Kung Fu Hustle (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

gang axe
1940s china
kung fu kung fu master
gangster pig
hero money
shanghai china landlord
landlady written and directed by cast member
blood slapstick
dark comedy wing chun
roundhouse kick three word title
magic black belt
stylized violence disarming someone
hand to hand combat comic hero
chop socky ambush
gang violence axe fight
gi dojo
martial artist martial arts master
kung fu classic kung fu fighting
wire fu violence
fistfight brawl
one against many action hero
cult film chinese noodles
abuse male nudity
barbershop public nudity
street fight public humiliation
step on foot teeth knocked out
bandaged head to toe writing in blood
stop motion casino
bullet deaf mute
urinating on someone all day lollipop
tear on cheek bashing head
philosophy cracking knuckle joint
hands shaking chinese harp
cartoon style running bitten multiple times
snake bite knife handle
stabbed in the arm stabbed multiple times
throwing a knife street vendor
petty theft ice cream
massacre mauser c96 pistol
thompson sub machine gun zippo lighter
intimidation tuxedo
smeared lipstick applying lipstick
gang tattoo woman smoker
face slap punch in the belly
protection racket wiggling man boobs
hatchet axe murder
flower pot dropped on head battered husband
white rose smack upside the head
hair curlers slum lord
male rear nudity drunken man
shopkeeper pile of money
tile parquette floor street gang
line dancing blood spatter
sawed off shotgun hand on someone's butt
scalding little girl
musician little boy
trolley machine gun
tattoo cattle
falling from a window farce
buttocks murder
panties bra
neon light theatre
police arrest monarch butterfly
coolie gambling
caterpillar record player
beaten to death insane asylum
hair on fire urination
phonograph record police officer
music band spit in the face
police inspector stage
temple nightclub
stick death
buddha foot chase
knife thief
practice fireworks
slow motion scene streetcar
social unrest blackmailer
tall man ophidiophobia
rent public bath
kiss on the cheek falling from height
police commissioner walking in the middle of the street
film business breaking a glass window
bare butt washing hair
kicked in the stomach cross dressing
pretending to be gay flyswatter
mentally challenged person death of cat
tough guy chase
green onion farmer
dancing opportunity
tai chi harpist
blind man red underwear
pick lock homeless man
top hat cigarette smoking
cigarette lighter loneliness
policeman sticking out one's tongue
obesity eyeglasses
nickname saber dance
flask bare chested male
tailor shop candy store
ice cream cart crying
foaming at the mouth character repeating someone else's dialogue
knocking out a tooth punched in the gut
story telling cutting off a leg
repeated scene facial expression
symbolism soldier
salute inner title card
arms tied overhead children
hallucination body in the ceiling
misogyny tossed into the air
gambling syndicate mahjong
gay hairdresser giant lollipop
golden shower punched in the face
gun held to head road runner
kung fu spoof loss of memory
vendor head wound
pharmacy chinese mythology
stabbed in the chest bell
poker chip reference to helen of troy
stepping on someone's foot reading newspaper
fence cutting jazz band
dance floor following someone
sign language water bottle
clerk siamese twins
tenant supernatural power
law enforcement self healing
curling hair shattering glass
covering ears with hands quarrel
see through gown child hostage
manual cigarette holder
surrealism flashback
kung fu in title zither
time freeze showdown
robbery part animation
knife throwing knife attack
kicked in the head kicked in the face
grudge gang war
firecracker bus
assassin hit in the crotch
flatulence humiliation
first love dumb criminal
crushed head bully
absurdism absurd humor
soccer snake
shot in the back cobra
bullet catching billboard
black comedy person on fire
slapstick comedy redemption
nudity gay stereotype
decapitation martial arts
spoof mute
mental hospital lollipop
chinese adrenaline
independent film

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