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Reviews & Ratings for
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176 out of 348 people found the following review useful:

Try filming a decent movie to go with the marketing...

Author: sixtwentysix from Denver, CO
17 August 2004

This movie is the perfect epitome of Hollywood taking something beloved, running it straight to hell (Predator 2, Alien 4) and then taking it even one step further by completely disjointing the stories and continuity, *ahem* alienating the fans and basically wasting everyone's time while marring the original (Caddyshack 2 anyone??) all in the name of the mighty dollar bill. Seeing this movie only eggs them on people! This is a movie that you immediately wish you could UNWATCH and erase from your memory banks.

I would be highly surprised if more time went into the script of this film than the actual marketing. I'm not even going to complain about the PG-13 rating because it is what it is.... just a bad movie.

Horrible acting. Pointless plodding sub-plots. Decent action sequences and a precious few cool moments in what should have been a fan-boy's wet dream. The lead in this movie is a demographic friendly woman with barely enough acting ability to make a shampoo ad believable. Any mildly entertaining characters were immediately destroyed in the first twenty minutes of the film with zero payout. Even the marquee monsters end up looking bored as the audience is lead along in a by numbers popcorn sales ploy.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Solid Underrated Action Movie

Author: ArchAngel Michael from Quis Ut Deus?
6 May 2016

Spoilers Ahead:

Let's get the problems with the movie out of the way. First, the acting is average to bad, Lathaan was adequate with Henrikson anchoring the cast. Second, the laws of the Aliens are violated throughout the movie. If you are an Alien purist, the gestation period goes from minutes, in the sacrificial chamber, to ages with the head Predator at the end of the movie. Also, people with face-huggers are conscious where the guy reaches for the other guys' gun, a clear deviation from Ridley's original. This is an action movie so I turn off my philosophy for you and just review on one axis: Was it exciting or boring? The movie is like a mystery for the first half hour with the under the ice pyramid, the exploration, then it changes into a pure action movie. I was not bored for one minute of this movie. Also, unlike Requiem, it is lighted well so we are not yelling obscenities at the screen like in that tragic movie. Lathaan is not portrayed as superwoman, she almost buys it several times, is openly scared half to death and saved by the Predator often. Contrast this depiction to Daisy Ridley in the awful new Star Wars. Actually, she is saved more by her intelligence that any feats of physical strength. Again, the Italian guy saves her besides the Predator; she isn't already a master Jedi, expert mechanic, speaks Wookie and knows Jedi Mind Tricks with zero training.

The effects are well done, the movie is a hybrid not only of the Alien / Predator movies but also the Cube movies. The pyramid reconfigures every ten minutes with the inevitable trapped people in small spaces. Henrikson is good here for he is the best actor by a mile; he often holds the bad acting supporting cast up. The movie is always in the dark in the outside shots at the very beginning; once inside the pyramid, there is plenty of creeping about in dark tunnels. The battles between the Predators and the Aliens are well done. The humans actually bollix everything all up causing the Predators to be at a severe disadvantage. Unexpected things happen all throughout the movie, really there are only three characters: Weyland, Alexa and the Italian dude. Everyone else is barely adumbrated but if you have watched Anderson's Resident Evil movies this is not going to surprise you. It never bothered me for this is action not drama; the mystery of the pyramid will hold your interest until the real action begins between the hunters and their deadly prey. The movie was attacked for its bad acting, the blatant violations of the rules of the Aliens' gestation periods and Lathaan as a weak lead.

No, she isn't going to win any acting awards but she was believably human and devoid of the twelve years later 'little red books' of if it is a woman protagonist: she must be invincible and omniscient. If you want to appreciate Anderson's movie more watch the dreadful following movie Requiem which has acting that makes this look like Casablanca. Also, it is shot in the dark but, evidently, they couldn't afford night lenses and you can't see S. I was throwing things at the television, this is shot well even in very dark scenes. The finale again shows the Predator doing the heavy lifting of the battle, with a little lucky geography, things work out well for Alexa. As a pure action movie, its length is perfect. It moves quickly, once the battles begin it rarely stops to catch its breath. Alien was a pure science fiction drama, this is an action movie. There is the expected drop off in the intelligence level of the script but: who cares? It is exciting and entertaining all I ever ask of an action movie. It never gets gross out like Requiem with that disgusting scene of the Alien going down that woman's throat, an alien bursting through a little boy's chest, or other nauseating moments from that piece of crap.

I own this movie for its action, pacing and writing. I always thought Lathaan was unfairly attacked; she acquits herself well in a demanding role. A Good Movie. Q.E.D.

