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74 out of 105 people found the following review useful:

worst excuse for a remake ever

Author: zerofied from United States
4 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you have even the slightest appreciation for the original - save yourself the trouble, this is as bad as you're thinking it will be... probably worse and to top it all off - IT WASN'T SCARY - JUST DISGUSTING

Rob Zombie (who according to credits "wrote" hem)should have just made the Devils Rejects part 50 or whatever & left this classic alone. He did not treat the remake with style, respect or any artistic integrity. At one point he must have thought to himself "gee, I'd like to shoot a pointless yet unnecessarily graphic rape scene".If you want to go about making or enjoying the new style "in your face whether you like it or not" movies - why not just create your own genre, call it torture porn and lets move on. But please stop pretending that this is what horror is...

Now to specifics: Michael Myers was never the product of a dysfunctional family - that's way to simple, this was a boy in a picket fence suburban happy family who was pure evil - that's what made him so damn creepy - there was no bullshit explanation, it's just something that happened, it also goes a little further towards explaining why axes, gunshots and anything else they've tried didn't kill him. Your basic run of the mill psycho is not usually that resilient.

Also, why does every ignorant person in Haddonfield, IL sound like they're from Kentucky? Maybe you're not so good with maps, but Illinois is no where near the south, champ. Making the general statement that only inbred, lazy, rape-happy drunks sound like that is a less than charming assumption.

You didn't even keep the closet scene... what the hell is the matter with you?

Lori Strode & her gaggle of whore-bitch friends... pathetic & horribly written. These girls were horrible & incredibly one dimensional. Someone has some SERIOUS mommy issues to work through - might I recommend a more private therapy? I wish you wouldn't subject the world to this bullshit, but if you must, at least stop trying to disguise it.

I could have warmed up to the idea of modernizing a classic. But step one would have been properly filling the shoes of Jamie Lee Curtis, you failed miserably from the beginning.

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57 out of 72 people found the following review useful:

An abomination

Author: Dan Grant ( from Toronto, Ontario
10 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think Rob Zombie is a talented film maker. I thought his first two efforts were perfect homages to the genre he professes to love. He subtly tipped his cap to the pinnacles of the genre and yet still managed to show us his own style. When I heard he was taking on Halloween, it made me nervous. Halloween is the best of the bunch. With all due respect to Psycho, which Halloween tried to emulate, Halloween is just so much better than any other horror film ever produced. I realize this is not an empirical statement, but the quality of Halloween and the influence it has over a plethora of horror films is. There is simply no getting around it, Halloween is the best of the best. I say this because for Zombie to want to remake the pinnacle of horror takes a lot of balls and it had better of been a faithful retelling of the story or it won't work.

This film sadly doesn't work. In fact, it stinks.

Rob Zombie either has no understanding at all of the Michael Myers character, or he just doesn't care. Perhaps he needed a hit after his first two films were well received by the critics, surprisingly, but did little business at the box office. Or perhaps he thought all of today's jilted youth would flock to it and somehow relate to the Myers character.

Let's revisit the original 1978 Halloween. The film presents us with a child who, for no apparent reason at all, stabs his sister to death. As Dr. Loomis tells us, there is no rhyme, no reason and no understanding behind his eyes. He seems like he is a normal kid with a nuclear family who just takes a large knife and slaughters his sister on Halloween night. It is simply evil that motivates him. This idea that an incarnation of evil could just snap is what made the film so FRIGHTENING. He spends the next fifteen years in an institution just waiting. He doesn't speak or move or show an intelligent signs of life or even a modicum or human understanding. He just waits for Halloween night and then guided by evil, he escapes.

IT, Michael Myers escapes Smith's Grove and heads to Haddonfield and goes after his only remaining family member. Why? Who knows. It is never really explained. But we are left with is pure and unadulterated evil, on a mission of death.

Dr. Sam Loomis was the only person who knew this. No one else believed him or took heed to his warnings. They just left Loomis and his pet patient alone. Loomis' world has become one that is spent making sure that Myers never leaves Smith's Grove. It drives him almost to the brink of insanity. He wants to make sure that Myers is never let out of the institute.

These themes are tantamount to what made Halloween such a brilliant piece of film making. I don't think another movie will ever capture the feeling of evil and doubt and fear quite like Halloween.

When you look at Zombie's white trash version, the first five minutes of the film are like a slap in the face and it makes you cringe.

