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For what it is, The Wedding Date is a good movie.
amanduh3315 February 2005
If you see a preview for The Wedding Date before you go see it, you understand what type of movie this is. It's a chick flick. It's a cute, mildly funny, sometimes sappy, story about a woman, Kat, played by Debra Messing, so wrecked from her last relationship that when she has to go to her sister's wedding where she knows that he ex will be she hires a male escort to go and make him jealous and her family get off her case. The escort, Nick, played by Dermot Mulroney, isn't your average Gigolo. No, he's what you would consider the cream of the crop, and he doesn't come cheap. A cute, non-threatening premise, for a genuinely cute, non-threatening, romantic comedy.

You can't go in expecting genius, because that's not what you'll get. The Wedding Date, however, is a glorious, indulgent movie that will leave you smiling. It's a movie for women, by a woman director, and it's really for any girl who ever wished she could have a happy ending like Cinderella. It's not all roses, of course, which keeps it interesting. It's all par for the course, however, when it comes to romantic comedies. Plus, the few glimpses of a bare-bottomed, Mulroney will keep you interested, too.

I ranked this movie an 8 out of 10. I wasn't comparing it to Gone with the Wind, or the Godfather. I was comparing it to other cute romantic comedies, and as far as they go, this was a good one.
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Debra and Dermot shine in a less than perfect but lighthearted film
Amy Adler5 February 2005
Kat (Debra Messing), an airline executive, fears going alone to her snooty sister's wedding in London. This is especially so because her ex-fiancé will be there as well. Though young and beautiful, Kat nevertheless plunks down a cool $6,000 for a professional escort. In return, the gorgeous Nick (Dermot Mulroney) must play the role of her new and attentive boyfriend. Kat's sister, Amy, a la Monsoon Wedding, has planned her wedding extravaganza to last four days, complete with picnics, cricket, splashy parties and more. Can Kat and Nick pull it off? Do they have enough natural attraction for each other? And what about past loves? Messing and Mulroney make this film work, period. The script has some weaknesses and letdowns, but the darling duo rises above them. The nice scenery and costumes are also a bonus. There is a moment when Kat tells Nick he is worth every penny. The same could be said of the ticket price, as watching Debra and Dermot is very satisfying. Sometimes, the world just needs a silly love movie. What's wrong with that? I'd like to know.
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A Delightful Romantic Comedy
billpappas5 February 2005
The Wedding Date is an excellent date movie. You can't help but empathize with the characters in this "Pretty Woman" type movie. The two main cast members are a perfect match for each other. More than just a romantic comedy, it is a good people movie in which you can visualize yourself (or someone you know) embodied in one of the cast's believable characters. There are several belly laughs peppered with a few moist-eyed moments making this a very good movie for teens and the young at heart, regardless of age. Granted, it may not be nominated for any academy-type awards, but it rates high marks as a delightful people's choice contender. The movie's entertainment value is clearly worth the price of box office admission. I left the theater giggling to myself...
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i want the time back i wasted watching this dire rubbish
halldanielsl19 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
There have been so many many films based on the same theme. single cute girl needs handsome boy to impress ex, pays him and then (guess what?) she falls in love with him, there's a bit of fumbling followed by a row before everyone makes up before the happy ending......this has been done many times.

The thing is I knew this before starting to watch. But, despite this, I was still looking forward to it. In the right hands, with a good cast and a bright script it can still be a pleasant way to pass a couple of hours.

this was none of these.

this was dire.

A female lead lacking in charm or wit who totally failed to light even the slightest spark in me. I truly did not care if she "got her man" or remained single and unhappy.

A male lead who, after a few of his endless words of wisdom, i wanted to kill. Just to remove that smug look. i had no idea that leading a life of a male whore was the path to all-seeing all-knowing enlightenment.

A totally unrealistic film filled with unrealistic characters. none of them seemed to have jobs, all of them had more money than sense, a bridegroom who still goes ahead with his wedding after learning that his bride slept with his best "i would miss you even if we had never met"!!!!! i could go on but i have just realised that i am wasting even more time on this dross.....I could rant about introducing a character just to have a very cheap laugh at the name "woody" but in truth that was the only remotely humorous thing that happened in the film.
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Excellent romantic comedy
marlene12 February 2005
I went to this movie hoping for a fun enjoyable romantic comedy. I was rewarded with a truly wonderful romantic comedy. I loved everything about it - the cast, the writing and the setting.

