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I actually cried
Konrad Skeri Ekblad14 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is without a split second of hesitation the worst movie I have ever seen. I actually cried through large parts of it due to the agony of watching it.

Moral of the first 60 minutes of the story: if you are not good at sports then you are a bad person that nobody likes, not even your own parents, and that is just what you deserve. And if you are being bullied for not being good at sports then do not expect any help from adults, because you deserve that as well.

After 60 minutes the movie turns info a cartoon version of War of the Worlds with aliens in giant octopus vessels terrorizing the town.

The only thing I am grateful for is that I watched this on TV and not on cinema—that way I only wasted time and not money.
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Average in every way
Ron Mexico16 February 2006
This was a film with a somewhat interesting premise, a somewhat interesting main character, and a somewhat interesting conclusion. This was not a Pixar film: it wasn't designed to appeal to adults. Rather, the writers focus on giving the kiddies a few laughs without leaving the parents comatose with boredom.

And when everything is taken into consideration, the writers succeed. Somewhat.

It's just not a very memorable film. Whreas most kids can watch films like "Shrek" repeatedly because of the sight gags, talented voice-over performances, and hidden jokes that they might not catch the first time around, "Chicken Little" is likely to be forgotten the moment the credits roll. That's not to say that Disney doesn't provide it's standard politically correct message. Of course the best player on the baseball team is a girl (Foxy Loxy). Of course a girl (Goosey Loosey) beats up and humiliates the boy (Chicken Little). Of course the character with the most redeeming social value is physically unattractive (Abby Mallard). And on, and on, and on. Disney also manages to continue its bizarre tradition of creating single father families ("Little Mermaid", "Aladdin", "Beauty and the Beast", "The Goofy Movie"): Chicken Little's mother has, of course, departed for the great unknown.

The relationship between Chicken Little and his father comes across as more annoying than heartwarming. The premise: A father realizes that it's probably not such a great idea to be embarrassed by his son; by the end of the movie, what his own child thinks of him actually takes precedent over the opinions of neighbors and perfect strangers! This message would undoubtedly come across as highly inspirational...if not for the fact that it's so blatantly obvious, hackneyed, and overplayed.

The voice-over's for the film were largely uninspiring, save for amusing performances by Don Knotts and Adam West. "Fish out of Water" was easily the most likable of the bunch (yes, I was suckered by the standard Disney cutesy animated character in their never ending attempt to sell more toys), and he didn't even have a speaking roll. No, "Chicken Little" is not the worst animated film I've ever seen...but memorable, it is not.
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Cheap, forgettable garbage
anarchistica18 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Yet another pathetic computer animation movie. The characters and story have as much depth as a dried up puddle and then i'm being lenient. If Disney can get away with making such crap that is an insult to even the average viewer's intellect, they can get away with everything. Cheap use of "emotion", loud music and irrelevant and/or boring cultural references (the 90210 reference being the worst), what is there not to hate?

Really, if you want to waste 75 minutes of your life, stab yourself in the eye with a pencil, it's more fun! Otherwise, dig up your dusty copies of The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast or any other movie where animation was subordinate to characters and the story. Yeah, Chicken Little is pretty, it's no Ice Age for sure. But ask yourself, "pretty" combined with no depth , what does that spell? Oh yeah, porn. This is porn, only with less depth and negatively satisfying.
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Bad Casting!
screamapillar10 June 2006
Why does Chicken Little have the voice of a NY accountant. Nemo sounded like a little boy, Chicken Little sounds like a twenty-something Woody Allen. Just awful casting! No magic or script in this film. Horrible. The plot seemed rushed through. The voices were annoying, not endearing. The surrounding cast of characters, especially the pig and the fish were annoying and not cute, nor funny. The gags and jokes were just stupid. The computer animation was bottom rate. Disney should be appalled and Pixar should be feeling indestructible after this flop.The songs were cheesy and ill-timed, they felt forced in to the film. I can't believe they had a training montage set to music. I know it's a kid's film, but come on, the montage is dead. The soundtrack was just plain bad. My kids hate it, and I stand by my kids.
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The pig is fat
chris-8328 November 2008
Cuz like fat people are pigs. I get it. And at the end, there is a fake movie ending and everyone claps because they want to remind the real audience that they are suppose to clap at the end of this atrocious piece of poop.

