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This was BAD!!!

Author: gcNdc from Washington, DC
20 October 2003

Boy did this movie suck. And not in that bad movie/campy way that I thought it would. It took itself much too serious. And having Farrah Fawcett play a women who is the world's most successful actress/singer? The scene where she is recording a song is too funny. She's suppose to be this huge pop singer and the song was really lame, and obviously it was not her singing. And Fawcett, even though shot through tons of gauze, was certainly not looking her best, but everyone kept saying how she was soooo beautiful and talented and gorgeous. And her "acting" in this movie was atrocious. She has the same look for pensive, fearful, angry, happy and contemplative. It's like, "I'm so sad, look at my pretty, curly, blond hair.

And the rest of the cast is no better. Robin Givens is the self centered diva, but really has nothing to do except have lunch with the other characters, act like Samantha on Sex in the City, and realize at the end how much she really loves her daughter. Boring!

And Melissa Gilbert can't act either. She looks good but that's it. And her storyline was the only one that was somewhat interesting/funny. This movie might of been a little better if they got rid of the lame kidnapping storyline. I thought this movie would be about the lives of the famous and wealthy in Hollywood, but the last part of it looked like a cheesy Diagnosis Murder episode. And it's painful to watch Farrah try to act like she's upset.

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Run of the mill

Author: Pankaj Kalwani from Mumbai, India
17 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lissa Roman (Fawcett), Hollywood's most successful singer-actress hires a private investigator to find out if her husband is cheating on her. Her friend Taylor (Gilbert), an ex-Hollywood actress is cheating on her husband with a wannabe 17-something scriptwriter to get feedback on her script which she wants her movie producer husband Larry to produce. Lissa's co-star friend Kyndra (Givens) is too focused on her looks and career and ignores her teenage daughter Saffron (Kandyse McClure). The movie ends with Lissa's daughter getting kidnapped and rescued. Lissa falls for the knight in shining armor, her security officer Michael Scorsinni (Jack Scalia) and they live happy and divorced ever after.

First of all, the women looked really good in this movie...all five of them... Fawcett, Gilbert, Givens, cutie-pie Kandyse McClure and the newcomer girl Pascale Hutton. Melissa Gilbert's cleavage looks awesome. The plot is pretty good and keeps you interested. The movie on the whole is the run of the mill family drama-comedy-romance.

The only thing that really sucked was none of them knew how to act. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but Farrah Fawcett sucked too. Even the new gal Pascale Hutton acted better than her. Hutton's romantic storyline with that Eric Johnson guy was better than Fawcett's storyline. Melissa Gilbert's was perhaps the most interesting storyline with her hot love affair and her lesbian role offer.

Overall, Catch it if u have 100 minutes to spare. Not bad

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oh dear god what a bad movie

Author: renemann-1 from United Kingdom
28 March 2006

actually the film had some interesting story lines. casting was wrong, Farrah playing a young babe was mutton dressed like lamb, she clearly does have some thing , but playing a young middle aged sex goddess probably expired by 1990. I feel they should have changed the storyline and made her a has been successful movie star trying to make a comeback, utilise some of her character acting abilities and explore the insecurities of a women who had it all and now faces a ageist community like Hollywood which remembers stars for their more famous roles, like Charlie's angels "closer to half a century ago". The rhythm of the feel was indecisive, and did not do the book justice. I wish someone would give me half the money to make a film like this - with the story lines , budget , actors the final delivery is SO disappointing.

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What a joke!

Author: tooters from Gladstone, Mi
23 October 2003

I'm sure this remake was listed as a drama but I found myself laughing more then not. Farrah Fawcett looks like she has had her face lifted so many times she cant even smile anymore. I would rather sit through the first version 10 times then to have to watch this again (unless I need a good laugh)

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Robin Givens alone saves "Jackie Collins's Hollywood Wives: The New Generation"