Debra Messing and Dermot had good on screen chemistry and there were twists in the plot that I don't think anyone could have foreseen. I hear this movie was done on the cheap but it sure doesn't look it. Debra brought her comedic skills to the big screen showing she isn't just a TV star she is now a full fledge leading lady - watch out Julia!

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys the romantic comedy genre. I loved it so much I would have bought a copy on the spot leaving the theatre to have as my own.

Don't believe the critics who are panning this movie see for yourself a wonderful romantic film.
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Very sweet
sharon_hunt6 February 2005
Critics shritics. I loved the movie. To me, this is a great romantic comedy. It has a sweet heroine and a gorgeous man who literally is the perfect guy for her. Like critics say, it was predictable. But the movie ended exactly like I wanted it to so I wasn't disappointed at all. I left my boyfriend in front of the TV drinking beer and watching the superbowl with his buddies. Hey, if men can have a fantasy world to escape in to, so can I.

Sometimes it's great to just go to the movies and escape into a romantic fantasy. I wish that every guy would see this movie because they could learn something about what women want from the leading man. It's really not that hard guys. I think this movie was the perfect escape for women who don't want to watch football.
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I loved The Wedding Date!
rocknrollkiss5 February 2005
I want see this movie again. After reading some reviews, I had my doubts, but I have to say that I had a good time watching Wedding Date. I found myself laughing throughout the movie, and Mulroney is absolutely hot. Messing is perfect as Kat. They have great chemistry. The writing is smart and fun. I liked how the story unfolded, and the pace was just right. Wedding Date has a few twists and turns to keep it from being another formula flick. The story and characters are refreshing and different enough that it doesn't mimic other movies for me. The English countryside is beautiful, and the other scenes added a romantic touch too. I liked the decor of the her parents' home and her old bedroom. It complimented the romantic theme well and made me look. Any romantic will enjoy this fun and sexy romp.
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light-hearted romantic
Iawa14375 February 2005
that is what i am and that is what this movie is. I don't think it is supposed to be a profoundly deep movie. This is a very welcomed break from the good, but overdone dramas of the day. I love them, but who doesn't like to see a guilty pleasure movie every now and then? This movie can cure the worst attitude and your craving fora good chick flick. It is very funny and the clichés they use are used to please the audience and the characters. so, i mean give it up, sit back, and just enjoy this very awesome movie.

The actors are very well cast, and while i must agree that some of the many plot lines are mostly left hanging, the important ones are not.
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a tale of two lovers-escort style
triple88 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers

The wedding Date seems to be getting a lot of ratings of 1 and 10 respectively. I do not think this was either great or dreadful. The movie was most definitely entertaining and I loved the concept but there is no denying the movie had flaws.

As far as romantic comedies go, this one was pretty fun to view at times. What made it that way was Dermot Mulroney plain and simple. He played the part of the charismatic escort perfectly. His performance was a 10 of 10 and with a lesser actor in this role this movie could have potentially turned out dreadful because while Mulroney's Nick had an edge the rest of the movie certainly didn't.


Wedding Date was a book first which I have happened to read (I think it had a different title.) The book was much better overall. There were a few major flaws here: First the movie didn't develop Kat and Nick's relationship at all. When it starts she has already hired him. That alone is a problem because the audience is immediately thrust into watching the unfolding of a relationship between two people they've been given no time to develop any rapor with. The story is just thrust on us without any lead up or introduction. It's like there's an assumption we are supposed to know Kat and root for her but she's never even been properly introduced to us. I was a bit disappointed with the way the movie started with no leadup at all.

Second is the unrealistic relationship between the two-escort and client. I am not saying that two people in this situation could not fall in love(Julia and Richard convinced me in Pretty Woman.) But with wedding Date there is no enfolding of their relationship. One minute their strangers, then he's her shrink, then they flirt a little then some sex then they can't live without each other. But their relationship never plays out on screen. We never see them getting to know each other and as such, it feels hopelessly contrived when they do fall in love. It's made worse by the fact that in the few moments that ARE devoted to the two of them interacting we can see that this couple has chemistry. But to much was squeezed into the movie in to short a time.

