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Greengrass's style for these kinds of movies is just perfect…
Nazi_Fighter_David21 December 2008
Bourne is an intelligent guy… He's not Bond who relies on potential gadget…He has that cleverness to think on his feet, improvise, make up a plan, and execute it with unbelievable talent, using nothing but what's in front of him…

Matt Damon has got all the Bourne elements—great actions, really cool ability, a great sense of immaculate timing and a little bit of understanding thrown in too… Demon's instincts are profound where the given character is actually very gloomy…

Jason Bourne—an ex-CIA agent infused with violence, is a man who's killed people in cold blood…And yet you feel he's at war with himself… Jason, is above all, emotionally truthful…That's what director Paul Greengrass have done here…It's that feeling of realism, of truthfulness…

The car chase is magnificent… It is about desperation… Jason has got to get to his young woman's apartment to say sorry… That was his only aim in that moment…

Joan Allen brings that cool, cerebral intelligence to the part of Pamela Landy… She's a worthy opponent for Bourne…

"The Bourne Supremacy" takes us to real places in Europe like Berlin where the East-West conflict was focused; to Moscow, a place of uncertainty and peril and good fortune and to Goa, India's most charming of state capitals…
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Excellent movie with a disappointing touch...
gravfire13 February 2005
I was torn while watching Bourne Supremacy. I'll just go ahead and say this before I mislead. I loved this movie! Unfortunately one key aspect just about dragged this film under the water. The camera was far too unstable. It was obviously done intentionally by design choice, but it was excessively overdone. Through action scenes that had you at the edge of your seat, you'd just come to realize that you were only trying to see what the heck was going on. This made these scenes a little hard to enjoy. But not only was it the action scenes; even during quiet still scenes the camera would always seem to be moving, and eventually was giving me a headache. Just to serve as a warning, it's pretty much like that throughout most of the movie, so brace yourself for an adventure of epileptic proportions.

-- However -- The acting was close to brilliant in my opinion. I don't think the casting for Jason Bourne gets any better than Matt Damon because he fits the part perfectly. The rest of the cast all pretty much played their parts well, so I am pleased to announce that there aren't any exceptionally bad actors or actresses. In addition of the immersive storyline, it created a much enjoyable film. For a sequel, this actually surprised me because I enjoyed this movie as much as I did the first. If you're into action flicks, this definitely will not bore you. If you liked the first movie, then you'll most likely be very pleased with the conclusion.
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More of the same, but it's welcome
The_Void27 December 2004
The Bourne Identity was one of those films that some people will love for being different to the average action film, but others will hate for it daring to be 'too' different. Unlike the majority of action movies before it, the first Bourne film, despite having stunts and explosions never put it's emphasis on them, as the focus was always on the central characters and their use of brains, rather than brawn to accomplish their goals. The sequel is basically more of the same, but it's a welcome return in my opinion, as cinema needs films that are different to the majority. It's also a good thing as I'm a big fan of Matt Damon. It's unfair that he should continue to get lumped in with Ben Afleck due to their friendship as he has a lot of talent and I think that the fact he's gone for more art orientated films as opposed to the dumb blockbusters his friend was drawn to like a moth to the light shows that he has a genuine respect for cinema. He stars as the title character; Jason Bourne, who, like the film itself is hardly your average action fare. He doesn't utter one liners shortly before or after blowing someone away, nor does he spend most of the movie trying to look cool; espionage is the order of the day and it works very well in the context of the film.

Because it's plot heavy, The Bourne Supremacy requires the viewer to watch, and the large amount of talking goes some way to distancing this from most other action movies. However, this could also be seen as a bad point as it can, at times, hinder the movie in the excitement stakes and make it difficult viewing for those that do like their action. The movie spans across Europe to a number of different countries including Germany, Britain, France and Russia and this keeps it exciting as it allows the landscape of the movie to change constantly and the film doesn't dwell in the same area. In fact, the film is very efficient on the whole and it never overindulges in anything, which compensates for the amount of talking and allows it to be exciting. Despite it being more stealthy than most, time is still found for a number of high-octane sequences including fist-fights, explosions and a great car chase that looks as if it could have been lifted straight out of Grand Theft Auto.

