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OK - So-so la!
arong-11 April 2006
I for one doesn't like to criticize another person's film even though I am in the industry. My review of the film are:-

1. Acting - 6/10 (over acting by 'comedians' of the show) 2. Makeup - 3/10 (pleezz use visual effects!) 3. Editing - 5/10 (a bit confusing in the middle of the show) 4. Storyline - 6/10 (local legend) 5. Technical Production - 8/10 (nice colors - for a change for malaysian movie) 6. Music - 7/10 (good selection)

This is the first malaysian movie I have watched since P. Ramlee's movies. I was surprised to find out Shuhaimi Baba is a She and not a He!!!?? Sorry la ... I am not familiar with Malaysian film industry.

Good attempt and good luck for your future productions.
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Plausible to be watch
oh_doroubo27 November 2005
I still don't get how the Spanish people see this film to give them awards... OK.. I still sing "Pulangkan" in my shower, the main song by Misha Omar and that song still haunts me.. in a good way. And Maya Karin is a good actress but the film is bad on the 'to be scared' part which is non-existent. However, Maya Karin is the most beautiful vampire I ever seen... next to Kate Beckinsale, of course.

I had to admit, this film is the one of the two film that seem to have passed the image quality in Malaysia for the past years after P Ramlee... (the other is Puteri Gunung Ledang) but I had to admit that long-film directors need to be creative or at least gain more experience like to see more western movies. The image quality and the storyline are synchronized in the western side or at least at China or Japan or the country around us. But I did not mean that they need to have sex and shredded clothing. I still think that Malaysia's advertisement (like Petronas and etc) and short-film are wonderful and creative. I think, these people should have the privilege to direct long-films...

The storyline is acceptable and fairly simple. But what confuses me the most is the fact that if you add stupid comments like... look between your legs to see ghost... it would be too superstitious and unrealistic and too uncivilized; since your bottom is in the movie I sincerely don't get that for the first time.

The audio is good unless you have to comment on the side where too much Pulangkan songs in the middle of the show and the red-teary eyed and weird makeup. Marsani looks like he had talc powder in his hair. Even I can do that kind of makeup trick. Erra Fazira and Yusry do much better on that.

The scene where Ana and Norman were in their house and Meriam tried to scare them... doesn't work. More like a child's scream (this is suppose to be a horror right?) and as an audience, naturally we knew what's going to happen next if the character went silent for seconds.

As a Malaysian teen who sometime writes stories and script, I've develop a conclusion that younger generation should have a chance in this industry without the limits of over-18 in various genre. I publish better vampire stories and adult love stories than these old folks does. Even Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam script seems to be so lame.

But the dance choreograph and the set is marvelous like in Puteri Gunung Ledang.

And for your information, the flower in the movie is not Harum Sundal Malam. My mom and dad says that Harum Sundal Malam is different.

Anyway, the sequel is coming. And yes, I think it would be more confusing than ever. But Rusdi Ramli is going to be in it :)
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Good Malaysian movie
asiangirl9324 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I personally think that the movie is good, if you compare it with all these other stupid Malaysian stories, such as Pontianak Menjerit, Cinta Fotokopi, Sembilu 2005, was a total ripp off from Sepet.

This movie is just a normal Malaysian story. Boring, yet it shows how Malaysians go through their lives. The pontianak is a long legend from the Malay culture. It is not wrong for the director to make this movie. I think she did a fantastic job on the movie.

I thought it had a good plot and the actors were very good. I looked forward to watching this movie and I wasn't disappointed. This movie is one of those Malaysian films which get to be screened out of the country (which rarely happens to all these stupid Malaysian stories e.g. Pontianak Menjerit) I think we should be grateful for a movie like this, instead of watching dumb stories like Sembilu 2005
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The sequel already release in Malaysia !
Z_rif23 November 2005
The first film is Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam.Actually quite good and have a creepy moment.The 'Pontianak' or vampire is very vengeful ghost that have a long hair,blue face,sharp nail and very scarier.

The scenes that I never forget is when Maya Karin as Pontianak change into angry woman vampire and when the mirror was blow at the climax.

If you like this Asian horror film,I recommend.........4 stars

Although,now in Malaysia, the sequel was already release in cinema.

The sequel much better.Believe me,Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 1 & 2 is the scary film that can make you scream.I'm wait for this film go to remake by Hollywood .......
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It's not too bad.
doc_m0318 September 2005
I think this film is OK. I like it. Wonderful! I never thought Malaysian can make movie like this. Well, to compare it with other horror movies like Ju-On (both American and Japanese), The Ring (both American and Japanese), Amytville Horror it will be unfair. For the Malaysian standard I think this movie is a worth watching than other Malaysian horrors like Mistik, Potret Mistik, Di Ambang Misteri, Makar and other craps. That's all, it's a shame for you Malaysian to underestimate your own masterpiece. Besides it got lot of attention at the Spanish Science and Horror Movies Festival that gave Maya Karin the best horror actress. You should think about that.
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totally inept film-making
nitzus13 July 2004
just watched the movie with my wife, lauded by local critics as one of the best malaysian movies ever, is actually a pretentious little film that showcases disjointed storyline at best.

to provide some insight into a crapfest of a film called 'pontianak harum sundal malam':

it tries too hard to follow the tradition of local superstitious horror element made famous by the genre defining japs and koreans. however, the timeline continuity and makeup are laughable and outright absurd (you have to watch to believe!), the director also tries to provide not one but two retar*ds as supporting characters for comic relief which turned out to be highly irritating personalization of Leo DiCaprio character from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)!(that's you, ida nerina & rosyam noor!). but for some reason, he (amateurishly portrayed by rosyam) became normal halfway thru the story, while the other retar*d (ida) died early on, good riddance!

the script is bad enough but the more obvious disaster is the direction by shuhaimi baba, a highly respected film director that shows none of her vast experience in the malaysian film industry. the editing is also one of the worst i have seen for quite some time. it's an ordeal for me and my wife to watch the movie as a whole. it's a waste of $18 for a piece of cliché infested (done without the charm) film. i should have bought the pirated copy instead!

to summarize all the hoopla surrounding this film - it sucked big time!
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It has some good points and bad points.
skywalker_ep312 July 2004
'Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam'...yuk!

The first time i heard that title made me laugh so hard! Anyway, i start with the pros:

I-) The production looks good for a malay movie ( Maya Karin looks awesome)

II-) The music is superbly memorable

III-) There are SOME few frightening moments

Now to the cons....

I-) What the hell was that movie about?! It looks like a rush job.

II-) The editing are horrible ( make me confuse!)

III-) Rosyam Noor's horrible acting (He is a good actor! Deserve a better script)

IV-) The ending....ah! lame!

I think there's more but overall.. ** out of ****
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agreed with nitzus!
ponyol133111 July 2004
the film is without a doubt, one of the worst movies ever. period. it tries hard to be a serious film but failed miserably on every level. the makeup doesn't show the characters' true age. (check out rosyam noor, he's suppose to be in his 50's but the makeup just put a few white strands on his hair and expected us to believe that he's old!), he even acted like a teenage retard in the beginning but gradually became normal halfway thru the story. what about the primadona's husband? how come a guy who went away in the beginning simply turned into an avenging ghost at the end of the film? when did he die? the comic relief is provided by ida nerina which is highly irritating! there were so many bad scenes that i almost gave up watching but for the sake of spending almost $20 on the vcd, i finished it although it's an ordeal. i think 'jutawan fakir' is more watchable because i was mentally prepared for a crap comedy, but this one really caught me by surprise! pls do not watch this film. if u still insist on watching this, get a pirate copy instead!
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