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11 Jun. 2005
Russian Missus Gets No Kisses
On a bridge a sports car nearly runs over Dan, who had run out of gas; a Russian young woman gets out, screaming to the driver, hands Zoe her baby girl Svetlana and jumps down. Taylor asks Zoe to talk as her 'Cyrano' to weird-looking guitarist Monty, not quite to Zoe's liking. Dan admirably minds the baby till social worker Bonnie Peterson collects her- then they find it was someone else, physically without resemblance. The detectives track the expensive baby blanket to Linda's shop, and get sixteen buyer names, none Russian, but recognize the car from the bridge. The...
18 Jun. 2005
See Ya Later, Investigator!
Everybody was late, waiting for the lift, when an armed woman, Kathy, says nobody goes home till her son Glen Tippit, who will be sentenced 'innocent' on Monday, has been cleared of the murder of senator Carlson's daughter Andrea, whose corps was found clobbered to death in his co-ed dorm at Grant College, as the firm tracked him down. M. Pearl McGuire is kept hostage, but in her office shown the $250,000 Kathy brought because she got an e-mail from a firm employee that's the price for proof of Glen's innocence. Dan and Zoe are taken in confidence to help find the ...
2 Jul. 2005
Multiple Personality Fatality
Zoe's ex Miles Jacobs, comes to the agency saying he has a stalker. Zoe doesn't want to get involved but Pearl overrules. Zoe discovers he was at a building when a man died but he claims he wasn't there. And she eventually discovers that he's been stalking himself and he suffers from multiple personality disorder.
9 Jul. 2005
My Boyfriend Is an Axe Murderer
When Zoe has back-pain, M. Pearl McGuire sends her to her own Dr. Merrell. A stranger masquerades there as Dr. Quentin Jessup and gives her efficient myotherapy, deep massage, and a date. Dan and cop Leo Lombardi are presented to ex-cop Gigi Germain, who usually tracks non-criminal missing persons but needs his help within 48 hours to catch Quentin Myers, who ax-murdered his wife six months earlier; they ignore he is now Quentin Jessup. Quentin scores a B-minus with the kids (they never give an A on a first date) after an endless grilling, but Zoe is sold. Leo uses a ...

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