A rather unspectacular entry into the Disney library. It's pretty sad that they spend tens of millions of dollars making a film that is filled with stereotypes and cliché's with a such a poorly written story. Even sadder, that this is geared towards children. Parents should be ashamed that their children spend their formative time being exposed to this sort of tripe.
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Almost too slight, but a vast improvement on "Dinosaur."
Victor Field29 November 2005
Reviewing "Robots," "The New York Times" opined that when it comes to animation there's Pixar, there's Japan, and there's everyone else (it should be noted that not all Japanese cartoons are good - "Shin Chan," anyone? - but you see A.O. Scott's point). "Chicken Little" definitely falls into the "anywhere else" camp, but while it won't siphon away fans from John Lasseter or Nick Park - especially since Disney's delayed its UK release for a few months, the way they did with "Sky High" (but not "Herbie: Fully Loaded," I notice. Idiots) - it's not DreamWorks-mediocre either.

The House of Mouse's first attempt at computer animated movies without Pixar was the skilfully made but hollow "Dinosaur"; this one is under the auspices of the team behind the wonderful "The Emperor's New Groove," and while it doesn't have that cartoon's spirit it still has some virtues of its own. More deliberately cartoonish in its look and feel than many recent features, it's also probably a little too sentimental for some tastes - an awful lot of the movie involves our feathered hero wanting not only to redeem himself for the whole "the sky is falling" farrago but also to open up two-way communication with his single dad, with all the Family Issues that implies. Fortunately it never really swamps the movie, with the family message never overriding the main intent, i.e. to entertain.

Unlike the inexplicably hugely successful "Madagascar," it doesn't drag and the voice cast (Zach Braff, Garry Marshall, Joan Cusack, et al) doesn't get in the way of the movie's effect; it relies a little too much on popular culture references and songs for its effect (particularly in the opening - that works in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in live action - and in the case of Runt of the Litter, the show-tune-loving pig voiced by Steve Zahn), but it's a colourful, charming little movie that thankfully ends well before it has a chance to wear out its welcome, and it's nice to have a movie with a message that doesn't try to ram it down your throat. There are worse Disney movies that could have been dedicated to veteran animator Joe Grant.

And if nothing else, I defy anyone to find another movie that has the voices of Don Knotts and Patrick Stewart joining in on "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" over the credits...
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heartflash27 July 2006
When I first saw the trailer for this movie I was dying to see it, I didn't get around to it though until I was at a friends house a while back. I couldn't get myself to watch passed the aliens first invasion. The beginning is amazingly well done, although completely unrealisitc, but i mean its an animation movie and that's the genius of it. Then I finally sat down and watched this movie and I quickly found out that it wasn't worth the hour or so of my time. It seemed rushed at the end and wasn't funny at all. I kept on thinking, what will they do for an ending, and then it was over so I was kind of disappointed. It's good for the younger audience, but not for a teenager like myself.
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The Sky fell all right, but The Story was already a shattered mess
guerillagorilla29 October 2005
There have been many, many movies that Disney has put out that I've had a high desire to see "succeed". All in all, most Disney animated movies that have made it to the big screen in the more modern cinema history of, say, from "Beauty and the Beast" all the way up to "Lilo & Stitch" and "Brother Bear", have done that. Perhaps some are only a financial success, like "Treasure Planet", but certainly they were popular enough with one group of moviegoers or another to have a good box office take.

Unfortunately, "Chicken Little" is not a success.

In pooling my thoughts to review this movie, I am so highly disappointed that good animation is its only high mark. In this pivotal point in the history of The Walt Disney Company, where its relationship with Pixar is still on the rocks while a new president is stepping up, I wanted this movie to be a smashing success. I wanted this to be the movie that starts another Golden Age revolution, where it is possible that Disney takes the top spot in producing awesome animated movies.