Overall, I would say that this is a slightly lesser film than the original, but there is still much to like about it and fans of Bourne will no doubt enjoy themselves. It's also recommended if you're sure that every action movie since 1988 is a Die Hard clone...
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Get Ready For More Bourne!
bhawkdown_123 January 2005
The Bourne Supremacy is the sequel to the successful Bourne Identity spy thriller. This movie, directed by a new director, is given a different yet extremely exciting feel to it. The casting is still great, with Matt Damon bringing a deadpan portrayal to the Bourne character. Hes very good in this role, which commits a great success to the whole of the movie. Supporting players Brian Cox and Julia Styles, along with newcomer Joan Allen, all provide stellar support for Bourne. The action is intense and really well done, and the plot is thrilling and will surprise you quite a bit. The camera-work is extremely fast paced, and overall it has a gritty, captivating style. With all of these elements together, you got one great action thriller that in many cases even surpasses Identity! Movies like this are hard to come by, in todays times with many action pictures that just don't work and become tedious. Ill give this near perfect- *** and 1/2 outs 4 Star's- definitely see The Bourne Identity before this- don't fret: you will be very entertained.
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A much more interesting, camp-free James Bond
Flagrant-Baronessa17 July 2006
The Bourne series are, without a doubt, the Bond films of the 21st century. What is even better is that they are the Bond we've been waiting for: one without the cheese, sleaze, camp predictable villains and cheap puns. This second installment in the series is a well-made, engaging adrenaline-booster and surprisingly every bit as good as The Bourne Identity.

Once again, we get to follow Matt Damon as Jason Bourne on the search for his lost identity. He had initially planned on putting his past behind him, but it sneaks up on him in the form of an assassination attempt in Thailand - while he is enjoying his life with Marie (Franka Potente). What I love about Franka Potente is that she is such a natural beauty and not in-your-face gorgeous like Bond girls and the like. It all fits with the low-key style of the film.

This film has mostly moved away from the flashy technology and violent showdowns of its fellow action-thrillers. Bourne Supremacy instead moves back to more traditional kinds of action, just like The Bourne Identity did. Its focus is the chase, not the confrontation or the gadgets. It is extraordinarily refreshing to see an action film like this, even more when it accomplishes everything it sets out to do and has so much brains.

The only minus to The Bourne Supremacy is its shaky, dizzying camera-work. I know a lot of people have complained about this, and usually I would disagree because this kind of cinematography can be a good thing, but it goes slightly overboard in the film at several points.

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A sequel that holds up.
theshadow9082 March 2006
In The Bourne Supremacy, Jason Bourne is living a secret life with his girlfriend Marie, still trying to discover who he is. When he is framed for a crime involving the CIA, a hit-man is sent to kill him. This causes Jason Bourne to respond to a previous threat he made...Anybody from his past life that confronted him, he'd get revenge. He sets out to find out what happened and why he's being blamed.

A lot of the principal players return for this sequel, and it's good to see how their characters evolved since the first film. Some new characters are present as well, and they are good additions to the series. Matt Damon is even better as Bourne this time around, seeing as he's comfortable in the role now. I really enjoyed Joan Allen in her role as well.

The movie never gets too boring, and there is a nice blend between the action and the drama. This movie also features one of the best car chases since Bullitt. The only big flaw is the cinematography. The camera whips around so fast in some scenes that you can barely see what's going on. The movie ends with promise of a third installment, and I personally can't wait.

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what a car chase!
neorej-11 October 2004
After seeing 'The Bourne Identity' two things were clear to me.

First, the screenplay is only slightly based on the novel and/but second it's a great movie. 'The Bourne Supremacy' made the same impression to me.

Normally I don't comment on movies but now I want to share my enthusiasm about the car chase in Moscow! I have seen some car chases but this one is really great.

The (movie)shots from the inside of the car are fantastic. The plot is thin if you know the book, but it is spectacular. Will there be a third movie?
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Sequels seem to be getting better every day, don't they? This is the best action film of the summer.
Li-19 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Rating: *** 1/2 out of ****

2004 boasted one of the better batch of summer offerings in recent memory, and The Bourne Supremacy stood tall and mighty above the rest (well, almost all, Shrek 2 was another great movie), proving that it's still possible for Hollywood to make a gripping action thriller that doesn't rely on CGI or gimmicky concepts. This film is actually superior to its predecessor (a fine film in its own right), moving at an even faster pace, delivering even more kinetically-charged action sequences, and sporting a plot that's more intriguing and rife with conflict.