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Awesome movie! Worth the wait

Author: dcobbimdb
13 August 2004

I loved this movie! I just got out from the midnight showing on the 12th and i have to say that this thing was awesome! I've heard a lot of bad hype stirring before the movie was released, but I'm hear to tell you it was great! I got everything I was hoping for. Looking back I can see how they could get away with it being PG13 and still not rob you of anything. Quite simply it isn't as bad to show aliens / predators getting stabbed, cut, etc and green / acid blood vs humans. In other words the things that happen in the movie, had they happen to a person, would make it R rating. They were very smart about filming the people dying as to avoid the R rating. So believe me there's some decent gore. A director's cut might also be good, but there was certainly nothing lacking in this movie from that standpoint.

The movie flow was great, kind of built up until things started to explode. Also, certainly gives you a new found respect for the aliens, the predators too, but you could really see the strategic intelligence of the aliens as they are obviously natural born hunters too. Watch out for that tail! The acting was good enough and I wasn't displeased with the performances of any of the actors, alien or human. I did like the story line and how the sequence of events that led up to a bad situation for the humans and the predators, giving a starting advantage to the aliens. I'd love to talk about specifics, but I don't want to give anything away. The running time was somewhere around 100+ minutes. Also, I loved the very end.

I'm happy to report there was very little CGI or at least noticeable CGI in the movie at all. The aliens and the predators looked very real / believable and moved very well too. Hats off to the creature creators and special effects folks. The fight sequences were great too. What I liked best is that unlike movies involving Human fight scenes where its show off time, the aliens / predators don't mess around and simply go for the kill. The fight scenes are pretty quick, but awesome!

Only complaints I have (and they're only few minor ones). It took 20-30 minutes to build up and it could have been little longer overall, but in saying that the movie delivered enough. If anything it left you with that feeling of wanting more, which is usually a sign of a good movie, and in this case it is too. They didn't explain how the predators or aliens could keep warm in the cold as they kind of bypass the whole temperature concept for both the aliens / predators, no biggie. I'm still at a loss as to how Bishop fits in and the whole timeline concept connecting the various Bishops, or if it's the same guy, great great grandfather, who knows. Didn't matter too much and the movie could have survived with out him as he wasn't really a key player, just a familiar face. The sound effects were great, but there was no real theme song or lack of a good one. So there's no tune or song you can hum that would remind you of the movie. Again these are very weak complaints.

Overall I give this a 9.5 out of 10. There's very little I could think of to improve it to a 10, but the complaints are listed above. I'm glad I saw it opening night and will likely see it again in the theaters. Definitely one I'm going to buy when it hits DVD.

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6 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

GREAT NEW SAGA! "200 years before ALIEN I" "Better than Resurrection!"

Author: from Nashville, TN
13 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoiler I just came back from viewing AVP and I have to say, being an Alien and Predator connoisseur, this was what "Resurrection" SHOULD have been. Hopefully Alien 5 will bring this kind of quality to the screen. As for AVP, it was excellent! The story, characters, and special effects were all "refreshing." The fact that the story takes place several hundred years before the first Alien brings new light to the storyline and promises new surprises! Weyland Bishop was great but I wish he had not died and stayed with the "Company" a little longer, but hopefully he will return as an Android in AVP 2!!! The power and strength of both the Alien and Predator were greatly accentuated in this film and give new meaning to the species.

Please do not underrate this film, the storyline is strong and has great potential. If you have not seen any Alien or Predator films, please watch them first before going to see AVP. Congrats to all and thanks for coming back Bishop! ---0000---TheMan..----..signing off....

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9 out of 15 people found the following review useful:


Author: thetax81 from United States
26 April 2005

Typical of the computer generated effects movies made today. NO plot, NO acting, just keep pumping out the CGE's! There is no amount of suspension of disbelief that can cause anyone with more than 2 functioning brain cells to actually enjoy this movie. The direction stutters throughout, no continuity can be found. The casting director must have put a call out to "anyone who has been in a high grossing movie in the last 5 years and wants to continue being recognized please apply." Please do not wast your time or money on a rental, send a message to the studios to stop producing such trash. The most enjoyable part of this "action" adventure, horror, sci-fi, revealed secret mankind mystery movie are the ending credits.

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9 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

One of the worst movies ever made

Author: thebard-4 from KC
15 August 2004

I went to this movie with an open mind. It is one of the worst films i have ever seen. It had absolutely no f---ing plot and the acting was horrific. The script was worse than almost any b-movie scripts. The film was incredibly short and the cutting away from all the action scenes was obscence. This film is f---ing dogsh--. Fox needs to fire some of its execs for giving the go ahead on this movie. Paul Anderson just assured himself of a Razzie. The Pg-13 rating was a mistake. The predator-human teaming up was incredibly stupid. When the guide yells out the f word to the pod of eggs I have never been so p---ed at the movies since Fahrenheit 9/11. AVP so far is the 2nd worst movie of the year only Fahrenheit 9/11 is worse. Both you should stay away from like the plague. You'd have a better time staring at a wall.

