Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) Poster


Sean: Oh, we're in deep schist.

Trevor: [as they are climbing] Hey, look at all the schist.

Sean: What?

Trevor: It's a metamorphic rock. Green schist, white schist, mica-garnet schist...

Sean: Oh. Schist.

[from trailer]

Sean: [running from a dinosaur] Haven't you ever seen a dinosaur before?

Trevor: Not with skin on it!

Trevor: We're still falling!

Hannah Ásgeirsson: No one gets dibs on the mountain guide.

[recognizing Mt. Vesuvius behind them]

Trevor: If your mother asks you where you went this weekend, tell her your uncle took you to Italy.

[Sean and Trevor have fallen behind Hannah, tired of climbing]

Sean: I call dibs on the mountain guide.

Trevor: What? You're thirteen; you can't call dibs.

Trevor: [sees Sean playing a PSP] What is that? A... Gameboy?

Sean: PSP.

Trevor: [holds up Max's yo-yo] This was your old man's PSP.

Sean: Rubies...

Hannah Ásgeirsson: Emeralds...

Trevor: Feldspar!

Trevor: What are you doing?

Sean: I am Googling at 30 thousand feet.

Trevor: Are you supposed to be doing that?

Sean: Welcome to the 21st century.

[from trailer]

Trevor: [in complete awe] Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the center of the Earth.

Hannah Ásgeirsson: [all climbing down] Just make conversation with me Sean.

Sean: So, uh, Hannah. Do you come here often?

Trevor: [laughs] That can't be the best you can do!

Sean: [yells] Hey! I'm trying to make converstation!

Hannah Ásgeirsson: It's OK. No Sean, I don't come here often.


Hannah Ásgeirsson: That's two you owe me now.

Trevor: Who's counting?

Hannah Ásgeirsson: I am.

Sean: [Sean came] That was... awesome!

Sean: [seeing a deserted field in the center of the Earth] Dang, I wish I read that book.

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