Picking up two years later where the original left off, former government assassin Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is still trotting the globe with his girlfriend Marie (Franke Potente), hoping he's put his sordid past behind him. But at the behest of a mysterious employer, a Russian hit-man (Karl Urban) tracks him down, killing Marie and leaving Bourne for dead. There are even further complications, as Bourne has been framed for the murder of two CIA operatives, thus pitting agency deputy director Pamela Landy (Joan Allen) on his trail. As Bourne tries to evade the CIA and discover the reasons for why he's been framed, past memories continue to haunt him and may even bear connection to his current dilemma.

The Bourne Supremacy is structured in much the same manner as its predecessor, giving us an anti-hero who finds himself the target in a mystery he must unravel, meanwhile trying to piece together his past. In between the expository/character scenes are heaps of slick, thrilling action scenes which, despite the familiarities in their set-ups, are more than adequate proof that martial arts battles and car chases can be exhilarating if executed with precision and a fresh eye. The Bourne Identity accomplished such a task so effortlessly I feared this follow-up would only seem like a pale imitation, but I'm glad my apprehension was unfounded. Director Paul Greengrass surpasses what Doug Liman accomplished, filming and editing almost the entire picture with relentless energy through gritty camera-work and quick edits.

Far and away the film's standout sequence is its climax. In fact, those disappointed by Identity's lack of a big action finale will find little to gripe about with Supremacy's concluding setpiece, one of the wildest, most exhaustingly thrilling and memorable car chases ever filmed. I don't usually give this much attention to just one scene, but Greengrass brings everything together perfectly during this chase through frenetic filming and editing and employing genuine automotive stunts in favor of CGI-laden crashes. Only Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead featured a more thrilling climax in any film this year.

But even with the first-rate action, what makes Supremacy such an effective thriller is Matt Damon, who provides an unconventional and even morally ambiguous but likable protagonist. Bourne is easily more intriguing than both James Bond and Ethan Hunt combined. Should the franchise extend beyond Damon's involvement, it'll be a difficult task for his successor to match his work in the past two films. The supporting cast doesn't have nearly as much to work with as Damon, but acquits themselves admirably, particularly Joan Allen (looking more attractive with each passing year) and Franka Potente.

The story admittedly boasts some questionable logic; why would Bourne bother checking into that one hotel when it'd be much easier and would draw far less attention to him if he just snuck in? I grant that his move may have been intentional, but with more risk than was necessary. I also have no idea how one of the film's villains (whose identity is a surprise) planned on getting away with that murder he committed. But on the whole, the plot is engaging and the mystery builds to a surprisingly emotionally satisfying resolution. Here's to hoping The Bourne Ultimatum can deliver just as terrific a mix of action, plot, and suspense.
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Lots To Like - A Great Sequel!
ccthemovieman-110 October 2005
An outstanding sequel to "The Bourne Identity," this movie has a lot of what I like: interesting European scenery, an involving storyline of a man being pursued throughout the film; fun action scenes and very little profanity. Plus, some great actors. Man, there's a lot to like in this film!

At first, I was a bit lost. It helps to know the first movie in which the "hero" is an ex-CIA agent who, having lost his memory, doesn't recall who he is and why he is being hunted down by friend and foe alike. There are a few great car chases scenes in here but some of the other action stretches credibility as there is no way "Bourne" could elude his captors as he did several times here...but it's fun to watch anyway.

The herky-jerky camera style may put some viewers off but after I adjusted to it, I didn't mind. It kind of added to the hectic pace of the story. Matt Damon is very good in the lead and Brian Cox is an effective "bad guy," easy to dislike. Karl Urban, a new face, also is interesting as the Russian hit man, even though he has only a few lines.

The is one of the few films ever to have Moscow as one of the location sites. In fact, this Bourne two-part series so far is a like at travelogue. Here in the sequel, we see India, Italy ,Germany and Russia.

