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Don't Miss It

Author: pollardbob from New York
19 June 2004

I bought this film on the strength of the title and it was a thousand times better than I ever could have imagined. Obviously you have to accept that this is a low budget effort, but that being said it was fantastic!!!

The acting was spunky, the pace was quick, the costumes great and the dialogue morbidly hilarious. I especially liked Ed and his whiny hijinks.

Make sure to listen to the director's commentary. This Movie cost many people their jobs at Nickelodeon producing Spongebob Squarepants (which makes it all the more essential).

I'm not saying for certain, but this movie May save your life.

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What indie films are made of...

Author: filmfleur27 from San Clemente, CA
7 December 2003

This movie isn't really about Morrissey at all. It doesn't have any of his songs, he doesn't appear in the film and it doesn't focus on Morrissey as a personality. It is about one girl, Jackie, who is completely off her rocker. Her unhealthy obsession with the Brit star leads her to madness when she meets him one night.

We are first introduced to Jackie getting ready for work and kissing her Moz posters goodbye. Then we meet her coworkers, who are all a little "off" in their own right. Ed, a disturbed, cart-pushing coworker who has a crush on Jackie, is especially funny. The story picks up when Jackie finds Morrissey and gets a ride home from him. Nothing else happens with Morrissey but Jackie convinces herself that she is going to marry him anyway.

The humor is wacky and fun. I was laughing out loud all the way through. You won't believe some of the things that Jackie does and the situations she gets herself into. She has an interesting relationship with her vibrator, there is a great lesbian schoolgirl scene where Jackie gets attacked, and a freaky scene where she has Morrissey's face taped to a blow-up doll. Also, watch for the actor that does the voice of `Spongebob Squarepants' -- he's the record store clerk.

It's a low budget indie film, but the charm and personality far exceeds a lot of bigger budget flicks. A must see for people that enjoy good storytelling and outrageous scenes, and for people with a sense of humor.

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in defense of the film

Author: brent saner ( from hatfield, pa
3 January 2004

i had just recently sent an e-mail to Andrew Overtoom saying:

may i just commend you on a WONDERFUL film? i LOVED it. i was visiting NY (seeing Little Shop of Horrors on broadway...great production, by the way) on monday, and thought i'd stop in the virgin megastore. i saw the film and bought it on a whim, thinking "hey, i like Morrissey and the Smiths. why not?"... all i can say is WOW, i love it. it's utterly hilarious in the utmost darkest psyche, almost a direct mockery of harsh reality. however! consequently, i've now developed a total geek fanboy crush on Jackie Buscarino. will she be starring in any other films? do you plan on putting together any other films? i'd be quite interested to know.

a new fan, -brent saner

and! he was kind enough to take some time and write back, and was utmost kind about it, saying:

Hi Brent,

Thanks for your email, aI always love to hear from people who "get" the film, and it sounds like you really got it. And oh yeah, that Jackie! I think everyone has a crush on her! She is quite the tart!

I do have a film I just finished writing that will be going into pre-production in the spring. There is a good chance Jackie will be involved with that one, but we'll have to see how big a star she becomes in the meantime -- she might be booked up years in advance by then!

I encourage you to drop by and/or and leave a short review if you liked the film. It helps us a lot as we are always under constant attack by the "morrissey nazis" there.

Well, thanks again Brent. Let me know if you have any luck with Jackie!

Best Regards, Andrew

now, having read that, i want all the "morrissey nazis" to know that this film is, in NO way, guaranteed to be about morrissey himself or include music by him. welcome to the real world! just relax and enjoy the film for what it is- a delve into the sickness of the human condition, and'or what can go wrong with an admiration when it goes too far.

and having a bit of dark comedy in the process.

the focus of the film is human nature, and jackie, and the way she interacts with people around her...not morrissey.

'nuff said!


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This movie rocks!

Author: from West Hollywood, CA
25 July 2004

Cool movie! Funny and outlandish. It's a farce that makes you laugh and squirm and laugh and cringe and laugh some more.

I hope it didn't make our sensitive Morrissey uncomfortable. Having an obsessed fan like Jackie would keep anyone looking over their shoulder at all times.

They certainly didn't hold anything back in this film. I enjoyed it immensely and can't wait to show it to all my friends. The acting was hilarious and the photography was great. I heard it was a low budget effort and I was impressed by the production quality. It's awesome to see people making independent films that are smart, interesting and completely against the mainstream.

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A Truly Psycho Comedy -- Brilliant!!!

Author: arlo_cinema from Los Angeles
7 December 2003

I saw this film at the Sonoma Film Festival and it changed my life! No really, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, it is SICK in a good way, like a good Warhol or John Waters film, and if you like that sort of thing this movie is for you. The characters are hilarious (the demented mailroom clerk is the KING!), the plot is twisted and the lesbian schoolgirl gang will haunt my dreams for eternity! This movie is like a train wreck you can't take your eyes off of -- it will make you hate yourself in the morning. I love it!!!

PS: Steve Buscemi fans will have a special surprise in this movie too!

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cool and campy

Author: rougefleur27 from vancouver, bc
29 December 2003

This is a funny movie with a lot of weird moments. The story flows at a good pace and the characters are odd - in a good way. I didn't like the main character, Jackie, too much so I was happy when her life crumbled apart after meeting Morrissey. The movie is a strange combination of disturbing situations and light and funny scenes. It's hard to stop thinking about this movie after you've seen it.

