The Chorus (2004) Poster


Plot Keywords

boy school
teacher boarding school
choir french countryside
musician single mother
orphan song
children gate
discipline boy with glasses
masturbation teenage boy
choir boy 13 year old
intrigue little boy
teacher student relationship suicide by jumping
dormitory unity
liar lie
theatre audience gratitude
laundry secret code
miracle mythomania
self destructiveness drüss fable
rosette satchel
music conservatory engineer
countess ink
school sport arithmetic
binet simon test rorschach
psychiatrist justice
hot air balloon boys' dormitory
cut by scissors police
coffin graveyard
cemetery breaking a glass window
burial child abuse
american flag new york city
hospital toothache
dentist optimism
joy hope
head injury face injury
suicide by jumping off a building jumping off a building
suicide shower
nurse class
classroom concert
boys reformatory reformatory
fired from the job storytelling
cruelty school detention
bus rehearsal
voice over narration rain
headmaster photograph
photographer face slap
beating pride
forgiveness brother sister relationship
running family relationships
father daughter relationship father son relationship
robbery thief
boy singer flashback
cigarette smoking local blockbuster
remake genius
singing classical music
boy soprano 1940s
boys' school boys' choir
violence theft
skeleton singer
racketeering paper airplane
orchestra mother son relationship
madness injustice
forest fire
school expulsion dunce
music conductor chorus
childhood arson
death of mother

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