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A Nasty little thing...

Author: GurnBlenston from London
30 April 2004

Red Room has the production values and ambience of a snuff film. Admittedly this may be due to the un-subbed umpteenth generation bootleg i saw it on. The plot however is easy to comprehend, a bunch of strangers sit in a queasy looking industrial type space and draw cards. The loser then has to endure something horrible. Thats it for plot. In reality Red Room is a series of grotesque torture sequences, punctuated with (what i guess are) scenes of exposition and card drawing. The most memorable torture 'bit' being a lady taped to a swivel office chair and spun round and round FOR AGES. At first its funny, then its sickening before going back to being funny again. Also we have the old 'stick a hair dryer in someones mouth and let em have it' bit, as well as rape, watersports and sundry other delights.

As you may guess 'Red Room' is a freak show of a film, something to show a jaded friend who thinks he's seen it all.

Oh those wacky Japanese!

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Extreme sadism from Japan.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
12 November 2004

"Red Room" series is clearly inspired by the reality TV craze.Four people are locked in a large 'red room' with a jail cell like structure in one corner.They play a card game(consisting of four cards only)where it appears the winner of each game gets to choose which two players enter the cage and what they do with/to each other in the time allowed..."Red Room" has the production values of a porn film and indeed it looks to have been produced(or at least distributed)by some Adult Video company.The film is filled with scenes of extreme sadism,humiliation,gore,sexual violence and cruelty for example one guy is made to screw one of the ladies with a lightbulb and gets a little mad,shoving it too far inside her and shattering it.She passes out from the excruciating pain whilst pissing a river of blood across the floor...So if you are seeking an alternative to the "Guinea Pig" series give "Red Room" a look.The sequel is even nastier and sicker,so be prepared.

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A revelation once you get subtitles!!

Author: stsinger from Boston, MA
22 January 2007

For those of you who have only seen an unsubtitled version, Daisuke Yamanouchi's "Red Room" is an entirely different film once you understand what is being said. The film changes completely from what appears to be a series of disconnected, vile, sadistic acts, to a deep, well thought out psychological horror film that packs a wallop.

It's still very strong stuff, but takes on new meaning with subtitles. Very highly recommended for fans of strong horror films, after seeing "Red Room" in its original form I am now seriously looking forward to more of Yamanouchi's work getting an official US release. Once again, Unearthed Films deserves huge credit!

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More Gory Sleaze From Japanese "Extreme" Director - Daisuke Yamanouchi

Author: EVOL666 from St. John's Abortion Clinic
27 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The RED ROOM is another in a growing list of "extreme" gore films from sicko director, Daisuke Yamanouchi. His films are usually entertaining just to see what kind of nastiness that he'll portray in his film next - but in my opinion has yet to surpass his surprisingly straight-forward and straight-faced filth-fest, MUZAN E, which in my opinion is one of the most repulsive, yet addictively interesting films I've ever seen...RED ROOM is "fun", in it's own twisted way, but is pretty typical of Yamanouchi's other films...

My copy is in Japanese with no subs/dubs - so all I got out of it was that 4 people (a guy, 2 girls, and a hermaphrodite/tranny - not sure which she/he is...) play cards - whoever draws the "crown" card wins, and that player gets to choose 2 other players to go into a cage and perform some sort of perverse or torturous act. They start off relatively tame, but the ante gets upped pretty quick. There are some dialog scenes that I wish I could have understood to get the whole picture - I guess I'll wait to see if Unearthed ever actually puts these out...

