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3 Jan. 2004
Auntie Venom
After a woman is fatally bitten by a poisonous Australian snake on a cruise, the insurance investigation team's suspects include her ex, the biologist who presents the TV show "Nigel au Naturel", and a rivaling cruise company which earlier just managed to keep a lizard incident from public knowledge. So Daniel goes on their next singles cruise, where Nigel Hampton also has booked carrying a ferret and a pet snake, as passenger and Zoe fills in for the sick singer. Meanwhile the kids shoot a jealous murder play at home.
10 Jan. 2004
Block Party
When Victoria Motetti gets killed in her nice neighborhood, the police suspects the Robin Hoods burglary gang, but their usual pickings were not robbed, just art. When Dan and Zoe investigate, it turns out that Victoria's lover, handy man Trey, a surfer who travels around the Pacific and has access to several robbed houses, paid all his hefty debts shortly after the burglary, and a robbed bracelet fall out of his car; but the plot thickens... Meanwhile Zoe tries to separate Taylor from Ryder at least some time by 'creating' a filing job for her at the office.
17 Jan. 2004
Candy Land
In this winter wonder episode, Dan enjoys investigating the Karmakazi-snowboard scene, where sabotage of fuel tanks upset everything, at the side of model Candace 'Candy' LaRue; the hotel owner, who might have planned this to get modern fire equipment, and his ex accuse each-other; barman Sam hates the very sport. Meanwhile Zoe -who turns out Candy's former best friend- takes her nieces -whose minds and phones remain home-focused- on a 'working parent guilt' ski trip to the same Dells. Candy gets Zoe's blessing to go for Dan, while Zoe's lover Marcos turns up after ...
24 Jan. 2004
Queen Bea
While Dan has his hands full with the rather horny and indiscreet attentions of Zoe's youth friend Candy LaRue, Zoe is delighted to get as client Queenie, the star presenter of children's TV puppet show Queen Bea, who is being blackmailed with nude photos of her penniless ex Earl, who Dan thinks set her up himself, but the blackmailer only demands a donation to a train museum. Meanwhile Zoe's cousin Taylor is not over Rider who left her without a word, but plans to run off to Columbus, Ohio hoping to marry him; against his better judgment Julian helps her, but Zoe ...
11 Jul. 2004
A Felony for Melanie
Ribert St. John stumbles in the room, dying with a back in his knife, saying "Yiu did it" to his ex, Melany, Zoe's former Vegas casino superior, who gave a press conference to announce she was going to unseat him from the board of their hotel chain. Meanwhile the insurance company has sold its investigation division to ex-cop criminologist M. Pearl McGuire; the M. puzzles Zoe no less then their case. Main suspects are the VP who own 15% of the stock and may now become CEO, and Jack, the son and sole heir, but apparently neither had time to commit the crime- until a ...
18 Jul. 2004
Dr. Sidney Loses a Kidney
While Dan and Zoe follow Butch Bender to expose him as medical insurance scam artist, someone runs off with a patients life-saving transplant kidney. They promise to get off his back if he indicates the kidney thief, but it's Oscar Winter, who has a leg prosthesis since Vietnam. Searching for Zoes niece Hannah's stolen volcano project, they find Bender's corps in a car booth. Dan then decides to investigate the where-beings of the kidney, plausibly illegally sold, and the nurse Yasmin points to shady employee Jimmy Sharp, who is found overdosed in the morgue. Tracing ...
25 Jul. 2004
Sniper Shot, Intern Hot
While Zoe doesn't mind M. Pearl McGuire ordered them to attend a rally in support of her ex Bennett Graham's campaign for mayor of Chicago, as her niece Taylor works for his campaign, Dan objects in principle and prefers the current mayor. Then sniper Roy Anderson, who lost his job when Olympia Chemical went bust by Bennetts doing, takes a shot at him but is killed by bodyguards. Zoe finds links from the killer to Norman Culmer, a major donor of mayor Kathryn Parker, and as they find her lover. When Zoe realizes someone else could be the target, they find more ...
