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Missed it in Theaters? 'Dear White People' Coming to Blu-Ray/DVD in Feb.

3 December 2014 9:10 AM, PST | ShadowAndAct | See recent ShadowAndAct news »

Just in time for Black History Month, Justin Simien’s feature film debut, "Dear White People," is coining out on blu-ray DVD on Feb. 3, from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The film never got the kind of wide theatrical release, which was expected, so here’s your chance to finally see it, if you wanted to but couldn't. Sure you can watch it, perhaps later, on Netflix or some other VOD streaming option, but that means that you’ll be missing out on a whole host of extra features. And those extra features will include: a "The Making of 'Dear White People'" featurette, music videos, deleted scenes, outtakes, “racism Insurance” skits, “The More You Know »

- Sergio

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Sons of Anarchy Recap: The Truth Will Set You Free

28 October 2014 8:31 PM, PDT | | See recent news »

Anyone else starting to see a pattern in these final Sons of Anarchy episodes?

Following Bobby’s unfortunate capture (and loss of an eyeball) in last week’s installment, Tuesday’s hour found Jax & Co. going through very similar motions: Trying and failing to gain the upper hand on an enemy, getting brutally violent when things don’t go according to plan and — after receiving another body part of Bobby’s in a package from Moses Cartwright — silently realizing just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

That said, this week’s episode did manage to throw a few curveballs at us, »

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The Midnight Hour (1985) review

28 October 2014 12:55 AM, PDT | MoreHorror | See recent MoreHorror news »

Reviewed by Kevin Scott

The Midnight Hour (1985)

Written by: William Bleich

Directed by: Jack Bender

Cast: Shari Belafonte Harper (Melissa), Lee Montgomery (Phil), Jonna Lee (Sandy), LeVar Burton (Vinnie), Peter DeLuise (Mitch), Deedee Pfeiffer (Mary), Jonelle Allen (Lucinda Cavender), Kevin McCarthy (Judge Crandall), Dick Van Patten (Martin Grenville)

This is the very first time I’ve featured a TV movie on any of my reviews. I’m really surprised that it is. Some solid entries in the annals of horror and sci fi history made their debut on the small screen. “Salem’s Lot” is the first one to come to mind. Although the film that I’m going to talk about isn’t even remotely close to being anything like “Salem’s Lot” (except for having vampires), it does come from a bygone era where things might have been a little tighter on what could be shown on TV. »

- admin

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The Leftovers Recap: Father’s Daze

10 August 2014 8:00 PM, PDT | | See recent news »

In this week’s episode of The Leftovers, Garvey Sr. escapes from the mental institution just in time to save Jill from suffocating in a refrigerator. (Kids, don’t try that at home. Or anywhere.) But, as you’d expect of someone on the run from the loony bin, he starts more trouble than he stops. Here’s how it all shakes out…

No Luck But The Bad Kind | Early on in “Solace for Tired Feet,” Garvey and Nora end their fifth date — wait, we missed four whole dates?! — by heading to her place to have sex for the first time. »

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Slash -- Yes, I Once Drugged My Girlfriend's Mom ... So We Could Bang on the Couch

28 July 2014 12:00 PM, PDT | TMZ | See recent TMZ news »

Slash was once so desperate to get laid ... he and a girlfriend drugged her mother, and then had sex right next to her while she slept -- and best of all ... he was 13. The guitar god made the confession when we asked him about the craziest place he's ever banged ... fully expecting some story about life on the road during the Guns n' Roses heyday.We definitely were Not expecting this pubescent/criminal tale. You've »

- TMZ Staff

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10 reasons true Americans should watch '1776' today

4 July 2014 9:00 AM, PDT | - PopWatch | See recent - PopWatch news »

Psst: The Fourth of July isn’t really about crazy fireworks displays, or eating a record-breaking 69 hot dogs in just 10 minutes, or those layered American flag cakes that look so gorgeous on Pinterest but are physically impossible to reproduce Irl.