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10 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

For some reason, everyone hates this, but I love it!

Author: jmanchak6 from Canada
1 March 2010


I just like this movie because I saw it when I was younger, and when you're young, you just love any movie. I didn't see any of the Alien or Predator movies before I saw this, and maybe that's why I like it. I like to believe that the general audience (ie me) liked the movie, while the die-hard Alien and Predator fans hated it. So I started thinking about how they wouldn't like this. And I came up with these conclusions:

1) The fans were disappointed by the fact that this was only PG-13, not R. All of the previous films were R, so less violence in this, which ain't good.

2) There aren't a lot of scenes where aliens and predators are fighting. It contains more scenes of humans running away from aliens and predators, and once in a while, the aliens and predators get on each other's nerves.

3) Lance Henriksen was in the film, which basically messes up the continuity of the entire franchise. It's different if it was just a 10 second cameo, but they give him a huge role.

Why do I like this film? Because it gives me a great sense of nostalgia. I enjoyed the special effects, and I thought that the plot was great and fun. Plus it is pretty scary (if you're 8).

I don't know, just try the film out. That's all!

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26 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

Possibly.....the worst movie of 2004????

Author: gothicgoblin1334 from Paris, France
22 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What an awful film, I saw this cheap low budget pile of Markytson crap in a sleazy hotel that just happened to have room service. At first I thought I was insane and then I saw that this was an actual move. Holy crap! I mean, crapping in your pants and then eating dish-water and throw up is better than this movie, it seriously gives Alien and Predator bad names. Oh, and who wins??? Let us see... (the following has been voted by the stink-bag country America, thank god I'm in France!!) HERE WE GO!

Predator: Gay-fighting, Jamican guy with dreadlocks and a silver mask, the shirt he is wearing shows his nipples and he has claws that slash people to DEATH. Sorry, but Arnold was too busy misguiding California to help with this movie. Lance Henrikson, an acting legend, co-stars opposite in this film and guess what? He gets his throat slit. >_< Damn, I hate it when they do that. Trivia: Lance was in Aliens (an actual GOOD movie by James Cameron) and Alien 3 (a bit of a fail, though) He eventually wins because it turns out he was a "good" guy helping (WTF?!) the humans?...(Then an alien bursts out of his chest and he DIES)

Alien: One of my favourite movies is ALIEN, and ALIENS and ALIEN 3, I like Pieere's ALIEN 4 but it was not as good as the first three films. They made the aliens here pretty bad-ass, more bad-ass then normal. It really sucked to see the Predator win because I was rooting for the Aliens. The Alien-queen is blown up, even though she's already been blown up FOUR F-CKING TIMES!!!! Well, the aliens do some nice killings but the gore is way cheesy.

Overall: A HORRIBLE movie, bad bad bad. The tagline should have been: WHOEVER WINS, FOX GETS RICHER

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Spectacular and decent Aliens/Predators movie set in Antarctica where a motley group takes on extraterrestrial monsters

Author: ma-cortes from Santander Spain
1 October 2014

During an archaeological expedition on Bouvetøya Island in Antarctica, a team of archaeologists led by Alexa Woods (Sanaa Lathan , several hundred actresses tested for the lead female, Sanaa was selected one week before filming began, and had to fly to Prague immediately) and Charles Bishop (Lance Henriksen who was first to be cast to maintain some kind of continuity with the previous films , he is the "ancestor" of the Bishop Android from Aliens (1986) and Alien 3 (1992), who were also played by him) and other scientists (Raoul Bova , Ewen Bremner , Tommy Flanagan , Joseph Rye) along with a military platoon (Colin Salmon) find themselves caught up in a battle between the two legends . Soon, the team realize that only one species can win. There they find some altars where victims were placed in the Chamber of Sacrifices of a pyramid (it is arranged identically to the hibernation pods in the original Alien , 1979)

