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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Monstrous - but not a total monstrosity.

Author: Spikeopath from United Kingdom
17 June 2009

Antartica, and an expedition is about to uncover a battleground for Aliens and Predators.

Whoever wins, we lose! So ran the tag line for Paul W. S. Anderson's prequel (?) to two fanatically worshipped franchises. Little was Anderson to know that it was the majority of cinema goers who would feel that they had "lost" their cash on coming out after watching this miss-matched effort. Though in truth nobody could seriously have expected a film to rival the best of both serials (Alien, Aliens & Predator), it's still right that us fans should expect the formula to be respectfully adhered too. We want character build up, we expect a group dynamic to function, and we definitely want the baddies to stay just that, as baddies.

It's not a total loss, though, even as Anderson all too quickly hurtles towards his "humans caught in a cube like puzzle box" blood bath, there is just enough back story and anticipation to tickle the tongue. In fact, when it all goes pear shaped and Xenomorphs, Pred-Rastas and humans are all lined up for slotting, it's damn near exciting stuff. While the pyramid/cube/maze design is pretty awesome. However, then the plus points are vanquished as the film quickly becomes kiddie friendly as gloop gives way to strawberry jelly, featuring a turn of events with our "heroine" that's so clumsy I'd be surprised if Anderson sleeps at night.

Still, it's obvious that Anderson loves both franchises and he in no way would have wanted to make a stinker. But he has made a very average movie, one that's got two things in its favour. One being that is the neat middle section, the other that it's not half as bad as the messy hack job that was AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem in 2007. 5/10

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

In search of new fans... they let down the old.

Author: poundapinthic from United Kingdom
19 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To be honest when i first heard the news that AVP was being directed by Paul W S Anderson i was sceptical, mainly because i'd witnessed Resident Evil... a movie which he seemed to lose interest in after about 15 minutes! Don't get me wrong, it had some nice ideas and a couple of nice little bits here and there but the more i watched the more i was horrified... and not in the good way.

As a big fan of the Alien and Predator films (apart from Resurrection)i remained positive, watching small clips of Paul on the internet telling us he was a big fan of the franchise blah blah blah. The trailer looked good too! (school boy error, if the trailer is good the film generally is bad) So i sat in my seat at the local cinema happy as larry... it was the first time i had ever had the privilege to witness an Alien or Predator film at a cinema, but both in the same film... a dream come true! My first annoyance was when the certificate came into view... a 15? The film hadn't even started yet!!! For these films we need the 18, the people who want to see this movie are the ones who were 18 in the first place or have grown up with the film... i deserve the right to witness a full 18 rated film... it's double the monsters, that means double the carnage... it should by all rights be double the rating! So as i watched i noticed the gore was lacking! Killing machines from another world armed with mops and sponges?! If there is less blood does this mean the swearing has been knocked off? One of the things i loved about Predator 2 was the bad script with a swear word thrown in here or there! With the lack of bad language when the only swear word near the end of the film is emitted from the heroines lips it just sounds lame!!! (A tear roles down my cheek) My major hope would have been they had taken the main idea for the film from the'Aliens Vs Predator' Dark Horse comic series (the Randy Stradley script one), or at least an edited version! Nicely in the distant future, with a made up planet, with big open areas to battle in! Some of the shots with the use of CGI would have been amazing. A predator running through an open area armed with a sword-staff thing facing a horde of aliens, not as a short flash back!!! My rating for this film was a 3, maybe a little harsh but i felt very let down. There were some really nice bits sure, i enjoyed the Queen Alien fight, the Kung fu face hugger bit... not so much the almost wrestling esquire one on one but there, like Resident Evil, were things i enjoyed in sections! The bit with the Predator space craft flying over the unsuspecting guards' head I loved, the opening tease shot of the satellite as well. The problem in general for this film was the little things that as a fan i picked up on. The over-weight Predators with overly long dreadlocks and tarted up expressions... they didn't look disgusting enough as well as the aliens looked a bit too CGI at times! The lack of blood, the lack of swearing, it all added up.

I tried to like this film, i really did... but my willing suspension of disbelief was no way strong enough!!! I even bought it on DVD to listen to the commentary in hope that Mr Anderson might say sorry... i was let down! I can see Paul W S Anderson in the future being quite a good director, but i wish he wouldn't practise and perfect his art with things I hold dear! p.s. My new annoyance with this film is that I have just spent all this amount of time writing about this film!