Wonderful entertainment, especially if you are paranoid!
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The Name Say It All
Mr_Sensitive10 March 2005
Oh man, I say The Bourne Supremacy is much more thrilling than the first one. The first one was like an introduction of Bourne and now since we know the character, it is left with solid story and thrilled feeling after watching.

The story follows after the first installation; Bourne fight back after being framed by the Russian mob and now the CIA is after him.

What can I say; this is better than Bond series, with all the actions, sophisticated car chase scenes, the cat and mouse chase and the tactic between the killing machine and the world biggest organization. The soundtrack is also great.

This is brilliant movie, somewhat surpass my expectation. I thought it is like a B grade but this is definitely an A.


Rating: 8/10 (Grade: A-)
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Superior Action Film...
pied12 September 2004
This is a superior action film with the added bonus of good acting by Joan Allen, Matt Damon, and Karl Urban among others. The camera work is amazing.

I especially liked the on-locale settings of Russia and Germany.

Jason Bourne is a walking CIA specimen whom the agency deems to dangerous to live. Not all the facts are known about some mysterious murders in Berlin but Jason Bourne is suspected. You know his idyllic life on a remote island will be blown from the first.

How this all is resolved takes the viewer on a non-stop chase through various foreign countries.

Good flick!
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The Bourne Series-Part 2:Supremacy.
morrison-dylan-fan11 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Reading up about the Bourne movies,the era which I found to receive the most praise was when director Paul Greengrass took over the series. Finding the first one to be a brilliant mix of blockbuster thrills and Spiv espionage,I decided to cut into the supreme second offering in the series.

The plot:

Living in India with his girlfriend Marie,Jason Bourne begins to hope that he has finally left his past life of being a CIA super assassin behind.Unknown to Bourne, Russian agent (the dirty reds!) Kirill puts Bourne's fingerprints all over a murder scene where he has stolen CIA cash and files.Wanting to keep his lie safe, Kirill tracks Bourne down and tries to kill him,but accidentally murders Marie instead. Barely escape with his life,Bourne begins to suspect that the CIA have revived their secret training program.

View on the film:

Taking over after the studio skipped giving "difficult" Identity director Doug Liman a chance to return,director Paul Greengrass grabs the flick with an urgent atmosphere.Retaining his documentary/investigative journalism roots, (Greengrass co-wrote the tell-all book Spycatcher,with former MI5 officer and Assistant Director Peter Wright) Greengrass and cinematographer Oliver Wood crank up the suspense with blistering hand held cameras that place the viewer right beside Bourne. Striking the action scenes with a real crunch,Greengrass keeps the adrenaline running high via splashing lightning fast edits and jagged camera moves across the screen,which drink up Bourne's anxiety.

Deciding to do a "re-imagination framework" of Robert Ludum's book,the screenplay by Tony Gilroy and un-credited Brian Helgeland (who got rid of Gilroy's idea for the movie to take place in the USSR!) keeps the action rolling at a fantastic pace bringing in shady double dealings,tense chases with deadly assassins and "grounded" spy action. Arriving as an unplanned sequel,the writers do very well at linking the film to the after effects of the psychological disturbances Bourne suffered in the first movie.

