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Another long-awaited crossover film!

Author: joshuadrake-39480 from Springfield, TN
18 May 2015

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR was a long awaited feature film crossover for me, this was after 2003's "Freddy vs. Jason", which I previously reviewed.

The film is set in the year 2004 and it follows a group of archaeologists assembled by billionaire Charles Bishop Weyland for an expedition near the Antarctic to investigate a mysterious heat signal.

Weyland hopes to claim the find for himself and his group discovers a pyramid below the surface of a whaling station.

Hieroglyphs and sculptures reveal that the pyramid is a hunting ground for Predators who kill Aliens as a rite of passage. The humans are caught in the middle of a battle between the two species and attempt to prevent the Aliens from reaching the surface.

The story is amazing and the direction is okay. The cinematography has that gory atmosphere and creepy feel in the second and third act, but it has that snowy Christmas-like atmosphere in the first act of the film. The problem that had film critics hammer this film was the PG-13 rating, to be honest, I don't mind this film having that rating because I understand what Paul W.S. Anderson was going for.

Other problems was the dialogue. Sure, the dialogue feels out of place, but I like the script written for the film. The other things were cardboard characters, the fast-paced editing during action sequences and lighting.

The lighting is a distraction, but that does not stop me from watching this movie. THE FILM IS RATED PG-13! GET OVER IT, PEOPLE AND CRITICS. The fast-paced editing during the fights are awesome for this film and I don't mind this at all. The production designs and special effects are amazing and I could not have seen better.

The characters are not cardboards, they're characters that I can relate to while watching the film. The acting is okay and the performances are amazing. Alien vs. Predator is a film that really needs to be remembered better than it has been. Sure, there are some major flaws, but I can get over that. 6.5/10.

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Not bad if you are a die hard fan of either of these franchises

Author: 851222 from Lithuania
6 April 2015

Greetings from Lithuania.

"AVP: Alien vs. Predator" (2004) is not bad movie if you are a fan of one of the franchises. If you are not - for you it will be just another slasher with a twist - it has monsters instead of people.

I remember i had high hopes for this movie upon it's release back in 2004, i saw this movie in a theater and it wasn't a big disappointment because it has these two iconic monsters in one movie and there were some nice Easter egg left for fans. What it did lack was a sharply written characters - this was one of the reasons why first two movies in both franchises did worked - there were people, not just caricatures that we did care about.

Overall, because you have probably have seen this flick already, there isn't anything new i can say about it. If you are a die hard fan, you can check this one out - it will do just fine for one evening, but if you want a serious movie about "Aliens" - now you can wait for the upcoming Neill Blomkamp's so fan untitled "Alien" movie. Now that i hope again (and have all reasons to do that) will be a great movie.

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Author: jokerswild1
19 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The biggest issue with the film is the inconsistent depiction of the Predators. We know they need to hunt in a hot climate, yet all of the sudden they're in Antarctica of all places? They're far less intelligent too, and outright dumb in some instances. The characters are all kinda mediocre, although there are a few good exchanges of dialogue.

On the positive side of things, the action sequences are pretty good, and the setting of an underground pyramid is imaginative. The depiction of the Alien Queen is very cool, and the scene where she breaks free from her icy shackles is my favorite in the film.

Overall, it's a fairly entertaining movie in spite of its flaws. This had the potential to be a lot better, but as evidenced by the sequel Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, it also could've been far worse.

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A worse "continuation" of the Alien and Predator Franchises!

Author: kungfupou from Austria
9 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, I am rating the Unrated Edition of the film, which in my opinion is exactly the same as the theatrical one, albeit with some deleted scenes and few scenes containing more "blood".

This film suffers not only from poor direction but also from editing point of view and acting aside, the script simply sucks. From disregarding the continuation of the previous movies, like in some instances the honor code of the Predators and the skills of the predators but more importantly the lame excuse to put these two creatures is a far more baffling choice: SPOILER!!!!!!!!

Every 100 years the predators return to the temple, which btw was built by the ancient people of the Aztec's and two other cultures for the predators as they worshipped them as gods, to hunt for the aliens which they achieve by hooking the queen to a machine so she lives again and lays eggs and some willing people sacrifice themselves to the facehuggers so a breed of xenomorphs is born.

Suspension of disbelief helps you if you are not an avid fan of both of the series, otherwise you simply can't enjoy this. Biased people also won't enjoy this as their favourite creatures don't display their real abilities, instead a dumbed down version of the aforementioned creatures.

Nevertheless it gets some bonus points, for me personally, for it's fighting scenes between the two title characters, but it is also cut short and edited so fast you can't almost see anything, but the joy of seeing these two fight it out is kinda like a fan boy dream of mine.