Author: brooksduane54 from United States
17 October 2011

It was The New York Times that termed Marlon Brando and Al Pacino the rescuers of bad films. Well, as with many things The Times had it dead wrong. The person who actually deserves that title is Robin Givens. And she abundantly proves that she merits it in "Jackie Collins's Hollywood Wives: The New Generation." The only other factor concerning "Generation" that makes it worthy is a generous display of female skin (Best example: During one scene where Robin's character, Kyndra, and Farrah Fawcett's character, Lissa, are getting "a midnight massage," we- -hurrah!--see more of the former's smokin' bod than the latter's). But, again, Robin is present and, again, she is just about the only worthwhile element of this stinker. Despite the thinnish characterizations, the mostly-amateurish dialogue, and the crawling pace, Robin's uptown charm, her svelte sexiness, and her keen intelligence shine through and, along with the considerable amount of exposed female bodies and a smattering of incisive dialogue, prevent "Generation" from achieving absolute badness. Really, the producers of "Generation" should have told her what Candace Bergen told the clutch of TV-newswomen guest-stars after they appeared on her "Murphy Brown" sitcom: "You saved our ass."

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The Bodygaurd meets Valley of the Dolls in this trashy made for TV movie ala Jackie Collins

Author: popculturejunkie85 from United States
2 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I first read the novel by Jackie Collins and I thought what a fantastic book, not Shakespeare obviously, but definitely a page turner. When I finished it I thought it would make a great movie. Little did I know it was already turned into a movie. I have to admit I was a little nervous about seeing the movie, as movie adaptations are usually always not as good as the book, and especially TV movies are usually pretty low on talent and budget. I finally tracked this movie down on DVD on ebay, and in spite of the negative reviews on IMDb, I really enjoyed it. While reading the novel I had images of what the characters looked like and for the most part the movie did a great job. I thought Melissa Gilbert as Taylor Singer was great, always loved her, Robin Givens was OK, but Farrah Fawcett was definitely not who i would have chose. The Character in the book was closer to a cross between Madonna and Marylin Monroe. Farrah Fawcett was definitely way too old for the part and looked weathered, tired and haggard much of the time, the rest of the time she had about a pound of makeup on and wore clothes 20 years too young for her.

However I thought the movie was great. If your trying to take the movie seriously and looking for quality, then this movie probably deserves 2 stars, however, if your looking for some trashy, guilty pleasure, camp entertainment then this movie scores. This movie is a basic cable CBS movie of the week, yet its trying to be hip, edgy and sexy, like an HBO/skinamax movie. This is what makes this movie so enjoyable. It opens with Farrah Fawcett finishing up her make up, (which looks like bondo!!) and doing a truly jaw dropping Vanity Fair cover shoot. Farrah writhes and touches herself and mugs for the camera so unashamedly that you just cant help but laugh. She is just too old to be playing a drop dead sexy pop star! The story line weaves together Farrah's story with that of her 2 other Hollywood wife friends. Melissa Gilbert plays an ex actress now married to a prominent producer. Shes trying to write a script and turns to a 20 something hunk writer, who we see for the first time naked, save for a conveniently draped bed sheet. Melissa Gilbert is wonderful to watch as shes very eager to shed her safe image, and we she her talking about oral sex at lunch, taking her top off (back to the camera) and going to bed with her hunk numerous times and eventually acting in Showtime movie about lesbians!!. Farrah Fawcett in the mean time is dealing with an abusive husband who is sleeping with other women and using her as meal ticket. One shocking scene has Farrah getting slapped round by her husband in their bedroom, he throws her on the bed and then unzips his pants practically in her face,(hinting at forced oral sex) She later develops a relationship with a private investigater whom she hires. Robin Givens the last of our Hollywood wives has basically no part, and is mere filler. She is always talking about how wonderful she is and how she is adored by her fans, and is definitely a diva.

The movie looks fabulous. All the women get to look fantastic. In every scene they are dressed to the nines and fully made up. The all drive expensive cars, live in luxurious homes and are filthy rich. The acting is pretty low, which adds to the trashiness. One scene between Farrah and her daughter is pretty shocking because of how bad the acting is. Farrah is supposed to be trying to give advice to her daughter about some man trouble, but cant find the right thing to say. Farrah acts like she forgot the dialogue and stumbles over her words and makes gestures that are so amateurish and lame, it looks like a scene off a blooper real!! Seeing Farrah try to act like a sex symbol and sing like a pop star (she lip syncs worse than Susan Hayward in Valley of the Dolls) makes this a so bad its good movie. The dialogue is full of hilarious profanity( remember its a TV movie so the characters go around saying "Bitch, Son of a Bich, ass, and bastard" as much as possible to make the movie sound edgy!! By the middle of the movie your wanting someone to say F***!!!!) The storyline keeps the viewer involved and has some twists and suspense as it gets to the end.