No, my friends—it’s about our glorious nation’s glorious genesis, spearheaded in the City of Brotherly Love 238 years ago when our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. You could honor them by comparing bifocals with a Benjamin Franklin impersonator, or perhaps wearing a powdered wig to the beach. By my money, though, there’s no better way »

- Hillary Busis

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Recap: Big Brother Wednesday - A Hairy Power of Veto

2 July 2014 10:00 PM, PDT | Hitfix | See recent Hitfix news »

Last episode we learned important things: Devin is dumb and loud about it. Brittany is both a fine swinger and swigger (yay, wine!). Paola is just horrible at games, and maybe thinking too. And now, because his eviction nominees won the challenge, former co-hoh Frankie is vulnerable to a possible eviction. Frankie is also vulnerable to a deep shampooing by me, because that streak of purple highlighter in his coif is still killing me. Let's get with the recappin'.  8:03: Caleb reminds us that he's "the country boy" -- If there's another reality show with contestants who are more than proud to identify as boring archetypes, I don't know it -- and is still Hoh this week because his nominees, Donny and Paola, lost their match against Christine and Victoria. Donny realizes his fate looks grim and notes that it's "pretty darn scary." Donny is pretty darn folksy, isn't he? »

- Louis Virtel

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Orange Is the New Black, Ep 2.05: “Low Self Esteem City” gives Gloria little glory

11 June 2014 9:16 AM, PDT | SoundOnSight | See recent SoundOnSight news »

Orange Is the New Black, Season 2, Episode 5: “Low Self Esteem City”

Written by Nick Jones

Directed by Andrew McCarthy

Released Friday, June 6 on Netflix Instant

This felt mostly like a “the more you know” episode of Orange Is the New Black, which I think is my least favorite type. “The more you know” don’t call a black guard a “sister” if you are a black inmate. “The more you know” black people get 20% longer sentences than white inmates for the same crimes. “The more you know” hitting your girlfriend and stealing her money will bite you karmically in the butt. That last one, by the way, seems to be most of what Gloria’s back story amounts to, as she takes center stage, kind of, in a way, in this scattered installment.

I can’t say that I expected Gloria to be the focus of an episode anytime soon, »

- Michael

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Scout Willis posts topless photos on Twitter to protest Instagram policies

29 May 2014 6:57 AM, PDT | - PopWatch | See recent - PopWatch news »

Is Scout Willis leading a revolution? (No.) But she is bashing Instagram.

Willis, a fashion designer best known as the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has started a mini Twitter revolution by posting topless photos of herself walking around New York City — and encouraging others to do the same. (The photos are, duh, Nsfw.)

She’s doing this because she’s had it with Instagram’s photo policy, which doesn’t allow for any nudity, no matter the context (So, no breast cancer survivor photos, women nursing children, etc.) Willis posted a photo to Instagram of a sweatshirt she designed, »

- Erin Strecker

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Merriam-Webster officially gives 'catfish' a new definition

20 May 2014 8:35 AM, PDT | - PopWatch | See recent - PopWatch news »

Max and Nev are changing the world, one fake profile at a time. And now their work is more legitimate than ever. Why? Because the Merriam-Webster dictionary says so.

A catfish is no longer just “a type of fish that has a large head and long thin parts that look like a cat’s whiskers around its mouth.” According to Merriam-Webster, there’s another definition for the word, one that “refers to a person who sets up a false social networking profile for deceptive purposes.”

More specifically, in announcing its new dictionary words for 2014, Merriam-Webster called out Max and Nev »

- Samantha Highfill

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CBS's 'Stalker': 6 new fears you'll have after watching the terrifying first trailer

14 May 2014 6:04 PM, PDT | Hitfix | See recent Hitfix news »

Have you ever been stalked? No? Well don't worry, you will be. That's according to the new trailer for CBS's "Stalker," a show that stars Maggie Q as the beautiful head of the stalking division (I guess) and Dylan McDermott as her saucy "never married" new partner, because sexual tension/gay tendencies? Did I mention they're both haunted by their respective pasts? Oh, the manufactured pathos! Anyway, I'm terrified now. Legitimately, throat-clutchingly terrified that someone is going to kill me in my apartment tonight in the scariest way imaginable, with a knife or a gun or a hammer even. And you should be too. To justify your growing dread, here are six things that will now probably happen to you because you watched the "Stalker" trailer. 1. Someone is going to hide behind your shower curtain and then murder you. Step 1: Buy a clear shower curtain so that this doesn't happen. »

