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We Found Out Exactly Where Randall and Beth Pearson Live on This Is Us

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If you're anything like us, the commercial breaks during Fall's most emotional show, This Is Us, are spent equal parts bawling your eyes out and furiously googling answers to the questions you have. As a tried-and-true New Jersey resident (yep, I'm a lifer!), I found myself constantly wondering where exactly Randall Pearson and his family reside. There are plenty of hints that he's a fellow Garden State resident sprinkled throughout both seasons - they fostered Deja from Newark, for instance - but I needed something tangible and set my heart on finding it. Let's start with the basics: the Pearson family lives in an enormous house with a sizable yard that's pretty far away from their surrounding neighbors. That alone screams Jersey suburbs. But when you factor in Randall's commute to New York City for work for the entire first season and how he still has time to squeeze in
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Oscar® Entry from The Netherlands, ‘Layla M’, an Interview with Writer-Director Mijke de Jong

Oscar® Entry from The Netherlands, ‘Layla M’, an Interview with Writer-Director Mijke de Jong
Layla M, the Dutch film entry for Academy Award Nomination in the Best Foreign Language Film Category is directed by Mijke de Jong and co-written by Mijke and her husband Jan Eilander. It features a compelling young Moroccan actress, (Nora El Koussour) who brings fire and passion to her role as an integrated 18 year old Dutch-Moroccan in Amsterdam who becomes increasingly radicalized along with her new husband, Abdel played by Ilias Addab.

Layla M. had its world premiere at Toronto Film Fest 2016 Platform. International sales are by Beta

As soon as the film opens, you understand that Layla is a tough girl in her neighborhood as she fights the football referee on his call and does not back down. She is also fighting for her rights as a Muslim woman wearing a burka and uses social media as only one in her generation knows how. She lives in an assimilated,
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Sam Bee Obliterates Harvey Weinstein, Warns Remaining 'Hollywood Creeps'

Sam Bee Obliterates Harvey Weinstein, Warns Remaining 'Hollywood Creeps'
Samantha Bee on Wednesday served up the blistering Harvey Weinstein takedown that late-night audiences have anticipated since word of his predatory behavior first made headlines.

The Full Frontal host wasted no time addressing the Hollywood executive’s history of sexual harassment. She began by jeering at his half-hearted apology, in which he blamed his offenses on coming of age when people didn’t bat an eye at inappropriate workplace conduct.

“Oh, give me a break, White Cosby!” Bee exclaimed. “Nobody asked for your all-about-mea culpa. Don’t blame the ’60s and ’70s for your sh—y decision making. It’s serial sexual harassment,
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Episodes Season 5 'PSA' Teaser: Matt Admits He's Been a Real... 'Turd'

Episodes Season 5 'PSA' Teaser: Matt Admits He's Been a Real... 'Turd'
Knowing when to admit you’re wrong is a lesson Matt LeBlanc puts to use in a teaser for the fifth and final season of Showtime’s Episodes that also doubles as a cheeky riff a certain network’s “The More You Know” PSA campaign.

RelatedCable/Streaming Scorecard: What’s Renewed? What’s Cancelled?

In this installment of “The Matt You Know,” the fictional LeBlanc apologizes to Pucks creators Sean and Beverly for being a real… turd over the years, as symbolized by his gift to them — a giant, upholstered poo.

RelatedL Word Revival Eyed at Showtime: Who’d Return?
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Newly Single Lauren Bushnell Just Found the Perfect Date Night Lipstick in Honor of National Kissing Day

Aside from the fact that today is National Kissing Day, we have great news for you: Match.com and Colourpop have teamed up to create your new favorite lipstick — and you’re hearing about it here first.