If your a fan of trashy movies like Valley of the Dolls and movies that showcase an aging actress in a role too young for her, than this is def worth a look! Like the book this movie is mere entertainment and not some Academy Award winning art film!! If you watch this movie for some fun it won't disappoint!!!

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Jack Scalia : A Man for All Seasons!

Author: admin-597 from United States
22 March 2005

Jack Scalia gets better with age..his acting skills always complement Jackie Collins ..Farrah and Melissa Gilbert were perfect casting ..the actors and friendship among the cast added to the story...My main interest in the movie was Jack Scalia, this movie proves that if given the right script his acting talents are enduring..More Jack Scalia in the future . PLEASE! Too many producers look to other countries for actors. Thank You Jackie Collins for giving us a chance to see more projects and actors otherwise not considered for romantic roles..JACK Scalia will still be sexy in his 80s..

Again, this movie was a wonderful escape and ended way to soon! Fondly! jsn

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A so-so TV movie!

Author: felicia-blake from United Kingdom
12 February 2007

I saw this film a couple of days ago, courtesy of the Daily Mail (free DVD giveaway).

I love cheesy films, so I was in heaven for most of this movie. I did however feel, certain story lines were underdeveloped. I would have loved to have seen more of Lissa's husband after he started to slate her on national TV. But he, and that story just seemed to disappear, which was disappointing. I love most things Jack Scalia is in, ever since I saw him in Dallas, and as usual he was in fine form.

I did like the storyline with Melissa Gilbert's character, but I wouldn't have minded seeing what drew her to have an affair - she seemed to have quite a loving husband - I can't have been just because she wanted her film script read??

Farah Fawcet was OK. To be honest, I was more interested to see what she looked like after all the plastic surgery - She still looks good, but should have maybe left her face alone - it was a bit disturbing to see the effects of the obvious 'work'.

Robin Givens was inconsequential...not sure what role she had in the film, and it would have flowed without her - her daughter, I thought was the more interesting one in that relationship.

All in all, the movie was OK, but could have been so much better!

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What a waste of money!

Author: cosatrit from Athens
30 October 2007

Farrah Fawcett is 60 years old. And it shows! I just could not believe that the walking mummy on screen was once the prettiest of the Angels. Hollywood is really harsh with aging actresses but this doesn't give them any excuse for trying (unsuccessfully) to look sexy and desirable until...death, especially when it's not in their genes. As for the movie, the plot and the acting are horrible. The characters and reactions unconvincing. I only watched it to the end to see if it would get worse - and of course it did. The film is supposed to show (once again) how rotten the U.S. Movie industry is and how it affects people's personalities and actions. But no morals are gained due to the shock of viewing one of the worst films ever!

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At least the women LOOKED good

Author: vchimpanzee
20 October 2003

Lissa, Taylor and Kindra are married female celebrities who get together for lunch and talk about their lives. Each one has a daughter. Two of the three are having problems with their marriage because one spouse (or perhaps both) is unfaithful. Lissa's daughter wants to get married anyway. But she discovers she is attracted to her fiance's brother, so ... could she end up following the lead of the celebrities?

I know Farrah Fawcett is considered a good actress, but I don't think this is exactly her best work. Her performance seemed okay to me. I liked hearing her sing, but I don't know if it was her. Dorian Harewood gave a better performance, but he wasn't on screen much.

There is a kidnapping during the movie's second half, which makes it a little more exciting and changes the movie's tone. But mostly the idea seems to be to show as much skin as network TV will allow (though the 'NYPD Blue' level of nudity is not reached) and to curse as much as possible (again, 'NYPD' allows words we didn't hear). I was truly surprised when one character said 'Son of a ....' (What, did they finally reach their quota and they couldn't say any more bad words?) I couldn't believe what Half Pint from 'Little House on the Prairie' actually said. But then it wasn't explicit.

One good thing about this movie: at least some of the characters learn what is really important in life. That is something they were having trouble with at the beginning of the movie, when everyone seemed to be interested only in advancing their careers as much as possible, having all the finer things in life, getting pleasure from wherever regardless of who gets hurt.

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