Joined by a hissing Karl Urban as Kirill and a sweet Michelle Monaghan as CIA worker Kim, Joan Allen gives a wonderfully stern performance as CIA Director Pamela Landy,whilst Brian Cox gives the flick a great sinister edge as CIA worker Ward Abbott.Taking Bourne on again,Matt Damon gives an excellent performance as Bourne,whose silent killer skills of the past are given a regretful,raw gravitas by Damon,as Jason is bourne again.
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Very complicated, totally unpredictable
rjc7394 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Story line and cinematography both very complicated. A lot of thought was put into the story and the cinematography. I've never had trouble following a movie with my eyes but this one challenged me to the limit. The camera moves so fast during the chasing/fighting scenes that the images are blurred, the cameras shake frequently (cameras mounted in the cars as they hit bumps or other cars or take turns at high speeds), the cameras aren't centered, the images are too close. Sometimes the film pans in 3-4 different directions/angles within 1-2 seconds. That's how rapid the camera is. The first thirty minutes of the movie I didn't know what was happening because there was so much information being thrown out and I was ready to not go any further. I couldn't piece together who was who. The CIA agents were talking so fast and soft that I couldn't understand them. Bourne has the CIA hunting him, Germans hunting him, and Russians hunting him. You have a Russian agent in Tangiers who tries to kill him, CIA agents killing each other and Bourne tracks an unknown agent in Germany and kills him. I didn't believe one fight scene where Damon loses his gun and picks up a rolled-up magazine and starts beating this agent to a pulp with it. Hollywood. And when Damon breaks into an apartment or hotel room he knows exactly where everything is: the circuit breaker, the gas line, computer hard drives, etc. (I suppose that's done to save time). Then things started making a little more sense. The film uses flashbacks to help piece together some of the unknowns. The car chase scenes are really fantastic in this movie (if only the editing was more discernible). There is a long tunnel chase/crash scene which is the best I've ever seen. (You literally have to grab something during this scene because the drivers are so close to killing themselves). The stunt drivers in this movie really earned their pay. There are a couple real clever twists that happen in this movie. The music is very well done, it accentuates the scenes very well: not over-powering but not boring, either. Matt Damon did a great job although his involvement was not as active as the first Bourne movie: much of the movie centered around the CIA. Damon can play tough guys without coming off too strong like a Stallone or a Sean Penn which is refreshing. The ending was really good. I suppose that's it for the Bourne series, he has been vindicated. If you are elderly and have trouble focusing your eyes you will not be able to follow this movie. Bourne #1 was a better movie because it was easier to follow but Bourne Supremacy is unlike so many other Hollywood movies that it's a must see.
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The title says it, Mr Bond
Framescourer14 August 2004
A supremacy over the Bond franchise, increasingly. Matt Damon reprises an impressive, convincing delivery of a role well executed the first time around. Dalton's efforts come closest, alas within the insuperable cage of audience/exec. production expectation (and reasonably so, I might add).

The equal star of this picture is the efforts of the director Paul Greengrass. I stumbled on a televised doc-feature of this film a couple of hours ago (the sort of thing that becomes a DVD special feature). Greengrass pints to his work in documentary as a style and means of getting closer to the principal character as he tries to discover (i) who he is and (ii) what the ever-present forces are that cause his mental and occupational Sturm und Drang. It all works - the hand-cam and editing chucks us about and it's exciting trying, visually, to keep up with Bourne's every move. There's next to no CGI (the aforementioned documentary claimed none but I don't think that's possible these days) so the interest stays with the characters and never strays into the peripheral or wantonly spectacular.

The one downside with these production values is that one can get a bit seasick at being in the centre of a fight/chase sequence - I kept wondering why Greengrass doesn't put Bourne's heart rate up on the screen as well for good measure. Anyway, the irony is that this film is a Hollywood studio flick: two preposterously good looking spies (Karl Urban's Russian nemesis to Bourne, Kiril, being the other) engaged in a ripping thriller with a shady baddie and a handful of classy women. So bravo to Universal's production hit-squad for not interfering with the project (i.e. trying to work up non-existent sub plots or pointlessly maintain A-ish-list screen time, etc.). 8/10
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Great sequel that improves on the original
christian1236 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The Bourne Supremacy is a very entertaining action movie and even though it feels and looks like the original its still a great sequel. In The Bourne Identity, sleeper agent/assassin Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) went on the run from his own agency, the CIA, when they tried to take him out of commission. Although he thought his troubles were over, he is forced back into the life when he is framed for a botched CIA operation, so he takes the fight back to them while trying to find out more about his past and the memories that haunt him. The plot is very good and it is carried out well by a talented cast. The film keeps you on the edge of your seat and you most likely won't be bored. The best new addition to the cast is Joan Allen and she gives a really good performance. Matt Damon is once again Jason Bourne and he gives a great performance. Brian Cox is also back and I like him this time around because he dies and you don't have to deal with him anymore. The last main part of the cast is Julia Stiles and she may actually have a future ahead of her in Hollywood. Paul Greengrass directs and he does a good job of replacing Doug Liman. The direction is really good and it keeps its audience interested and it keeps you guessing right until the end. Some people will complain that there's nothing new and its not worth the time to watch but its a lot more exciting then the original. Rating 8/10 a nearly flawless action movie that improves over the original. I recommend you see this movie it won't disappoint you.
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Greengrass takes the series to a whole new level
tomgillespie20022 September 2016
When we left Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) at the end of the previous film, The Bourne Identity (2002), he had managed to out-think and out- fight the CIA operatives gunning for his head, and had seemingly found a happy ending for himself in Goa, India with his girlfriend Marie (Franka Potente). But the laws of franchise film-making mean that the shady types hunting him down the last time still want him dead to tie off any loose ends, and Bourne must again use his CIA- trained super-soldier skills to escape anything coming his way. Dumping director Doug Liman turned out to be the wisest choice the producers made. No disrespect to Liman - Identity was a well-made film - but the hiring of Brit Paul Greengrass took the series to a whole new level.