Another problem-how Nick is depicted. At first I didn't think that would be a problem because Mulroney really played Nick well and gave him just enough charm coupled with a certain street smart quality and brooding sexiness that he seemed plausible. The matter of fact way he says to Kat that sex costs extra-it was done well and believably. There were some really good lines such as each woman has the love life she wants and his comment to Kat about how do you know I'm being myself? Even all the girls falling for him at the wedding and everyone confiding in him I could believe because-well-he's an escort and it's his job to charm people. So he's good at his job and charms everyone.

So for a time I really did think that part anyway, was going to be OK. That was before the sex.

After that point, any reality that Nick's character may have held fell away quickly-and that's not Mulroney's fault because as good as he was he had no control over the dialog. And what dialog it was too. The word dialog is the key-unless I can somehow believe that a savvy young escort, who never gets emotionally involved with clients and only a short time ago was trying to get his client to pay him for sex, would then say to the same client a short time later, (meaning it, no payment involved), bearing in mind this is a customer he'd only just met a very short time before and there were no signs of major feelings between them,: I think I'd miss you even if we'd never met.(or something close to that.)

I am not sure if they were doing a Jerry Mguire or something but "You had me at hello" sounded and felt real. This just sounded and felt rehearsed. I am not saying perhaps this wouldn't really happen somewhere to someone but I didn't believe Nick would say this to Kat. I mean you never saw anything between them for most of the movie except sex. So the limits of believability were really tested.

LASTLY-This guy-how did he come to be an escort? That is never explained. He is a bit to perfect, why isn't he running one of Donald trump's companies? Shouldn't we have been told WHY he became an escort, who this man was?

OK-now that I've listed the negatives-I'd still rate it a 6. It was fun and entertaining and a bit above many romantic comedies in the last few years because these two people were actually interesting. If the movie did not have the problems I mentioned I'd probably rate it an 8 because the entertainment factor was there, there was some mild comedy and most of all, was Mulroney's performance. I hadn't ever been a major fan of his before and in all honesty wouldn't have first thought of him for the role of mysterious escort, he seemed to boy next door to fit the part but he not only fit it, he made it his. The chemistry between him and Messing also helped make the movie, chemistry can make or break sometimes and these two had it.

I'd watch this again if it came to television. But I wish it had a bit more edge. More focus should have been given also to Nick as a person. Many of the elements that made Pretty woman a success were not present here and that's to bad. But for what it was it was a bit above average.
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Absolutely Adorable!!!
DrmAngel74 February 2005
This movie was soooo cute!!! It was one of the better romantic comedies that I've seen in awhile. I much prefer Dermot Mulroney in this movie than in My Best Friend's Wedding with Julia Roberts. While the movie did have a very simple plot it was made totally enjoyable by the wacky cast of characters and great one-liners that they tossed out. It highlighted how families can put the 'fun' in 'dysfunctional'. It also had some very good serious moments between father and daughter, and man to man. The movie was about a wedding, and like weddings it encompasses both endings and beginnings. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves to laugh and loves happy endings.
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I loved it!
Arielsong14 February 2005
I saw this movie tonight, the night it came out and it was wonderful. The plot of this movie reminds me of A Walk in the Clouds (Debra Messing's first movie). What chemistry between the main characters! Debra Messing's character reminds me somewhat of her Will and Grace character. She is classic,elegant, and beautiful with her style. Dermot Mulroney is sexy and charming. It was funny and romantic and had some really great quotes. The music was fun so you may want to run out and buy the soundtrack after singing out loud in the theater. I loved every minute and thought it was worth every penny.I will buy this movie the day it comes out on DVD.
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Worst movie in the history of movies
colerz415 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
My roommate and I just got back from seeing this movie and we agree, we've never seen a worse movie in our lives. We're both pretty well versed in films, considering she's been a film minor and I had an internship with a production office last year, and we agree that this movie has absolutely no purpose. To begin it's hard to believe that Kat wouldn't try to make some attempt to tell Nick about her life. Their stories don't even coincide until her "crazy" aunt asks what he does and Kat pulls him into a closet to tell him he's a therapist and give him $6,000 in a brown envelope. There is no flow in the movie at all. Its like the writer had all of these "great" ideas but had no clue how to put them into a cohesive movie. Kat and Nick know each other for 3 days and all of the sudden they fall in love. This is also after Kat finds out that her sister (who's a half sister even though you don't find this out until half way into the movie) has slept with her ex-fiancé who is her sister's fiancé's best friend (yeah, its that confusing). But the funny thing about this part of the movie is that Kat doesn't get mad at her ex-fiancé or sister, but rather at Nick for not telling her (HELLO he's known her for 3 days, why does he think it matters???) This movie goes from bad to worse as the writer tries to frantically make everyone have a happy ending by the end of the movie...but the subtitles are just sexual and pointless. Honestly, one of the things that I didn't get the most was that despite having supposedly grown up in England neither of the girls had an English accent. It felt like the director wanted a vacation so was like 'Ok, let's shoot this movie in England.' I would never recommend this movie to anyone, and despite a few cute quotes that come from the movie this is a horribly written film and should be banned. And NO I'm not just a bitter unromantic...I cried at Hitch and the Notebook and I just appreciate well done films.
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Her sister's wedding
jotix1001 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
One wonders why anyone would try to rehash successful movie plots that have already been seen, like it's the case with this movie. "The Wedding Date" is one of the best examples of why not to even try to remake, under the guise of a new story, something that should have been let alone. If a project like this goes ahead with the studio big honchos' approval, then go all out with big stars and glossy production values, that way, people will come for the stars.