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Not overdone

Author: shrallen from United States
5 November 2006

Alien vs Predator was not overdone, which is the main point to its success to deliver a great movie, that involves crossover characters. It's the beginning of an franchise; the intro to an everlasting battle of superiority among species, Predators being the instigator by proving their worth as the universe greatest combatants and hunters. This is just a tip of episodes explain thru the comics; looking back at Predator 2, when Danny Glover entered the Predator ship he noticed skulls, behind a glass like case, from different creators across the universe including an human skull and an Alien skull. This is something already in the works since then, it makes sense; instead of senseless killing- it shows the history and elite tactics that Predators use to hunt their foe who are of great intelligence and instinct whether human or alien or whatever else in the universe they may find. It is a well done movie in which movie goers can look forward to a sequel.

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Entertaining but meaningless and silly

Author: mstomaso from Vulcan
10 October 2006

AVP is one of Paul W. S. Anderson's better efforts. Inexplicably - I saw it during its theatrical run at the request of my spouse. I agreed to see the film mainly because I enjoyed Event Horizon (probably Anderson's best effort to date). Neither of us had ever played the computer game and despite my 30+ year interest in comic books, I had never bothered with the comic book. From what I understand from the reviews gamers and comic fans have given this film - my lack of familiarity with the game and the comic probably worked in the movie's favor. Check through the reviews here on IMDb and you will see that there are a lot of fans who are violently angry about this film - so much so that they have provided negative feedback to nearly every review that speaks positively about AVP and voted for all of the negative ones. In other words, having an opinion about this film, if it is not "the right one" can get you into trouble.

Despite his mediocre to bad reputation, Anderson's films have always entertained me. Entertainment is, I believe, all Anderson attempts. His movies are generally pretty shallow, very visual, and fast-paced. Do not go to an Anderson film in order to have an emotionally charged, deeply satisfying film experience or to be exhilarated by a sweeping, revisionist interpretation of classic fictional themes. Instead, bring popcorn and minimal expectations.

AVP is a silly story which could have been pulled out of the X-Files. There is a nest of Aliens buried deep below the tundra in the arctic region of Siberia and it has just reactivated for a ritual hunt by - you guessed it - a young 'predator'. The interpretation of the Alien here is that of Aliens, not the original Alien. Since I consider Aliens to have been the worst film in that series, and since I disliked the radical reinterpretation of the creature provided by that film, I could have been seriously annoyed by this, but the entire Alien series is in a different class of film from AVP, so I am not going to make an issue of this.

As the nest reactivates, an American millionaire's scientific team discovers the heat signature and prepares an expedition. As they arrive, they discover that somebody has beaten them to it. An entire mining camp has been set up to explore the heat signature, but what did the miners find? And where have they gone? What follows is about an hour and ten minutes (this is a short film and no time is wasted) of wild action and effects-laden scenes. There are relatively few surprises, and very little dialog (after all what would you say to a pair of grunting, hissing and roaring killing machines fighting it out under the ground in a set which could have been borrowed from the most outlandish Indiana Jones movie?).

Taken in its proper context, AVP is an OK film. It has little to do with the comic book and the video game, but it's a fun little romp nonetheless. The acting is passable. The script is minimal, and only permits character development for Henriksen and Lathan, and the direction is typically slick. The special effects are quite good, and the film is strongly visualized. Although some of the aliens scenes are almost comedically outrageous, the aliens are visualized more interestingly than in many of the recent films from the Alien series.

Keep your expectations appropriately low, grab a good supply of popcorn, and enjoy. If you are looking for something powerful and artistic, don't bother with this.

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Actually I liked it

Author: alwayslean from london
6 September 2006

I thought this was a nice popcorn movie. Everyone else seems pretty disgruntled about this film, going on about the demise of two great franchises etc etc.

Well I have a reminder for you. Alien was fantastic suspense and horror; Aliens was a great action flick; Alien 3 was a boring rehash of Alien, without the originality or the quality; Alien Resurrection had so little plot it was almost unwatchable (Remember the faces coming out the walls?) Predator 1 was an Arnie movie pure and simple.(Now I don't know, but I suspect smearing yourself in mud does not shield you from infra-red) Predator 2 I have seen but forgotten.