Jason Bourne is still trying to piece together his memories - which appear to him in dreams Manchurian Candidate style - keeping a scrapbook in the hope of unravelling the mystery. One day he notices a man who looks oddly out of place, and Bourne's suspicions turn out to be justified as the man, played by Karl Urban, quickly tries to kill him, accidentally shooting Marie in the crossfire and leaving Bourne once again on the run and trying to figure out the plot against him. As we learn in the opening scene of the film, Bourne has been framed by some Russians for killing CIA agents during an operation overlooked by Deputy Director Pamela Landy (Joan Allen) to obtain some important documents on one of Bourne's previous kills.

The film takes Bourne to Naples, Munich and Moscow, but what makes this series superior to the continent-hopping of James Bond and his quest to bed every woman he comes across is Bourne's skill-set, as well as the gravitas Matt Damon brings to the role. Whether or not he will survive the encounter was never in question (especially with the knowledge that this is part of a book series by Robert Ludlum focusing on the character), but what makes it so thrilling is the way he dodges every bullet fired at him and dispatches every brooding assassin sent to get him. By keeping the action once again grounded, the fight scenes are brutal and messy (Bourne even convincingly beats someone up with a rolled-up magazine). Greengrass brings his famous shaky-cam to the proceedings, and although it occasionally induces sea-sickness, it transports you right in the middle of the fight.

Away from the action, a group of suits similar the ones in the previous film employ every spy trick in their power to track and take down their target, while trying to decipher Bourne's actions and motivations. It's incredibly similar to the plot of Identity, and in many ways to the next film, The Bourne Ultimatum, but you'll find it difficult to care that you're essentially watching the same film again when the action is this good. Greengrass also brings a dramatic edge that Liman failed to infuse into his film, with Bourne seeking out the daughter of a married couple he executed while still working for Treadstone in the hope of seeking forgiveness for his actions. That's not to say that Bourne spends the majority of the film pouting and brooding - the film is too fast-paced to stop and catch its breath for too long - but Damon does some great understated work here, and this is the main attraction, at least to me, of the trilogy.
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Bourne Again
zardoz-137 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Paul Greengrass took over the helm from Doug Liman, and "The Bourne Supremacy" is just as action packed, but Green grass clearly takes things to a higher level. The budget on this sequel stands out as we rejoin Bourne and his girlfriend Marie (Franka Potente of "Run Lola Run") living off the grid in India. Things rapidly change in paradise as a Moscow Secret Service agent (Karl Urban of "Doom") ferrets our hero out and goes gunning for him and ends up killing his girlfriend. As it turns out, Some sneaky Russians have broken up a CIA rendezvous and killed two agents.Furthermore, they have framed Jason Bourne for the homicides. CIA bigwigs Pamela Landy (Joan Allen of "Face/Off") and Ward Abbott (Brian Cox of "Troy") pack it off to Berlin after Bourne turns up suddenly in Naples and surprises everybody. Landry brings in Nicky (Julia Stiles of ("10 Things I Hate About You") to help figure out Bourne's next move. The fight scenes are strong and the no-holds-barred chase scene in Moscow is one of the best. Damon turns in a robust performance as the tight-lipped, quick-thinking Bourne who manages to stay a jump ahead of his adversaries, but he is by no means means indestructible, and he displays some sympathy. Cox is a slimy villAin who kills his own without a qualms.
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More of the same ...
robert-giffords21 July 2004
... which isn't a bad thing if you liked the first one (which I did).