Alas, that's not what happens in this misguided attempt at comedy. The problem seems to be the way the screen writers have transplanted the story to London, when basically, this seems to be a typical American situation that not even the setting will be able to fix. Then there is the problem with the stars. Debra Messing and Dermot Mulrooney? They have as much chemistry as oil and vinegar!

Since the Kat and Nick have no conflict from the start, the viewer is not pulled into the film the way the creators thought they would be. It's clear that Kat will fall for Nick, and vice-versa in this predictable story. Amy Adams, who was the best asset in "Junebug", comes across as a shallow girl who is willing to keep her lie going on and not come clean to the man that loves her and is going to marry her.

For anyone interested, the credits at the end of the film run for almost seven minutes!
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I am actually in physical pain
smyth_shane5 May 2006
I had to visit the bathroom on 3 separate occasions within 1 hour after seeing this movie. My guts were in turmoil after watching such an idiotic and insulting travesty of a romantic comedy. The movie was so dead and moribund in atmosphere that my girlfriend fell off the couch while watching it and slept there on the floor until morning. I did not laugh once during the whole movie and I had to drive 5 miles across town to go to the video store to complain and to get some decent comedy urgently. Dermot Mulroney was so bad in this movie that I truly believe he was trying to sabotage the whole sordid affair. The movie has turned me off love and sex and the British for life. I feel like moving to a monastery and maiming myself. Please pray for me and for any poor souls who see this monstrosity.
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Very enjoyable!
rina-115 February 2005
Looking at the breakdown of the voting on this movie, it's clear that it really appeals to some people, and not at all to others. So I guess the best rule of thumb if you're considering seeing it is: if you like this "type" of movie, go for it. If you're not a chick flick person, just don't bother.

Overally, I found it quite enjoyable, really almost perfect. My biggest gripes, if you can call them that, are: 1) that we're asked to believe that Dermot Mulroney's character is *so* into Debra Messing's character pretty early on, without much to back it up; and 2) that some of the most romantic lines in the movie are spoiled by being used in the trailer (I hate it when that happens).

