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The Hollywood Reporter
With a delirious mix of the sublime and the silly, Hong Kong comedy king Stephen Chow Sing-chi has taken the kung fu comedy genre to new heights of chop-socky hilarity.
Chicago Tribune
Chow's savagely funny cinematic love letter places Hong Kong legends Yuen Wah, Leung Siu Lung and former Bond girl Yuen Qiu in well-cast pivotal parts, establishing Kung Fu Hustle not only as an endearing homage to a genre's history, but an astonishing piece of cinema in its own right.
Entertainment Weekly
All of Kung Fu Hustle is like that: You don't just watch it, you ride with it, laughing all the way.
New York Post
Gut-Bustingly funny moves are pretty rare, so hustle over to Kung Fu Hustle, actor-director Ste phen Chow's exhilaratingly hilarious and affectionate send-up of Hong Kong action flicks.
Guaranteed to deliver more innovative eye candy and smarter fun-per-second than most of this summer's fare, and that one-two punch ought to knock you off your seat.
Charlotte Observer
Raymond Wong, who has become Chow's favorite composer, iced this cake with music that sounds like Beethoven, Henry Mancini's jazz and all the James Bond themes run together in a blender.
Does the plot spin out of control? You bet. But dumb fun this smart is a gift.
Vivid and madcap but fails to connect on any emotional level.
Hustle's approach to a simple good-vs.-evil plot is eccentrically exuberant.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The upside: Chow has energy and invention to burn. The downside: He doesn't know when he blisters his audience.
New York Daily News
The overly broad martial-arts comedy Kung Fu Hustle was obviously made with skill and affection for its many cinematic sources, yet I found the tone, timing and emotional involvement off by just enough to irritate rather than enchant.

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