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Me piaze (I like it)
Andres Rais23 July 2004
Very funny film composed by six short stories just like "Miranda", "The Voyeur" all by Tinto Brass and some of their habitual cast or crew.

You can find an excellent use of the came, light and the red color that is seen in nearly the six stories, and the nasty/loose girls ready for pleasure. Do you like being observed? Another interesting matter that this movie includes. The last story is definitely the best of the movie. The name: Dime porca que me piaze!!! To conclude. It is Definitely a movie for Tinto Brass fans.

Non fans: Your choice. 8 out 10. Andres.
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Brass is always Brass
Shuyskiy22 April 2004
Fistful of erotic short films, just like "P.O. Box Tinto Brass" (1995). Half porno, half comedy - but really stupid comedy with strong flavor of italian 70-s movies. Now maestro Brass absolutely spitted on psychological stuff like "Miranda" or "Voyeur". Actresses looks like real "girls next door" - with cellulite and unshaved arm-pits. Don't look "Fallo!" if you waiting something from this film - it's for Tinto real fans only! So, Brass is always Brass! By the way, 'Fallo!' in italian means 'Oops!', not what you've just think.
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Are the penises fake or real ?
witajkt11 July 2007
Are the penises real ? it's kinda like dildo, except for the second story (double trouble). I've just watched this movie yesterday. Some story interesting and arousing, some not. Very explicit and fun. I have rate the scenes as follow : The first story : 7/10 is funny and interesting for threesome. The second story : 8/10 is the best for me, because it happens all time at your office etc. The third story : 5/10 is also funny , but forgettable and not sexy the fourth story : 6/10 is simple and sexy the fifth story : 6/10 is also funny and hilarious the sixth story : 6/10 is also funny. This is not the best colection, I suggest Caligula, which one still the best of Tinto Brass project in art.
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Nice'n'naughty fun
Woodyanders6 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Notorious Italian smutmeister supreme Tinto Brass delivers six ribald tales about various youthful couples and their carnal escapades. First outing, "Alibi" - A man convinces his wife (luscious blonde Sarah Cosmi) to make love to a hunky bellhop. Second yarn, "Double Trouble" - Two couples get in on with the each other's spouses. Third vignette, "Two Hearts & a Hut" - A maid (buxom knockout Raffaella Ponzo) works for a kinky rich German lady (broadly played by Virginia Barrett). Fourth segment, "Jolly Bangs" - A bickering couple discuss their infidelities while lounging on the beach. Fifth story, "Evil To Him Who Thinks Evil" - A frustrated photographer can't get his model fiancé (tasty brunette Maruska Albertazzi) to engage in anal intercourse with him. Sixth, best, and funniest short, "Call Me Pig I Like It" - An amorous young couple enjoy their honeymoon in London, England. This is perhaps the most amusing and wittiest of the six stories, with a great cameo by Brass himself at the very end as a peeping tom. Brass relates every last segment at a quick pace, maintains a breezy'n'bubbly tone throughout, gleefully mines a brash and unapologetic line in raunchy humor, and, of course, depicts the raw sexuality on display in a most graphic and unflinching manner (besides the expected explicit lovemaking, we also get such racy stuff as S&M, voyeurism, and lesbianism to keep things lusty and arousing from start to finish). Naturally, there's a wondrous array of insanely smokin' hot women who show off their sizzling sensuous stuff with a terrific lack of shame and inhibition, plus even the guys bare their wares as well. Frederico Del Zoppo's slick cinematography gives this picture a bright glossy look. Francesco Santucci's jaunty score likewise does the trick. A pleasingly dirty good time.
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Cast in the Red Light District
Claudio Carvalho14 August 2007
1) "Alibi" ("Alibi") While celebrating the seventh anniversary of marriage in a hotel in Casablanca, Morocco, Gianni convinces his wife Gianni to do a threesome with the room servant Ali. 2) "Double Trouble" ("Dupla Confusão") While playing tennis with Bruno, Stefania has intercourse with him in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Bruno's wife Erika does with Stefania's husband Luigi in his office, to get the position of guest in a talk show. 3) "Two Hearts and a Hut" ("Dois Corações e Uma Cabana") The maid Katarina is tipped with a high amount and prostitutes with a couple of sadistic & masochistic. 4) "Jolly Bangs" ("Casos") While on the beach, Raffaella fantasizes erotic affairs to the satisfaction of her husband Ugo. 5) "Honni Soit Qui Mal y Pense" ("Que a Maldade Fique com Aquele que Pensa Maldade") The photographer Franco wishes to have anal sex with Anna, who tells him that he can do only after marrying her. When they are invited to a party, she loses her virginity. 6) "Call me Pig…Cause I Like It!" ("Chama-me de Porca…Porque Eu Gosto!") While in London in their honeymoon, Rosy and Oskar disclose the real intentions of a voyeur.