Zombie literally slaps you in the face and decides to give us a reason as to why Myers is the way he is. And what do you think that is? He is from a white trash, trailer park family. The evil and disgusting step-father, the stripper mother and the whorish sister. The family speak like drunken sailors and go on about things that just don't resonate. And then of course you get Myers being bullied at school. So we have the personification of evil being evil because his step father is a jerk and kids beat him up. Are you kidding me?

So basically Michael Myers goes from a character that represents complete evil and lack of humanity, to a tortured nutcase that snaps. When in the original, he was just E-VIL.

What is also terrible in the film is the writing and the dialogue of every character. Where Carpenter and Debra Hill shared the writing duties in the original, Zombie does it all here and his juvenile rantings of the female characters in here is just wrong and even his kindergarten like interpretation of Loomis is terrible. Malcolm McDowell is fine as the good doctor, but Zombie betrays him with psyche 101 babblings of what he thinks Loomis would say.

What makes it that much more frustrating is that Zombie says he loves films like Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And instead of emulating what made those so effective, he dumped all over the Halloween legacy. This might have been a decent horror film, but it is not a Halloween film. He doesn't understand Halloween, Myers, Loomis or any of Carpenter's brilliance. He hacks away at it for the Facebook generation and it is a nauseating experience.

This movie resembles more of a rock video than it does an iconic horror film. And that is sad. Even worse is kids who haven't seen the original might actually like this repulsive version.

This is the worst horror remake ever, and that includes Psycho.


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58 out of 74 people found the following review useful:

It just didn't get it..

Author: The_Gemini_Killer from United States
3 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had heard nothing but positive reviews from friends and family when I decided to check Zombie's version of Halloween out for myself. So you could say I was looking forward a nonstop thrill-ride of some sort. To say it simply, I couldn't count the numerous times I yawned through-out this terrible movie. Rob Zombie had made it clear to his audience, to see this for a movie itself, don't try to compare it to the original. But what you don't understand is that when you're remaking the classic best horror movie of all time, it is impossible to just forget the original completely, especially when several scenes came STRAIGHT from the original.

If anything, I'd call this a remake of The Blair Witch Project with better cameras, since half of the movie was done in the dark and with hand-held cameras, which made it impossible to really see anything and just create some massive migraines for the entire audience. It was hard to watch and what you did see, you wish you hadn't. Zombie said he approached this film from a serious angle, but all I heard in the crowd was laughter.It was either too fast, or too slow, or just down right annoying to watch.

Something else that bugged me about this film was the people who said "Finally! We get to see what made Michael the way he is!" And no, you don't. You get to see Rob Zombie's version of what his own impression of why Michael does what it is he does. In which, it completely treads on the original, of an average built guy being able to do things that only someone much stronger would be capable of doing. Zombie's solution to this problem was to hire a giant actor who COULD break someone's face with his bare hands, rather than just someone full of such evil and having the power to take a bullet and still get up.

It was more of a 'craptastic' prequel if anything at all, showing Michael's youth of being a redneck in a family of lazy and greasy people. The way Zombie set it up, apparently, is that Michael was full of such rage due to the fact that his mother was a prostitute ... Yeah. Something Rob Zombie has failed to do three times in a row now, was to make you sympathetic for the victims. Just doesn't show them long enough to make you miss them when they're gone. Most of the movie was done with little Myers in the hospital, so the last thirty or so minutes of him randomly killing people goes by so fast that you don't really care. He tries to cover this up by playing sad music like "Love hurts" when someone special is killed, but all it did was get more laughter for a reaction.

The major character changes were all that but flawless, Don't get me wrong, the actors did their jobs well, it's just they were given the jobs that they never should have done. To show so little of key characters like Dr. Loomis and then to rid him away so quickly.. The entire cast, good actors I can say, just were all terribly wrong for their parts. Danielle Harris is the perfect example, reduced to play a teenage slut after her major involvement in the prior Halloween series? When you make a slasher flick, the object is to cast people you want to survive, not a cast of faces and whiny little voices that you wish would be killed off sooner. It just didn't get it. The film was nothing short of disappointing, which is as was expected as soon as I heard that Zombie had been set to direct. I honestly do think that if someone were to ever ask "Would you do a prequel to House 1000 and show where Otis came from exactly?" Zombie would reply with "Halloween."

In the end, this movie was just like every other recent remake of something classic that shouldn't exist but does, and now we just have to deal with it. . In my opinion, which is all I can offer, is that this is the best example of what a true insult to the horror genre could ever be. I always said that one day a remake would pop up that might open up peoples eyes as to the real damage remakes are doing to horror, and now I just have to point at this. Honestly, Halloween was just not the film Rob Zombie should have remade, and the movie itself stands as if saying "This is what you get for not letting me remake 'Texas Chainsaw Masscre' instead!"

