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Good introduction for young children February 2004
This movie does a fairly good job of introducing the Chinese to the very young viewers of America. It demonstrates that China is a beautiful place with wonderful people and a fascinating history. It shows only the beginnings of the cultural differences, which is is good in that it doesn't overwhelm the young viewers.

Children will enjoy the show again and again. There are typical Sesame Street moments throughout the show that will be familiar to American Children who watch the Sesame Street regularly. However, where Sesame Street is an hour long collection of skits and vignettes, this is an hour long story with a single plot (and less counting).

Parents will enjoy the show the first time, but then will quickly yearn for more substantial information about China, her culture, history, and her people.
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Outstanding 1980s children's film.
oneebba18 May 2008
This movie was a childhood favorite for my friend's and I. It contains a solid introduction to Chinese landmarks and culture for kids (after all, it is a kid's film).

I watched it for the first time since the 1980s recently and still enjoyed it.

For kids, it is packed with mystery, adventure, and the desire to learn other languages/cultures.

I recommend that any parent get this movie for their child. It is classy, clean, and educational-- in a fun way. Kid's love finding 'clues' in movies, and this does that in an exciting way.
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