I fear that there aren't many good storytellers left at Disney Feature Animation, and there didn't seem to by any present for the making of "Chicken Little". The story itself, chronicling the tales of the title character proving to his community that he is not a failure, was a good enough premise. Though it wasn't executed well at all. Instead of solid, premise-building scenes where it's main characters interact well with others (and get the audience laughing along the way), we get a sappy, melodramatic mini-soap with voice actors who don't have a good script...followed immediately by, more times than I'd care to recall, potty humor gags. Judging by the audience of my screening, made up of at least 40% little kids, only they found that funny.

With so many 3D animated movies coming out recently, like "Madagascar", "Robots" and "Valiant", all released this year, many companies are trying to prove their movie-making chops to us movie-goers. They can make a very beautiful looking movie, with wonderfully rendered characters that can move so fluidly and realistic...but the very vital element of sharing a good story is missing in action. It's my belief that a great story without great animation will be a much better movie than one that looks great, but has a weak story. Though, both elements are what made Pixar's "The Incredibles" an Oscar-contending, $265 million hit. Computer animation is, indeed, not the shoe-in, cure-all solution to a great movie.

To boot, "Chicken Little" has a weak soundtrack, composed mainly of songs that were popular at one time or the pre-teen-aged crowd. Instead of beautiful, original, fully-composed songs like "A Whole New World" in "Aladdin" (or anything close to it), we are treated to Spice Girls' "If You Wanna Be My Lover" (complete, by the way, with karaoke subtitles). Unoriginal and highly annoying.

Having sufficiently railed on the movie, it is my belief that the corporate suits in charge of financing Feature Animation have more blame for the steady decline in their movies than anybody working under them. It seems they think they know what makes a successful movie, over-riding many decisions of the animators and storytellers--those who are still at Feature Animation--who have proved they can make great movies. I believe said pencil pushers are what made last year's "Home on the Range" fail, critically and financially.

All in all, I believe "Chicken Little" is a failure that I define as hot having a good story to match its sweet computer animation. In Disney's quest to prove that they are still the Best of the Best, movies like this will prove to the world that they are merely the best of the rest. And we all know that it's not the Disney we grew up on and cherished.

"Chicken Little" gets 4 of 10 stars
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Falls short and doesn't live up to its interesting and entertaining marketing campaign
MovieManMenzel6 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Chicken Little (Zach Braff) claims that the sky is falling but it turns out later that it's not. Chicken Little is then mocked for the next year because he worried the town for no reason. A year passes by and this time the sky really is falling! So it's now up to Chicken Little to alert the town and prove to them that the aliens are really here!

I was really looking forward to "Chicken Little" after seeing all the trailers but this movie doesn't live up to the hype and falls short. The characters are likable so it's not the characters that make this movie not live up to expectation but rather its story and running time.

The movie clocks in at a measly 77 minutes, which as many know is not nearly long enough for a movie. These days a movie should run no less than 90 mins and this film runs 13 minutes less than that. The whole problem is the story here, it starts off promising but then when the sky really does start to fall, the film feels rushed. The story definitely needed some brushing up on and I fear now for Disney that without Pixar they may really be in trouble. The problem was "Chicken Little" had so much potential and a great marketing campaign but the writers didn't pay any detail to the story to help the film live up to it's expectations.

Disney thinks that hand drawn animation is done for but the problem isn't hand drawn animation, it's the fact that the better stories are going to computer animated films. That is "Chicken Little's" problem. The film is computer animation but it still doesn't have a great story and therefore critics panned it. If someone hand drew "Finding Nemo" with the great and unique story it had, it probably would have done just as good as it did being computer animated. Disney really needs to concentrate more on its stories rather then its animation.

Now it sounds like I am beating up on "Chicken Little" but I don't mean too that much. I actually enjoyed the film but I expected more from it. I wanted a longer film; I wanted a more polished story. I just wanted more from this film in general and like I said the film fell short because the movie just relied too much on its animation and not enough on it's story.