Simply and yet sadly said, it was for todays generation where true horror no longer exists. That's all. :(

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62 out of 82 people found the following review useful:

Utter Disappointment

Author: DarkWolfman from United States
8 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.It was worse then the House of Wax re-make and that was utter crap.It's bad enough that Zombies last two movies were pieces of trash.Too much cussing for one,then the plot was weaker then the original.Michaels mother being a stripper was stupid,should not have been in the film.Then with her killing herself later,moronic plot line,Michael talking was the worst part of it all.No part of the movie was worth talking about,not even the cameos of all the has been horror movie actors.If I could give this movie less then a 1 I would.The acting was immature and funnier then scary,like it was supposed to be.Its bad enough that Hollywood has lost it with all the re-makes of sorry horror movies,but when they start with actually GOOD horror and make this kind of crap.The movie studios should fire their creative teams and hire fresh blood.Even with all the blood and gore in this lousy film,I almost walked out a few times,first time in my history of loving movies.

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63 out of 84 people found the following review useful:

Extremely disappointing

Author: mastrim from United States
2 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I usually keep my opinions to myself about movies, but I really really feel the need to vent with this, and I feel better that I'm not alone on many of the things I felt were wrong with Zombie's so-called "re-imagining."

Firstly, they made Michael Myers too relatable. In the beginning the viewer is made to feel sorry for him, and is actually cheering for him to kill some of his prey (namely his jerk of a dad), which is exactly the opposite of what you want to do when you are trying to make a scary movie, as opposed to an over-the-top gory action movie. The viewer get's legitimately scared when characters that they care about are at risk, if the viewer doesn't care about the people about to be murdered, then those people don't come across as human, but rather as mere fodder.

Secondly, again with Michael Myers, he was an abused kid who takes his frustration out on small animals. This just brings back memories of NOES part 6... oh and apparently Myers was a KISS fan. Maybe it's just me but I preferred thinking of Michael Myers as normal kid with a totally normal upbringing who, for some mysterious and evil in how it blatantly contradicts reason, murders his own sister. It was much more creepy that way IMO.

Thirdly, they screwed with the time frame way too much. I would have preferred it if they kept the movie to the 70s, but instead they moved it to the present-day. Also, they say that Mikey murdered his sister when he was 10, but 17 years later (or is it 15? I could have sworn at one point in the movie they said it was 15) he returns to kill his other sister. In the originals, Michael Myers is 21/23 when he comes back, so he would have been about 6 or even 8, but not 10. I guess the viewer just has to assume that Michael Myers is 27 in the remake... not a big problem, but it's just annoying to see Rob Zombie take such liberties with the time frame. Really, I don't care how old Michael is or was... but I really wanted this to take place when it should have.

Fourthly, the pacing was all wrong for a Halloween movie. Unlike the first where the tension is allowed to build along with character development, in this the audience witnesses gory murder after gory murder with brief periods of character development squeezed in between (the bits with Laurie and friends especially feeling abrupt). There was much too high of a body count, and yes, there IS such a thing as too many fatalities in a horror movie, contrary to what Zombie and other gore-fanatics seem to think. In fact, as a movie on it's own, unlike the original Halloween, this one feels much more like a follower than a leader in the horror genre in that it relies so much on slasher clichés like nudity=death and helpless ditzy teens as fodder, speaking of which...

Lastly, what did they do to Laurie's character?!!! In the original she is an intelligent likable character, but in this she's a ditzy teenager, almost an exact clone of her two friends in personality. I really felt nothing for Zombie's "re-imagined" version of Laurie as she haplessly scrambled about, making sure to constantly scream for help so Myers can keep on her tail. The original Laurie was pretty crafty and, when backed into a corner, would try to fight back (ex: trapped in the closet and using a coat hangar). That kind of resourcefulness is totally lost on neo-Laurie who only fights back when Mike prostrates himself before her, allowing her to take advantage (but, not nearly as much as she should have) of his brief period of weakness. Also there was the end which was a big abrupt and anti-climatic "WTF?!" that signals to me that Zombie had no idea how to properly end this movie in such a way to provide the same chill that the original's conclusion had.

For a "re-imagining" there seemed to be very little imagination behind it. Everything that this film did differently than the original, it did out of either cliché or to merely add to the body-count. Seriously, it was just dumb, like "leave a metal fork with a homicidal maniac patient" dumb.