I thought the casting was well done, and that there was a good amount of character development, probably (surprisingly) more so in the secondary characters. As an added bonus, Sarah Parish (as Debra Messing's cousin) has some really funny lines that almost steal the show. If I had to compare it to something, I'd call it a bit more risqué version of _My Best Friend's Wedding_, but really, don't *not* go because you think it's already been done or is too clichéd - this is a really funny movie that had people in the audience clapping and laughing the whole way through.
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Godawful boring rehash of every other chik-lit wedding picture
LilyDaleLady14 April 2005
Tepid, unoriginal reworking of several other better films on the subject of weddings, such as "4 Weddings and a Funeral" & "My Best Friends Wedding" with a generous heaping helping of "Pretty Woman". Beautiful Kat (Debra Messing, revisiting her "Will & Grace" character by rote)pays $6000 for a male escort (Dermot Mulroney) to accompany her to her half-sister's wedding in England.

I have to mention that "Will & Grace" in the first place is basically a reworking of the film "My Best Friend's Wedding" ANYHOW, with Ms. Messing filling in for the similarly long-red-haired Julia Roberts with a gay friend she is practically in love with, and in that film, Dermot Mulroney ALSO played her old boyfriend! Talk about referencing.

"Wedding Date" is based on a chik-lit novel, set in England, and the story is updated (unnecessarily and confusingly) with the lead actresses being American. This doesn't even make sense, as Kat and her sister are supposedly raised in England from a very young age, and yet both speak with American accents (especially odd for the sister who doesn't even LIVE in the US). It took me nearly half the film to even figure out their relationship, it was portrayed so confusingly.

Mulroney and Messing have no sex appeal or chemistry together, and the dialogue is not witty or charming enough to carry the viewer across the many plot roles or unbelievable circumstances (such as: why a gorgeous babe like Kat has to hire a male prostitute, when any red-blooded man would be eager to date her). The reworking of the "Pretty Woman" plot line is very thin, as male prostitutes are much rarer than female and because we culturally find the idea of a woman paying for sexual pleasure sorta "icky", Kat never actually pays for sex and Dermot's character actually pays back his $6000 fee, thus negating the whole hooker/john(or "jeanette") relationship.

Utterly without any romance, this is the worst chik-lit type film I have seen since "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" and actually it's worse. The audience I saw it with was mostly female and over 50, and they were bored out of their minds. Several left before the unsuspenseful end. Part of the pleasure of this sort of film is the "will they or won't they get together?" aspect, and that's entirely missing here.
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Debra can pull it off
lexxiboo26 February 2005
was able to catch this movie yesterday. i like Debra messing from will and grace and wasn't really sure if she could carry a movie (since she really hasn't had a lead in a while). Anyway, i think she did a great job and i didn't think of her as grace at all while watching the moving. Dermot Mulroney was quite and not to mention easy on the eyes, what a hottie. the movie started out a bit slow but had good one liners that were funny and kept your eyes on the screen. Sarah Parish was hilarious and kept you wondering what she was going to say next. i agree that i was not particularly sure why the weeding took place where it did and just stop trying to figure it out since the scenery was awesome. all in all i'm a sucker for romantic comedies so i say an 8 out of 10.
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Utter bilge
zena-125 December 2006
Why oh why do good actors accept parts in such garbage? Minor plot goofs such as sending his ticket by messenger when they were going to meet at the airport anyhow, transporting thousands of dollars in cash etc I could accept but the whole concept was too ridiculous for words. Debra is undeniably pretty but straight hair does not flatter her and why would such a flat chested girl try to attract attention to her lack of assets in that department? being at a loss to waste more words on this item I can only repeat myself as follows: Why oh why do good actors accept parts in such garbage? Minor plot goofs such as sending his ticket by messenger when they were going to meet at the airport anyhow, transporting thousands of dollars in cash etc I could accept but the whole concept was too ridiculous for words. Debra is undeniably pretty but straight hair does not flatter her and why would such a flat chested girl try to attract attention to her lack of assets in that department?

One can only assume that the preceding comment was written by the distributer.
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terrible, terrible film!
mlle_polkadots14 February 2006
I don't have much to say about this film, I saw it last year and don't remember too much except that I just knew upon seeing it that I had never seen anything worse and hopefully never will! Honestly, don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good cheesy chick-flick as much as the next person and would defend '13 Going On 30' to the death, but a good chick-flick this certainly is NOT!

