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One of Quebec's worst movie in recent memory
bloodbathcat31 March 2005
When le Dernier Tunnel failed to get important nominations at le Gala des Jutra ( Quebec's own Oscars ) Éric Canuel, director of Le Dernier Tunnel, said that the genre movies ( horror, thriller, etc. ) were not appreciated as more serious movies like The Barbarian Invasions. Well maybe so, but what Canuel is forgetting to mention is that his movie, genre movie or not, is one of the most uninspired thriller in years. I'm from Quebec so I already know all the actors in Le Dernier Tunnel and they are usually among the best ( like Michel Côté ) but Canuel's movie manages to make them look pretty stupid and artificial. Besides that the omni-present music is absolutely annoying, the camera work tries to be cool but only look clumsy and, worst of all, the ultra-conventional script and pretends-to-be-tough dialogues. So unless you've seen less than 10 movies in your life or if you are a teacher who wants to show an example of a bad bad movie stay away from Le Dernier Tunnel. One more thing: Quebec's critics rarely say bad things of Quebec's own movies because of the small market and that they want to protect themselves but even Le Dernier Tunnel got bad reviews so believe me when I say it's worst than bad !
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Loyalty and Betrayal
Claudio Carvalho17 November 2006
In Montreal, the middle age thief Marcel Talon (Michel Coté) has spent a great part of his life in prison. When he leaves his confinement on probation, he promises to his beloved girlfriend Magdeleine "Maggy" Fortin (Marie France Marcotte) that he will find an honest job and have a decent life with her. Indeed Marcel has schemed the greatest heist to a bank ever happened in Canada, and he joins his old friend Fred Giguère (Jean Lapointe) and his non-reliable pal Smiley (Christopher Heyerdahl) and proposes to dig a long tunnel underground Montreal along the sewers for three months to reach the cellar of the Montral Bank. Fred's grandson and a friend of Smiley join the gang and along the robbery, an unexpected betrayal of his accomplices Smiley and Savard destroy the retirement plan of Marcel.

"Le Dernier Tunnel" is a very good movie based on a true heist of Montreal Bank called "the heist of the century". The realistic dramatic and suspenseful story of loyalty and betrayal has excellent performances and direction and is a great entertainment. I have never heard anything about this robbery, but this unknown little gem deserves to be discovered by fans of the genre. The shameful DVD released in Brazil does not offer the option of the original audio in French, only in English or Portuguese. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Último Túnel" ("The Last Tunnel")
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Le Dernier Tunnel - Pushing the Envelop for Genre in Quebec and abroad
Genseric7 April 2005
Érik Canuel's "Le Dernier Tunnel" (2004), inspired from the true story of Marcel Talon's surreal bank robbery, tells the story of an audacious bank robbery made possible by digging a tunnel from the sewers beneath busy downtown Montreal streets into an underground bank volt, where millions of dollars are 'safely' kept. This film offers a genre approach unprecedented in Québec's cinematographic history, which Canuel seems to be making a ritual of, adding to his already impressive filmography, along with "La Loi Du Cochon" (2001) amongst others, a genre film of international caliber. "Le Dernier Tunnel", a typical heist film, reminiscent of such 1950s heist films as Jules Dassin's "Rififi", or of such recent renditions as Frank Oz's "The Score" (2001) (also shot in Montreal), proves that Québec's growing genre film industry can now be placed into an international context, without appearing recycled or banal, while maintaining a cultural uniqueness proper to Quebec. On an aesthetic level, taking into account the film's overall stylistic approach to the heist genre, "Le Dernier Tunnel" is cutting-edge; The editing is sharp and multi-layered, and the cinematography is meticulously executed -as it should be- to convey moods relative to any given scene, which is customary to Canuel's cinematic style, who is admittedly intent on using more than just a superficial cinematography. Overall, this picture, with a meager budge of only 4.5 million dollars -which for Quebec standard is considerably high, but represents nothing in comparison to any aesthetically equivalent Hollywood genre film- offers an approach to the heist film rarely scene before.

