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‘Bridges of Madison County’ Author Robert James Waller Dies at 77

‘Bridges of Madison County’ Author Robert James Waller Dies at 77
Robert James Waller, author of the novel “The Bridges of Madison County” that was embraced by Hollywood through its big screen adaptation starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep, has died. He was 77.

Waller died early Thursday morning at his home in Fredericksburg, Texas, due to complications of pneumonia and multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells, his representatives confirmed to Variety.

Waller was born in 1939, in Rockford, Iowa, and went on to receive two degrees from the University of Northern Iowa (then known as Iowa State Teachers College). In 1968, he received his doctorate degree in business from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Bloomington. Later that year, he returned to Iowa to teach management and economics, becoming a full professor by 1977.


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By 1992, Waller famously wrote “Bridges” in a mere 11 days. The novel chronicles the wandering National Geographic photographer Robert Kincaid. He spends four days wooing Francesca Johnson,
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The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 4 Review: 2104

From #BouncyHouseGate to #NapGate, Corinne continues to bring the drama on this season of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 4 brought Nick and his girlfriends from La to Wisconsin, but that didn't stop the show from being all about Corinne.

The girls are (understandably) upset that Nick decided to makeout with Corinne in the bouncy house, and Vanessa confronts him about it. It's safe to say she might be the most mature person to ever appear on this franchise. Nick

If you're here to find a wife, that's me. If you're not here to find a wife, I'm happy to give the rose back.

Vanessa Permalink: If you're here to find a wife, that's me. If you're not here to find a wife, I'm happy to... Added: January 23, 2017

Meanwhile, Corinne went back to sleep with a smile on her face. Either the producers planned this whole "Corinne goes to bed
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Watch: Kelli O'Hara on bittersweet fifth Tony nomination for 'Bridges of Madison County' (Exclusive Video)'

Watch: Kelli O'Hara on bittersweet fifth Tony nomination for 'Bridges of Madison County' (Exclusive Video)'
Kelli O'Hara has been the belle of Broadway for the better part of a decade, reaping Tony nominations for each of her last five appearances on the rialto. However, she has yet to take home the trophy. That could change this year with her Best Musical Actress bid for "The Bridges of Madison County."  -Break- Join the red-hot debate about the Tonys in our fiery forums In our recent webcam chat (watch below), she detailed her five-year involvement in the development of this tuner version of the Robert James Waller novella about an Iowa farmwife and her illicit affair with a National Geographic photographer. She admitted to being both flattered and overwhelmed when composer Jason Robert Brown ("Parade") approached her to play the part of Italian war bride Francesca, which had earned Meryl Streep an Oscar nomination back in 1995. "The amount of miraculous writing and glorious singing he provided me
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Theater Review: New Age on Broadway, in The Bridges of Madison County

  • Vulture
Theater Review: New Age on Broadway, in The Bridges of Madison County
The lights come up, with no fuss or pizazz, on a plainly dressed farmwoman, the endless American heartland stretching behind her. Are we in Oklahoma? Or even Oklahoma!? No, it’s Iowa, but we may be forgiven for thinking of Aunt Eller with her butter churn. And though the thought is quickly dispelled as we learn, in a long musical sequence including barcaroles and waltzes and arias and chorales, that this woman, Francesca, came to the town of Winterset as a war bride from Naples, and that she is beautiful and sad and in a state of perma-longing, the connection to Rodgers and Hammerstein is not irrelevant. The Bridges of Madison County, though based on an insipid novel, is a very serious musical indeed, both rapturous and moral, with a gorgeous score by Jason Robert Brown. It is also one of the few recent Broadway shows to take up the
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Kelli O'Hara and Steven Pasquale to Reunite on 'The Bridges of Madison County' Musical

Kelli O'Hara and Steven Pasquale to Reunite on 'The Bridges of Madison County' Musical
New York -- Kelli O'Hara and Steven Pasquale, currently appearing together in the Off Broadway musical Far From Heaven, will co-star again in The Bridges of Madison County, opening on Broadway in early 2014. Based on the best-selling 1992 novel by Robert James Waller, the show is adapted by Marsha Norman, with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown. It chronicles the brief but intense love affair between a lonely Iowa housewife and a National Geographic photojournalist, on assignment to shoot the area's picturesque covered bridges. In addition to the novel, which sold 50 million copies worldwide, the story

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'Bridges of Madison County' Musical Headed to Broadway

'Bridges of Madison County' Musical Headed to Broadway
New York -- The musical adaptation of Robert James Waller's best-selling novel The Bridges of Madison County, will come to Broadway in January 2014, staged by Tony-winning director Bartlett Sher. The story of a short-lived but intense love affair between a lonely Iowa housewife and a weathered National Geographic photographer was adapted for the screen in 1995 in a version directed by Clint Eastwood, who also starred alongside Meryl Streep. The musical has a book by Pulitzer Prize winner Marsha Norman ('night, Mother, The Secret Garden) with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown (Parade, The Last Five Years).