This type of thing is DEFINITELY not for everyone. Although I typically find these types of films humorous - others may just think it's demented. And even though there appears to run a vein of dark-humor through the film, there are still graphic depictions of rape, violence, lightbulbs breaking off in vaginas, penis biting, and some good ol' golden-shower urine drinking that some may find somewhat offensive...If you like the newer wave of Asian gore and "extreme" films, or have seen some of Yamanouchi's stuff before and dig it, give it a look. RED ROOM is better than Yamanouchi's KYOKO VS. YUKI, and is pretty much on par with his films SISTERS OF BLOOD and GIRL HELL (though not quite as strange as that one...) and RED ROOM 2 is even "harder", if not necessarily better than part 1. MUZAN E is definitely still my favorite of his films and highly recommended - but RED ROOM is still worth a look if you can get your hands on it...7/10

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This Better Be Sick Enough for You

Author: TheExpatriate700 from United States
3 October 2009

Red Room is an interesting blend of psychological thriller and torture themed horror, revolving around a semi-underground game show. Through the use of character development, and some rather interesting plot twists, it rises above the typical "torture porn" entry to achieve a genuine sense of dread and tension.

If you thought Hostel was a sick, depraved movie, then you had better steer clear of this film. It makes anything available in mainstream cinema seem incredibly tame, particularly in its use of graphic sexual violence. Indeed, if it weren't for the good characterization, it would be basically a really sadistic soft core porn film.

One thing to remember is to make certain to obtain a version with subtitles, or watch it with someone who speaks Japanese. Without the translation, the film will seem plot less and simply grotesque.

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Now This is Reality TV!

Author: Shaza123 from Australia
23 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You know those reality TV shows where people do just about anything for money? Yeah, I hate them too, but let me tell you, you haven't seen anything until you've seen Red Room!

Here's the plot, we have four contestants in this nice little red room as they play a little game. They each take turns to pick a card from a deck. Who ever picks the card with the crown on it, is the King. And the King gets to order two of the other contestants to do whatever he or she wants. The objective is to get the contestants to quit and refuse to perform whatever action the King commanded, which leads them to being disqualified. Last player standing, gets the 10 million yen. Things start off fairly innocent, like two girls kissing, but it gets progressively more and more depraved and disturbed. But don't worry, none of the contestants are likable, you won't mind watching them do horrible things to one another. And of course, they are all desperate for the money too, you'll be surprised to see just how far they go...

So who are the contestants? We have a married couple, both bankrupt and needing the money, and both also incredibly cruel to one another. We also have two girls, one a nasty 17 year old girl who doesn't need the money, but definitely wants it. And the other is in her 20's who is pretty desperate for that money. You'll be on the edge of your seat to see the last player standing, I can promise that.

Here's what's good about this movie. It is mindlessly entertaining. You won't need to think much in this one. It's just a stupid movie, that's stupid fun. Lots of perversion and creative uses of certain household objects for torture. Moments that are genuinely chilling (including some very hard to watch and disturbing scenes), and moments that are laugh out loud hilarious. Speaking of laughing, this movie is pretty damn funny in parts. Major WTF ending to boot!

Here's what's bad. The sound effects.... oh god the sound effects!!!! I don't know how they managed to make two girls kissing sound like a vacuum cleaner sucking up water, but they did. They were kinda funny, but they were just so wrong!

This is a short one, only goes for 68 mins, in that time, it establishes itself as a sleazy, stupid bit of mindless fun. Recommended for those who like sleazy and exploitative cinema. There's also a sequel apparently, which I haven't had the pleasure of viewing yet, but I hear it's just as crazy as the first.

Thankyou for reading.

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Interesting premise, but nothing too grand

Author: As_Cold_As_Ice from Australia
1 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a relative minor in relations to extreme Japanese cinema viewing. While I am not daft enough to call this "the most disgusting and shocking Jap film ever", Red Room was rather enjoyable for me.

First thing I have to say is that this would have been a far less disgusting/shocking film if it weren't for the fantastically repulsive sound. The squelches of "insertion", the sloppy kissing sounds, and the pseudo-porn music were truly graphic, and vulgar to the extreme.

Although this is a pretty rough film in parts, with enough pissing, cutting, inserting and the like, some parts were funny, like the only guy continually saying "I'm sorry" (those two words are about 75 % of his lines), and a hilarious secret about one of the characters, which I won't ruin for you here.

Other than that, there isn't much to talk about. There's a bit of nudity (the 27 year old chick is hot), the set is nice, and the whole premise of a "last person remaining gets the money" hasn't been over done in horror (yet).