The outline is different, but the core of the movie is the same -- lone agent off the reservation kicks butt and takes names. Damon does a fine job in the role. As noted by other reviewers, the plot doesn't really come together until the end, but it does come together.

Like the first, there is one big hand-to-hand fight scene, an explosion or two, big car chase (this time through Moscow, not Paris), etc. Unlike at least one other reviewer, I really liked the jittery camera -- it made things seem edgier and tense, which was appropriate. I believe much (most?) of the movie was shot with hand-held cameras.

Anyhow, I definitely recommend it -- it won't win any Oscars for screenplay, acting, etc., but is solid entertainment, which is what most are looking for from a summer movie.
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Spy Movies Haven't Been This Cool Since The '60s
hokeybutt11 February 2005
THE BOURNE SUPREMACY (3+ outta 5 stars) Nifty follow-up to "The Bourne Identity", one of the best action-thrillers to come out in recent years. Even though these movies don't skimp on excitement they also provide plenty of story and character development so that you don't feel you're being bombarded with one idiotic action sequence after another. The storyline isn't quite as gripping as the first... at times it seems to be just repeating itself... but ultimately the movie proves itself to be a worthy successor, thanks to the performances (Matt Damon as Bourne, Brian Cox as the head of a super-secret US spy agency... and the addition of Joan Allen as a determined investigator determined to track down and neutralize Bourne). Franka Potente doesn't have as much to do this time around... but Julia Stiles gets one especially intense scene that shows off her acting skills to the max. Yes, when you get right down to it the movie has a sense of "been there, done that" about it... but not very often are movies of this type done with this kind of skill and dedication... spy movies haven't been this cool since the '60s.
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Entertaining but misses the point of why Identity was so good
raddude-chan26 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
While definitely an engaging film that had me enthralled, The Bourne Supremacy is missing a key element that made The Bourne Identity such a great action film. That element was the bold decision to kill Franka Potentate's character in the first Act of the film. In Identity, Potentate gave a nice balance of humanity to Jason Bourne's character. The contrast between the cold blooded killing tactics and the warmth and awkwardness that Damon shows in his scenes with Potentate lent great sympathy and likability to him. By eliminating Potentate, Bourne loses that important balance that instead leans towards his brutal side. To make up for it, the Director decides to add on a cheesy ending with Bourne and the daughter of his victims.

Also, by eliminating an essential character for Bourne to play against, Damon has very few lines of actual dialog. I bet if you counted the words spoken, that both Joan Allen or Brian Cox had more lines spoken than Matt Damon. It's a shame because Damon is a fine actor who shows great vulnerability despite being a stone cold killer.

Lastly, Hollywood must stop the cliché use of hand-held cameras for action films. Designed to give the audience a feeling of chaos, hand-held cameras have instead become lazy film-making. A great director doesn't need to shake the camera to create scenes of chaos. Rather, the great ones create chaos on the screen all with a stationary cameras and tracking shots without leaving the audience nauseous.
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Born to be Bourne, but no supreme direction
David Ferguson26 July 2004
Greetings again from the darkness. I am a huge fan of the first Bourne movie and am now throughly convinced that Matt Damon was truly born to be Bourne. He has always appeared uncomfortable with being an actor (and definitely with being a movie star), so playing Jason Bourne is the perfect match. Bourne is uncomfortable, though, exceptional in most situations whether kicking the crap out of airport security or driving a cool little jeep through the streets of India. Bourne #2 delivers this exciting character into a world where both sides are against him - even his own side.