I've never posted on this site (or any other) before but feel I must warn anyone with a shred of intelligence or who lives or has lived in England: you will spend the entire running time cringing over the painfully awkward, wooden dialogue and laughable (well, I say 'laughable' as a figure of speech; an overwhelming sense of depression will muffle any budding laugh at this attempt at comedy), sub-Richard Curtis depiction of English life. One scene I do remember is the Debra Messing character neurotically trying on her outfits in a pub for some reason that escapes me, and the cheery cockney barman merrily telling her, with no sense of irony and without expecting a slap: "I'd shag you!". Honestly! Underneath each Englishman does not lurk a wildly inappropriate Austin Powers, and frankly, good luck finding an English-speaking barman in London nowadays!

Debra Messing is good in 'Will and Grace' and was either seriously underused and cast only to whip up publicity for this film as anyone off the street could have played this one-dimensional role, or perhaps just comes off well in 'Will and Grace' because of the chemistry with her co-stars, something which was in embarrassingly short supply here. Her best friend or cousin or something, played by Sarah Parish, is more irritating than a fungal infection. All the other characters are hollow, outdated stereotypes.

I came out of the cinema thinking, give me (or most people for that matter) a hundredth of that budget and I could make a film twice as good. And that's really not saying much. 'The Wedding Date' was the laziest, most utterly depressing waste of time and money I have ever paid to see. Everyone who played a part in bringing it to our cinema screens and coercing us to part with a hard-earned £5 should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, if indeed they have a soul and are able to feel human emotions. On second thoughts it is quite probable that this was written by programmed robots, so formulaic and dangerously close to parody it was. Either way, there are more laughs and charisma in watching paint dry! If you are invited to a girly night in and this is on the menu, distract your friends and when they're not looking, strike a blow for quality films, self-respect, humour and originality by taking an enormous axe and smashing this hideous excuse for a romantic comedy into tiny, tiny pieces. :-D
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One of the Best Romantic Comedies I Have Seen
cerosado12 February 2005
I took my husband to see this movie. Despite his whimpering of being drug to a "chic flick", we both enjoyed this movie very much. My husband even says he can't wait for it to come out on video so that we can buy it. In addition to the hilariously funny yet romantic plot, Dermott Mulroney is smoking in this film! I always thought he was sexy, but he put the icing on the cake in this one! (major source of eye candy) We would recommend this movie to ANYONE!!!! This has got to be one of the most romantic films that I have seen thus far. It will definitely keep you laughing and sighing at the same time. This is definitely one I want for my home video library!
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I don't get it...why do people like this????
christine_p221 January 2006
Seriously, I'm all for gooey romantic comedies and will get sucked into Miss Congeniality as easily as Goodfellas...but this movie? It doesn't make any sense!!!! And I'm not even talking about the willing suspension of disbelief kind of not making sense. Why does her family live in England? Or, at the very least, why doesn't she have a British accent? She's sure cozy with her dad and he's surprisingly forgiving of her not being around for the last two years. (On that subject, no one ever makes much of a deal about her being away for so long). And what was with the goofy outfits at the bachelorette party? I'm not even going to get into the fact that the escort she paid for falls in love with her--that could've been overcome by better movie-making. I'm just saying that the characters, the setting, and the plot aren't fleshed out enough to make an even somewhat cohesive story. Oh, and the worst part, in my opinion, is the filmmaker's consistent use of the most unflattering angles on Deborah Messing's nose--I'd have sued the filmmakers if I were her! I mean, honestly, I'm all for women being who they are, but why, in seven loyal years of Will and Grace viewing, have I not ever noticed how incredibly odd her nose is? Oh! Because those producers are kind to her! This movie, like my other least favorite movie ever, Armageddon, is the fault of the filmmakers, not the actors. I can see both Messing and McDermott in these roles with a better writer, director, and producer.