After surveying 3,000 Match and ColourPop singles from across the country, the two brands determined that not only do 30% of women feel sexier while wearing red lipstick, but they’ve also had more success landing a first kiss while wearing lipstick. So in an effort to make both of those things easier, the two brands just collaborated on the perfect matte raspberry red hue,
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Video Game Review – The Town of Light

Emma Withington reviews The Town of Light…

In present day Italy, you stand before the gates of the ‘Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra’. Abandoned and decrepit, Volterra Asylum looms into view. The Charcot building is imposing, oppressive, and just so happens to be where you were processed…in 1942. Whispers of the past rustle through the trees and echo throughout the seemingly infinite, desolate corridors. Who are you Renée? Who were you?

When we visited the ruins of Volterra Asylum back in April, we spoke of The Town of Light’s purpose as an interactive experience. Not as a game to be ‘enjoyed’ in the traditional sense, but as a journey through the eyes of deeply affected patient Renée. T, which seeks to address the stigma associated with mental illness. Looking toward games which have embraced the first-person adventure experience for similar purposes, we have been taken on a beautiful journey through
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Here's the Otherworldly Beauty Who Plays Wonder Woman's Mom

While Gal Gadot is undeniably the star of Wonder Woman (it's right there in the title), another Amazonian goddess may catch your eye in the new superhero film. Hippolyta is queen of the Amazons, and she's very protective over her daughter, Princess Diana. Her steely stare could turn an ocean into a series of icebergs, and she's played by a women who you've very likely seen elsewhere. Actress Connie Nielsen hails from Denmark. She got her start in the late '80s, making the transition from Danish TV to American films in the '90s. She scored a smaller part in 1997's The Devil's Advocate, but she probably first caught your attention as Mrs. Calloway in Rushmore, Lucilla in Gladiator (pictured below), or Nina in One Hour Photo. However, if you're like me, you know her best as Dani Beck, the detective who momentarily replaces Olivia Benson as Elliot Stabler's partner on Law & Order: Svu.
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Wolverine Is an Obnoxious Drunk in Animated Logan Parody

The team at ArtSpear Entertainment has created a parody of Logan in which Wolverine has an over-the-top Aussie accent and is a much bigger drunk than he is in the actual film. The animation style is fascinating — it looks like they rotoscoped actual footage from the trailer and then added their own spin to it — and with Logan making such a big impact on fans worldwide, now's a good time to check this out.

(Side note: I had no idea that "Bogan" is a slang term. According to Wikipedia, it's "a derogatory Australian and New Zealand slang word used to describe a person whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour exemplify values and behaviour considered unrefined or unsophisticated." The more you know...)
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Shah Rukh Khan On Raees: “I find acting exciting every day”

One of the first names that comes to mind when you think of heroes of the Hindi film industry, he is one of the biggest and most enduring stars in India and has legions of fans from all over the globe. He has created some of the most iconic characters in the canon and has portrayed roles that range from romantic, funny, tragic, disturbed, dark and even some who have all of those qualities and more. We are, of course, talking about the incomparable Shah Rukh Khan.

His newest release is the drama Raees, a fictitious story set in Gujarat, India during early 1980 into the 1990’s. Directed by National Film Award winner Rahul Dholakia, the film explores how the main character, Raees’ relationships and hard work helped him build an entire empire from scratch, and made him the single most powerful man in the state. However, every controversial leader has his foil.
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This 94-Year-Old Grandmother Earning Her Bachelor’s Degree is Proof You’re Never Too Old to Stop Learning: ‘Education Gives Me Life!’

When 94-year-old Amy Craton accepted her diploma earlier this week, she become one of the world’s oldest college graduates — and she couldn’t be more proud of the big accomplishment.

“You can’t live without knowledge!” Craton tells People. “Education is living.”

The grandmother of 12 earned her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University’s online program. And Snhu president Paul LeBlanc flew to Craton’s home-state of Hawaii on Monday to present her with the certificate.