Another problem was that the jokes aren't very fresh and there aren't enough jokes in the script that adults can enjoy as well as their kids. The characters are the best part of the movie especially Runt of the litter voiced by Steve Zahn, Abby Mallard voiced by Joan Cusack and of course Chicken Little himself. The voice talent was great, they just needed a better story to help move the film along better.

In the end, "Chicken Little" is disappointing. It's a decent film that could have been great only if Disney concentrated more on its story rather than on its marketing. The movie on the whole isn't bad, it just isn't great. The characters, voice talent and some of the jokes save the movie from really sinking. This movie is sure to amuse the little ones but once you get past the age of 13, you may not find the film overly amusing. The shame is that movies like "Corpse Bride" and "Wallace and Gromit" which were released into theaters a few weeks ago are far more enjoyable then "Chicken Little" and contain things that both adults and children alike can enjoy like their stories. "Chicken Little" is worth a matinée ticket at the multiplex but not worth full price. If you have kids, take them they will love it even though you may not enjoy it as much as its clever marketing makes you believe.

MovieManMenzel's final rating for Chicken Little is a 6/10. It's decent but had the potential to be so much more!
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Chicken Little lives up to its name.
Cee Wright7 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Ready for a lot of political correctness? Than you must watch Chicken Little. Good cartoons teach good lessons effortlessly. Usually, a good story develops as the main theme slowly moves into focus. Instead, this movie kept advertising itself during the movie. Watch it for your self. Here's the spoiler: the world is saved, not by Chicken Little, but because he can finally communicate openly with his dad- really? Here's why The Incredibles made money: it avoided political correctness (in fact being un-politically correct is the new "raw, edgy, straddles the line perfectly"), it respects real heroes (not accidental ones), it doesn't pander to the insignificant moviegoers, and it was cut well (Chicken Little's school life was wholly insignificant to the movie).
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The Sky is falling, and so is Disney
vip_ebriega3 May 2007
My Take: Disney's worst effort in a long time.

Despite being such a disappointment, "Chicken Little" does live up to its name. it is indeed "little" on plot. Okay, for those who thing that's a lowlife joke, it is very much true. The movie show us Disney's loss of light. Their big motion pictures these days are simply made-for-TV or straight-to-video material compared to such phenomenal classics like "Fantasia" and "Snow White", or contemporary classics like "The Lion King" and "Mulan".

The story revolves around the title character (voiced by Zach Braff), who warns everyone that the sky is falling (a term which means "the world is ending, but in the film it literally is). Everyone thinks it's just his imagination, and thinks that he mistook an acorn as a piece of the sky. Then on, it marks the beginning of the end... for Chicken Little. Luckily, he has his own bunch of misfit friends. Abby Mallard, aka "The Ugly Duckling" (voiced by Joan Cusack), Runt of the Litter (voiced by Steve Zahn) and Fish-out-of-water (voiced by... okay he doesn't talk). When things get too hard for him and his already worried father (voiced by Gary Marshall, who is too big of an actor/director to appear in this nonsense), he tries sports, baseball to be exact, an d manages to clear his name. That is, until he sees another piece of the sky fall, and this time, "They" are coming for real.

"Wooooo!", or is it "Booooo!". For the plot is obviously muddled, and what else, they add subplots like baseball and school time blues that take so long, that it's hard to say their subplots. What is the movie all about anyway? Is it about baseball, or alien invasion? That's one thing Disney can answer for themselves.

One things for sure about Disney, leave computer animated movies to Pixar, not unless they are going to make them they way they did to "Dinosaur".

