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Fun movie with twists you don't expect in the genre
Raven126818 September 2004
I sat down to this movie with friends as I ritualistically do with Hong Kong action films, expecting not much originality, plenty of shooting, and little character development. I was totally wrong.

This movie is full of action, and yet has interesting and humorous characters along the way. I forgot that it was an action movie entirely while watching some parts, as I was amused and intrigued by the way the characters were dealing with each other.

Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan and Yumiko Cheng give good performances in this film. Perhaps best is the relationship between Kwok and Chan, and the original changes that occur throughout the film. From an office paintball match to a plunge off a three story roof, the two endure many hardships while engaging each other in even more.

Overall, a movie I would recommend to anyone seeking action or comedy.
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Somewhat typical cop film
goodmen4 October 2004
Plot: Eason Chan is K.C, Chan and Y.T. Lee is Aaron Kwok, both are very smart cop, who both were assign to interpol. The only thing that make them different is woman. K.C Chan is known for courting with a lot of woman and Y.T. Lee get nervous around woman. The case for this movie is about a international thief who come to Hong Kong to steal, a diamond necklace worth over 10 million US. Anyway, Yumiko Cheng who is engage with a fertilizer mogul, soon for in love with KC Chan.

The movie is occasionally funny (though nothing laugh out loud, more like giggles) and the action with pretty good. Both person act their role pretty good, though their chemistry were that good. I don't feel like they trust each other even at the end. There were also some bad supporting actor, like Danny Lee and the kingpin of triad. The movie was entertaining, but not engaging. There wasn't really anything wrong with this movie, but it seem like it lack the goodness when watching this movie. Maybe it is the acting or not to engage into the cop story (they spend more time arguing and their personal issue than on the case).

BTW The movie is call heat team, cuz Hong Kong is having a very high temperature and the interpol office air conditioner is broken.
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Not the best movie in the world but watchable
Sevket Erhat13 May 2007
Heat Team was not a special police team action as I suspected from the name of the movie like the ones in First Option. Instead it was about several young HK Police and their affairs.

To me the strongest part of this movie is these two beautiful girls. I really enjoyed watching every scene they are in.

Action in Heat Team is not bad but story is really stupid. But who cares about the story in films like these?

It was nice to see Danny Lee here as well (Despite he loses all his charisma towards the end but I will not spoil that)

If you don't have anything else to watch give it a go. I know that there are far worse films than this.
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