Get my point? These two series were dead in the water, Alien had gone down hill and predator was not that good in the first place. Bringing them together to fight in a subterranean ancient pyramid, (and kill a bunch of humans,) was a great way to bring them back.

In answer to some of the criticism. 1)It was rated for kids: Yes more gore is always nice, but I thought the fight sequences were fantastic. 2) The acting and story were terrible: If you want plot and characters your watching the wrong film, but how much did you know about the marines characters in Aliens? 3) Face huggers needed more time to gestate: I don't know maybe these were special. If your going to go round picking holes in it all sci-fi is impossible and ridiculous. If your prepared to chill out and enjoy some carnage then this is the film for you.

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Whoever watches…they lose (spoilers)

Author: Ricky Roma ( from
30 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I never thought a film would come along that would be so bad it would make Alien: Resurrection look like a masterpiece. But Paul W.S. Anderson has succeeded in performing that dark miracle, for Aliens Vs. Predator (or AVP for short) is a complete stinker.

You know the film is in trouble about two minutes in. There's a scene where Alexa, the main character, is climbing an icefall. Her phone rings and she actually answers it. Then when she gets to the top, and while she's still talking, she sees the person on the other end of the line standing right before her next to a helicopter. However, in the establishing shot only a few seconds earlier there was no helicopter in sight. How the hell did it get there without her hearing it? Very stupid.

Just as stupid is another's character's ridiculous intelligence. There's an Italian archaeologist who's been hired by Bishop to look at this pyramid that's been found under the ice. No sooner has he been shown a poor computer model than he's proclaiming the style is a mixture of various ancient cultures and that this pyramid therefore must be the first pyramid ever made. He's quick. And he's just as quick in the pyramid itself. He reads hieroglyphics like's he's reading the daily newspaper, he knows the meaning of each room that's contained in the pyramid ("this is the sacrificial chamber", he says after being in the room for about a second) and he even understands the building's inner workings. This last bit leads to another moment of absurdity. The archaeologist proclaims that the Aztecs used the metric system, therefore the moving parts of the pyramid must change every ten minutes. Since when did the metric system have anything to do with time? And since when did the Aztecs use minutes? Did they wear wristwatches?

But one of the worst scenes is when the archaeologist and Alexa get stuck in a room. Again the archaeologist reads the hieroglyphics like he's thumbing the daily paper and spins a yarn about the Predators teaching man how to build temples and create a civilisation. You see, Rastafarian aliens taught us everything we know. Kill me.

But for sheer stupidity there's one moment that trumps everything else. A character is in the sacrificial chamber and he drops a glow stick down into the room below. Then later we see Alexa and a couple of other people wander into this room. She looks at her GPS watch and proclaims that this room must be directly below the sacrificial chamber…with the glow stick just a couple of feet ahead of her! Cocking Christ almighty.

Just as annoying as all this, though, is Anderson's fanboy attempts to doff his dunce's cap at the previous Alien and Predator films. 'Look, it's Lance Henriksen! Listen, one of the characters says, "You are one ugly mother…" See, I made a satellite look like an Alien Queen. Oh, how I respect the heritage of these fine franchises.' Too bad he couldn't provide the film with a decent script, memorable characters or exciting action.

And I guess it's the action that hammers the final nail into the film's coffin. After all, it could have been at least tolerable if the action had been half-decent. Instead it's total crap. Take the fights between the Predators and the Aliens. They're more homoerotic than the naked fight between Oliver Reed and Alan Bates in Women in Love. Of course you don't get to see any floppy bits flapping about, but you do get to see an injured Alien flick it's tail and lots of acid into the face of a Predator in a very camp manner (I can imagine Anderson patting himself on the back at how innovative he is). And there's another hilarious bit when an Alien is injured on the floor. It reminded me of a scene in The Simpsons where Homer is negotiating with Mr Burns to get the dental plan back. When Homer wins he lies down on the floor and walks circles on his side. The Alien in this film does the exact same thing. Stupid Alien.

But even the penguins in this film overact. There's a scene where Ewen Bremmer gets spooked in an abandoned whaling outpost. Of course, we get the standard 'BOO, there's someone behind you moment' and then when Spud insists that there's something else in the room with them, a penguin waddles out. It's more of an old ham than the Alien.