So for those who are avid followers, I wouldn't recommend it as it is just a rubbish excuse for some quick cash on both properties, and you won't be pleased with the acting either except maybe for the leading girl, who earns the respect and a spear from the king predator as she singlehandedly defeated an alien and was marked by the predator, with the acidic blood of the alien, that fought alongside her.(This is quite reminiscent of the final scene in Predator 2, where Danny Glover's character earns the respect of the Predators.) Otherwise this film is filled with a few nods to the previous entries of the two film series. For the casual film goers, or the ones that want to explore the film world of these creatures don't start with this one.

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It's PG-13 ... That Alone Says It All!

Author: CinemaClown
1 November 2014

After reviewing both Alien & Predator franchises last month, I thought it wouldn't be fair to leave out the very picture that simply killed the validity of those two reputed series in one shot. More a spin-off than a sequel or prequel in my book, AVP: Alien vs. Predator was destined to surface ever since the alien skull was discovered in that Predator's ship in Predator 2 but I can't help but wish it hadn't.

Bringing together the two eponymous creatures of Alien & Predator series, the story of AVP: Alien vs. Predator is set in 2004 & follows a group of archaeologists assembled by Weyland for an expedition near the antarctic to investigate a mysterious heat signal where they discover an ancient pyramid buried beneath the ice. While exploring the pyramid, they find themselves caught in the middle of a battle between the two species.

Written & directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, this is the first film I've seen of his & well, I'm so not impressed. Why do humans even exist in this film? We could've simply had these two creatures battling their differences out on another planet without human intervention at all which sounds way cooler than having this dull set of undeveloped characters who bring the story down every time any of them appears on the screen at any given moment.

The technical aspects is overall nicely carried out but its job is to compliment the narrative in a more engaging & polished manner but since the groundwork in the storytelling department is already weak here, none of those elements play any relevant role. Camera-work is fluid, editing is choppy, visual effects are impressive actually, music is forgettable & the very same goes for the performances by every single one of its cast.

On an overall scale, AVP: Alien vs. Predator is an unnecessarily crafted movie that tries to keep the viewers interested in its premise by referencing the films that inspired it yet fails miserably. What's even more disappointing is that it doesn't even live up to its own name as the sequences depicting the two iconic species going against each other are too low in number & expectedly, those scenes are the only ones worth talking about to some extent, at least.

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Long Awaited Crossover Pic Should Please Casual Fans

Author: Nancy_Grease from Canada
26 September 2014

Since the release of Predator 2 way back in 1989 sharp eyed fans were speculation about how that alien skull came to be among their trophies. Speculation soon turned to comic book and novelized Alien Vs. Predator adventures and even a video game. In 2004 director Paul Anderson (best known for his involvement in the Resident Evil film franchise) released Alien Vs Predator which stars Lance 'Aliens, Alien 3' Henriksen as C. Bishop Weyland who finances an expedition to Antarctica to investigate a mysterious pyramid buried there which predates written language. It turns out the pyramid is home to a nest of aliens and a spacecraft full of predators are on their way to do battle with them as a rite of passage. Naturally, the human expedition must fight for their lives against the alien aggressors. This was never intended to be a great work of horror or science fiction. It's a popcorn movie and can be enjoyed on that level.

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We cannot bash this film enough! Come on everybody, do your part!

Author: hoytyhoyty from Australia
10 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Everything that needs to be said has been said by other reviewers, so I'm merely doing my filmotic duty here by helping to shove this turd right down to the bottom of the septic tank. Any rating over 3.0 means we still haven't completed our work, people!

Mistake: they set it on Earth.

Mistake: in the present day.

Mistake: Cube.

Mistake: the aliens are seen as the enemy, even though it's the predators' fault the whole thing... oh, sorry, got actually *involved* for a moment there. Remember the wise words of Bill Hicks. Don't get all baffled. This is just a piece of s***. Nothing more.

What makes me angry is that it could have worked if only somebody with some talent, even the smallest part, had been involved.

Obviously it had to be set some time in the future, and realistically on some godforsaken planet somewhere - Earth would have been too much of a stretch in any case, it would have pushed the stakes up too high and forced everything to have to be 'epic'.

The alien is dumb - remember? It's just an animal, a 'survival life-form', as Ash put it (paraphrasing) in the original, beautifully terrifying film.

The predator may well be psychotic, but it's technological and very cunning.

The humans are whatever the script-writer wants them to be.