Rating: * out of 5.
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An excellent first movie
Cristina28 December 2005
My son is four years old and I decided that his gift for the second day of Christmas would be his first trip to a movie theater. We scanned the list of titles now playing and Chicken little was pretty much the only option. Narnia or Cheaper by the dozen, for instance, are for much older kids. Mine found Shreck boring (he never had the patience to watch the whole movie on DVD). The same goes for Finding Nemo and pretty much every other movie I tried to make him watch, unless it was after some TV show. I was beginning to fear that we are doomed to watch nothing but Power Rangers forever. But Chicken Little did the trick. He watched it and loved it. In fact, he had the time of his life. He laughed, he screamed, he jumped, he covered his eyes and screamed again, and then he laughed some more.I can't say anything about myself, because I was to busy taking pictures of my kid watching his first movie to pay any attention to the screen, but my 4-year old rated this movie excellent. And I think his opinion is the only one that matters, because the movie is for him, and for other kids his age, not for grown-ups or teens. So please try to see it with the eyes of a little kid, and you might enjoy it better.
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A Fun Movie
kanona296 November 2005
I'm not going to write a synopsis of the movie since everyone else has done that and besides I want you to go check it out for yourself. If you love animation please do not pay attention to the negative posts here. The movie was pure fun with a few sentimental moments here and there. I think people nowadays have forgotten that movies are there for mostly entertainment purposes. When you can't even enjoy a fun family flick like "Chicken Little" anymore you know something's wrong. Or maybe people are too busy comparing it to Pixar to give it a real chance. who knows?

The movie was FUN. I've seen it twice already and both times the audience enjoyed it and laughed throughout the movie. So for those of you who are genuinely interested in the movie, go read all of the positive posts and you can feel how excitable the movie made many folks feel. It definitely lifted my spirits.

The voice talent for "Chicken Little" was dead on. i thought it would be weird having an adult male's voice for a little tyke such as C. Little, but it works perfectly here. I also thought the character Runt would be annoying, but he turned out to bring many of the laughs within the theater.

I definitely recommend this film to those who are fans of the animated film genre!
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wasted time
nobbytatoes31 December 2005
In hysterical panic, Chicken Little alerts the town to his discovery that the sky is falling. Failing to prove this everyone labels him the village idiot. One year later, the town hasn't forgotten the incident, and wont let Chicken forget it either, with a movie in the making of it. To make everyone get passed it, Chicken tries to do anything that will make him look like a hero. One night though, history starts to repeat itself, when an alien device falls into Chicken's room. He alerts his friends; Abby, Runt and Fish, and they decide to alert the town, though they don't believe them, another Chicken Little hoax. Next day everyone finds that aliens have come, and mass hysteria unravels.

Chicken Little is Disney's first computer animated feature, which seems to taken a long time to have been made. Though they have finally released one; it doesn't reach any real height of excellence. Disney's affiliate Pixar have raised the bar so high on computer animation; with deeper story lines, more emotional depth and more sub plotting. This never reaches this level as it relies to heavily on referencing other films. There are references everywhere, using another ideas for their laughs. The script is to bogged down by them, trying to squeeze in as many as possible. It lacks a lot of originality to the story, and there isn't much depth to. The drama between Chicken and his father is so mellow dramatic that it's nauseating to watch.

All the characters and settings are caricatures, with a very simplistic design. Though the design is simplistic, the colour palate is over saturated; there's too much colour. So many colours appear at once that they are visually overloading. All the characters while made to look cute and cuddly, the go way over the top with it; they are too cute and cuddly.

The voice talent is the only redeeming factor. Zach Braff conjures up the cutest voice he could muster as Chicken, Steve Zahn hits the note well as the shy Runt, Joan Cusack also does a good job as Abby; the ugly duckling. Anothers include Garry Marshall, Patrick Stewart, Catherine O'Hara and Harry Shearer.

This will appeal to the kids, but children movies have come along way, also tailoring to the older audiences; with humor that mixes with the children and adults, and this misses it completely.
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What is it with Scriptwriters these days?
cmauro392711 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I went to the theater thinking that I would be entertained. Instead, I was disappointed. The music portrayed in this film were above the kid's heads as they could not relate to the outdated tunes. Also, for a scriptwriter to have to use overused dialog really hints that this person has no original thought in their head. Also, the PC themes in there got on my nerves as they do not belong in this country. I could not even feel for the poor Chicken Little as his shallow dad was disappointed in him because he was not the great person he himself once was. It just did not pull me in because that part of the plot was weak. I find this as bad as Robots and Yugioh the Movie. I know that in Hollywood that it's not what you know, it's who you know, but I think that these major film companies need to review their staff of writers and get some REAL talent. Yes, I could have written a better film. This is from a writer who knows better!
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Why, Disney?!
madmongolian20 June 2016
This might be a controversial opinion, but I loathe this movie in every way. The CG is badly colored, the characters are horrible, spiteful, and VERY unlikable. Never in a Disney movie have I ever felt such a mean-spirited vibe.