What this one lacks is a great script and professional direction. Director Paul Greengrass seems clueless on shooting action scenes and we rarely know if we are looking at a kneecap, hubcap or ballcap. He seems intent on being stylish rather than capturing the essence of the action. This story was "based" on Ludlum's character and the story lacks any real spice. We know where it is headed the first time we see the meeting room with Joan Allen (at her usual ice queen level) and Brian Cox (delivering the best line in the movie - "puddle"). Franka Potente returns as Bourne's babe, though her screen time and lines are far too limited. On the other hand, Julia Stiles gets just enough with her 6 minutes. Karl Urban is an uber-cool bad guy, but of course, this is Matt Damon's film all the way. Some great scenery shots of the world's great cities, but alas, the direction and screenplay prevent this from being all it can be.
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About as good as the first
Patrick Splinter29 November 2004
The first movie left the plot of the book about half way through the movie. I only read about 1/4 of the second book, but it looks like they didn't follow much of it all. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The story picks up 2 years later and Jason and Marie are hiding out in India. Jason has been framed (like the book only it's a different murder) and also targeted for kill by the guy who framed him (I'm not sure why they decided to frame him and then kill him..). Anyway the movie takes off when he goes into Bourne mode and kicks but doing his super spy stuff (which is the best parts of the movie). The must have been problems shooting the chase scenes because the dam camera jumping all over the place was driving me nuts. Hey may say it's for dramatic effect, I say it's because if you don't shoot the scene well you can't be edit it into a dramatic one. I don't know. Anyway the plot was good and the character Pamela Landy reminds me of Harvey Keitel in Thelma and Louise. I suppose they will complete make a new plot for the next movie and call it the "Bourne Ultimatum" and not follow any of the third book. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 8/10 (would have been 9/10 if the chase scenes were not so camera jumpy).
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This is how sequels are made.
Geetarchik28 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This film was surprisingly satisfying for a sequel, in fact it could probably stand alone, as there is plenty of background provided throughout the film. Although the plot line is a little cliché (ex-spy tries to settle down with girl, spy's old boss kills girl, ex-spy seeks revenge), the way Bourne is depicted is surprisingly realistic, which is in keeping with the original film, Bourne Identity. He doesn't manage to keep it together the way characters such as his often do. He is shown throughout the film as unstable, which gives us continuity from the previous film, and allows us to relate to him more than characters like James Bond, for example. Compared to the regular action man, Bourne is innocence one minute, murder the next, a deeply flawed, guilt-tripped, nervous wreck with a smooth finish, making him both identifiable and undefinable with his complexity. The other characters in the film are also well portrayed, Nicky reacts perfectly to encountering a human killing machine, Pamela Landy is both tough and vulnerable when dealing with Bourne, Krill, the Russian assassin, is cold and calculating to the end, and Ward Abbott's eventual suicide was surprising yet appropriate for the classic good-guy-turns-out-to-be-bad villain.
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Sanou_san30 October 2008
I knew that a Bourne sequel would deserve its predecessor, and here it is! I knew how well the preceding Bourne movie had worked well, and this one…is indeed a pretty decent movie—it is way more decent, it's spectacularly far better than the preceding one. This is so much unexpected indeed for most sequel-prone movies, where the crew behind usually lose their talent to infuse more creative layer for sequels, but this one is totally different! I never expect how well they manage to elevate the quality and standing of the movie. Bourne Supremacy continues with Jason Bourne, after quite sorting out things in his past in the first movie he come to live in peace with her girlfriend (whom he met throughout his retracing journey in Bourne Identity) Marie Kreutz (Franka Potente) in India. However some of those use to poison CIA by letting an ambushed operation of them, manage to let Jason Bourne's identity held responsible thus endangering his life (and his girlfriend as well) once again. The first few minutes of the movie was indeed a mix of thrill, resentment and lament, but when it continues so are our surprises continues as well. Paul Greengrass has indeed a lot of aptitude to heave this movie into an exceptionally brilliant movie.
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Fast-moving fun ride
rdsherry26 July 2004
I really enjoyed this chapter and am hoping for more. The action was fast-paced, and the violence was not gratuitous. The plot was legitimate (within the context of the story) and Damon's persona was once again impressive.

My only criticism is the big car chase through the tunnel. My guess is that the Lada taxi would probably have fallen apart after the first whack, and that the scene went on too long. The great thing about the first movie's car chase was that it was wild, but somehow realistic. They didn't need to get big and splashy - i.e. Hollywood - this time around.

The locations were terrific and the editing was good. The build up of tension was such that I got nervous even when Bourne went into the bathroom just to wash up!

All in all, I really enjoyed the ride and am hoping for at least one more.
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