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Plot Summary

  • The North American anti-terrorist force Team America attacks a group of terrorist in Paris. Later, the leader of the organization, Spottswoode, invites the famous Broadway actor Gary Johnston to join his world police and work undercover in Cairo in a terrorist organization and disclose their plan of destroying the world. The Team America destroy the cell of terrorists, but then the Panama Canal is attacked by the criminals as a payback. Gary feels responsible for the death of many innocents and leaves the counter-terrorism organization. When the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, joins a group of pacifist actors and actresses with the intention of using weapons of massive destruction, the Team America tries to avoid the destruction of the world.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Team America follows an international police force dedicated to maintaining global stability. Learning that power hungry dictator Kim Jong Il (Parker) is out to destroy the world, the team recuits Broadway star Gary Johnston (Parker) to go undercover. With the help of Team America (Stone, Miller, Masasa, Parker, and Norris), Gary manages to slip into an arms dealer's hideout to uncover the plan to destroy the world. Will Team America be able to save the world?

    - Written by Corey Semple <AdamSandler's8SexyNights>
  • A Broadway star, Gary Johnston (voice of Trey Parker), is picked up by the most elite military team ever, Team America. They need him for his acting skills to be a spy on their scheme to stop North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Il (voice of Trey Parker), from controlling the world with many famous actors and actresses, like George Clooney (voice of Matt Stone). From the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, comes an all new way of animation in the form of puppets.

    - Written by Ben Lobel


Team America: World Police exists for the sole intention of stopping terrorists from performing evil deeds...

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