Iron Man (2008) Poster


Plot Keywords

missile armor
genius playboy
escape afghanistan
iron cave
technology inventor
military death
humvee industrialist
billionaire female nudity
kissing war on terrorism
war on terror first part
street shootout adhd
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder two word title
power suit weapons designer
2000s head mounted display
smart house character appears on magazine cover
workshop u.s. air force
cameo appearance kissing while having sex
sex scene love interest
showdown gunfight
shootout hand to hand combat
violence mixed martial arts
martial arts opening action scene
fistfight one against many
warrior tough guy
hero arms manufacturer
robot suit hostage
machine gun u.s. army
kidnapping limousine
bodyguard action hero
soldier high tech
giant robot conspiracy
redemption anti hero
evil man war in afghanistan
based on comic cluster bomb
cult film ceo
betrayal reference to myspace
directed by co star private jet
prisoner goatee
gambling engineer
captivity board of directors
low comedy fictional war
village terrorist group
terrorist base terrorist attack
talking computer surgery
stun gun secret agent
radar press
newspaper massachusetts institute of technology
manhattan project magazine reporter
interview flashback
first of series fighter pilot
dress death of parents
dance comic acronym
cell phone car crash
blue dress birthday present
beard father son relationship
one man army slapstick comedy
scene after end credits no opening credits
weapons factory terrorism
tv news suv
self sacrifice scar
rocket launcher robot
rescue reception
premarital sex nonlinear timeline
murder mask
los angeles california las vegas nevada
human shield hologram
government agent flying
flight ejection fire extinguisher
fighter jet eye patch
desert dancing
craps cheeseburger
casino brawl
birthday beach house
banquet award
military officer blockbuster
retractable weapon mansion
malibu california terrorist
robotics personal assistant
thrown through a wall surprise after end credits
super computer person on fire
paralysis parachute
hit by a car flamethrower
falling through a rooftop window falling through the floor
falling from height explosion
exploding tank exploding car
exploding bus electrocution
child in peril bullet proof vest
body armor artificial intelligence
torture title appears in writing
super villain rooftop
reporter press conference
origin of hero helicopter
general computer
battle tank ambush
air force advanced technology
good versus evil superhero
marvel comics based on comic book
power armor death of friend
title spoken by character character name in title

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