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Writer/Director Matt Farnsworth Talks The Orphan Killer Past, Present and Future…And How You Can See it for Free!

The Orphan Killer is the brainchild of writer/director Matt Farnsworth. The film is unique in that it's generated an international buzz of interest without ever having had an official release.

Currently marketing the film himself online, Farnsworth has huge plans for The Orphan Killer (review here) and its superstar slasher, Marcus Miller.

"The Orphan Killer is a psychotic horror movie," Farnsworth said. "It's hard to pinpoint exactly what you're going to create when you begin making a film. You've got an idea going in but it never turns out like the exact initial concept. The inspiration for Tok was partly my first film, Iowa…I really liked the practical F/X on Iowa. There was a throat slash, finger cut off, and other practical F/X used. I thought it was amazing when I saw it on film and the blood reminded me of the slashers I saw as a kid in the 80's.
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DVD Playhouse--July 2011

DVD Playhouse—July 2011

By Allen Gardner

The Music Room (Criterion) Satyajit Ray’s 1958 masterpiece looks at the life of a fallen aristocrat as a metaphor for an India that is not only becoming Westernized, but modernized technologically and culturally beyond recognition. When the beloved music room, where he has hosted lavish concerts in the past, starts falling into disrepair as attendance drops steadily, the man realizes his way of life is vanishing. Stunningly shot in black & white, one of Ray’s finest works. Bonuses: Documentary on Ray from 1984 by Shyam Benegal; Interviews with Ray biographer Andrew Robinson and filmmaker Mira Nair; Excerpt from 1981 roundtable discussion between Ray, critic Michael Ciment, director Claude Sautet. Also available on Blu-ray disc. Full screen. Dolby 1.0 mono.

Beauty And The Beast (Criterion) Jean Cocteau’s sublime adaptation of the classic fairy tale become a beloved classic upon its 1946 release, and hasn’t faded since.
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Spring Indie Film Preview 2010

  • IFC
Spring Indie Film Preview 2010
Fans of Ewan McGregor, Kristen Stewart and James Van Der Beek (!) will be seeing double this spring, as arthouses and multiplexes host an array of indie films ranging from the travails of septuagenarian New Yorkers looking for love ("The Last New Yorker") to 13-year-old assassins on the hunt for their first kill ("Kick-Ass"). If real life is more your speed, there are new documentaries about reviving animation strips (the Disney doc "Waking Sleeping Beauty") and stripping down (the burlesque history "Behind the Burly Q"), while foreign wonders like the French crime epics "A Prophet" and "Mesrine" mix with Korean treasures "Mother" and "The Good, The Bad and The Weird."

But of course, why limit yourself to just what's playing in the first-run theater near you? We've also included a look at the films that will be playing Anywhere But a Movie Theater (online, on demand, and on DVD) in the next few months,
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Iowa DVD Review

Koch Vision

Iowa tells the story of two people who recieve an unexpected inheritance and use it to set themselves up in the meth business. Think a meaner leaner more graphic vision of tweaking than Breaking Bad and you have a good idea what to expect. Trouble is you’d probably also expect the insight and artistry of a Requiem for a Dream or Trainspotting given the quotes on the box and instead what you get is nowhere near that developed. There is some gorgeous cinematography and the performances are great- especially the ones involving the physical and emotional effects of drug abuse. But the two aspects never seem to mesh. We get to see the heartland but I’m not sure we ever connect it to what drives these people to make such devastatingly poor choices. There are some short extras in the form of two documentaries “Poor Mans
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DVDs and screeners received: ‘Dennis Potter: 3 to Remember,’ ‘Holly,’ more

DVDs you can buy: Dennis Potter: 3 to Remember. Collection of three telefilms written by the legendary Dennis Potter: Blade on the Feather, Rain on the Roof, and Cream in My Coffee. [available February 10; Region 1; available in Region 2 under the name Dennis Potter at London Weekend Television] The Romance of Astrea and Celadon. A new romantic fantasy from Eric Rohmer, nominee for the Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion. [available February 10; Region 1; available now in Region 2] Iowa. Drama set among the Midwestern crystal meth epidemic, starring Rosanna Arquette, John Savage, and Michael T. Weiss. [available February 10; Region 1]
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Interview: Matt Farnsworth (Iowa)

[/link] is like a drug-induced walk through the Mid-West. In this sleepy town full of shady characters two young lovers begin cooking up drugs and selling it out of a ranch house, hoping to get enough money to leave their world behind. Soon they find themselves escaping reality, on the run and heading on a downward spiral. The story revolves around a young man (Matt Farnsworth) whose mother (Rosanna Arquette) is plotting to kill him because she wants to live alone with her boyfriend, a local cop. So the young man runs away with girlfriend (Diane Foster) and leaves his girlfriend’s father (John Savage) behind. Together they shack up and bring in two more friends to start their Meth lab. The soon takes effect and everything falls apart. The most intense scenes in the film are the ones where the effects of Meth are displayed using every camera trick in the book.
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