Rik Mayall: BBC Two to air classic Bottom episode in tribute

BBC Two will pay tribute to Rik Mayall on Sunday night (June 15).

The comedian - who died aged 56 on Monday (June 9) - will feature in a classic episode of Bottom at 10.30pm, in place of a Qi repeat.

Rik Mayall's 5 best roles: From Young One Rick to Drop Dead Fred

The first series episode 'Gas' originally aired on the channel back in 1991.

'Gas' features Richie (Mayall) and Eddie (Ade Edmondson) being caught for stealing next door's gas supply, before seemingly beating the gas man to death with frying pans.

BBC Two will also broadcast a repeat of Comedy Connections: The Young Ones at 11pm. The special looks back at the classic 1980s sitcom, featuring archive interviews with Mayall.

Rik Mayall 1958-2014 obituary: A true one-off and comedy eccentric

Mayall's wife Barbara stated yesterday (June 12) that her husband died after suffering an "acute cardiac event".

The late comic is
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Britain's Got Talent dominates Saturday night with 8.8 million

Britain's Got Talent dominated primetime with nearly 8.8 million last night (May 17), according to overnight data.

The talent show competition attracted 8.79m (40.9%) from 8.15pm (+1: 478k/2.5%) after its start was delayed by the Fa Cup final.

The football, which was contested between Arsenal and Hull City, averaged 5.35m (40.6%) from 3pm. Elsewhere, Amazing Greys managed 2.02m (11%) after Britain's Got Talent finished.

On BBC One, 7pm's Pointless Celebrities took 2.87m (15.3%), The National Lottery: In It to Win It earned 3.18m (15.9%) afterwards and The Guess List took 2.74m (14.4%) from 9.35pm.

BBC Two's Museums at Night had 385k (2.1%) in the 7pm hour. Bob Larbey: A Tribute followed with 571k (3%), while a Comedy Connections repeat and All About the Good Life averaged 753k (3.6%) and 1.09m (5.2%) respectively.

Channel 4 showed repeats of The Restoration Man (345k/1.8%) and Grand Designs (656k/3.2%) before X-Men: First Class entertained 2.12m (12%) from 9pm.

Meanwhile, two Channel 5 repeat episodes of NCIS
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'Father Ted's Father Dougal responds to Pope campaign

Father Dougal has responded to calls for him to be the next Pope.

The Father Ted character has emerged from hiding on Craggy Island after 15 years to back the Facebook campaign calling for his appointment to lead the Roman Catholic Church.

> Father Ted's Greatest Ever Episodes - Friday Fiver

"This is great! Obviously very excited. Had no idea I was in the running, to be honest," said Dougal.

"If I am made Pope the first thing I will do is make Sunday a recognised day of worship. Hurray!"

The Facebook fan page has amassed over 16,000 likes since its creation last month.

The community calls for the controversial appointment "because nobody else could concentrate so hard on looking so holy than Father Dougal McGuire himself".

Pope Benedict XVI announced his retirement last month, becoming the first man to voluntarily leave the position in 600 years.

A total of 115 cardinal-electors have today
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Father Ted: Series 1-3 DVD Review

Created By: Graham Linegan and Arthur Matthews

Starring: Dermot Morgan, Ardal O’Hanlon, Frank Kelly, Pauline McLynn

Ireland always produces great comedians, writers and artists and there’s probably not been a better or equally more bizarre cult-classic comedy than Father Ted on the Irish shores or, to be truthful, in the UK at all in the late 1990s. For those who don’t know, Father Ted was created by Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews who invented the vividly insane world of Father Ted Crilly. He’s a priest that has been stuck on an Island somewhere off the west coast of Ireland (just past Donegal and past again), in a small parochial house. His days there are shared with the endlessly stupid Father Dougal (Ardal O’Hanlon) and the endlessly aggressive Father Jack (Frank Kelly), the latter who sits sleeping, drinking and shouting – a direct satirical reminder of the later life of Catholic priests.
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Win! TV Cult-Classic Father Ted – Series 1-3 On DVD!

From award-winning creators Graham Linehan & Arthur Mathews and starring Dermot Morgan as the eponymous Father Ted Crilly, the brilliant and much-loved comedy, Father Ted, Series 1, 2 and 3 are now available to own separately on DVD from 11th March.

Each series of this laugh-out-loud comedy classic is also loaded with hilarious extras including brand new commentaries and interviews with Graham Linehan & Arthur Mathews, Tedfest 2007: A Very Ted Weekend & Tedfest 2007: Two tribes go to war, Commentary with Graham Linehan & Ardal O’Hanlon, Comedy Connections, Comic Relief with Ted and Dougal, and Channel 4’s 30 Greatest Comedy Shows. Plus, each series comes with brand new individually designed bespoke illustrated packaging designed by renowned cartoonist, Tony Millionaire:

“I’ve loved Tony Millionaire’s work for years and seeing the show through his eyes is a dream come true.” -Graham Linehan.

