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Lousy acting + poor story = ...GREAT IMAGES!

Author: littleJaro from Germany
8 November 2004

Having heard a lot of real bad reviews on this movie, I expected a huge disappointment. But in the end, AvP turned out to be quite entertaining - you just have to ignore the story and the actors! I mean hey...who needs a story? Did anybody really expect a thrilling plot like "Fight Club"? Or Oscar-like acting performances like "the Godfather"? The only aspect that really upsets you is Sanaa Lathan, whose part is a poor attempt to bring back the strong women (Ripley) as opponent to the alien - she seems pretty superfluous. But finally, it is simply ALIEN vs. PREDATOR - the title says it all. So get a bag of popcorn, put some Slipknot in your mp3 player and enjoy the images!

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Whoever Wins, We Loose - Contains Spoilers

Author: rob-purkiss from Cambridge, England
4 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Whoever Wins, We Loose – Spoilers Within

Well, I can't say I was disappointed - I'm in the UK and heard all the 'hype' prior to the release. I had decided to avoid this at the cinema due to all the bad things I'd heard but after watching Film 2004 with 'Jonathan Ross' I was swayed. He confirmed what I already suspected, that AVP was a commercial attempt at resurrecting two classic pillars of sci-fi history but surprised me by saying that it was equally watchable and visually pleasing. I decided to take his advice and give the film a chance.

I feel I must apologise to the other people in the cinema, for my outbursts of laughter and sniggering. I remember some years ago, coming out of a cinema in Cambridge and praying that there would never be another Aliens sequel following the Resurrections desperate attempts to re-kindle the dying embers of a once great story. Compared to AVP, Resurrection is a classic...

Before I start I'd like to say I don't have a problem with Anderson - a lot of people don't like his work. I think Resident Evil was a great adaptation of a Computer Game, and Solider was just plain entertaining, commercial but entertaining.

Don't get me wrong, as a commercial film AVP will no doubt succeed at the box office, I'm sure the twelve to fifteen yr-olds will love it. It looks very expensive, has a couple of big explosions and some great looking aliens. But that's where it ends. The potential greatness of this movie has had me excited for ages and I thought there was nothing they could do to spoil it. Anderson shouldn't have accepted the script if he had no love for the project.

Story Line - Great Idea for a plot – loads of potential, the timescale ties the two alien races in together nicely, the idea of the pyramid was understandable and reinforced the predators desire for honour in combat. I still can't comprehend why a huge killing machine like the predator would team up with a lowly human? The relationship between predators and humans has always been as hunter and pray, any 'friendship' was always based on the respect for the prey, not a deep seeded need to work as a team and be nice to each other, as someone commented, It was like watching an episode of the care bears.

Continuity – This is where the film really missed the target. Both the Predator and Aliens series are bathed in cult status and should have been respected far more. Applying a few rules to a sequel/prequel is essential in making the continuing story both believable and consistent. I'm unsure what Anderson was thinking when someone decided to lay this films timeline out over a few hours? but it ruined the atmosphere. It really was the first mistake that cascaded into the disaster that we see today. The restrictive timeline meant that the Full Alien Development Cycle was drastically shortened to an amazing (get this) 15 mins ! That's from the queen laying the first egg to face hugger hatching to human host being inseminated to chest-burster erupting and growing into a full battle hardened alien?

Characters - While this whirlwind of chaos was unravelling we were subjected to a tedious flash back explaining every detail of why these alien species were on earth. (not required and insulting to anyone with an ounce of grey matter) and then it was over. Before I knew what was happening our heroes (now best of friends) emerge on the ice for one last slog with the Alien queen, the fact that I can't remember the lead characters name is bad but the fact that I couldn't care less, even more worrying… I was praying for the female character to be killed off in some kind of justification but no, now we get the one to one respect scene, that should have been the culmination of the human/predator relationship.

I left the cinema feeling violated, not a whimper of sympathy for any of the characters (Plenty for the actors) No respect for Anderson or the creative Team, and not even a glimmer of interest in the oh, so obviously nauseating 'suggestion' of the impending sequel. I refuse to believe that there is anyone stupid enough (even in Hollywood) to forget or overlook all of these and many other glaringly obvious plot holes. My only conclusion is that they weren't stupid. they just didn't care. And that is an unforgivable crime in my eyes as making movies should be about telling a story and creating a vision. Not creating piles of cash…

My summation… AVP is a top rate commercial achievement. No creativity – Minimal writing Talent – Just a huge pile of cash made off the back of a successful series, if you loved the previous movies please don't bother this will make you cringe – if your fairly laid back and want something to put on at your kids sleep over, this'll be right up your street.

