didn't even say his famous line "One of these days, Alice....POW!". I was looking so forward for him to say that but he didn't. The only famous line he said was "Baby, you're the greatest". And the movie seem pretty stupid. I don't really recommend it others to watch it. I should have watched another movie. Maybe Madagascar would be more funnier.
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Don't even need to watch it to know it's crap...
jonnywadd3 September 2007
I will not understand Hollywoods obsession with making over old TV shows geared towards younger people. I don't want to sound like my grandfather, but why not just make a movie about two people with get rich quick schemes? Why do they feel the need to sully the classic that is the Honeymooners when almost every kid in America who saw this movie had no idea it was a remake of a good TV show. It was almost like when Gus Van Sant decided to redo Psycho. I went to see it in the theater because I was such a fan of the original. And half the kids in the audience thought they had come to see a slasher movie. They had no idea of its origin and that bothers me. Just like they are going to 'update' Have Gun Will Travel. A movie based on the 50's TV series with Eminem in the lead. Are these people kidding me?!
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I do not recommend this movie...
blindu10 February 2006
I grew up watching The Honeymooners and other than using the title, character names and jobs, there is no resemblance. The script was poorly written and I seriously had to fight to stay awake or even in the room. I don't blame the actors, they did the best they could with what they were given to work with, however, if I were them, I would not add this title to their resume.

However, I'm sure the generations who didn't have the privilege of seeing the original shows, this might be OK for them.

Some things shouldn't be attempted and remaking classics such as The Honeymooners is one of those.
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elbush222 December 2005
I usually watch remakes with an open mind, but this movie was a big disappointment. It was an awful waste of the talents of two very funny comedic actors. The script is lacking in so many ways. Cedric the Entertainer is not allowed to be as creative as we all know he capable of being. Also, I am a huge fan of Mike Epps, but his role this movie did not do it for me. Mike Epps, in my opinion is one those under-rated geniuses of comedy like Eugene Levy. Mike Epps can be great as a side-kick, but the script doesn't allow Cedric to play off of Mike's humor. The jokes were lame and mostly unfunny. The other characters are so far over-the-top that they don't work. "The Great One" is probably turning over in his grave on this one.
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Simply Boring !
sundownlady28 October 2005
I grew up watching the original "Honeymooners", so I did not expect Cedric the Entertainer to be Jackie Gleason, nor did I expect this "re-make" to be anything remotely close to the TV sitcom. What I did expect was to have fun and laugh, and walk away from the theater feeling like I had a good time.

Unfortunately, my expectations were too high! If it weren't for John Leguizamo's character, I would have not laughed at all. The movie overall was not funny. Although Leguizamo's character was despicable and crass, he did make me laugh! Okay, so I laughed four times throughout the entire movie, however, I walked away from the theater feeling like I had totally wasted two hours of my life and nine dollars.
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KHayes66617 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Let me go on record to saying that I'm not racist. With that, let the movie bashing begin. This is an absolute disgrace, how can you have a black cast portray The Hooneymooners? I don't care if Cedric the Entertainer is like Jackie Gleason, he is NOT Jackie Gleason. The original cast had their own chemistry which this movie lacks. It seemed like it was just 3 episodes (poorly re-done)one after another. I left the theater absolutely sick.

The only way I can get 2 hours of my life back is seeing The Jeffersons starring Adam Sandler and Reese Witherspoon or Sanford and Sons starring Martin and Charlie Sheen.

Terrible remake 1 out of 10
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What were they thinking?
djohn2581-128 September 2005
Hollywood has a bad track record making movies of classic television shows. "The Flintstones" was okay but the sequel was horrible. "The Beverly Hillbillies" was mediocre but watchable. I could go on....

And then there is "The Honeymooners." The original is arguably the greatest of all television situation comedies. It holds up very well, despite being 50 years old, because the premise (admittedly a take off on "The Life of Riley") works so well and, mainly, because of the magic of chemistry. Face it, Gleason, Carney, Meadows, Randolph, and Kelton were a cast that could not be surpassed. They worked off each other like they shared a brain and a soul. They were the reason "The Honeymooners" is classic.

They are also the reason the movie "The Honeymooners" does not work. In changing so much about the classic "Honeymooners" while retaining the personalities of the originals, the movie, rather than paying homage, spoofs and spoofs badly. But to pull off a spoof takes talent and timing, neither of which are an ingredient in this movie.

The cast is okay but there is zero chemistry between Cedric and Epps. The script mistakes noise and frantic action for humor and cleverness. The movie is not funny. It is not entertaining. It is stupid. It is embarrassing. It is a total misfire and not worth even a free rental. Watch a DVD of the classic "Honeymooners" instead.
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The Honey Moon is over.
Binredeemed12 June 2005
I'm very sad to report, this was a bad movie. I expected it to be comical, it wasn't. One might expect to experience a more comedic atmosphere.The most you can expect from this catastrophe, is a few chuckles.It is extremely unfortunate the producers have chosen to exploit Cedric the entertainer for their own gain; to push a Hollywood flop. After seeing this film, I immediately asked where the refund both was. My question about the refund both provided more laughter than the movie.

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Sad, sad, sad. ......................................
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