Laugh out loud again with Father Ted Series 1, 2, & 3 available to own from 11th March 2013 or…
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The Office Collection Special Edition Review And Giveaway

Though the American version of The Office is one of the increasingly rare success stories when it comes to "translating" British shows, it still can't hold a candle to the mad genius of the original. Talking up the show at this point is likely useless, but the entire collection has a new DVD release, and it's something well worth putting on your radar for potential gifts.

The only real question here is whether or not a new version of the full series release is actually necessary, and/or whether or not there is enough new content to qualify as sufficiently dissimilar from the one that already exists.

The answer is probably no, if I'm being honest, but I'm a sucker for the show, and liable to encourage purchasing anything that might come along. What works for this particular release is simply the timing, and the fact that there are people
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The Office 10th Anniversary is being celebrated on DVD?

It's been roughly ten years since a little series called The Office premiered on the BBC and people took serious notice of an upcoming young comedian named Ricky Gervais. During that time Gervais has maintained a decent if somewhat static career trajectory, The Office has been refashioned into one of the great American comedy series ever and more people than ever know about the original British incarnation of it. So is a another DVD edition of it necessary? BluRay perhaps but the 12 episodes and Christmas Special have long been available and all that's really been added here are six new episode intros by Gervais and Stephen Merchant and the BBC special, Comedy Connections: The Office and Heroes of Comedy: Rickey Gervais. Rabid fans take...
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DVD Review - The Office: Special Edition

DVD Review - The Office: Special Edition

There's hardly a television series funnier than The Office, a BBC2 series which aired from 2001 to 2003. Created by then-unknowns Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the series became a modern television classic, spawning off plenty of remakes (including the American Office, which still airs on NBC). It's been ten years since The Office first premiered, and on November 22, BBC DVD released a ten-year anniversary special edition set of the series.

The Office is a mockumentary that follows the lives of workers in the Slough branch of the Wernham Hogg Paper Company. The star of the show is undoubtedly David Brent (Gervais), the Regional Manager who believes he is well-liked when in reality, his self-absorbed nature and attention-seeking behavior generally make him to be a pitiable figure. The presence of the documentary cameras in the office only fuel Brent's desperation for attention.

Also present
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DVD Review: Special Edition of BBC’s Original ‘The Office’

Chicago – I can still vividly remember when it was announced that NBC was to air a remake of the incredible British series “The Office.” Those of us familiar with the original thought it was a Very bad idea. A guy from “The Daily Show” filling the shoes of Ricky Gervais? Now it’s safe to say, the current season excepted, that the remake has eclipsed the original. It leads me to wonder if there isn’t a whole generation now that doesn’t even know the NBC version is a remake. School them with “The Office: Special Edition,” now available for discerning Black Friday shoppers everywhere.

DVD Rating: 5.0/5.0

One of the reasons history may have begun to forget “The Office” is that it was such a brief run that the entirety of it can be captured on four discs, Christmas Special included. Still, there’s comedy gold here with
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Review: ‘The Office: Special Edition’

  • Comicmix
There are times we lose sight of Ricky Gervais’ comedic genius now that he has become a celebrity in his own right. The news that he will once again host the Golden Globe Awards brings with it nervous anticipation but the better news is that The Office Special Edition is coming out this week from Warner Home Video. The 2001 series is collected in its entirety with both Christmas specials included along with new featurettes plus the original bonus material.

Never before has there been a television series set in an office environment that felt so accurate even though there were some distinctly English touches. Coming two years after Mike Judge’s brilliant Office Space, Gervais and partner Stephen Merchant gave us the employees at Sough’s Wernham Hogg Paper Company and a mockumentary style that has been imitated by numerous shows ever since.

Gervais’ David Brent is everyone’s worst
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Release: The Office Collection Special Edition DVD

Release Date: Nov. 22, 2011

Price: DVD $39.98

Studio: BBC/Warner

Ricky Gervais rules The Office.

The Office Collection Special Edition celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the original British television comedy series that launched the career of star Ricky Gervais (Spy Kids 4) and inspired the wildly popular American version of the show (also entitled The Office, as if we needed to tell you).

Written and created by Golden Globe winners Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the show debuted on British TV in 2001 and then was launched in the U.S. on BBC America in 2003.

Issued (and re-issued!) in the U.S. on DVD several years back, the new Special Edition DVD of The Office includes all 12 episodes of the series and its subsequent two-part Holiday Special.

The set also includes previously issued bonus features along with these new supplements:

The original pilotSix specially recorded introductions of every episode from Season 1 by Ricky and Stephen
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