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Possibly the best late night talk show of all time!
Christopher Smith11 June 2005
Before I say anything about the show itself, it should be noted that I am a huge Tom Green fan. I consider him to be one of the funniest guys on the planet. He's a comedic genius. There has not been anyone like him since Andy Kaufman. Now that that's out of the way, on to the show...

"The New Tom Green Show" was hands down the best new show of 2003 and probably the greatest show MTV has ever aired (yes, even better than "Beavis and Butt-Head" was). Tom Green made the perfect talk show host and Glenn Humplik (or Hollywood Humplik, as Tom called him) was an excellent sidekick. Because of the good relationship between Tom and Glen, each episode was amazing. The show was smart, funny, and always entertaining. The guests actually seemed to be enjoying themselves as opposed to the guests on Letterman and Kimmel where they seem like they would rather be somewhere else. There will never be a never talk show like "The New Tom Green Show." The fact that MTV had the nerve to cancel it only after only two months makes me angry. I hate MTV now. The network execs should be ashamed for canceling such a fantastic show.
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Meet the new David Letterman of the 21st century
I didn't think I would like "The New Tom Green Show," but it's pretty good. I guess Tom Green is our newer, wackier David Letterman. He really could do this show (or a version of it) for 20 or 30 years and become even better and more respected as time goes on. I think he has the right combination of intelligence and silliness to keep people interested for many decades.
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Was a show not given a chance
Derek Margheim23 June 2006
This show was me, it had the chance to rank among the greats of Late Night Talk shows. This beats the crap out of Late Night with Adam Corolla...that was boring...and I'm an open-minded person. Anyways, it aired at, if I can remember, 11pm pacific time...or it may of been 12. If MTV had aired it earlier in the evening and pushed it's reality crud to eleven, it would of been truly great. Tom Green can be a little annoying at times, but what he does is usually outrageously funny. Only if it came back. Every episode, Tom would host celebrity guests and one I remember is Little Jon...that was a good episode. Since his fan base is mostly teens, and since most teens go to sleep before 11, it never had a chance.
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Meet David Letterman, on crack...
egppkd28 November 2003
If you liked Tom Green, then you will hate this. MTV made him look like "The David Letterman of the 21st Century." One thing, if you spend $1 million, doesn't make you a million dollar man, nor does it make Tom Green funny. It was funny the first episode, but then it became annoying...jackhammer annoying.
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Hilarious has new meaning...
TheNDF18 August 2003
I believe in a years time, this will be the funniest show on TV. Right now its friggin' hilarious. With bits, Tom's little marriage jokes, poking Glenn, or whatever. Tom's less crazier then he was a few years ago, to when "the magic" first came on to American TV. There are a few minor "kinks". Ed Scott is great and seems to be very nice. But I think their should be abit more of a "fresher" thing going on there. The guests for the most part are pretty annoying. They feel they could do whatever on the show; drink, destroy Tom's desk etc... Since its a new show, it most be hard to get good guests. Their are some fun guests such as WWE superstar Chris Jericho, which by the way he is a HUGE rockstar. I wish Phil Giroux (the guy in the window) was on the show, but I guess hes not the "L.A. type". I also wish Glenn Humplik didn't act like such a 'Hollywood prick' all the time, some people are real and down to earth (like Tom), but I can see Glenn has really changed. I've also heard, his home life is a bit strange, I won't get into it but, lets just say hes real sicko sometimes.

Great! 9/10
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One Great Talk Show
whatthedamn10 August 2003
If you liked Tom Green before, you'll like him even more now. He's not quite as crazy as he used to be, but he is pretty close when he does the likes of stepping on someone's head crushing it into glass, and letting his dogs drink milk out of his mouth.

It's a lot like his old show with him having pre-filmed segments to go along with his guests and whatnot, along with segments that are done on a weekly basis like "Where's Glenn Going to Sleep Wednesday Night."

Not only that, but you get Tom Green in hour long doses Monday-Friday, instead of half hour episodes weekly. Overall a very entertaining show.
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I like it
papacheesy29 July 2003
Why hasn't anyone commented on the New Tom Green Show yet? OK, then I will comment on it. I like the New Tom Green Show. It is a funny show with Tom being himself rather than always yelling and making noises. And Glenn is a Hollywood Humplik.
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