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The Hollywood Reporter
Hits the screen with its disarmingly droll spirit quite intact.
Entertainment Weekly
At selected moments the Pee Wee's Playhouse-scaled visual goofiness and flights of thespian bravura in this long-awaited movie adaptation of Douglas Adams' goofy-wise cult classic are in perfect celestial harmony with the existential tomfoolery of Adams' peerless (and peerlessly Monty Python-British) creation.
Go with the whimsical flow that includes a hilariously morose robot named Marvin, voiced by the great Alan Rickman with the weight of the galaxy resonating in every bored, cynical syllable. Adams would be pleased.
Wildly imaginative, humane, playful and deflating of all pretense.
Chicago Tribune
Even if this new version of "Hitchhiker" doesn't quite capture it all, you'll still want to stick your thumb out and catch a ride.
New York Post
The film is a loopy, family-friendly jaunt, with a perfect "Wizard of Oz" finale that isn't in the book, but like the book, it suffers from a chronic plot malfunction.
Though the journey ends on some fun notes after a sagging middle, Galaxy never fully breaks out.
Visually playful and often good fun, it never settles on a convincing narrative shape.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Lost in a time warp of its own doing (or non-doing), Hitchhiker's Guide just doesn't seem terribly original.
New York Daily News
Most of the film is way too goofy for all but the most thumbstruck Hitchhiker.
Boasts a strong ensemble of performances. Martin Freeman is the perfect choice for an ordinary, unheroic Earth guy.
There are some inspired off-the-wall moments, but they are more than offset by a pervasive aura of tedium and the lack of any sense of the forward momentum necessary to sustain an adventure of this kind.

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