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what about alien5?

Author: filipe_lourakas from lisbon, portugal
3 November 2004

first off all... sorry my English...i really think avp is a good movie(but hey i'm a fanatic)...both alien and predator are the best ever made!! off course that something is missing like a strong main character...but i think that place is already token by the alien and the predator :) i have a special opinion about some scenes and i would like people share their thoughts with me...first: i think wayland knew what he was going to find down there(at least he suspected)...i mean why some of them had to stay behind in the sacrifice chamber? just to catalogue the room??! why they "lock and load" their weapons if at the time they haven't seen any alien or predator? what i'm trying to say is the fact that in avp charles wayland sets the beginning of the quest for the alien species like we can see in the first alien movie...the company wayland utani sends nostromo to that planet...i don't kown if i'm right but... i'm waiting for a long time for alien5...the queen in avp was left in the bottom of frozen waters...can she survive a few centuries and face ripley and betty crew on earth??!! it's a long shot but hey...maybe it will work...the thing that ripley always fought is done...the aliens are on earth...ironic? best regards from portugal

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Author: Kirk Wagstaff from Manchester, England
27 October 2004

Unbelievable how two of the best sci-fi franchises in history could be brought together on the same screen, and result in a great film. Both Aliens and Predator films are considered top of the sci-fi league, and in this case AVP does not disappoint if you give it half a chance.

Most of the characters in this movie you will care about, I especially enjoyed Graeme Miller (Ewen Bremner from Trainspotting). He brought a satirical feel to the first half of the film but becomes a sad victim before long. There's not much I can tell you about AvP without spoiling the entire movie, only that the liasoning of the films "hero" with the Predator seemed quite tacky and the ending unbelievable and Hollywood-ish, something a classic Alien film should never be. However, it was great to see proper special effects being used and very little use of CGI effects. The (few) fights between the aliens are very entertaining and the best part of the movie.

I highly recommend the film if you can shut off the overwhelming hype.


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Please, no rematch.

Author: Lev821 from Liverpool, England.
27 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

<This review contains some spoilers>

It might have seemed at one point, an interesting idea, brought to effect in a computer game, but no further. Fox obviously saw an opportunity to meld together two iconic alien creatures in one film and have them face-off. That'll get the fanboys wet with excitement. You can bet someone thought that at one point. However, greenlight it they did. Like they were ever going to say no. In order for them to have an excuse to battle, a credible storyline had to have been produced for it to happen. It didn't, and what we get is some nonsense about the predators teaching humans to build and us worshiping them as gods. So a type of initiation rite meant them proving themselves by fighting aliens in a pyramid in the Antarctic. Humans are lured there to act as hosts. That's about it really. It dosen't really get any more complicated than that. It's basically an excuse for them to battle.

Up until the point where they eventually see the pyramid beneath the ice, the film is, I suppose, quite interesting, but then the predators arrive, and you can see the rest of the film mapped out. Humans trying to survive with the predators and aliens about. Then it reaches a point where there is only one predator and one human left, and guess what? Yes, they team up. I felt that at this point, it was trying to impose some sort of empathy with the predator. Are we meant to feel sorry for it against these nasty aliens? It doesn't work, and the predators themselves simply come across as men in costumes. Its hard to think of them as aliens.

Towards the end, where the alien queen is up on the surface, she reminded me of the T-Rex in Jurassic park. The effects were great. However, that's the best thing I can say about it. With today's standards in cgi and puppetry, you wouldn't expect a cheap, straight to video or made for TV film. It's a pity the film itself couldn't match the effects for quality, but come across as simply an excuse for these aliens to face-off. This is film I cannot recommend.

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Alien to the Alien series

Author: hencole from London, UK
26 October 2004

It is an impossible task to please the fans of both these movies, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't have been attempted. No attempt seems to have been made and this is certainly not an Alien movie. The story and structure of the film is a combination of 13 ghosts, Cube, and Stargate. It just so happens that the monsters involved happen to be Aliens and predators. Cliché after cliché is thrust down our throats with out any attempt to disguise that this was written in 5 minutes with no thought or depth. The whole pyramid idea has been done to death so many times before it beggars belief it could be attempted again. The acting is the worst I have seen in any of the films, but then the dialouge was awful so thats hardly surprising. It plays out like a kids movie feeling it needs to explain everything that is happening. The Alien movies were great, you had a real sense of a Universe you wanted to know more about through your own imagination.