Note: My grade of 7/10 is given within the context of the genre it conforms to -more precisely to Quebec's genre capabilities- and isn't meant to reflect anything pertaining to its place in the greater context of cinema's 110 year history, which would then be absurd. If it were, its grade would obviously be considerably lower.
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This is not of 'robbing quality'...
chrisnese22 August 2005
Okay, guys, maybe I am a little too harsh on this movie, but what is that all about? Okay, it is realistic material that is filmed, but still... First of all the introduction of the main character takes very long - and it's not worth it! There is no struggle to be seen in his way through the movie. He is not changing anything although one thinks something would change in his mind. This love-story of his is sooooo boring, 1000 times to be seen before and flat as a sheet of paper! The other three guys introduced are of perfect stereo-type of a robber's movie: we have the old veteran, the main character's best friend and somebody who wouldn't let him down; the 'oppponent', a very aggressive and not to be believed in type; last but not least 'Smiley', an old acquaintance of the main character; he organizes the money for the deal. The lightning, the cut and the camera and most of all the music are so tension-seeking it really gets on my nerves: e.g. Smiley's face is ALWAYS lightened up only from one side to give him a "dubious" touch - very clever! But back to the content. Why do we like to watch robber movies? Right, the preparation, the exact planning, the carrying out of the plan in detail. The movie lacks in all of these categories. All this is replaced by a - as already mentioned - extremely boring love-story, probation-assistant fooling-around ("Why didn't you meet me?" - "I hit my head" - hahaha) and the relation between the four gangsters; that at least could have been an exciting study to see - but it isn't at all. The 'turning points' (if one can call them so) are somewhat predictable it hurts! I'm really sorry but that movie is a certain '1' or '0' if that existed. It may be thrilling if you are 15 of age or a total entertainment-dependent junkie with an IQ of less than 70 - or it is your first movie you ever watched... for everybody else: HANDS OFF!!! One good thing about it: it made me register at IMDb because I was so upset and wanted to write a review so that nobody else makes the mistake and spend a cent seeing this movie...
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Decent movie
tigerr7525 July 2010
Reading review here before watching the movie on TV got me unsure about it. However, this is a very decent movie that I really enjoyed watching. Anybody rating it under 4 stars or 10 (!) lacks credibility.

It is far from perfect, but it is a nice try at showing this interesting true-story that I did not know of. Good actors were used and they offered what we can expect of them. The movie started a bit slowly but I did not mind. This is not your usual Hollywood movie, not as fast moving, but to me that's not bad. It was realistic (much more than most Hollywood movies of the genre). I think the end could have been better, but it was acceptable.
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Outstanding!! The best heist movie since a long time!
SamJ_300012 March 2004
One of the best heist movies I've ever see in my whole life!

Michel Cote and the other actors are really intense. The thrill, the presentation and story are really captivating and get your hair straight on your head! Even the special effects are great!

This movie as been inspired from a real heist that happened in Montreal in the 90's, a story really incredible. This movie have something different from the other heist movie, it is more realistic, and then more captivating! A movie everybody must see!!

Quebec movie are beginning to kick a**!! This movie is almost as powerful as the Barbarian Invasions!!
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A wildly entertaining and original movie, this ain't
jocedeg21 June 2011
Brief summary: annoying overwhelming music clutters every moment of this ridiculously cliché movie. Every character is a one dimensional joke, every plot point predictable and, as far as American heist movies go, this one is the least interesting. Oh, did I mention this "american" heist movie is Canadian ? It's like the hugely under-talented ex music video director decided to copy the Michael Bay style of bad Hollywood crap but without bringing anything original to the recipe. And with very little money, I might add.

Canuel, the director, once said in an interview about his other movie "Bon Cop, Bad Cop" that the way he writes his scripts is by watching lots of movies like "Lethal Weapon" and reproducing what he thinks works. Thank you for being honest about your lack of originality, Érik ! The writer of "Tunnel" probably used the same method to bastardize true story and make it so generic. Canuel's talent resides in color grading his movie to look like a bad episode of CSI and using every tired directing cliché used in the past decade to remove any interest this might have had.

Skip it at all cost ! Seeing "Tunnel", and knowing that its inspired by a true story doesn't help
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wonderful suspence and a riveting emotional element
gab_13 March 2004
Great storyline, lots of suspence, and a beautiful emotional element which is sure to reel you in. The movie is filmed and the story told in a fairly generic way, which will really give us a chance to export it easily. Except for the language barrier, american audiences will find that "Le Dernier Tunnel" is created in a way which resembles a Hollywood film. Very proffesional. The director has a lot of talent and vision. It's really a great story -- reminds me of Ocean's Eleven -- and I hope the film will do well in America and abroad. Personally I hope they chose to add only subtitles to the movie instead of changing the soundtrack to another language because when a movie is translated you just know the voices are different, the mouths don't move right and it just takes away so much from the experience -- it makes the movie seem corny.
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