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[last lines]

Jason Bourne: Get some rest, Pam. You look tired.

Pamela Landy: What if I can't find her?

Jason Bourne: It's easy. She's standing right next to you.

Kirill: You told me I had one month off.

Gretkov: You told me Jason Bourne was dead.

Tom Cronin: He's making his first mistake.

Nicky: It's not a mistake. They don't make mistakes. They don't do random. There's always an objective. Always a target.

Pamela Landy: The objectives and targets always came from us. Who's giving them to him now?

Nicky: Scary version? He is.

Jason Bourne: You killed Marie.

Ward Abbott: *You* killed Marie. The moment you got into her car. The moment you entered her life, she was dead.

Nicky: They know you were there.

Jason Bourne: Stop, stop! A week ago, I was 4,000 miles away, in India, watching Marie die. They came for me, and they killed her instead. This ends now.

Ward Abbott: [senses Jason Bourne standing behind him] I don't suppose it would do me much good to cry for help, huh?

Ward Abbott: You're in a big puddle of shit, Pamela, and you don't have the shoes for it.

Marie: Because sooner or later, you remember something good.

Jason Bourne: I do remember something good. All the time.

Jason Bourne: She wouldn't want me to.

[in reference to Marie, as he stands over Abbott with a gun in his hand as if to kill him]

Jason Bourne: That's the only reason you're alive.

[Bourne brings his hand down, revealing he was holding a tape recorder to Abbott's head]

Nicky: Jason, please don't hurt me.

Jason Bourne: What were my words? What did I say? I said leave me alone.

Nicky: Jason I know, I told them I believed you.

Jason Bourne: I'm gonna ask you some simple questions. You're gonna tell me the truth or I swear to God I'm gonna kill ya.

[holds a gun to both himself and Landy]

Ward Abbott: I'm a patriot. I served my country.

Pamela Landy: And Danny Zorn? What was he?

Ward Abbott: Unlucky. Collateral damage.

Pamela Landy: So, what do we do now?

Ward Abbott: I'm not sorry.

Jarda: Word in the ether was you'd lost your memory.

Jason Bourne: You still should have moved.

John Nevins: [picks up the phone after being knocked down by Bourne] Hello?

Pamela Landy: This is Pamela Landy, C,I, supervisor. Where do we stand?

John Nevins: I... I think he got away...

Pamela Landy: Have you locked down the area?

John Nevins: Locked it down? No, no... this is... this is Italy - they don't exactly 'lock down'.

Pamela Landy: You wanna to go home? Find Jason Bourne.

Pamela Landy: What?

Ward Abbott: I know how you're feeling. You lost two men in Berlin and you want it to mean something, but nothing Bourne gives you will bring your men back. Nothing in those files makes their sacrifice worthwile. You have to let go. We're professionals, when an operation goes bad, we tie it off.

Pamela Landy: If there's something you're not telling me I want it now before I send that girl out there, do you understand?

Ward Abbott: You talk about this stuff like you read it in a book.

Jason Bourne: We don't have a choice.

Marie: Yes, you do.

Pamela Landy: I was hoping you had some time for me.

Ward Abbott: Time for what?

Pamela Landy: I'm free right now, actually.

Ward Abbott: That sounds ominous. Let me check my schedule.

[checks his watch]

Nicky: He was trying to sell out a mole or something, but you got to him first.

Jason Bourne: [surprised] I killed him?

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[first lines]

Conklin: [voiceover - memories] This is not a drill, soldier. We clear on that? This is a live project. You're a go. Training is over. Training is over.

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Nicky: [panicking while being interrogated by Bourne] Your first assignment was in Geneva...

Jason Bourne: [slams Nicky against a wall] You fucking people!

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