If you watch this having never seen any of the previous films you would think that this was an enjoyable action film, and that it is. Watching the aliens and Predators fight it out is cool. Sadly if you've seen the previous films (in particular the Alien Trilogy) than this is a severe waste of a license.

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Not too bad at all!

Author: roguetrooperuk from Nottingham, England
25 October 2004

This film was inevitable, the fans had been petitioning for it for almost a decade, and the recent success of popcorn flick Freddy versus Jason gave this movie the green light, and it's not too shabby at all.

Naturally, there are plot holes you could sail the titanic through, but the action is well done, and the pace well judged.

The effects live up to the mantle set by the previous movies, and all in all, the film remains faithful to the series.

Not to everyone's taste's, but for a no brainer, or for the fanboys (of which there are many!), not a bad meeting for our 2 favourite aliens!

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Things this movie needed but didn't have (spoilers)

Author: Anonymouse_15 (Anonymouse_15) from Dunedin, New Zealand
25 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Contains nothing but spoilers - be warned.

1. Ripley. I know Weaver would never agree to be in this but for the love of god: If you're gonna have an Alien, you gotta have Ripley or it's just not right.

2. Space Marines. What a pathetic stand our little race made in this film. It needed to be laden with hard-core, whiskey drinking, cigar smoking, obscene joke making space marines with guns duct-taped together and those flamethrowers with pilot lights.

3. A decent plot. I mean come on. A mysterious pyramid? What were they thinking. I know everyone only went to this film to see Aliens fighting Predators and that "the plot doesn't matter" but the plot DOES matter. It doesn't have to be complex (see either Alien OR Predator) but it has to be coherent and moderately believable - this was neither.

4. That loader thing from Aliens.

5. Vasquez. Somehow.

6. Less fussin', more feudin'.

7. Respect for the quality of the films it is building upon. Alien, Aliens and Predator are some of my favourite films, it is a shame to see such an excellent opportunity for a quality cross-over (virtually an oxymoron) wasted on this empty, shoddy cash-cow of a merchandising vehicle.

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Lo and behold!! It's actually OK!!

Author: Bungle-9 from Northern Ireland
24 October 2004

I'll admit that this film is not perfect - it comes with plot holes, thin characters, some dire dialogue, but at the end of the day this film does pretty much what it's meant to do - ENTERTAIN you.

Okay, so I went into the cinema expecting something rather naff, this being the result of watching Anderson's previous efforts and stupidly heeding fanboy reviews from the <sarcasm> oh-so-objective </sarcasm> "comic book store guy-esque" majority of IMDb reviewers. At least I was smart enough to go in and have to ability to make up my own mind about it. Or to not download it like the cheapskate nerdboys (and girls) that feel so inferior that they have to get their opinions out there first so that they feel they're important and are so great because they've seen the film "before everyone else".

Enough ranting - the bottom line, in this reviewer's opinion (at least I'm objective enough to know that it is, after all, my OPINION), is that this movie isn't as bad as a lot of people make it out to be. There are moments of tension, suspense, comic relief, nods to the original movies, and some great action - enough to keep you entertained for the whole trip. As I said before, I didn't think it was perfect, there was some dire dialogue and the characters were almost non-existent, and I didn't find Colin Salmon that appealing (although I thought he was better than he was in Resident Evil). I found it entertaining enough to get past these Lucas-esque artifacts though.

See it for yourself!

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Where did the rest of the movie go?

Author: templexblue from Belfast UK
22 October 2004

Visually this is a very good movie. A film where care has been taken in the production. Experienced and skillful people made this movie. The Predators and Aliens look and move well. The individual scenes all work well when taken in isolation.

But what happened to the rest of the movie? The one I saw was less than 90 minutes long. IMDb attributed 101 minutes to AVP at the time of this review. Something is missing. Several things are missing. The most obvious are character development and the blood and guts of humans. Who cares about the humans dying when we don't know their names, don't know anything about their lives (except that some of them are parents) and they speak American with funny accents (for example Scottish, English and a Scottish-European hybrid). The version I saw had a UK 15 certificate: the predators and Aliens were killed with acid/green blood and body-arts flying everywhere but the humans all died off stage. There is no red blood. There is also no explanation why the previously extra-hot weather loving Predators are now suddenly playing in the ice.

Perhaps all these missing things are on the cutting room floor and another special edition DVD will reinstate them and their synergy. Aliens and Predator are diverse multi-media franchises and they are big enough to absorb the damage caused by this failure.

The movie also features a pretty but historically inaccurate whaling station.

For a good frozen wastes movie you should watch John Carpenter's The Thing instead. In this form AVP is for the completionist only.

Final Score: 3/10

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