Craton donned a traditional lei for the graduation celebration, where friends and family gathered to support her.
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Reminder: Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Were on a Show Together

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Image Source: Getty / Michael Stewart Even if you're as obsessed with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton's romance as we are, you might be surprised by this tidbit: they were on a show together. No, Morgan didn't appear on One Tree Hill. Burton also didn't turn up on Supernatural at any point (though star Jensen Ackles did introduce the two). Rather, both stars were on the second season of Halle Berry's CBS series Extant, the sci-fi drama that ran from 2014 to 2015. Morgan played a (supersexy) bounty hunter named Jd: Image Source: CBS Burton was a recurring cast member, playing government operative Anna: Image Source: CBS They didn't really cross paths on the show, but at least they could hang out on the set. Burton also got to reunite with her Oth costar, Tyler Hilton, who was a regular on Extant. Another fun fact: both made short (but memorable) appearances on Grey's Anatomy!
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The Story Behind Sunny, the Most Adorable Part of A Series of Unfortunate Events

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After watching the first episode of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events, I had one very admittedly stupid question: is Sunny played by a real baby? I know, I know, I sound like an idiot. But clearly the effects team uses CGI for Sunny's facial expressions - and when she voraciously chews on wood. So is Sunny a doll, or is Malina Weissman, who plays Violet, really toting around a baby? We caught up with the actress and her onscreen brother at a press day for Netflix and just asked them. Popsugar: This might sound like a dumb question, but when you guys were shooting the scenes with Sunny, was she actually there? Or was it a body double of some kind? Malina Weissman: Yeah, she's awesome. I love Presley [Smith], she's so cute. She was awesome, a really good baby. Sometimes when we had to look somewhere, she would look the same place.
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Hearst Acquires Majority Stake in Independent Distributor Litton Entertainment

Hearst has taken a majority stake in Litton Entertainment, an independent TV distributor that specializes in children’s programming and family-friendly fare.

Litton, based in Charleston, S.C., has been headed for more than 20 years by president-ceo Dave Morgan, a well-known executive in the syndication and TV station world who worked at Hearst early in his career. Hearst CEO Steve Swartz announced the deal on Friday with Hearst Television president Jordan Wertlieb.

“We’ve known Dave since the early days of his career with Hearst and have admired the first-class brand of Litton Entertainment that he and his team have built over the years,” Wertlieb said. “Providing quality, family-friendly programming to viewers is an important tenet of Hearst Television and adding Litton’s assets and expertise to our company through this partnership will be a terrific complement to our business.”

The deal is expected to close on Feb. 1. Hearst’s interest in Litton signals Hearst’s interest
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Wondering Who Actually Plays Darth Vader in Rogue One?

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We've known for months that Darth Vader would be in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but his presence still puts a knot in your stomach when he first appears. As per usual, he's in his mask and black threads, so we don't get to see who's under there, but we do hear him. Once again, James Earl Jones lent his baritone voice to the villain, but who's actually under the helmet? Turns out, there are two guys who play him in the movie. The first is Daniel Naprous, a stuntman who has worked on Game of Thrones and several of the Harry Potter films. He shared the role of Darth Vader with Spencer Wilding, an actor who has appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy (as "Mean Guard") and Wrath of the Titans as a minotaur. The more you know! Related:Do R2-D2 and C-3Po Make an Appearance in
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Sliff 2016 Interview: Bill Ferguson – Subject of the Documentary Dream/Killer

Dream/Killer screens Saturday, Nov. 12 at 7:30pm at Saint Louis U./Center for Global Citizenship (3672 West Pine Mall ) as part of this year’s St. Louis International Film Festival. Bill Ferguson, the subject of the documentary, will be in attendance. This is a Free event. Many St. Louisans likely have dim memories of the 2001 murder of Columbia (Mo.) Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt. But for the Ferguson family, that tragic event has remained all too vivid. Convicted of the crime — which took place when he was a 17-year-old high-school student — Ryan Ferguson received a 40-year prison sentence in 2005. Dream/Killer, directed by Andrew Jenks, tells the story of Ryan’s father, Bill Ferguson, as he sought to uncover the truth and overturn the verdict. This riveting chronicle of Bill’s decade-long pursuit to free his son and best friend features a cast of characters who represent both the best
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Black Mirror Season 3 Review: Terror with a Hint of Optimism

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Black Mirror is back, with six new episodes coming to its new home, Netflix, tomorrow, October 21.