Moving sequel with plenty of chills , twisted intrigue , disgusting special effects and lots of blood and gore . In fact , this is the first Alien film, and also the first Predator film, to get a rating other than R . This was a project that had floated around for about 10 years , it was only when director Paul W.S. Anderson did his verbal pitch to the suits at 20th Century Fox that anyone showed any real interest . This horrifying as well as heart-pounding movie contains shocks , stomach-churning violence , filled with action , thrills and results to be pretty entertaining . This nail-biting picture contains tension from start to finish , gory scenes aplenty , thrills , some strong scares , slime , emotion , entertainment and passable acting . It is a superb cinematic combination of Sci-Fi , monster movie and terror . This is a brutal , considerable violent and exciting sci-fi thriller that scales new heights of savagery even by the standards of the 70s , 80s , 90s and 2000s . The result is a throughly violent but undeniably thrilling action movie with a strong cast giving sweatily good value to their abrasive characters . Based on the comic books by writer Mark Verheiden, creator of the first Alien vs Predator comic series and the first story involving both species , contrary to popular belief, the comic was released prior to the infamous shot of the alien "skull" in Predator 2 (1990). The Alien vs. Predator story crossed over virtually all forms of media before becoming a feature film . There was a successful comic book series, toy line, multiple video games, soundtrack of the PC game and even a trading card series . Breathtaking as well as bloody slaughter sequences took long time to shoot and were extremely difficult to make . Magnificently designed creatures , originally created by the artist HR Giger . Top-notch special effects by SFX designers Tom Woodruff Jr and Alec Gillis , after the opening credits are shown, they have brief cameos as technicians who discover the heat bloom coming from the pyramid . The animatronic Queen was controlled by a motion-control rig which could save her movements digitally . The ending part is particularly exciting with Sanaa Lathan battling the malicious alien and with impressive scenes that took various weeks to film . The star and support cast are pretty good such as Sanaa Lathan , Raoul Bova , Lance Henriksen , Colin Salmon and Tommy Flannagan . The picture packs an original music by Harald Kloser , plenty of frightening and stirring sounds . Colorful and adequate cinematography by David Johnson . The motion picture was professionally directed by Paul W.S. Anderson , though Guillermo del Toro was offered the director's chair but opted to make Hellboy (2004) instead . Paul W.S. stepped down from directing Resident Evil 2: apocalypse (2004) and directing Mortal Kombat to write and direct this film. According to director , if they'd filmed in Hollywood, the sets would have cost them $20 million . In Prague, they only cost $2 million, an important factor in keeping the film's budget down below $50 million. This was he most commercially successful of both Alien and Predator movies, grossing over $172 million

There was seven years between the release of Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986), six between Aliens and Alien 3 (1992), and five between Alien³ and Alien resurrection (1997). The gaps between the four Alien films steadily decreased . The original and the best was ¨Alien¨ by Ridley Scott , it was starred by Sigourney Weaver as a great action woman similarly to Sanaa Lathan ; it is followed by ¨Aliens ¨, also visually astounding by James Cameron with Paul Reiser , Jenette Goldstein , Lance Henriksen ; and this Alien . All of them starred by the great Sigourney Weaver who performed one of the best female leads created in years followed by Sanaa Lathan . Furthermore, ¨Alien vs. Predator¨ (2004) that was first film in the "Alien" franchise to not feature Sigourney Weaver, who has said in interviews the idea of the crossover "sounded awful and ¨Aliens vs. Predator 2¨ (2007) by Strause Brothers with Steven Pasquale , Reiko Aylesworth , John Ortiz , Johnny Lewis and Robert Joy . The original and the best ¨Predator¨ (1987) by John McTiernan in which Arnold leads a team of CIA-hired mercenaries into the Central American jungles with Jesse Ventura , Bill Duke , R.G. Armstrong , Carl Weathers , Elpidia Carrillo who appears briefly in ¨Predators II¨ with Bill Paxton , Danny Glover , Ruben Blades and ¨Predators¨ (2010) by Nimród Antal with Adrien Brody , Topher Grace , Alice Braga and Walton Goggins

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

It was OK

Author: tigerlvr96 from V, California
14 August 2004

This movie was simply OK. Maybe not the right director for the job. The movie had its moments but it could've had a lot more.

It isn't Alien, Aliens, Predator, or Predator 2. But the movie is better then crap like Aliens 3 and Alien Resurrection two movies that destroyed a franchise, and two movies I don't even care to own in my library.

This movie did move too fast for an hour and 40 minutes, I could have seen it at 2 an a half hours, being a better story, a longer time frame for things to occur, and more intense fighting with more Aliens and Predators.

The Aliens were near flawless.

The Predators didn't use their cloaking enough, in a situation where they need to prove their worth. They know the Alien species is a far more superior species.

Yet the hunter in Predator used it all the time against Arnold and his rescue team.

I know I waited a long time for this movie but I could have waited a little bit longer for it to be thought out a little more.

The good news is that it wasn't so horrible that someone else can't pick it up and make it a huge blockbuster sequel with a big time director and a big time actor.

As far as the timeline is concerned it is accurate as can be. The Weyland-Yutani company would still know about the Alien species through Alexa with her story, the Alien tail spear, the Predator spear, and come on you think they won't try to go after the Queen alien in the ice.

Let's see a sequel on the Aliens home planet, or Predators home planet or some other worldly planet set just before Alien to describe the crashing of the ship. We all know that wasn't an Alien ship because that's not an Alien flying it. This is Ridley Scott's creature feature Alien prequel now throw in a human crash landing freighter with Hugh Jackman and you got a movie.

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