So how about thousands of alien drones, so they actually pose a THREAT? Maybe a whole human civilisation got wiped out by an alien infestation and now bazilliods of the scary cockroaches are laying dormant in the rocks? In the meantime some truly bad-ass space-marines are fighting off a predator attack and... oh-oh, guess what gets woken up! There are a thousand ways this could have been played. Almost all of them good. And all of them NOT THE WAY THIS IDIOT PIECE OF GARBAGE WAS PLAYED.

When I was watching it in the theatre (don't ask, just... don't ask), my girlfriend at the time turned to me, and the conversation went like this-

GF: "So, this is Alien..."

Me: "Yup."

GF: "Versus Predator..."

Me: "Yup."

GF: "On *modern* day Earth..."

Me: "Yup."

GF: "In the Cube."

Me: (thinks for moment) "Um, yup. You've got it."

I have only one reason to thank Riddley Scott for the pile of steaming crap that is Prometheus: all the stuff that has been kicked out of canon. Alien III and the other abortions that followed are now gone (there was only one queen, ever, and a human was too small to gestate it). And along with them, the two AvP coldsores are also flushed into the medical waste (ditto the above plus also the aliens didn't exist until well into the future). Sorry doods, anything by the original director wins, end of story.

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Ahh, it could have been so good

Author: bowmanblue from United Kingdom
24 July 2014

The 'Aliens versus Predator' storyline has been with us ever since the 'Predator 2' when Danny Glover huffed and puffed his way across what looked like an alien's skull in the Predator's trophy cabinet. This brief image sparked a storm among fans, whose dreams and wishes were subsequently realised by volumes of comics and graphic novels regarding the subject matter. And they were actually pretty good! Having read a fair few of them, it seemed no end to the possibilities of pitting two of the big screen's most famous monsters against each other. With so many ideas as to what could be done, how could they possibly lose?

The answer: they gave it to Paul W S Anderson. Now, Paul W S Anderson is a very competent director who can stylishly bring action scenes to life. However, his films' major flaws all are that they're 'almost great.' They're not bad. They're watchable. And that is their major crime. They leave you thinking that if you were given $60 million to make a film (in this case one starring the aliens and the Predator) then you could do better than him. And there's a reason for this - you could. And so could I.

Aliens vs Predator sports the tagline 'Whoever wins - we lose.' Isn't that the truth? The film gets its rating taken down from an 18 to a watery 12A, removing all gore and much of the suspense with it. Instead of brutal tough Predators we have a trio of young, inexperienced ones who are - quite frankly - a bit rubbish at killing aliens. Instead of the gun-totting Colonial Marines from Aliens, we have a team of bland, disposable scientists who are there simply to increase the body count. At least the aliens perform on camera, but the battles you may expect between the two races are few and far between. Also, if you saw the trailer and witnessed a million aliens tearing towards some Predators on top of an weird and wonderful pyramid, that's only a flashback. That's about the best bit of the film.

It sort of tries to tie into both the 'Aliens' and 'Predator' mythology, but fans really don't want it to. Like I say, it's not bad. I know I'm making it sound terrible, but it really isn't. It has action, special effects and, um, that's about it. It's perfect for your average sci-fi monster-munching movie. However, when you have either an Aliens film or a Predator film, people expect a little more than something that's 'just okay.'

At least it was more understandable than Prometheus I suppose.

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Watched It For The Aliens, Came Out Loving The Predators Too

Author: lokethecheetah
3 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was my first movie with Predators, and they were spectacular. But the Xenomorphs are still my preferred monster extraordinaire. The movie had lovely creepy music to enhance the scare moments. I found it hilarious when the Predators forgot the humans as soon as a Xenomorph appeared, as though it were just that obvious who the better opponent was. As in every Alien movie I've seen, the main female protagonist is the only survivor. My last thoughts on this movie: that Queen is a freaking powerhouse. Seriously, as powerful as she was, how was she not able to break out of those chains?

My favorite part of the movie was the penguin part. When I saw that little guy, I was hoping to see some lovely Xenomorph-penguins. But alas, I think the penguin would have just been eaten anyway.

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Lives up to its title

Author: mutty-mcflea from Lincolnshire, UK
22 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed this a surprising amount the first time round: I think I was won over by the use of animatronic creatures rather than CGI, and taken aback because it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it should have been considering it's a franchise-mashing actioner directed by hackmaster Paul W.S. Anderson.

But watching it again... well, it's crap, isn't it? Anderson abuses logic left right and centre: chestbursters gestate in a matter of minutes, and a flashback explains how a defeated Predator blew up an entire civilisation but fails to explain how the pyramid the movie takes place in was left standing. There's no plot, only exposition; no characters, only ciphers.

It delivers what the title promises, though, there's no denying that.

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