- Chris Eggertsen

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'Community' Season 5 video: '80s cartoon PSA from 'G.I. Jeff'

27 March 2014 10:44 AM, PDT | Zap2It - From Inside the Box | See recent Zap2It - From Inside the Box news »

"Community" Season 5 has a treat for former 1980s cartoon watchers: In the upcoming "G.I. Jeff" episode, the characters become G.I. Joe characters and even includes a PSA at the end. Watch the ridiculous video here.

For this PSA, Britta (as "Buzz Kill") and Abed (as "Fourth Wall") teach a couple of kids about the evils of graffiti. Sort of.

In case you're not familiar with this particular form of "educational" television, many cartoons in the 1980s and 1990s -- including "G.I. Joe" -- ended their episodes with brief skits like this. Characters from the stories would step out of their world to tell normal kids about what was right and good in this world.

Some of them were almost as funny as this "Community" video.

For example, one time the "Thundercats" warned a couple of youngsters that sheltering from a thunderstorm under a tall tree was a bad idea. »


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Louis C.K's 'SNL' promos: What does the 'C.K.' stand for, anyway? -- Video

26 March 2014 6:03 AM, PDT | - PopWatch | See recent - PopWatch news »

In actuality, the grumpy genius’s stage name is a phonetic approximation of his given last name, Szekely. (The more you know!) In the world of these new Saturday Night Live promos, though, Kenan Thompson assumes that C and K stand for something incredibly gross — so gross, in fact, that we’re not actually privy to hearing his guess.

That’s kind of how the promos go: Kenan says something off-the-wall, Louis reacts with polished straight-man verve. The gags are loose and improvised, if not exactly laugh-out-loud funny — which bodes well for C.K.’s second time on the SNL stage. »

- Hillary Busis

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'The Vampire Diaries' at PaleyFest: Eight things we learned (the love triangle isn't over yet!) -- Video

23 March 2014 6:58 AM, PDT | - PopWatch | See recent - PopWatch news »

If the Vampire Diaries PaleyFest panel proved anything, it’s that this cast and crew are total professionals when working in front of screaming fans. (After five years, they’re used to it.) Luckily, we were able to cut through the excitement and pull out some delicious tidbits about what’s to come for the rest of season 5.

Hear are eight things we took away from executive producers Caroline Dries and Julie Plec, and cast members Paul Wesley (Stefan), Nina Dobrev (Elena), and Ian Somerhalder (Damon).

Sorry Twitter, but there is no rain kiss on the books.

Recently on Twitter, »

- Samantha Highfill

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Speed Read: Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps Has Died

21 March 2014 6:58 AM, PDT | | See recent Popsugar news »

Source: AP / Charlie Riedel Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps has died at 84. His daughter says they will not hold a funeral. Remember when Madonna dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones? Turns out she borrowed Emilia Clarke's real costume. Truly outrageous news: Jem and the Holograms are coming to life! A modern-day, live-action reinvention of the '80s cartoon is in the works. Divergent finally hits theaters today. Read our review to decide if you should see it, and check out all of our coverage after you become obsessed. Jason Segel is already leaving his How I Met Your Mother character behind - he's completely unrecognizable while playing David Foster Wallace alongside Jesse Eisenberg. Scandal star Norm Lewis will play the first black Phantom on Broadway in The Phantom of the Opera. Lisa Kudrow's short-lived cult favorite TV show The Comeback may be making a comeback. »

- Alyse Whitney

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Recap: 'American Idol' Season 13 - Top 10 Results plus Jennifer Lopez performs