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Love or Hate it - It's a Movie! (You didn't make it)

Author: humphreyking from Krakow
3 August 2016

This is the kind of movie you are either going to totally love or totally hate.

It's beyond low budget. It's a crazy, stupid, ridiculous, demented mess of a movie that's just so fun to watch. It's the best kind of amateur effort that there is. 999 out of 1,000 times someone sets out to make a movie like this, it dies at some point during the process. That's why this movie is so important. By all rights this should never have existed, but for the few of you who like this sort of thing, there is no substitute.

It's hard to think of another movie this even compares to. I could see this appealing (in some ways) to (some) fans of things like Trailer Park Boys, The Foot-Fist Way, Freddy Got Fingered, Schizopolis, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mallrats, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra - stuff like that.

If you're the kind of person who loves low-budget DIY cinema AND dementedly stupid comedy YOU NEED TO SEE THIS for yourself.

Morrissey and anything to do with Morrissey is highly irrelevant here for the most part, so be not afraid. It's more to do about a crazy obsessive person's demented interactions with her co-workers and the world at large, played for big stupid laughs, to the point of absurdity. The object of her obsession could have been almost anyone or anything else - just that Morrissey tends to elicit this kind of crazy obsessiveness more than most.

It's a shame that more people who would absolutely love this movie and laugh their asses off don't get a chance to be exposed to it.

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almost too silly and off-the-wall, but it has a charm even for non-Morrissey people

Author: MisterWhiplash from United States
6 July 2006

I can't say that I was completely blown away or really impressed by My Life with Morrissey, but there is a definite grungy kind of comic appeal to it. It's too ridiculous and, towards the end, really nuts to be taken too seriously, which is part of the fun and the dilemma in watching it. The dilemma for me, as someone who's heard bits of the Smiths and Morrissey, is how much or how little can I buy into this one woman's obsession with this very English-handsome singer? Is Morrissey enough to fawn over like some kind of golden cattle God? Apparently, in the anything goes life of the character of Jackie, it would appear so. She works a day job as a file clerk, but her minds always on her potential future love-of-her-life, who sometimes is in a puppy-love state for her, and other times reaching to masturbatory levels. A whole environment of hysteria starts to come in around her, as her co-workers can't take her anymore, and even out in the open world she's circumspect.

For Morrissey fans themselves, it will be hit or miss, and for fans of just plain goofy comedy it might be something more. I myself have noticed it to be a minor cult hit at the college I attended, where the indie-movie side almost had a kinship with indie rockers. While Morrissey and his previous Smiths might be a little more than just 'indie' types, it's appropriate that this story is not in a higher budgeted or released film. The writer/director/cinematographer Andrew Overtoom, likely taking cues from his previous work on Spongebob Squarepants, isn't aiming high at all in the quality of how he shoots, or even how he directs actors. The same weird charm and glow (as well as the danger) in Jackie Buscarino's first film can also veer on being irritating, especially as the film starts to draw to its conclusion. Many individual bits in the office are quite funny, with chuckles throughout, but it's a shame that it never totally comes together to be very memorable. It's watchable and fun enough on a first go if you can find it on DVD, but it may depend on your sense of humor (or connection with Morrissey himself, the buzz around him) if it comes off or is simply annoying.

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My Life With Morrissey

Author: Mahnnneiey Shaw from Canada
12 January 2006

(and before you read this know that my spelling is crappy but i cant help that) This is a very good movie i love the lead character Jackie B she plays an obsessive crazy bitch that loves Moz. She drives around drunkenly trying to find him and has some very funny encounters. She goes to a record store where he once was, and gets growled at, told to give some guy a blow-job and also licks a Morrissey CD. She also goes to a restaurant that he was at and finds a tofu dog that she smells licks and eats then hops away with. then moz comes up to her and asks if she is OK she starts chocking on her dog and pukes it all up. moz then give her a ride home and she then thinks she will marry him. she tells her friend that they had sex and that it was great. she goes totally crazy and wears a wedding dress to work and stuff it full of bagel's because those don't give her the doodle dandees. she gets run over by a bike and then lives in a BOX where she drinks milk out of a bole. the cops come and get her and her and her BOX are put on the back of the cops motorcycle and then she covers the cops eyes and they fall of a Cliff. she is then put in a loony bin but that doesn't stop her from loving MORRISSEY.

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I mean, come on. What were you expecting?

Author: greypele from United States
17 May 2005

This dark comedy outlines the outlandish obsession of a Morrissey fan. Morrissey fans may be let down- it doesn't have a whole lot to do with Morrissey. Or, perhaps, they could really enjoy it by recognizing (god forbid) some of their own obsessive traits. Regardless, you don't go into My Life with Morrissey expecting something serious or of "hollywood" technical quality. You do get a few great sick and twisted scenes that, somehow, don't seem as out of place as they aught to.

Also, the DVD features a short documentary titled "Real Life with Morrissey" that should be worthy of any fan boy or girl.

If you're a fan of Morrissey and B movies, you'll love this. If not, I honestly don't know why you wanted to watch it at all.

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