Now for the good... uh.. well I liked hearing some of the songs from the original movies in here, like "Mr. Sandman" (though I prefer the faster, happier version in part 2) and "don't fear the reaper" (which they played in two death scenes... just once would have alright, the second time around it was a bit much). I also liked seeing the young Myers and Dr. Loomis talking together at the asylum, I always wondered how their meetings went.

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64 out of 86 people found the following review useful:

A disgrace to a classic!

Author: Rich Q from United States
3 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How unfortunate that we are not given the choice of zero! I won't say much about this film, many of the other comments cover everything. Obviously whether you like learning of MM's past is based on your own personal preference, what I can say is that all I could think of were two much cheesier horror series of old "Friday the 13th" and "Nightmare on Elm Street." These flicks all too often used "sex" in their slaying scenes. Well, an unoriginal Zombie has basically remade one of the more serious horror flicks by simply inserting too many sex scenes - oh and of course those partaking in the sex either die in the act or immediately afterward. Nor do I think it was appropriate to change the storyline that has already been said. It's one thing to create a backstory that was never told, but to take a classic and change the story - why not just come up with some other masked man killing naked women??? What a waste.

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64 out of 86 people found the following review useful:

What a complete waste of time

Author: LightningCountX from United States
2 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*WARNING Contains Spoilers!* I thought this movie was going to be horrible when I first heard about the rumors, then I saw the trailer and it changed my view on the movie. Judging from the trailer this movie looked like it was going to be the real deal, and it would redeem the series. Boy was I wrong.

The first 50 minutes of this movie is a prequel that makes you want to sympathize or empathize with young Michael. It basically completely changes the scary complex of the original into a more realistic version of what drives people to madness. In the original Michael is just pure evil. No reason to what made him evil, he just is which is scary. With the reality aspect added, the movie is completely stripped of its ominous atmosphere. It basically makes an excuse of why people kill. It basically makes anyone who was beaten or picked on by family or classmates look like a serial killer.

The last 40-50 minutes is a complete regurgitated, cut up mess of the original movie. There is no character development here, and you basically just want the characters to die because they have no personality, and all they want to do is have sex orgies all night. Another thing that also annoyed me was how Michael was made into a 6 foot 250 lbs killer. What is up with all the horror movies today? Is everybody with a body building complex a serial killer? Another weird thing with Michael is when he is an adult he tends to spare a few of his victims for unknown reasons. The female police officer wasn't killed, she was still alive in the scene. Now she could have died seeing that he ripped something out of her throat, but they never showed it so I'm taking that she didn't die. Also Annie survives her bloody chest scene. After that scene Michael kidnaps Laurie and she wakes up only to see Michael kneeling in front of her and he takes his mask off. He shows her a picture of him as a kid holding her as a baby and she says "I don't understand" which is logical, you were a baby and have no clue about your past. But what I honestly don't get is why did Michael kill her friends, her family, and everyone that he could to get to her? All he wanted was to see her again because he loves her. Not to kill her in the normal storyline. What the hell is that? I almost wanted to walk out at that scene. Another thing about this movie is that it has no suspense at all. In the original Halloween Michael is stalking Laurie and her friends throughout the movie. In this version its 5 minutes of him stalking them. There was no suspense. I just wanted it to end. Once again Rob Zombie proves to be as much of a failure as a director as he is a musician. And the part about all this that angers me the most is that this movie will spawn sequels following this horrible storyline. If you thought Halloween Resurrection was horrible, your in for a real surprise...

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67 out of 92 people found the following review useful:

Zombie fails long time Halloween fan...

Author: Jason Mills from Eckerman
3 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have been watching the Halloween films for as long as they have been on video. I have been watching horror films all my life. I have collected them most of my life. So I have seen a lot, and I still have a lot more to see. I watched the Halloween series grow a lot worse from the 3rd film on down. When it came time for Halloween H20, it could not have ended the series better. The they made another and when Busta Rhymes used karate on Michael, it was the final nail in the coffin. The series to me was dead.

When Rob Zombie was announced as the next director to do a Halloween film, I didn't really care, they were already ruined. When I heard it was a remake, I got a little bit of hope in me. I hated House of 1000 corpses, and Devil's Rejects. They weren't horror to me. It was like he sat down and wrote the films as if the world had no morals, no one cared about anyone, and everyone was raised in a dirty truck-stop by crack addicts and hookers.