This is BY A MILE the absolute worst movie from Disney. The moral is horrible, it teaches kids that you need to assault the unpopular, throw things at them, and neglect them to be cool.

Chicken Little's father is a awfully made character, he neglects his child and publicly embarrasses him. You know what? I hate EVERYTHING about this movie, from the characters, to the message, to the lazy animation. Please Disney, stick to movies with good morals and likable characters to avoid piles of garbage like this.
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Better than expected, but still needs work...
kergillian10 November 2005
The best non-Pixar Disney film in years. Sure it had a touch of drag, and it was most definitely a kids flick, but one thing that stood out was that it wasn't infested with fart jokes and potty humour, which is a step above most kids films these days.

The CGI was ho-hum, but one thing I liked was the expressiveness which was highlighted by some wonderful voice work by Joan Cusack and Steve Zahn. And Don Knotts was fabulous - we need to find more work for Don Knotts, he's so good! I also loved the Adam West cameo at the end.

The problem with the film was, as pointed out by a few, that the story was thin and they filled the empty spaces with fun moments, like the Spice Girls karaoke scene which cracked me up. More attention should have been made towards a linear plot - but hey, the film wasn't that long, and the fun scenes they used as mortar really did hold it together.

All in all, an amusing film, above average in terms of entertainment, but hardly a classic. I'd recommend it for a fun family outing, as the kids in the theater seemed to really get into it - and I had nearly as much fun hearing all of the kids laughing as I did watching the film. 6.5/10.
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Is this a Disney film?
pedrosmgfan18 May 2006
Oh, please,what a bad film.I do not believe that this is a Disney film.It is boring,very boring,without any sense.It is not a typical close Disney film,but leftovers which the only thing that surprises the public is the amount of trivialities and stupidities that the characters say.

This film does not follow the tradition of Disney like others like " Finding Nemo" or "The Beauty and the Beast",no.This film,to say it of some way,betrays the wonderful Walt Disney and gives a bad image of him.

Happening to the characters;they are pathetic and give true pain.Who is going away to think that a dumb,pathetic,tiny chicken with big glasses and fallen trousers is going to be the principal character of an animation film? Oh, please! Also the dialogues of this film are truly bad. The worse ones than I have seen in my life.

Well,you can see this film if you want, but I do not recommend it.The worse thing of this film is that it can like the infantile public.Watch that your children do not see it.
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'Little' Is A Lot To See
ccthemovieman-117 March 2007
This is yet another of those recently-made animated films that is outstanding. They ("Polar Express," "Robots," "Cars," "Madagascar," "Barnyard," "Ice Age," etc.) all seem to have the following positive characteristics that I found in this movie:

1 - Fabulous colors; 2 - Great artwork; 3 - likable, humorous characters who care about; 4 - excellent jokes, both visually and audibly, many that make adults laugh; 5 - excellent surround sound that is entertaining in itself; and 6 - a nice story without a lot of sexual innuendos and other questionable (for kids) material. Like the old "Leave It To Beaver" TV show, these animated films also end with a positive message for kids and adults.

In fact, I would say that I - as an older adult - have seen more good animated feature films in the past two years than the previous 50 years put together.

The main character in this movie, "Chicken Little" (voiced by Zach Braff) has to be one of the cutest little animated figures I've ever seen. I smiled almost every time they had a closeup of his face with those green glasses.

The colors in this film are very bold and bright, sometimes making my jaw drop. Also, here's another example of a animated movie where there are so many things to see - meaning clever, funny things in the background - you can't possibly catch them all. An added highlight is that this story plays homage, or pokes fun at, previous science-fiction films. How many tongue-in-cheek references can you find to sci-fi movies?

The only complaint I have, and it's minor, is that they could have used a lull or two in the last 30 minutes of this. It's almost too much action but at an overall running time of less than 80 minutes (I'm not including the ending credits), the time is manageable.

