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Plot Keywords

gotham fight
fear detective
scarecrow training
cave organized crime
murder ninja
deception party
mafia revenge
bat mentor
gadget mansion
butler critically acclaimed
security camera surveillance
heavy rain prisoner
loner poetic justice
child in peril cell phone
exploding train drifter
kissing first part
experimental technology sack mask
riot birthday
costume gothic
masked hero costumed hero
vigilante justice drug dealer
docks ghetto
social decay gadgetry
armored car news report
gangster mafia boss
henchman mixed martial arts
wiretapping helicopter
kung fu police corruption
corrupt cop undercover cop
undercover orphan
murder of family death of family
snow mountain
monastery monk
race against time water contamination
insane asylum psychiatrist
bioterrorism private jet
prison guard prison fight
tough guy action hero
court trial
city hall judge
lawyer attempted rape
explosion terrorist
cigarette lighter hot dog stand
gasoline terrorism
terrorist group nonlinear timeline
sawed off shotgun revolver
shotgun silencer
hitman assassin
2000s 1990s
1980s 21st century
20th century stylized violence
drawbridge mounted police
grand piano singing happy birthday
injection car rollover
eurocopter as350 squirrel searchlight
birthday present gasoline can
rescued zippo lighter
raining night cityscape
container ship microwave generator
double barreled shotgun ak 47
mp5 aerial shot
falling down a well mortar and pestal
frozen lake glacier
umbrella elevated train
boy wearing a tuxedo subjective camera
son seeing mother murdered title at the end
husband wife relationship violence
warrior gas mask
shootout vigilante
taser machine gun
fistfight car chase
ninjitsu pistol
hand to hand combat disarming someone
ninja army showdown
one against many jujitsu
masked vigilante lifting a male into the air
lifting a female into the air slow motion scene
character's point of view camera shot train explosion
reboot of series man with glasses
british actor playing american character camouflage
recurring dream falling into a well
character repeating someone else's dialogue dark past
cult film flashback
dream chase
female lawyer chiroptophobia
one man army fictional city
terrorist plot mountaintop monastery
altered version of studio logo tragic villain
redemption honor
no title at beginning haunted by the past
disguise neo noir
split personality serial killer
secretary psychopath
police officer killed nail gun
limousine killing spree
drugs anti hero
cliffhanger animal attack
no opening credits shot to death
pearl necklace train wreck
swat team greenhouse
drug smuggling blockbuster
tragic hero vigilantism
urban setting urban decay
secret society secret passage
restaurant rescue
push ups psychiatric hospital
prison political corruption
police detective police chase
poison parking garage
opera mugging
horse homelessness
himalayas guilt
frozen river flying
flower falling through ice
face slap elevator
el train district attorney
crime boss courtroom
cargo ship brawl
body armor billionaire
based on comic book arson
antidote airplane
stabbed in the chest crushed to death
megalomaniac destiny
evil doctor police
fire gadget car
strait jacket shot in the chest
shot in the back person on fire
hanging upside down head butt
hallucination car accident
broken leg presumed dead
mob boss loss of mother
loss of father katana sword
exploding building childhood friend
burning building board meeting
birthday party sword fight
martial arts tibet
falling from height origin of hero
based on comic superhero
caped crusader super villain
secret identity mask
good versus evil dual identity
dc comics dark hero
crime fighter character name in title
surprise ending

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