For some reason I thought he might actually care about doing Halloween very well since it would be the best thing to do. I went in the theater ready to love this film. If you plan on seeing this movie(which I advise against) stop reading this right about here if you want nothing ruined for you. If you don't care then keep on reading and I'll tell you what made this movie a sad waste of film, time, money, and everything else this film could effect..... .. .. The film started off bad right from the get go. The story was moving in a great direction, but the actors and dialog were killing the movie slowly. The crippled step-dad checking out his step-daughter, calling Michael "Queer" and "Psycho" destroying the breakfast table with an infant just feet behind him. Screaming obscene lines at everyone who came on screen with him really made the first few scenes annoying. It was the Devil's Rejects all over again.

Michael gets his heart broken by his sister when she doesn't take him out for trick-or-treating. So he kills all but his mother and infant sister wearing the trademark white mask. When his mom comes home from work the cops are arriving to take him away already. He claims, while in smiths grove, that he doesn't remember killing anyone. He even asks his mom if everyone at home is OK. The movie seems like it's going to redeem itself for a moment. The night janitor tells Michael to buck up and not let these walls get him down. When Micheal finds out he can't go home he kills a nurse and doesn't speak anymore. His mother goes home and commits suicide leaving Laurie crying in her crib.

Years later when he is to be transfered, Michael kills the guards and gets free. The janitor that befriended him is shown no mercy where it would have made a huge difference if he HAD. At this point it has become impossible to care about any character except Laurie. Michael goes back to his old home where he breaks floorboards up to get back his old knife and mask. Now if anyone knows anything about latex it doesn't keep very well even indoors. It rots in moisture, this mask as you see in the trailer is in great shape. Just a little dirty.

We meet Laurie who is grown and in high school and as soon as she gets on screen, she is just as vulgar and demoralized as every other person in the film. Now even in class every girl she talks to is given lines to make hookers blush. Even Dr. Loomis is a waste in this film. It's like horrible bar band with no talent covering great songs. Only they turn it up just enough to bother your ears, and get lyrics wrong just to upset you. It was at this point I walked out of the movie. If anyone write back to tell me that the movie got better after that, I doubt it, plus what good is a movie that is half good? I am not interested at all in seeing the rest of the film. To avoid going, I actually wish they woulda just found another lame way to make a sequel rather than remake it. As long as Rob Zombie doesn't direct it.

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71 out of 100 people found the following review useful:

A disgrace!

Author: from United States
31 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Zombie reinvented Michael Myers into nothing more than a Leatherface who wears a William Shatner mask; Michael's cruel to animals, Michael thinks he's ugly, Michael makes masks, Michael stumbles around breaking things and killing people.

I'm a huge fan of the Halloween franchise, but I was bored half way through this film because there's just no suspense -- all this movie consists of is violence and screaming, and even then, it never manages to be threatening or disturbing. Watching 10 year old Michael, wearing a clown costume and a Shatner mask that's way too big for his head, kill people isn't menacing, it's cheesy and so absurd that it's a bit funny.

Perhaps the worst part of the film is the soundtrack (for example, they play "Love Hurts" after Michael's slaughtered his family) which is surprising coming from such a supposed musical mastermind. But that, in effect, is the problem with this film. Zombie thinks he's much more clever than he really is, and in an effort to be cutting edge he removed all of the elements that make Halloween such an interesting franchise and replaced them with clichés.

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77 out of 112 people found the following review useful:

The Worst Of The Recent Horror Remakes

Author: rightunite from United Kingdom
27 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The original Halloween film created an almost perfect stalk and slash film which used tension and atmosphere to set the tone for a chilling Halloween night.No explanation was given or needed why this 10 year old boy killed his sister or became the crazed but emotionless psycho that we all came to know.

Halloween 2007 decides that we need an explanation and spends half of the film trying to show us why Michael became what he did.His mum is a stripper, his dad a foul mouthed alcoholic and his sister a bit of a tramp (oh and he kills animals yawn).Instead of just killing his sister when he was kid he now kills everyone who opens their mouths in a bloody and brutal way (something the original avoided).

It's almost half way through the film when we are introduced to Laurie and her friends and they have to be some of the most vile characters in the Halloween series.From this point on after his ludicrous escape Michael kills everyone in sight (i was half expecting the extras to get killed) and the film manages to miss the point completely of what Halloween was all about.

The Dialog, the acting, the cinematography even the costume is all horrible and the directing is like a high school lesson in how to make a cheap horror film.

It's a mess and a big one at that, the critics are going to have a field day with this.Evreyone had fears about what Rob Zombie would do to this film and unfortunately they have come true.Tension has been replaced by blood, murder and cheap thrills (i think the body count is about 5000).

Leave well alone and rent the original

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