All in all, I found this an enjoyable way to spend an hour.

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Satisfyingly sick.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
11 July 2014

Have you ever played that game where you see just what your friends/work colleagues would be willing to do—hypothetically speaking of course—in exchange for an obscene wadge of cash? Well, Japanese sickie Red Room also explores this idea, only in this film, the challenges are for real, as four cash-strapped individuals compete for a prize of 10 million yen in 'The Forbidden King Game': each player selects a card; whoever gets the 'king' card gets to devise an act to be performed by two of his opponents; last contestant to drop out/refuse to perform an act is the winner.

The basic concept for Red Room is deeply flawed: with no boundaries set before the contest begins, one would expect the first 'king' to invent a challenge so obscene that no-one would possibly consider taking part, no matter how big the prize; that would take care of two contestants immediately. The competition would be over in no time, but where would the fun be in that?

Instead, director Daisuke Yamanouchi has his characters come up with games that gradually increase in severity, starting with a relatively tame dare in which two of the girls must kiss each other, followed by a test involving a vomit inducing spin on a revolving office chair for a few minutes, and a hair dryer stuffed in the mouth. Eventually, however, the challenges get much nastier, Yamanouchi really getting into the swing of things, delivering all manner of deviant behaviour that involves lots of sickening squelchiness and extreme blood-loss, and which ultimately ends in murder.

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Bed room.

Author: Snaggletooth . from United Kingdom
12 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Japanese horror is a curious thing, either it's a tale of some begrudged ghost (pardon the pun), an ultra-gore spray fest, or something where women get tied up with ropes and tortured (although these are generally a bit daft and not very shocking from what I've seen).

I had high hopes for The Red Room. I always try to avoid reading too many reviews of "controversial" movies as I want the full on experience for myself, free from someone else's (possibly jaded) input. Sadly though, The Red Room wasn't really very controversial at all.

Filmed on an obvious shoestring budget The Red Room is a big brother type tale of 4 contestants trying to win 10million Yen by surviving allotted trials suggested by the winner of a card game. Three cards have the numbers 1,2,3 and a fourth has a king symbol. The person who draws the king gets to tell two others what task they must undertake. This starts pretty mild and progresses to the slightly more extreme.

The first trial involves 5mins of two girls French kissing (although we later find out one has a penis and is hoping for a complete sex change via the winnings) and It's actually a bit icky, not so much due to the visuals, but the sloppy sound effects they've added to the scene. Actually almost all the trials are the same with yucky sound effects, they're kinda funny (especially later on) but I suppose they are effective in ramping up the horror.

The second trial is a girl on a spinning office chair (who pukes at the end), followed by a hairdryer in the mouth scene, and another scene with a man who must assault his wife via punches, and a concluding rape. It's all done in typical Japanese style with the ripping off of a blouse and some breast abuse which I've seen before in Japanese "torture" flicks.

By the time the film nears its end, we've been treated to a rape with a screwdriver, and a broken lightbulb in a vagina (out of shot but complete with squishy noises) concluding with some necrophilia by the girl/boy sex change wannabe of someone who was stabbed with the same screwdriver she had elsewhere earlier. Pleasure and pain eh? All of this sounds really shocking but it really wasn't all that, and I'm hoping to watch Red Room 2 in the next few days in the hope it's better. There's far too much of a sexual element in Red Room when I expected more gore in the games. Maybe that's just me though.

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Interesting, but weird

Author: TheInsanity556 from United States
28 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie somewhat reminds me of the saw movies, only in the way that people died in this movie trying to get something precious; in red room the thing is money in saw it is freedom or a cure, please forgive me as i have only seen saw 2.

This movie did somewhat shock me, but not to the extent that I thought that it world. The only 3 shocking parts for me are, in order.

1. One of the girls was a guy. (forgive me as i have forgotten his/ her name)

2. Yoshiro bit off a mans testicle

3. The wife and the screwdriver bit.

This move in its entirety is not as shocking as I thought it would be.

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