20 March 2014 5:58 PM, PDT | Hitfix | See recent Hitfix news »

Once again, we're facing some uncertainty as Thursday (March 20) night's "American Idol" results loom. After Wednesday's variably so-so performances, I can imagine a variety of potential eliminations. However, I remain uncertain on which singers would force the judges to use their Save. Probably Alex Preston and Caleb Johnson would be guaranteed saves. But who else? Malaya? Probably. Jena "Gina" Irene? Maybe. Anybody else? I'm not so sure. I'm using a J-Lo picture, because I know she's not going home and I also know she's performing tonight. I don't, however, know how to consistently spell "I Luh Ya Papi," but I know it's J-Lo's new song about her appreciation for the postseason exploits of David Ortiz. Also performing on Thursday? Something called Royal Teeth. Click through for the full recap! 8:58 p.m. Et. This week, I remembered that "Idol" was on at 9 and not at 8. I'm the true hero. »

- Daniel Fienberg

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'Cruel Intentions,' 15 years later: A definitive power list

5 March 2014 2:21 PM, PST | - PopWatch | See recent - PopWatch news »

The messed-up machinations of bored, oversexed stepsiblings Kathryn Merteuil and Sebastian Valmont aren’t quite as shocking in 2014 as they were when Cruel Intentions was released on March 5, 1999. (Blame Gossip GirlPretty Little Liars, and a zillion other glitzy/scandalous imitators.)

That said, Cruel Intentions is still an enormously entertaining teen movie, even 15 years (gulp) after its initial release — thanks to an uncommonly sharp script, a killer soundtrack, and, most importantly, an impeccable cast, which featured future Oscar winners and future Sharknado stars alike. Well, one of each, but you get the picture. Whoever headed up this franchise had a »

- Hillary Busis

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We Had No Idea Baby Anteaters Were So Cute...Until Now! Plus, Watch Footage of Three Adorable Bear Cubs!

27 February 2014 1:51 PM, PST | E! Online | See recent E! Online news »

There is nothing that makes us happier than when we realize that the baby version of an animal we usually find not so attractive is actually super cute. It's like being proven wrong and learning something new in the most adorable way possible!  The more you know... Take for example, this baby tamandua. A tamandua is a kind of anteater found mostly in Central and South America. You know when you think of anteaters you think of short, fat creatures kind of marching along with their big noses and scary-long tongues. And sure, the baby tamandua will eventually grow into one of those kinds of creatures. But for now…look how cute he is! Mj was born to mother DJ and daddy Ej at the Staten Island Zoo »

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Speed Read: Was the Figure Skating Competition Rigged?

21 February 2014 5:34 AM, PST | | See recent Popsugar news »

Source: Yuri Kadobnov/ Getty Images Was last night's figure skating competition rigged? A lot of people think so after Russia's Adelina Sotnikova scored the gold away from South Korea's Yuna Kim, whom many believe gave the better, flaw-free performance. There's even an online petition to investigate the scoring, which has already amassed over 1 million signatures. Despite the protests, the Ioc says that it just comes down to the complicated rules of scoring, which reward more complicated moves, even if they are done with less grace or have a slight stumble. A man was arrested in Australia after he groped Modern Family star Sarah Hyland at an event. See the $80,000 worth of swag that Oscar nominees will receive at the Academy Awards. The bags include vouchers for "genital tissue rejuvenation" for women and a maple tree. Michelle Obama joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last night and made everyone laugh with their "Ew! »

- Maria Mercedes Lara

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Let Gay People Explain The Super Bowl To You In Ten Tweets

20 January 2014 1:52 PM, PST | The Backlot | See recent The Backlot news »

Football — it is a game. And one that many people watch. Gay people, allegedly, are some of these people. The More You Know.

Now that Seattle and Denver are headed to the Super Bowl on February 2, it’s probably time to learn something real about this sport. To help usher you (and me) into comprehensive football awareness, here are 10 tweets from gays who commented on yesterday’s big games. Or just said something about the games. Or seemed to know what football was.

1. Richard Lawson introduces you to the Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll.

Pete Carroll looks like a senator who murdered his mistress in a Wesley Snipes thriller

Richard Lawson (@rilaws) January 20, 2014

2. Dave Holmes invites you to shake hands with Jim Harbaugh, the coach of the losing San Francisco 49ers.

Jim Harbaugh looks like the reverse of that Far Side cartoon where the lady's dog is in her butt. »

- Louis Virtel

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