This easily gets my vote as one of the worst movies I've ever wasted time on. I'm just glad a friend loaned me her DVD, so all I wasted was time. If there were a way to make this review ZERO stars, I'd do it.
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One of the worst I've ever seen!
bobo7123 December 2005
I looked forward to this movie for a long time. The previews made it seem like a cute, fun flick, so I excitedly got a group of girlfriends together to go see it. When I saw it, I was horrified. The acting was horrible - flat and sometimes the audio didn't match - and I found it difficult to become engaged with the characters. The plot seemed stale and did nothing to draw me in. There was no suspense. There was absolutely zero chemistry between the leads. It was hard to tell when the characters started "loving" one another. I wasn't expecting this to be an Oscar-worthy movie, but it was awful for it's genre. This movie fails even to reach chick-flick standards.
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Cedric_Catsuits22 December 2009
Shame I can't give 0.5 out of 10, and that's just being charitable. Never in my 47 years have I watched a movie where I felt such contempt for the two lead characters. To say they lack charisma is putting it mildly - what is the opposite of charisma now .. repulsion?

Who on earth would want to watch these two, and who thought people would be prepared to pay to watch them? It astonishes me that movies like this get made at all, and is proof that artistic integrity and Hollywood do not make comfy bedfellows.

Just who owed whom a favour is unknown, but there's no way this movie got through on merit. Mr Mulroney is surely the most arrogant, wooden, mis-cast person in history. He can't act even a little bit, he can barely speak, and he looks not 0.1% as good as he thinks he does, or is supposed to in this role.

Ms Messing is well suited to him in those respects. She can't act her way out of a paper bag. She does not look like a leading lady, cannot speak lines, and barges her way through this movie with the most bizarre display of exaggerated expressions and clumsy movements I've ever witnessed.

The rest of the movie is worse. The locations and sets that are supposed to represent England presumably, look like they came out of a Mongolian mail order 'sets for amdrams' catalogue. I won't even waste my time listing the faults.

Do yourself a favour and watch any other movie ever made, or failing that just stick needles in your eyeballs for a couple of hours - it would be a more pleasurable and valuable way to waste your life.
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Just Awful
jenloe-129 April 2007
I am amazed that someone actually thought "hey let's release this to the public so people can pay money to come see it." It is truly bad. Debra Messing and the other female actors are horrible: I do not believe them in their roles. Also, while it seems like a good idea, is not developed. You do not get attached to the characters. And it just goes from I hate him to I love him to fight so quickly. You never feel like they are in a relationship. It needed a lot more to develop the plot. There are some redeeming qualities: Dermot is hot, but his character is not developed enough to make you care. Horrible writing and horrible editing. Save your money.
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It's garbage
Growler_Griz20 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When I'm reading a book, if it hasn't scored a point by page 40 I give up on it. For a movie, I do the same about 30 minutes in. So I did.

The plot is really slow and dull. It's British, what more to say? It starts in the middle and goes nowhere from there. And it's full of boring nonsense. The main girl is miscast. She's about six rocks short of a hamburger (makes about as much sense as the story flow) In short, it could have been filmed by a high school student group and maybe it was. Here's the plot, from screenit, corrected by me: PLOT: The two meet on the flight over where Kat warns Nick that her family is a bunch of sickos, but that doesn't faze the smooth Nick. For some reason Kat is having a problem because her "ex" is the Best Man. They meet them including the "ex". Why would that give anyone a problem? If it was his wedding or her wedding, I could see a problem, but... oh whatever. Kat pays Nick 6 thousand bucks for some reason plus expenses! And some other nauseating gal thinks Nick is hot. Mom then puts Nick in the same bedroom with Kat - the twit doesn't even ask her own daughter if she wants that!!! Then Nick shows Kat his goodies. She's disgusted, he's bored. Then some more scenes take place, then some more scenes, then some girls think he's a dreamboat, then it turns out Nick is a male hooker, then just when you thought the plot had died, it vomits - Kat has him copulate with her in a boat, even tho they agreed they weren't into that. At least I assume they do, I turned it off at this point. I felt like I wanted to fling this fece into the fire, but I wasted a dollar to rent it, I didn't want to pay a ten for destroying it.

screenit has a beginning paragraph that explains the plot: this was not in the movie I saw. The plot really does begin just where I began!! You have to piece it together, the writer and the director were apparently unable to.

Note: Why does Kat tie up her shirt? Why does she pour water on it, she missed any serious parts of it. Are they playing cricket? Why then are they running around "bases" (poles) arranged like in baseball? If they show it at a party, protest strenuously, and if they still show it, stick a gooey popsickle in the DVD player.
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