Overall, this is another winner. Good stuff!
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why oh why did i watch this
hotwheels_turbo2 June 2006
in very simple words

the worst computer animated movie of all time it was horrible beyond imagination it should be given a rating of R so that no child has to endure the pain of watching this movie

only 3 things happened!!

the opening scene, the baseball scene and the alien scene

It was so pathetic, this as to be Disney's lowest point. the funny thing is that they expected to receive 350 million for this movie

Watching this makes me the wonder what happened to the good old animated films
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Disney Does It Again
Minerva Breanne Meybridge24 September 2012
No plot, poor CGI (looks like soap opera video), awful voices, distracting songs. That about sums it up. Chicken Little is to Valiant as Bugs was to Ants. The movie is geared towards five-year-olds. All of the old talent that Walt Disney had gathered is gone. It is what fast forward was made for. It was just a hodgepodge of bad slapstick, predictable plodding plot and insipid characters. I am beside myself as to what to say. I feel as though after watching it, a virus has invaded my brain and is eating away at it. But on a more positive note, the movie did result in a very cute Chicken Little bobble head doll. Ugh! Negative stars for this one!
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An Unfortunate Addition to the Disney Cannon
jaycub29 October 2005
After a long wait, Chicken Little will finally be released to the public this week, and after a preview screening, I think they should have delayed the release a little longer.

I love Disney, it's something that has its roots in my childhood. I hold ambitions to work in the animation industry, and would love to work for the company that has provided me with so many wonderful memories over the years. With that said, nothing makes me more sad than to see Disney continuously putting out films like Chicken Little.

The concept was interesting, the animation phenomenal, but the story was atrocious (not as bad as the Blue Sky offering "Robots," but still not worthy of the Disney name.) Disney used to be the pioneers of the industry, always pushing the competition to do better, as well as pushing themselves. Now the real talent from Disney has apparently moved to Pixar, while corporate monkeys who have no place in a creative environment are writing the films. Chicken Little feels like a rip off of movies like Shrek, Madagascar, and the like. Rather than committing to something magical, they cram the film with gags that have run their course, and crummy remakes of pop songs that didn't really do that well to begin with.

The real shame is that there are still some creative people working for the mouse who'd talents are being choked off by the suits who think they know better. I still am optimistic for the future, and I think that the films currently in production have a lot of potential, but they will have to raise the bar quite a bit to move beyond Chicken Little.

For a more enlightening animation experience, I say that you should save your money and go see the Wallace and Grommit movie instead.
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My whole family found it fun and entertaining
ladyreyna6 November 2005
My three kids (15,12 &10) laughed through the whole movie.My 15 year old son laughed so hard he couldn't stop coughing! My husband (who hates to spend money to see movies at the theater) felt it was worth the expense, though he said there were one or two spots where he lost interest. But overall, he felt it was a good all around Disney movie. I thought the message was excellent, and a very accurate portrayal of what kids go through today. I also love a movie that isn't under written with political agendas, crude adult innuendos, or excessive body function humor. Chicken Little is free of all my pet peeves. I would recommend this movie for a fun family outing.
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Not just the worst animated film I have seen....
kneewax16 February 2006
If you are thinking of spending your hard-earned cash going to see this film I urge you to think again. Chicken Little is not just an appalling animated feature, it contends with Speed 2 for the title of 'Worst Film I have ever had the miss fortune to sit through'. Really Don't go and don't even think about hiring it when it releases on DVD - Just don't.

Basically it is a movie that cannot make up its mind on what it wants to be. In an attempt to ape the genius that is Pixar Disney have decided that small cute fluffy animals and in-gags are the ingredients for success. If it was that simple they would not have just paid $7.6m for Pixar. The film has a story line that failed to keep my 5-year old engaged for 80 minutes and is full of Jokes that simply aren't amusing. The plot is non-existent and the storyline nothing more than a series of badly joined 'shorts'. Much shorter and this flick wouldn't even have been classed as a movie.

Take my advise, avoid it like the plague, you won't enjoy it and neither will the kids.
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