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A rich blend of humor and heartbreak.
The one movie families search for every Christmas for an outing, the way "Something's Gotta Give" was last year and "Jerry Maguire" was in 1996.
What he's (Brooks) come up with is one of the most humane works ever made about the lives of working mothers.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A pepperpot bubbling with pungent insights and sharp wit, Spanglish is about how people, like cultures, are more alike than not.
The Hollywood Reporter
Brooks is solidly in charge of this feel-good fairy tale as he gets terrific performances from everyone including two super-talented child actors.
The movie is not quite the sitcom the setup seems to suggest; there are some character quirks that make it intriguing.
trong on characters and relationships, but weak on some of the details that would elevate it from merely "good" to "great."
New York Daily News
An unusually shallow and facile work for Brooks, but the writing and the performances - other than Leoni's - keep us at least halfway involved.
San Francisco Chronicle
Leoni is a very attractive woman, and she should be credited for giving a brave performance, but her character starts to produce involuntary shudders when she appears onscreen.
Wall Street Journal
I've enjoyed Ms. Leoni's comic gifts in the past, and I'll enjoy them again, but Spanglish asks her to play crazed, and she delivers with a performance of unremitting, crazymaking shrillness.
Entertainment Weekly
This is a deeply unpleasant movie masquerading as a heartfelt social commentary on life in these United States.

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