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Entertainment Weekly
The deliriously enjoyable noir comedy-thriller Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang does nothing by halves and everything by doubles.
Chicago Tribune
Black's retro-noir reminds us why we love movies: because they can surprise us, even when we're ankle deep in bullet casings, bodies and enough twists to tie us in knots.
TV Guide
This tribute to old-fashioned hard-boiled detective fiction is laced with Hollywood satire and snappy, lightning-fast dialogue.
Charlotte Observer
The plot is thin: You'll guess the villain early, then pick holes in story construction. But Black's ear for mock-noir speeches doesn't fail him, and he gleefully parodies the chase scenes that dominated his action movies.
Wall Street Journal
Amazingly and incessantly funny, a free-form riff on Hollywood shenanigans, the film noir genre and film in general.
Shane Black creates a movie that is defiantly smartass and too cool for the room. I couldn't have liked it more.
Has some hilarious moments and still succeeds in dramatic terms.
The Hollywood Reporter
Downey and Monaghan are wonderful at playing characters that compensate for the harshness of their past with flippant swaggers.
All three actors give it their all, but Monaghan stands out with a sexy yet oddly down-to-earth variation on the Midwest girl gone wrong, thanks partly to a dark dysfunctional family secret.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Steeped in attitude - a smart-alecky, insider sarcasm that can be pretty clever at times, but also pretty insufferable.
New York Daily News
Designed as a giant put-on, "Kiss Kiss" is so inside Hollywood, so anxious to bite the hand that fed Black, that it plays like an elaborate prank. Some of it is a lot of fun; most of it is a lot of nonsense.
Turns into a film that is too ostentatiously pleased with itself, so in love with its own cleverness it doesn't notice it's darn near worn you out.

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