1 Aug. 2004
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Busiek
Zoe is having a terrible time: her lover Paul Hermann, who she met playing bridge on the Internet, tells her he's married, she's a victim of various incidents that indicate identity theft, and her police contact Sgt. Robowski treats her as a suspect when Paul is found murdered, pushed down a high-rise staircase, with her broken-off stiletto-heel thrown after him. Further investigations learn Dan and Zoe she was set up methodically by someone in the building who still watches them. Several tracks lead to a computer - and bridge expert who she once got convicted to jail...
8 Aug. 2004
Bound and Gagged, Your Husband Was Snagged
The police first believes his French wife Lisette Jones, but Zoe witnessed fashion designer Dyson Jones being kidnapped for a high ransom, and Lisete asks the firms help as she was forbidden to contact the police. The third partner Noah suggests it's the work of creditor and competitor Tommy Renaldo. Lisette thinks of fired employee Jamie Rodrigue, whose husband -a sculptor and gravedigger on parole- Miguel's alibi is fake. Lisette drops the ransom money, which is craftily picked up by a masked man who gets away. At home Zoe's nephew and nieces fight and make a mess ...
15 Aug. 2004
Wham Bam, Thank You Dan
The team has mounted a sting for diamond robbers at their client, the Jayhawk security company, but their cop connection Leo Lombardi looses patience and suggests Dan may have gone over to Carmen, who he had to charm into his shower; then he learns Eric Vantana blackmails her, and they didn't rob Sinclair Jewelers which was staked, only Patani; he accepts on his own to get her the plans for the newest equipment in order to get introduced to Eric, who changes plans at the last moment; Zoe has to guess which of six possible jewelers is the target...
22 Aug. 2004
Slam Dunk Funk
Famous basketball rookie Raymond Sayer, who kindly gave Zoe and Dan autographs shortly before, is nearly arrested by the police fleeing from his place where a party was held by his darker mate Cecil Taylor when Tina Mathis, who was out of boyfriends and income, got murdered by strangulation. After an anonymous call to his agent that Raymond doesn't belong, they find him at his hometown, Riverview and make him return to ask bail. He claims to be innocent, his glass was spiked with liquid ecstasy. Then Raymund's neck chain, the bloody murder weapon, is planted in his ...
26 Sep. 2004
Die, Die, Who Am I?
M. Pearl McGuire was bitching about cutting expenses to maximize profits and re-investing in publicity as clients don't just walks in, when one did asking if they take missing persons, notably- him, as he has no idea who he is. It takes Dan and Zoe, who proves most anxious to take his case, quite some snooping to find out he's not Brad Pitt, as he seems to think, but Alan Farmer who is an exceptionally accident-prone flutist, and why there are actual attempts on his life.
3 Oct. 2004
Premonition Mission
Clairvoyant Maddy makes true predictions, but always cryptic, often mutilated phrases, and in a restaurant Dan and Zoe hear her says they are all going to die. At the request of the mother Dan and Zoe examine dr. Janos Kadar's pharma-company where Nora Sutton was killed three month earlier, officially in a lab gas accident, while working on a most promising liver cancer medicine, Livicor, which is alas the target of radical action groups. Suspect activist Toby Kray has an alibi as he was in New York. Maddy's latests utterings such as 'fuzzy dice' they find in a parked...
10 Oct. 2004
Bada Bing, Bada Busiek
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17 Oct. 2004
Tick Tock, Writer's Block
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24 Oct. 2004
Blind in a Bind
Zoe, a radio fan of his, is delighted to meet blind presenter Jake Osbourne when someone called his show claiming to plan to kill him; Jake clearly doesn't trust the police, so Zoe suggests him to hire her and Dan- after questioning her knowledge of his stories, he agrees. His recent radio shows attacked various companies, notably Benjamin Kasdan's, which according to Jake manipulated his own stock value and stole from his let-down employees, so Zoe pretends to be his interior designer. On the home-front, cousin Cliff is making a video of Zoe's life; Taylor is septic ...

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