Tinto Brass writes, directs and edits six erotic tales of extremely bad taste and low level. My first impression is that this film was cast in the red light district, in a brothel or in the porn industry. Most of the "actresses" shows cellulite and have flaccid bodies, or are simply wasted. I do not know the target audience of this crap, but I believe that even the most fanatic fan of Tinto Brass will be disappointed. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Faça Isto!" ("Do It!")
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not sure what this film is supposed to be
jaroslaw9916 January 2012
I thought this was an X rated movie when I picked it up. The erections are real enough, but if you're expecting anything like what you see in a regular porn film, you'll be sorely disappointed. Nudity, yes, but actual sex, very very little, probably .001% of the film. The woman's hair gets in the way of viewing what is actually going on in one scene. In another, the steamy shower door obscured most of the view. I think my two favorites both involve the guy on the bed. Each has a boner, one is partially covered by a towel and the woman gets dressed to go out. In the other, it is protruding mightily from the opening in his boxers and she rolls off the bed to sit on the edge and answer the telephone! What is the point of this film? I don't know. (on the handsome Morrocan waiter guy's erection in the first vignette, he can be seen rolling on a condom! He appears to and is briefly shown to be having sex with the wife, probably is, but we the audience don't see anything conclusive. He might not be. Who knows with this crazy movie!) It is far too much for regular TV and not nearly enough for a porno. Too bad because some of the guys really had the equipment and muscular bodies to do a really good show.
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Pretty flick
Cristi_Ciopron9 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Have you already seen FALLO? The women look great. Virginia, especially, is of an overtly plumper shape, slightly unusual even for Brass' world.

Brass' humor is always decadent, coarse, mean, offensive, grotesque and violent and, therefore, also abstract. He might not be the greatest—yet he certainly is the most interesting and intriguing and naughty director. His stance is to take the lowest and surely meanest and most degrading view of most everything human; at this, he's far better than the artistic impostor Pasolini. This trend of porn comes from the cinematographic respectability—Fellini (--e.g., the fetish of plump divas--), Visconti, Cavani (--Antonioni filmed prettier stuff than these, but in an entirely other climate--); Bertolucci comes from the same sex—saturated atmosphere. Brass varied his approach, and took a coarser and plainer way in his last movies (--when it's not over—sentimentality--). His pornography has long been a theme of my writing.

His is some erotica that will survive. The soft—porn exists for directors like him; he doesn't, of course, 'express himself', because he has basically nothing to 'express'. Instead, he ceaselessly draws his porno vignettes, with enviable gusto and instinct. Brass is our guide to sex—guided lust.

Of interest in FALLO are exclusively the hefty sex scenes.

Brass does several _plein air studies of the physiology of orgasm—as in Raffaella Ponzo's scenes with her unlikable partner (this is an Italian specialty—sex in the countryside, orgasms in charming landscapes--); and several chamber studies—as in Frederica Palmer's funny bed scene, and office studies—see Federica Tommasi's scene. The battery of highly desirable babes counts Virginia Barrett, Raffaella Ponzo, Sara Cosmi, Federica Tommasi (--a porno star, go watch her double penetration in a porno short--), Silvia Rossi, Federica Palmer (--a nice _hottie--). The foxy Sara Cosmi's number reminds of the sheltered bourgeois effects used in LA CHIAVE; her naked ass in that discreet bluish light ….

So FALLO is essential Brass; disbelieve the disappointed ….

There are, in FALLO, several great scenes with Raffaella and Virginia—some feminine genitalia's vigorous handling, and the like, plus the delights of masochism and anal sex. The Nazi themes and German accents are there.
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More Brass
itamarscomix11 November 2012
Like the earlier P.O. Box Tinto Brass, Fallo! is another anthology of whimsical short erotic stories from maestro Tinto Brass, and like that earlier film, there's really very little to be said about it; the stories are for the most part very, very silly and dumb, and are really just an excuse for very pretty shots of beautiful people having sex. On the whole I enjoyed it more than P.O. Box; for one, the cinematography was more beautiful, and the lush, modern coloring really does Brass a whole lot of good. And second, it does away with the pointless and irritating framing device. A couple of stories - most of all Dupla Confusão ("Double Trouble") and Casos ("Jolly Bangs") - have enough subtext and wit to raise a smile, but the rest are complete nonsense, and Brass knows it. In his feature films he sometimes tried for more ambitious messages, for better (Cosi Fan Tutte) or for worse (Monamour), but in this case it's trashy erotica all the way through. Might be fun for Brass fans but not much to write home about.
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Do It!
Michael Ledo30 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The film opens with Jerry Rubin's phrase "Do It" a book about the cultural revolution. Tinto Bras continues on with the sexual revolution by giving us 6 tales of promiscuous women. The stories in themselves are nothing great. The production details border on hard-core as there is all kinds of sexual activity including genital close-ups, fingering, and kissing. The extras include 17 minutes of "The Making of..." which is more like an outtake reel showing more nudity, in case you didn't get enough during the 89 minute film
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