Creator Charlie Brooker once described the series like this, "If technology is a drug – and it does feel like a drug – then what, precisely, are the side effects? This area – between delight and discomfort – is where Black Mirror...is set."

Black Mirror, of course, refers to every reflective surface that stares back at us, smartphones, computers, televisions. Cold and without feeling. But there is a bit more optimism creeping into the series in its third season, and it appears in the best episodes.

Moving to Netflix from Channel 4 in the UK, this social commentary series about the effects of technology on our lives doubles up the number of episodes from the previous two seasons. The biggest surprise is the addition of hope. It's not six episodes of bleak messages and buyer beware, so you're in for a treat.
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Michael Davis: Those MOFOs

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The Dream Killer series continues next week.

I was attending The Pratt Institute and needed all the bank I could get. Pratt’s one of the world’s great art schools and cheap it was not. I had to come up with most of the tuition because no one talked to me about how financial aid went away if grades fall below a C.

I was a poor black kid from the projects talks like that rarely happen in inner cities. Those lucky enough to raise above our assigned station in life have to fend for ourselves. Our talks revolve around staying away from drugs, gangs, and cops.

American families middle class or above think nothing of seemingly little things like dad or mom talking to them at dinner about their college life.

Mum: My dear sweet Reginal you’ve many things to look forward to while at college!

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TV Review - American Horror Story: Roanoke: “Chapter 4” Review: A Boring Info Dump

I think there’s a reason why American Horror Story has always been really hit-or-miss with me in the past: It’s very difficult to make a compelling and scary story over the course of an entire season of television. Long form storytelling and horror aren’t really an easy pairing. Yes, you can look at some books that Stephen King books as evidence that it can work, as well as previous seasons of American Horror Story, but it’s a very tough thing to do.

The reason? Half of the scares come from mystery. When you’re spending an entire season trying to squeeze scares out of the audience, you’re essentially forced to reveal a good number of secrets over time. In a way, information is the mortal enemy of horror. The more you know about something, the less scary that something is.

That’s probably my biggest
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TVLine Items: Fresh Off the Boat Ups Ray Wise, '70s Show Reunion and More

TVLine Items: Fresh Off the Boat Ups Ray Wise, '70s Show Reunion and More
Prepare to see more of Honey’s other half on Fresh Off the Boat.

The ABC comedy has promoted Ray Wise — who plays the Huangs’ neighbor and Honey’s hubby Marvin — to series regular for Season 3, our sister site Deadline reports.

PhotosFresh Off the Boat Season 3 Poster: The Huangs Take a Norman Rockwell-esque Trip

The ubiquitous Wise also has a part in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival and will reprise his role as Leland Palmer in Showtime’s Twin Peaks continuation.

Fresh Off the Boat returns Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 9/8c on ABC.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets?
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TV News Roundup: Wgn America Releases Season 2 Trailer (Watch)

TV News Roundup: Wgn America Releases Season 2 Trailer (Watch)
In today’s TV news roundup, Wgn America has released a first look teaser at Season 2, plus more…


“Give” from Bungalow Media + Entertainment will premiere on Saturday, Oct. 8, as part of NBC’s new three hour Saturday programming block, “The More You Know,” shedding light on environmental issues, social change, health, wellness and community engagement. In association with Litton Entertainment, Intrepid, Inc., and unite4:good,” Give” is executive produced by Blair Underwood, Robert Friedman, Kate Kenny, Gary Reeves, Anthony Melikhov, Chad Warren, Maria Simone, Dave Morgan and Pete Sniderman.

Wgn America‘s original drama “Outsiders” will return for Season 2 on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017. “Outsiders” stars David Morse, Thomas M. Wright, Ryan Hurst, Gillian Alexy, Kyle Gallner and Christina Jackson.

Watch a first look at “Outsiders” Season 2 here:

Digital News

Viacom announced on Tuesday that its portfolio of networks — Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Spike, Bet, Cmt, TV Land, Nick at Nite, Nick
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