And I feel sorry for Ewan Bremmer. He gets to play some bland sap that keeps going on about his kids. Of course he dies, which is the only good thing he does. But the other characters are dull, too. Alexa, in particular, is a waste of space. I can imagine that Anderson thought he was shattering genre conventions by making the hero a black woman, but he completely forgot to add colour to her character (and everyone else for that matter).

Almost as frustrating as this is the fact that we don't even get the pleasure of seeing these people die horribly; Anderson keeps violence at arms length – he cuts away from every screen death. And also, because his crap story requires it, people give birth to Aliens in about half an hour rather than the hours or days it used to take. Oh, and now facehuggers jump in bullet-time. Wait a second while I weep… And on top of that, the main Predator in this film has an incredibly goofy face. Somehow make-up has got worse over the last twenty years or so. But what made me laugh/cry the most was the final shot: dead Predator gives birth to Predi-Alien. As if the hunchback yellow turd Newborn Alien in Alien: Resurrection wasn't bad enough…

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

This could have been awesome

Author: eye_photographer from At my desk
13 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a pretty fun movie - and it can stand on its own without the previous Predator or Alien movies, mostly because there is really no story - but should have been much better.

Some spoilers ahead......

This movie could have tied together all of the Alien and Predator films. For example, the Predator's ship should have looked like the Derilect in the original Alien. Considering how the movie ended, this would have been perfect.

By adding a few minutes (maybe more) to the movie, they should have has Weyland figure out what the Predators were doing (without letting the crew know, of course) in the hopes of catching an Alien while the hunt resumes. Of course, the accidental triggering of the pyramid was unavoidable and the movie could continue on as originally planned.

This would have solidified the motivations of Weyland-Yutani in the other Alien films.

So close........but still fun to watch.

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Annoyingly average

Author: TensersFloatingDisk
15 December 2005

This is an average flick. Average camera work, average acting, average special effects, average plot.

That shouldn't be troublesome, but it is, given that this movie draws from two important, and well-established, science-fiction/horror mythologies. There was a lot more to work with here than the scriptwriters seem to have realized. Any of the Dark Horse comic series which revolved around Alien/Predator, and even some of the novels which were penned as tie-ins, made better use of the available material.

Where we should be getting a gritty exploration of how humans make their way between two extreme threats, and how we navigate lose-lose situations, instead we get a routine thriller with few actual thrills, and oddly slow pacing. Extended shots of the antarctic tundra, where there ought to be tense standoffs between humans and their interests and the aims of the two alien species. A waste of good potential.

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Big disappointment

Author: ALIEN from Romania
1 September 2005

Compared to the other movies of its kind ( ALIEN series and Predator series) it is a very bad movie. Anyway i loved the special effects and the battles between Alien & Predator. The movie has many mistakes. Its too short (less than 2 hours). I am a big fan of AVP productions, and I've expected much more from this movie. The storyline is boring. I hoped it will be inspired from the 2 video games : AvP1 and AvP2. The movie was made in a hurry, and thats why its a big disappointment. I waited for the movie to apear for a long time, I've been dreaming day and night about it. I just hope the next AVP movie ( if its going to be one) to be much better.

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Fun Sci-Fi film for fans of Alien and Predator

Author: Bataeu from Australia
29 May 2005

I went out and saw this film with an open mind. I'm a huge fan of the Alien and Predator movies, and when I heard that the film was coming out I was ecstatic. I had no idea what to expect, because there have been so many Alien vs Predator stories floating about. The games, the books, the graphic novels...

What I was presented with was an enjoyable movie that kept me entertained. Of course it had it's typical "horror" cliché's, as demonstrated by the penguin shuffling around the kitchen making the audience think it was a face-hugger. But that made it all the more fun. I absolutely loved the idea that the Predators used the Aliens for training. Paul Anderson done a fantastic job with the film.

I've heard people complain about the film, but it's just another monster movie. It's like any monster movie. If you watch it just for fun, then you will enjoy it. I think the main mistake people made was that they were expecting a film that was like the game. As I mentioned earlier, Alien vs Predator has had a lot of different styles/plots. You can't just focus on one telling and call it the original idea. Paul Anderson has just made yet another story and style with his film.

I give it a solid 10/10.

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